Lexus MODDED 2022

Lexus app currently supports 2010 or newer vehicles (2018 or newer for Hawaii).
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Created to provide a more convenient way to manage your vehicle, the Lexus app gives you even more ways to stay connected to your vehicle.

Remotely start/stop, Lock/Unlock your Lexus vehicle(1)(2) WearOS App.

Featuring our range of Lexus connected services(1) (on select 2010 or newer, for Hawaii customers, 2018 or newer capable vehicles), sign up to activate, or manage your vehicle’s own Connected Services, if your vehicle is equipped. Also, you’ll get vehicle health information, Remote Services features and…

• Remotely start/stop your vehicle(2).
Start your vehicle and even warm or cool the interior based on the last climate-control settings.

• Lock/Unlock your doors
Not sure if you remembered to lock your vehicle? Not anymore. Remotely lock and unlock your doors and receive confirmation once the action is complete.

• Find your parked vehicle
Forgotten where you parked? Use the Last Parked Location feature in your app to guide you to your vehicle’s last known parked location.

• Guest Drivers Alerts and Notifications
Set predetermined driver privileges by activating the Guest Driver Profile in your app and get notified if limits are exceeded.

• Vehicle maintenance alerts and health reports
Check your maintenance alerts and see your vehicle’s health status in just a few taps.

• Drive Pulse
Use Drive Pulse to monitor how you drive and learn how to become an even more efficient driver!

With select 2022 vehicles, experience a range of new connected services features designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle and assist you every day. Some of the new features you can enjoy include:

• Digital Key
Start the engine, lock and unlock the doors, even give access to others remotely, via your phone. Never lose your keys again.

• Last Mile Navigation
Get directions sent from your vehicle to your smartphone via the Lexus app to get you the final steps of the way.

• My Destinations
Set up to 20 destinations like home and work that can be saved and sent to your vehicle making it easy to reach your destination.

• Integrated Streaming
Access your favorite audio streaming service and control it straight from the head unit without having to plug in or pair your mobile device.

• User Profile
Customize your profile by creating a profile name and adding a personal image.

Downloading the Lexus app also gives you access to other great features:

• Owner’s Manual & Warranty Guides
Access your owner’s manual and warranty guides instantly.

• Dealer Locator
Login to the app and search for the closest Lexus Dealer and save your preferred dealer for future reference.

• Service Scheduling
Let the app assist you when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment.

• Roadside Assistance
In the event you need Roadside Assistance, login to the app for Roadside Assistance contact information.

(1) Available services vary by vehicle and subscription type.
(2) Remote services: Be aware of vehicle surroundings. Operate when legal and safe (e.g., do not start engine in enclosed space or if occupied by a child). See Owner’s Manual for limitations.


The re-designed Lexus app features a new look and feel while providing a more interactive, easily accessible user experience. The optimal experience includes an enhanced overview page with vehicle health & alerts, remote commands and sharing, service scheduling, an upgraded bottom navigation and a switch from light to dark mode. (**Features may vary per region and/or dealer).


40 comentarios en "Lexus MODDED 2022"

  1. This new release is an upgrade? The previous version worked flawlessly and now it constantly generates “slow responding” messages at start up before simply crashing. Once I get connected successfully, there’s a notification stating my trunk is open when in fact it’s closed. I even started the car, physically opened the trunk (car display showed open), closed the trunk (showed closed on the car display) and turned the car off in hopes it would reflect correctly in the app. It did not.

  2. Definitely a significant downgrade from the prior Enform app which was pulled. Bad splash screen stating my subscription expired (I never had a subscription). The to a very laggy drop down to open the options to connect to my car, a connection which usually takes between 1 and 4 minutes. Once connected, the apps only work 75% of the time with repeated stopping for no apparent reason. The old Enform app worked flawlessly, even auto-connecting when I got in the car. Extremely dissatisfied.

  3. Previous version was great, open fast, remote start was quick to use. New version is slow and freezes up, my phone thinnks the app froze while loading. Takes literal minutes to open. So if you are leaving a store and want to remote start the car to be nice and cool in the summer, forget about it. By the time the app starts you will already be on your car

  4. This is a terrible app. When accessing it from a notification, it hangs for over a minute showing a white or black screen. When you CAN get it open, the interface is not very intuitive. Lexus should be embarrassed. They clearly don’t hold their software engineers to the same standards as their car engineers. Fesr Toyota, it’s time to try outsourcing.

