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Find the right part. Easily check availability and order for pickup or delivery.
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Get ready for fast and simple shopping with Advance Auto Parts. You can quickly find the right part, check availability online or in store, and easily order parts for pickup or delivery.

Choose SAME DAY DELIVERY to get your order fast
– Order by 3 PM, delivery by 8 PM.
– Available in select markets for in-stock items until further notice. New markets added weekly.

– Save vehicles to easily find parts that fit.
– Quickly check availability for pickup or delivery.
– See product ratings, warranties, and descriptions to help you choose the right product.
– Pay your way with credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Advance Auto Parts Gift Cards.
– Securely save credit/debit cards to your account for faster checkout.
– Scan a product bar code to easily see product details, reviews, and order.
– See our product recommendations and make sure you have what you need to complete your project.
– Get everything you need for oil changes at a great price with our Oil Change Bundles
– Order with ease!

MANAGE YOUR SPEED PERKS REWARDS Get points on every purchase.
– Check your member status.
– View and redeem rewards.
– Earn $5 Perk Bucks & $0.05/gal Gas Rewards every 500 points.
– Enter receipts to get credit for store or guest purchases.
– Not a member? Sign up today with ease and save more with hassle-free, easy-to-redeem rewards!

– Sign in to view your online order history.
– View your current order status on the Home screen.

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– Check store hours, call ahead, and get directions. Save your preferred store for free, in store pickup.
– Plus, stop in and receive personalized care with services such as check engine light scanning, wiper blade installation, and battery testing and installation, and more.

Choose the option that works best for you:
– Scan your VIN code or VIN number
– Enter your VIN number
– Enter your license plate number
– Select your year, make, model, and engine

– Contact Customer Care to get help with your order.

Download now and start shopping for the parts you need.

You can tell us about your experience, ask questions, give feedback and make feature requests by contacting us at [email protected]


We update regularly to bring you new features & improve your experience. In this release…
- Various improvements and bug fixes
Need help or have a question? Call customer care at 1-877-238-2623.


40 comentarios en "Advance Auto Parts MODDED 2022"

  1. Works, and I like how it shows nice and clear that the part is an exact fit for the car. I didn’t enjoy scrolling and scrolling to see the weekly offers, though. I didn’t see the offer when I looked up the part, but I had to go to the “deals” page and scroll all the way down. Also, the hours for the store I went to pick up were wrong on the app, but right on google maps. I took a trip in vain because of this.

  2. Advance Auto has become my favorite auto store to get parts through on the app. They have great discounts compared to O Reilly’s and Autozone. Yes, their app is a little slow on loading between screens and you can’t just use the coupons from the app in the store in person. And yes, it takes 15 to 30 minutes for the store to recieve an online order. But, the customer service and deals make up for that. Plus the Car Quest (Advance Auto) brand is pretty good parts at a pretty fair price.

  3. Initial boot up during the splash screen takes a century to load. Other than the very slow-loading search results and somewhat clunky interface, the app isn’t half bad. It could use improvement in some areas, and is wonky when using other network apps such as a VPN or corporate WiFi, but does the job well. A smoother experience than the website.

  4. Update: It turns out that this app isn’t compatible with VPNs. I set up a pass through for it and images started loading. Upping to 4 stars, if they fix this to work with VPNs it would get 5. Original: No product pictures ever show up for anything. Anyone who buys parts knows how important it is to see a picture of what you’re ordering but they never load, on any of my devices. This makes the app essentially worthless.

  5. Pretty good, with a few annoyances. Mainly you have to login every single time (and you have to go out of your way to do it), and it doesn’t store credit cards or hint to android to use a saved card–so every purchase you have to enter it again. Outside of that it’s pretty good–search is painfully slow but that’s the same on the website, so I wouldn’t fault the app.

  6. Cor Dero dice:

    Quick access to items I am looking for, for my auto care. The online discounts offered along with Speedperks rewards gives this business an edge when it comes to shopping for quality product lines that are best, better, and good. They have options and variety. Once you load your vehicle info its easy to find what you need, and view what they have that fits your ride, and your budget. The app displays sales, and special offers, but allows you to navigate quickly to what you are searching for.

  7. It works but it doesn’t work…. your app and well as your site wouldn’t allow me to purchase an Oil Change Combo, when it gets to the “Pick filter” option, it’s greyed out completely. I changed the vehicle thinking maybe you just didn’t have any, nope, still wouldn’t go. Tried 3 different devices, same issue. I became so frustrated that I went to one of your leading competitors and purchased it. Your process is simpler and prices are cheaper – but that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work.

  8. D C dice:

    Lacking. I am disappointed in the search function. When looking for parts, 99% of the items are listed as “May not fit (insert vehicle here)”. This should absolutely not be the case. I know there is an “Exact fit” option, but you must select it. Let that be the default option and then we have to unselect that option when the need arises. Everything else is decent about the app. A suggestion would be to have the sought after part transferred to the store of choice as an option as well. Thanks!

