Chevron MODDED 2022

The New Chevron App allows you to pay for fuel from the comfort of your car!
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Use your smartphone and the Chevron app to pay for fuel from the comfort of your driver’s seat for a fast and simple experience at the pump!

It’s simple to do:
• Before heading to the station, sign up and create a user account for mobile payments and link your PayPal account, Venmo account, Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage® Card, or credit card to your user account Then, find a station that is processing mobile payments through the station locator feature
• At the station, use the app on your phone to reserve the pump and select your payment method from your driver’s seat
• When prompted, fill up at the pump and go. Your receipt will be waiting for you on your phone!

Additional features to help keep you going:
• Check your balance and make payments to your Techron Advantage® Card account that earns ongoing 3c per gallon in Fuel Credits on every fill-up, every time (see application for details)
• Redeem earned Gas Rewards on your fill-up where available
• Use a Chevron or Texaco Gift Cards as a payment method at the pump
• Find a Chevron or Texaco station and easily view services offered, like Mobile Payment
• Filter through other station offerings such as Car Wash, Diesel, Amazon Lockers and more
• View in-app receipts for Mobile Payments
• Provide feedback for a station or service
• Use your WearOS device to fuel up


We've simplified the way users contact our service center for help. This release includes minor enhancements and bug fixes to improve your app experience. Update to the latest version so you can have the best experience!


40 comentarios en "Chevron MODDED 2022"

  1. would be nice to get the discount at the pump instead of waiting until the statement comes out. Updated to 1 start after calling the number they said to call. The whole process of using this app is a pain in the butt! It’s way easier using the card and getting your discount credited right at the pump then. Calling the number resulted in more frustration and the credit could be in the form of a gift card instead of a credit card credit! That’s just nonsense. I cannot recommend this app.

  2. As others have experienced, I got charged the credit price ($0.10/gal more) instead of the cash price when using a Chevron credit card. I didn’t notice it right away so this app has actually ended up costing me. Why not fix it on your end instead of having each user call customer service? Seems like a waste of resources and time for everyone. It was easy to use but I’ll wait until it’s fixed before reinstalling.

  3. This app used to be great, until it wasn’t. Be wary when deleting you credit or debit cards from your payment methods. At least in my case, the app would not allow me to add my credit/debit cards again, rendering this app useless. I tried to contact Chevron directly, I was directed to my bank being the culprit. The bank was telling me to contact Chevron directly (which I did), and I ended up in a loop of both sides pointing fingers with no help. Other than that, the app (used to) work fine.

  4. I love this app for about a week, and now it never works. When ever I go to pay my bill or check what my balance is it would work. Just says this is an error. I have tried deleting it and redownloading it, but it doesn’t matter every thing I try it doesn’t work. Really wish it would because it was really convenient and easy to use. Now I just get frustrated with it.

  5. Overall good experience with the app. Have had a few problems with the app recognizing when I’m at a station (location not correct). Which has then prevented me from being able to use my e-gift card, etc. Though I understand there is potentially many other factors that could be causing my issues.

  6. Good, but not great! I like the convenience and not being bothered with transactions. However it doesn’t allow you to use a credit card or checking account. Also there’s no reward system or discounts. So the convenience and limited interaction or touching are there only advantages of using it.

  7. Seems like a well made app but I am unable to add my debit/credit cards as payment methods. I’ve tried several valid cards from different financial institutions but all result in the error “There’s a payment issue”. I’ve even tried clearing data and reinstalling the app. Hopefully an update will fix this soon so I can actually try using the mobile payment feature.

  8. I specifically applied for and received my Techron card so that I could use this app but upon attempting to add the card as a payment method, it tells me my “card can’t be added at this time and to contact customer service”. I have called them twice and they can’t resolve the problem. At this point I’m ready to cancel my credit card and uninstall the app. Very frustrated..

  9. I can’t add a regular credit card, just PayPal and some Chevron cards that I don’t have. Which defeats the entire reason I wanted the app. (Chevron, please don’t respond and tell me it’s coming soon or offering to help me set up other payment types.) For comparison, the competitor’s app (Exxon Mobil) automatically just used the card I already had added in Google Pay. Also, when I tried to back out without paying, the app hung and I got a spinning circle. So it feels kind of flaky. And I didn’t like being forced to set a PIN. My phone already has a PIN, and using fingerprinter reader in addition would be OK, but let me decide if I want the tiny amount of extra security a PIN would offer.

  10. Made several attempts to add a payment method to the app without success. The screen starts flashing making it impossible to complete the addition. Contacted customer support who responded that they could see nothing hitting the database and to try several troubleshooting tips I had already completed with there call center. Instead of helping troubleshoot a poorly written app it was easier to delete my account and wait until the app matures.

  11. So i tried it this app it actually works and i don’t have to worry about the credit card skimmers in the pump.. the only downside was they charged me more than twice in my card initially but they eventually processed the right one. What i am trying to say was when you don’t have much money in your debit card and you use this app you’ll have a bad day.

  12. I think it’s absurd that when using the app at a Chevron station, and using a Chevron Credit Card, that your charged the higher “credit card” price rather than the lower “cash” price. I’ve only used the app twice so far, the first time a few months back. When I found out I was charged the higher price I thought it was an anomaly. Apparently not. I won’t be using it again unless this gets resolved!