  5. Takes forever to load, but it worked before recent update in May 2022. Now this app takes even longer to load and most times times out. The graphical added video is nice at the beginning, but I rather have a working app that actually loads, than one that shows graphics and doesn’t even work. ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE TO PAY TO USE IT. The auto start should be free, especially since I can start the car from key fob and only need it during winter. Once the app actually works, it’s very useful.

  6. Younas dice:

    The app lost so many useful features after the latest big update. When the app icon is long pressed on the Home page, it gives a list of shortcuts that can be run quickly (i.e. Lock, Start), but those shortcuts don’t work anymore. The app also doesn’t give push notifications when car doors or windows etc. are left unlocked. I’d rather have a simple functioning app than the fancy graphical interface with broken features.

  7. Was disappointed I would have to pay for remote start through app but thought it would be well worth the money. I was HORRIBLY WRONG. VERY first day of downloading app, lost connection and it kept asking for another verification code, to which I would receive a blank email and be told to go out to the car to get it from the SOS button. If I have to go get in my car every single time I want to use the app to get a new verification code, it very much defeats the purpose if paying for remote start

  8. App used to work fine and now Alexa never connects. Going through five different menu options to reconnect every single time I get in the car and even then it connects half the time. Bloated piece of garbage app. And when the app does connect, it forces you to disconnect from the vehicle if I want to use the app to look at something. I’m not a child that needs parental controls. Screams liability. 3rd and final Lexus vehicle for me, Lexus has fallen behind in the tech department. What a shame…

  9. Does not auto connect … junk. You literally have to open the Android app go through like four menus to get to the app suite, hit connect and then you can use the apps that used to be available all the time through the enform app… Without going through all of that rigor moral you get an ongoing pop-up on your screen saying that the apps are not connected to the device. Not only is this inconvenient but it is also a safety hazard

  10. Overall the new look is ok. I do hope the developers will do away with the large ad (parkopedia) that takes up half the screen when looking at the last known parked vehicle map. Just a huge parking ad. Very annoying. Also hoping they can bring from the old version the overall car status showing the current vehicles locks windows etc.

  11. no no dice:

    Terrible update. No longer can you launch the app and get most useful info immediately. Now, everything is buried behind multiple taps. Lost the ability to see the numeric driving score (and have to tap through to see the mess that remains). Obnoxious and unstoppable movie plays on the signin screen. Overall, the update assumes users want to tap rather than scroll.

  12. I’m sure, it was an extreme challenge to assemble all such unprofesdional developers together. 🙂 Dear app development team lead, 90+ seconds startup time on the flagman cellphone is really great! However you can easily make this app better. All you have to do is to contact your management. Recommend them to lay off entire team including yourself and hire professionals to rewrite app from scratch.

  13. The Lexus Enform app used to work fine, but can’t be used anymore. When I try to register for this app, it tells me my mobile number is already in use; when I try to sign in, it tells me to enter a valid number. If I try to sign in with my email, it tells me it can’t find an account with that email. So I can neither register or sign in. This app is a joke. Also the navigation in my car needs updating, it will send you on a wild goose chase. Really disappointing.

  14. The app has two big problems. (1) The starting screen has two options, UNLOCK and SIGN OFF. Unlocking is one of the things you can do to your car with this app, so is that what it means here? No, it means start or login. Who on earth thought to use UNLOCK here? (2) I like the idea of getting notifications if I leave my car unlocked, but not if it is in my locked garage, where it is unlocked. The car knows this, or can be made to know this, but the option is all-or-nothing. Neither is good

  15. App works well for remote starting and other features. I previously use the Enform app for app connectivity, it now tells me that I have to use this one. Worked ok for a few weeks, though was less convenient. Now it just crashes any time I try to connect to the app suite. A white screen with an “Accept” buuotn is briefly visible, then it crashes. I would only give one star, but at least the other parts of the app work.

  16. A premium vehicle gets an underachieving app. Every update results in errors that affects the usability of the app. This latest one was riddled with error messages telling me the vehicle was started when it never did. The app refuses to launch most of the time and it requires user trickery by going through the motion of closing it out then canceling that motion with the slightest chance that it will open fully in the background. App has been reinstalled numerous times with no solution.

