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Get in the Zone® on Your Phone. Shop Car, Truck & SUV Parts
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With the AutoZone app, it’s easier to take care of your vehicle than ever before.

Order the right parts and accessories for your car or truck with just a few taps. Get the parts you need fast with same-day store pick up or convenient ship to home delivery. Track your AutoZone Rewards balance and get information on your local store straight from the home screen.

With AutoZone on your phone, you’re that much closer to getting back on the road.

Easily get the parts you need the same day with store pick up or have them shipped directly to your house.

With over 5,500 stores across the United States, the Store Locator helps you find the most convenient location no matter where you are. Set your store to see hours and check pricing and availability.

Use the VIN scanner to add your vehicle automatically and find the right parts faster.

Shopping in store? Use the barcode scanner to check pricing and specifications for any part in the store.

Keep track of all of your vehicles in one convenient place. Track every job with the Service History feature, view DIY suggestions with Maintenance Info and check your vehicle’s specifications.

Track your AutoZone Rewards balance right on the home screen. Not a member? Sign up today to start earning money for your purchases.

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40 comentarios en "AutoZone – Auto Parts & Repair MOD 2022"

  1. Mike Fleek dice:

    App is nice for knowing which store has your part in stock. Great for when you need your parts today or a special tool, but Parts are almost always available for less elsewhere online. Sometimes by as much as half. I understand overhead and all, but it seems like price gouging at times. Still, it is a very handy app to get an idea of options you have for repairs. Repair guides can be a little hard to access on my phone, but work good on my PC.

  2. App is good for a basic reference of what you need. Pro’s: can save all your vehicles and scan you loyalty card right on your phone. Check pricing, store inventory, parts info, basic repair guide. Con’s: glitchy at times, you really have to walk in the store to find vehicle specific parts, this is just a guideline. SEARCH is not friendly, you better use minimal key words and know exactly what you are looking for. Perfect for shade tree mechanics.

  3. FIX YOUR APP!!! – anytime you try to scroll through a long list of items it randomly jumps to the end of the list and does not allow you to scroll back up. I have found it easier to use the website for many tasks as opposed to the app. I also love how the app lists products that you can neither ship to home nor pick up in store… like, why even bother?

  4. I like AutoZone, but this app is a frustrating and buggy piece of garbage. “Server Error” happens constantly. I’m scrolling through a list of shocks and all of a sudden most of them disappear and I can’t get them back. I can repeat the same thing over and over and get the same results so I know you guys haven’t tested it. Now I’m trying to view my cart and it just displays a progress bar forever, finally loads and it has emptied my cart. Nothing works properly!!! As of 12/6 it’s actually worse!

  5. I’m having a lot of trouble searching products on this app. From the looks of it it has everything I would need, but when I search for something, it had this weird glitch. It starts fine, but if I scroll down it seems to keep reloading the page until it only shows the 3 products that’ll fit on my screen at once, and I can’t scroll anymore. But I know there are more results because at the top it says there’s over 50 results for my search

  6. Chad Smith dice:

    Never had any issues until recently. It all of a sudden won’t let me check out keeps telling me to check my billing and shipping address. I’ve ordered with that address several times in the last year but now it won’t work. I uninstalled it, changed the address every way possible and everything I could several times but it still wont work.

  7. Too many glitches. The layout of app is good, I like the point system, but tons of issues. It runs incredibly slow and if something you put in cart that shows “available for delivery” is actually not, it won’t tell you what. I had to put in address and billing about 5 times before it finally worked and I had to systematically take one out of the 8 items I had to find out which item wouldn’t deliver via mail.

  8. Does not always keep previous orders in the memory on the app, I have had trouble returning items when they’re not displayed on the history of the app. Thankfully the customer service at my local store is excellent after they have gotten to know me. (Not a commercial customer). However app is excellent with finding parts very easily and ordering is a breeze.

  9. Ok at best. When looking up parts, the list loads slowly. When you click on an item for info, then try to back out to the list, when there are 30 listings and you looked the 11th, instead of backing out to the 11th, you start over at the 1st. Very little vehicle info, specs, how-to. 20 year old domestic vehicle, I know which trans fluid and how much, but the app doesn’t. No firing order or cylinder location. Excellent ideas, they’re just poorly executed.