  13. P dice:

    Giving 3 stars due to convenience at the pump and the abundance of stations in my area, but using this app is a nightmare. Chevron needs to support tap to pay terminals at all of their gas stations; rather than use a separate app to pay at the pump. There’s only one station that has a terminal in Austin that is actually tap to pay. While other stations has to use the app to fill up. This station is about $0.20 higher than the station down the street.

  14. This app is currently the only way to use a Chevron e-gift card but it is so difficult to use. It takes FOREVER to communicate with the station so be prepared to stand in front of the pump for 5+ minutes while the app does its thing. Not worth the time and inconvenience but unfortunately I’m stuck using it until my gift card is used up.

  15. When I enter my mobile number—the same one associated with my ChevronTexaco card—a message pops up telling me my number is unsupported. Then when I tap “Login with email?”, a message pops up that email login is no longer available. This app is useless.

  16. It worked out but not at first but I don’t think it was really the app. There is a chevron right around the corner of my home and I didn’t know if I would make it without running out of gas. I don’t usually let it get that bad. But anyway of course I don’t get great service on my phone and the app showed the store but didn’t show me at the store. I took a chance and just went to next station. When I pulled up everything was so frigging easy I almost forgot I was paying double ro fill my car up.

  17. E2 dice:

    I’ve called cust. svc. four times and was ASSURED that the problem was fixed, yet every time I try to register my card for payment, the system tries to send the confirmation code to my landline number which is not able to handle text messages. So, I give up. I’ll just continue to do things the old way and insert my card at the pump.

  18. The app is useless. It doesn’t take any card (debit, credit, nor gift cards) to pay for gas at the pump. It continues to say cards are not valid and refers me to contact the bank. The gift card balance is also just floating because no location takes it saying it’sonly to use in the app. It’s useless.

  19. Just Me dice:

    Still pretty much worthless. …Complete your profile information. …That email already in use. …Complete your profile information. …email sign in is no longer available. …Complete Well, you get the idea. Rinse and repeat. Not worth the perpetual effort.

  20. Horrible app does not link to their own gas card I was transferred around and around and finally told they have no solution. I called as requested below on hold over 30 minutes so left message 7 hours later no call back. I will cancel my credit card with them and go-to Mobil. Horrible service! Horrible app support horrible credit card support.

  21. the station is clean, the cleaning supplies to clean your windows is always full with paper towels. very nice staff.

  22. Erin Ryan dice:

    Easy and super convenient!! Tonight we were having a huge storm. I only had to leave the car to put the nozzle in the tank and take it out again. No shivering in the cold waiting for my credit card to process and answering questions at the pump. I was shocked that it worked so well. You’ve converted a skeptic!

  23. Anna M dice:

    lots of resets and stations not accepting this. have to keep your payment method handy on top of this app. and it doesn’t count as a gift card if you want to get the gift card price. so frustrating to use.

  24. at first its a lil difficult but once you get the hang of it hands down very easy and perfect even with gift cards ok enjoy

  25. App is okay. Far to many clicks to manage the credit card and app does not seem to retain log on info (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition), so user ID and password must be entered each time.

  26. App is a little glitchy and when I tried to add two eGift cards the second card shows no balance now so I have to go through a lot to get it fixed.

  27. I cannot add a gift card or any payment methods. This app is trash and I can’t use my gift card any other way other than the app. Trash!!!

  28. Used to have an account but got logged out and can’t access my old account because It doesn’t have a phone number attached to it. Still had money on the account 😔

  29. A really fantastic idea! I love using this app at my favorite gas station brand. It’s great that it accepts paypal credit as well. This really helped me out when I was in a bind. Thank you, Chevron!

  30. Great concept, but when one third of the time your purchase using a Chevron card with the app is refused or declined that is not good. They send you fraud alerts and even when you respond, you still cannot purchase within the app.

  31. using the Chevron app, is linked my Paypal account. I paid full price for my gas and did not receive the .05 cents per gallon discount. not worth using the app if you loose the discounted price.

  32. App itself works well. Charges you the highest price for the fuel, even though I am using my Chevron card on the app! No way to use your Safeway/Albertsons rewards!

  33. Does not show prices. The mobile app does not show pricing.. With Chevron prices varying by a significant amount this is critical

  34. K N dice:

    Unable to login with email, kicked my phone number out and keeps asking me to register my account when trying to use even after I did it multiple times

  35. This app works great and allows additional chevron cards to keep both of our accounts in one app or on one phone. I would have given it 5 stars but if the station offers a lower price for cash or Chevron card, it charges the higher price. So you cannot use the app if you want the lowest price, just use your card.

  36. Kobold dice:

    Cannot properly link with acorns. (tie the accounts together) History is not tracked if you pay with card outside the app which makes zero sense. You have the card number you should be able to track all purchases and display them. Cannot manually add a purchase into purchase history either, which sucks if you want to track gas purchases.

  37. This New Chevron app where you can use it to pay at the Pump, is a real game changer. It has eliminated the chance of the Credit Card Skim, because you do not have to pull out your credit card. I feel that this way a paying, we will see it with other apps. Chevron, if you are reading this, Well Done, Very Well done. Super Easy to Use. I have been a Chevron customer for 20+ years.

  38. It takes a little time to setup. PreSetup is best, before you get to the fuel station. Other than that, it’s Easy.

  39. Very convenient not having to stop and put the car in you can do it all on the app and just pull up

  40. So far seems life a cool app .. easy to navigate through. I’m not sure how the credits work though. 😕

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