  17. This app rarely functions. You will be given the option to close the app or you can wait, I would choose wait but sometimes that could be five minutes but you’ll wait them anyway eventually. 100% of the time the app the app does not function when I first try to use it. The other day it actually did something smart and gave me the option to lock the doors before automatically starting the car remotely, but let’s talk about that for a second. I’m paying a fortune in monthly fees for dysfunction!

  18. Dana Muse dice:

    This is painful. It’s bad enough we have to pay a subscription for remote start, which every other company offers for a one time fee, at most. This app does not work. Period. It sucks. It’s mind numbingly slow. Connection to the vehicle takes 20 to 30 seconds, and after that good luck trying to actually lock the doors or start the engine. Wait another 20 or 30 seconds and then get an error that it couldn’t be completed. Do Not Get This App. I have struggled for months, I am cancelling now.

  19. J Church dice:

    The app hangs frequently and what is insulting is we have to pay annually just to get remote start ability. Without a doubt one of the worst and least dependable apps out there. Extremely long time trying to get it to connect to the vehicle if it connects at all. I also use a Ford app that performs without any issues at all. I wish the Lexus app was more dependable.

  20. App could be better. Every update, my info is wiped out, and I can’t use the app until I add the VIN number again. It is not helpful when you find out when you are trying to start your car. Also, my husband’s jeeps mobile start is way better……locks doors if not locked, starts car, 40 degrees or below it turns on heating elements steering wheel, seats etc. And if super cold turns up high and defrost. Lastly it doesn’t Successfully connect a lot.

  21. 3/25/22 App disconnected when I bought a new phone.Bummer.5/5/21 I have no idea what changed, but today my phone reconnected and I started receiving notifications like my car was unlocked, etc. Let’s see if this lasts. Totally lost connection by 1/14/21 and it won’t reconnect. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, only used cell data, etc. Worked great until it didn’t. After the latest update, I sat in my car, in a parking lot with no trees, and 5G and all bars and it still wouldn’t connect.

  22. Tim Tou dice:

    Terrible! After multiple failed connection attempts before it finally connected and then the app stay running in the background won’t let you clear. I thought okay, maybe it will connect to my car automatically when I drive it after work. Nope! Retry to connect it to my car allover again! What a pain, should have listened to my wife and buy a BMW. At least her BMW’s app works 100% of the time andBMW has yet take away any app that come with the car and wireless Apple Car Play since 2017!

  23. Jon H dice:

    Works fine for me. The only issue I have is the notifications don’t make sense. The dealer explained to us that they are switching from a 3g network to 4g (yes a little behind the times as usual for Lexus) so I assume people that are having more issues are in an area that hasn’t switched or is in the process of the migration.

  24. Works, but having trouble with the Lexus apps part in my 17rx. Most times I have to go in the phone app and reconnect, wait for it slow and iffy… Just wanted to see like fuel prices the other day…. Sad I have to pay 16$ a month for this, before its completely turned off for my car that was made 11/17 and called a 17. Zero idea why it wants to track me all the time, app in use or not. Not sure if that is part of the problem, I have not accepted that… The 2 app setup was much easier,

  25. I gave this app one star initially but I’m going to bump it up to four stars because it’s working correctly now. Although it’s still a nuisance to get to the location card in the app I am able to preset destinations before I link to my car which is working great. However the original Lexus Enform app still was better than this, all my original saved locations were deleted in the car and I had to put them all in again.

  26. Below average, why can you clear the notifications? And if the windows are left open why can’t you close them through the App, the way you can lock the doors if they were unlocked. Sometimes tire pressure is displayed, other times not. Dark mode is not supported. Not very intuitive, lacks temperature control.

  27. This app is not working appropriately on the Samsung ultra. The app is not giving me notifications when the car doors are left open. I find out when I get back to the vehicle. I selected notifications to draw other apps still no notifications. Starting to be a waste of $100 every year. 😒

  28. I am fortunate enough to have 2 phones an iPhone and an Android so thankfully I can at least use the app on my iPhone. However, MOST people don’t have 2 phones and for those without an iPhone this app has become completely useless since the last system update. I thought this would have been resolved after a day or 2 but I literally check for an update everyday multiple times per day and still nothing. FIX THE APP!!!

  29. Before everything was combined into this app my Lexus Enform worked fine, then after 1/26 trouble started. I’d have to log in, delink my music apps, then log back in to link it and it MIGHT work, I’d have to do it EVERY. D#$%. TIME! This past weekend an update was made and now, it doesn’t work at all! And yes I did leave my comments in the feedback portion of the app and all I got was a system generated email. No follow up email or phone call or anything. Oh, don’t forget you PAY for Enform!