  10. They actually put some thought in to this app, it’ll send you maintenance reminders based on an average amount of miles driven but it’s fairly accurate. You can also find step-by-step directions for what seems like repairing almost anything on whatever vehicle you’re working on, I’ve yet to not find instructions on anything I’ve replaced so far but I’m sure there are some things that won’t be on there. They’re definitely blowing other autoparts stores and apps away!

  11. Well, the overall look is better. 2 things so far that i noticed. 1, every single time i open the App. A ” No Server” window pops up on screen. 2, when i scroll down to the “Product Description”. it starts glitching out. And the 3rd i just remembered was why can’t i click on Product so i can zoom in for a better look.

  12. CMFG43 dice:

    I’m not sure why this app has the problems it does. Often I can search for something generic like “starter” and get no results back. But if you manually go through the menu you can find starters for what you’re looking for. So clearly it’s a problem with the app recognizing certain words. This happens with multiple common things, spark plugs, starter, alternator, and oil filter have all happened to me.

  13. Terrible. The app crashes constantly. When no parts come up for your vehicle in a category, it brings you back to the main menu. When something is no longer available in your cart when you check out, it says the item is highlighted but it’s not and you have to remove things one by one and try to check out until you figure it out; Then you have to find and add what you removed that was in stock. Also, be careful about what store you chose for pickup. I put a store in and it sent it to another.

  14. I like that autozone has this app. It comes in handy all the time for would be great if you could add a few features tho… 1) Recently purchased products/digital receipt. 2)I know you have some diagrams available on the app, but I’d like to see more… the stores have some on their computers. I call for help all the time….

  15. Missed it by that much […]! The app has so much potential. It is just not reliable. It crashes at random times, hangs on a search, or fails to load the results completely. Search results can be frustrating if the part name entered is not exactly as Autozone has it listed in their system.

  16. Good for finding parts and prices. But cannot order anything on the app or even the internet browser. An error message comes up every time I try to check and I went over my information several times to be sure it was correct. Even tried a different card and it didn’t work. Will never go through them again if this continues to happen and the app is not fixed.

  17. App used to be bearable. Some problems, but could still get the information I wanted with a little work. Now it’s terrible. Ever since the major facelift to the app. The option to see other cars that parts would fit on is gone. Cars dont get saved and if I have to search for more than 1 part or on more than 1 car then the app just says server error or that there aren’t any parts fitting that description. So autozone doesnt sell spark plugs for a 2001 Honda civic? Yeah…right. Please fix!

  18. Major improvement. I only see a few issues. 1) Some product/category tabs results in no products for selected vehicle. 2) Going back to product or category lists takes you back to the top of the page rather where you were. 3) UPS, Fedex, Amazon lets you set up notifications of deliveries, can’t AutoZone do the same? 4) Maybe its just mine, but to order something and have it ship to store, you still have to call and order. You should be able to order directly from app to local store.

  19. It’s very easy to use and very helpful in deciding what parts I need but it is a little unclear on parts availability in my chosen store. Also i can’t find a way to see what the store price is vs. the online price. They seem to differ regularly. Other than those items I really like the apps capabilities for tracking vehicle maintenance and recall notices.

  20. JCR Lemon dice:

    Had a better review… Uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it would work better and it did open the app faster, but as soon as i selected anything it would freeze and wouldn’t respond. Slow and inaccurate. You have to know exactly what part you need. The discount coupons do not work.

  21. The app saves me time when looking for parts, and my nearest location. Easy to use, very recomend .The only thing i wish is more time or no expiration on keeping reward points, especially when low on cash. Could it be possible to add picture finder, take a picture of the part and app automatically finds names the part and price??? Handy when online searching, purchasing and we don’t know the correct name of the part. Thankx Autozone

  22. It would nice if no matter what the app would show everything you search even if it doesnt fit your car. especially in the performances selection. It would be great if the reviews of purchased items were on the app and not just your website. Sometimes the app crashes and I have to log in again. It would also be great if the app showed stores with the parts or tools we are looking for no matter the distance. all of us would like to not talk to employees as much as possible. speaking for everyone.

  23. I can’t even get the app to load. I installed the app, and everything went well. App would not open. I reset app after several attempts. Tried to load again, still just freezes on Autozone screen. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Still does same thing. My phone is a 1 year old Samsung S20, and I never have problems loading apps. Guess I’m not surprised by the app not working, since their website is slow too.