  30. IT DOESN’T WORK WHEN WIFI IS CONNECTED! Whenever I open the app while at home and connected on my Wi-Fi, the app gives me a “DOWNTIME” error and it won’t let me go through. No log in screen, nothing. It is annoying that I have to disconnect my Wi-Fi if I want to use this app. I can’t believe a company such caliber and “luxury” as Lexus can’t have a fully functional app.

  31. Update…App is still finicky in my car, so, I do not even bother with it. My new complaint, connecting to start, unlock or lock my car is very slow and sometimes cannot connect. Also suggestion for the future, with remote start the car should stay locked and not turn off when the door opens…what’s the point if remote start if you have to restart your car when you get in.

  32. When it works, it’s awesome. Problem is it’s incredibly frustrating due to the fact it’s inconsistent. Constantly freezes, loads horribly slow and it’s seldom updated. There’s obviously many glitches that go unresolved. You’d think with the resources Lexus has they’d put forth the effort to fix this.

  33. This app pretty much sucks. It keeps disconnecting, then doesn’t work at all. I have had to reboot my phone, uninstall the app, reinstall it, change my password multiple times. And when it’s working, I get endless notifications that I don’t need because my car is locked in the garage. More trouble than it’s worth!

  34. Jim M dice:

    After Lexus decided to integrate Lexus App Suite in this app, trying to use this feature is just a nightmare. Why take away something that was working ok, and say it’s easier to have everything in one app. Well, yes, if it works better, or at least as it did before. Now you have to launch manually this app everytime you jump into the car, look for the Lexus App Suite card, hit more information, then hit connect, and luckik, after 3 attempts, you’ll be connected to the Vehicles App suite. Bad!

  35. Update Feb 2022 – didn’t think it could get worse but it did. Somehow, my lexus app shows my Toyota SUV but not my Lexus!! I pay for remote start service but can’t find my car on the app!!! I am definitely not renewing this useless service. It is faster for me to change, wear all my winter gear, go into my garage start the car and come back inside than to start the app and start from my phone!!! Would love to give a zero if I could. Takes forever to load and when it eventually does, takes a long time to start the car. We also have a BMW with an app that is fast, which makes the response of this app even more painful.

  36. Great app, use it on a regular basis. It has one issue although, that I don’t like and I’m not sure if this is by design, maybe it’s rather a car, than the app problem, if the car pushes its on board computer into sleep mode after 7 days of inactivity. The fact is – if I don’t request the status of my car in the app for a week it stops responding at all, but I start the car, then turn it off it the communicates as expected. You cannot check status if the car is on a parking lot or in garage.

  37. Unbelievable how bad this is! I have called and asked for help countless times only to have the same errors again and again. The remote start will not work, the doors cannot be locked or unlocked from the app , the mileage will not update…. As much as these vehicles cost you would think the app would reflect the quality of the car. Although the vehicle is nice…it would be a better experience if I could use the technology that was part of the selling point. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  38. Thought the new app would have more features but that’s not the case. I can’t see the vehicle status report anywhere. I don’t even know if all of my doors are locked for example. Yeah, it’s nice to have a odometer reading but the old app has information about my trip a and trip b along with the odometer reading. This “new” app seems to do less. Thanks for the fixed. However, I clicked on the whereabout of my car and it landed in the ocean.

  39. This app/service is all around frustrating. The first issue, the app wouldn’t save and submit my CC information. After 3 attempts I ended up calling customer service to help activate the remote start. The woman was very friendly while helping to restore the subscription. But it’s been several days and the app still reflects the subscription has expired. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it several times. It’s cold out and it would sure be nice to use the service. It’s disappointing all around Lexus requires an additional fee for the remote start. Then I’m unable to use it with or without the app by using the key fob press and hold method. If the decision is to charge well paying customers then I would suggest working out the kinks before rolling it out and collecting payment. It’s a good way to tick off loyal customers.

  40. John Vu dice:

    Takes a long time to enter the app and takes forever to remote start the engine, that is if it even connects. It doesn’t most of the time. I live in an suburban area, so we have good to excellent connectivity. For a luxury brand, I expected much more. 2 stars because at least the app exists. 3/24/21: The app has gotten faster, which is great, but remote services remains a gamble.

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