  24. i love autozone. i always have. but with the app it seems every time a bug or glitch is fixed it unveils 2 new ones. im sure eventually they will all get worked out and it will be a smooth running experience. but until then… its a rather annoying app to use. HOWEVER, do not let that reflect negatively on autozone as a whole. i love autozone, and they are my go to for keeping my baby running

  25. as far as apps go, especially automotive apps; I have yet to use anything that exceeds expectations like the autozone app. simplicity, accuracy, appealing design. I use this app daily for quotes and research while doing repairs. The only possible thing I could think of that would improve this app would be allowing the user to see whether or not an item was actually in stock at their selected store or within the region. All around great app, extremely useful.

  26. Number one problem, no option to show only products that are actually in the store you have chosen. Not a real big deal when you only have three choices but when it shows you 250 choices and you have to scroll to every single one to just see if the store actually has it in stock. I can’t be bothered I just ordered it from Advance Auto they showed me what was in stock but I just got a text alert saying it’s ready.

  27. Cody Wille dice:

    Love this app, super helpful. Has helped me make a ton of money and expedites my trips to the stores. Allows me to have part numbers on hand. Needs to add a feature to delete all contents in shopping cart at once, or select multiple cart items at once. Also updating item count or deleting items from cart could be fixed and increase speed at which these actions happen

  28. For the most part AZ has the parts I’m looking for and almost the best customer service of auto parts stores. I hate going to go to other parts stores. Jack, who used to manage a Lynnwood, Washington store, was the best AZ employee around. I dealt exclusively with him for years and years and I was pretty bummed when he moved to another location not near where I live. Honestly I dislike dealing with any other AZ employee only because Jack set the bar very high for excellence in customer service.

  29. Why is it so hard to checkout on the app? I enter all my info and try to pay via PayPal, the transaction goes through to pending but there is no option to complete purchase. Just an endless loop that directs you to PayPal again. Then when I try to use my credit card, there is an error.

  30. Chris Cote dice:

    So I was given a free $20 for spending more than $20 five different times like advertised and now all the sudden I don’t have $20 on my account the one other time that I tried to use it they blocked me from using it because their system was down and wasn’t able to process it so it sounds like it’s a big freaking scam I’ll never use AutoZone again I’m going back to O’Reilly’s

  31. I love this app. It does everything I need it to do. My vehicle is stored so everything I look up is specific to my vehicle. I love the barcode scanner, it allows me to look up any price while I’m in the store.

  32. E G dice:

    Horrible company. I ordered parts online, and never got an email stating I could pick up my parts. I called the store, they had no idea when I would be able to. I cancelled the order because it said all items were in stock. It’s been 11 days, and they still haven’t given my money back. They lie, and they steal. You will never get another penny out of me, and if I could leave a ZERO star review, I would. Terrible waste of time and money. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  33. Mike G dice:

    App non functional most times. Hangs at autozone logo. Never loads. Search returns results very slow. I am using Samsung galaxy s10e on LTE, and have 100gb free and minimal background tasking. Autozone itself is a lifesaver, this app just seems to have been downgraded instead of upgraded. It used to work fine. Have reinstalled once already.

  34. Auto zone has been my go to place for auto parts for years. The employees are usually helpful and the parts I need are available and at a good price.

  35. *pro tip* — scope the instruction manuals for your vehicles engine, it’s all there. it’s like having a Chilton’s manual but it’s free and on your phone.

  36. Brian B. dice:

    Sloooow. Over all the app is great, but it is painfully slow. Took over 30s to end up not showing me my shopping cart, S22 ultra.

  37. Chad R dice:

    The AutoZone up the street will have the part ordered and in your hands faster than this app will. Helps for searching parts but that’s about it.

  38. The employees that work in the store in my small town, actually knows how to work on vehicles so the experience in store are so, so much easier! They know what I’m talking about! Never get wrong parts or never takes long!

  39. The app is helpful in getting prices and ordering parts, but always shop around. Autozone needs to bring there prices in line with other online parts stores.

  40. Rico Ramza dice:

    App is too slow and sometimes it doesn’t load chosen items and just full of bugs. Horrible.

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