  9. Jason B dice:

    App works great for finding parts and items needed. It also works great for Speed Perks; however, the $$ to next Club Level never changes. It always says $200 to VIP no matter how much money I spend there. So since the level never changes, my Perks never change either. This is very frustrating as I have called customer service three times to try and fix but nobody has an answer other than “we don’t know why that’s happening”.

  10. Mark Myers dice:

    Overall the app is fine, but the search engine is absolute garbage. I FREQUENTLY search things I KNOW Advance has, that won’t come up, or I have to reword 7 times to get to the correct result. Many things have to be worded EXACTLY the same or they won’t even show up in a search they should. This happened just yesterday with a 3/8 drive 1/2″ socket. Obviously Advance has it, but your search engine is not at all intuitive. Major downside, as it ruins the main functionality and entire point of app.

  11. A_ ski-Dew dice:

    too many problems to list. some of them include no return to shopping cart after you’ve added something to your car and then viewed it. buttons go to wrong links. click by now and it goes to either rebate form or shopping. after a page loads there’s a delay before the page then moves and when you click on something before the delay it brings you to something you don’t want to go to.

  12. The app worked rather well before the previous update, and now it’s useless. No matter the vehicle selected, or if I’m signed in or not, if I search for any part, bundle, tool, or the like the search takes forever and says that 0 results were found. The most recent update has bricked the app and made it a literal waste of space on my phone. Until the issue is resolved use the vastly more reliable website, and avoid the waste of time that is this app.

  13. So far I’ve had nothing but trouble both with the online and with the app. Twice have gotten to the store only to bring home the wrong parts.somehow it’s managed to give me two accounts with the same email address. The thing works but you need extra time to go back and correct all the mistakes it makes and a damn good attention to detail. It keeps putting the wrong store as my store and when I try to correct it and it gives me two options call or get directions.It’s only half developed.

  14. Din djarin dice:

    YOU ARE BETTER OFF ALL AROUND JUST USING THE WEBSITE. Trying to join Speed Perks is BROKEN. When you opt to send a code via text, it NEVER sends the code. When you click “resend code” it literally does nothing. When you click “Call Me Instead” link, it also does nothing. after clicking “Call Me Instead” rapidly, a black box with white lettering pops up in the middle of the screen saying “Coming Soon”. Also the amount of popups all over every page in app makes it look real glitchy. fail.

  15. easy to navigate and find appropriate parts. speed perks are integrated so you don’t have to go search through text messages and emails to find the discount code, and parts always seem to get to me earlier than promised at a time when UPS and FedEx can’t stand behind their own delivery guarantees. as always, it was a pleasure to use.

  16. So far this has saved me about 25% off the parts I’ve bought. Pretty good deal. I read the other reviews and have not had any of those problems. Perhaps they haven’t been ordering the right part. I’ve bought a lot of parts for two different vehicles and always set the search for the exact fit. I’ve not noticed any lagging either and I’m using an LG phone that is 2 years old.

  17. I know of only three brick-and-mortar chains that intelligently utilize online shopping. Petco and Microcenter are the others. They offer immediate substantial discounts. They give a reasonably wide choice of pickup and free delivery options, brands and prices. Online assistance is truly helpful, although I seldom use it. The only element in need of improvement is store personnel. With few exceptions store level personnel leave much to be desired, and do not pull orders until I arrive.

  18. Awesome app! It keeps track of all of my rewards and my purchases! So easy to navigate! I love that I can go right to each of my vehicles and look up parts for them without having to put in my car info every time! Good looking out! I love the option of free pick up in-store or ship to home. Awesome job on this app!!

  19. Mark H dice:

    I like to take screenshots so that its easier to remember what I want when I get to the store. You can not take screenshots with this app! So stupid. I tried to copy the item numbers to create a list and the app doesn’t allow that either. Update: I received a reply that for security purposes, screenshots are not allowed. Luckily, I’m able to take screenshots with the Autozone app.

  20. The app works well. Easy to gain points by shopping from hime or in store. If you frequently shop here, then this app is for you. I gain points quickly from buing parts for regular maintenance. Points can be used later to reduse the total cost of a purchase, which can be helpful in the evsnt you need to buy an expensive part. The bugs have been fixed as of the last update.

  21. The advanced auto app is AMAZING!!! I use it was the time, and the savings you can get from using the app alone are more than worth downloading it!!! you get a daily promo code to take a percentage off your total order, and if that’s not enough for you, the simplicity and concurrence of finding everything you would possibly need for your vehicle, or project is right at your finger tips!!! I love it and will never stop using it!!

  22. Great discounts and speed bucks program. Great products pick up or fast free shipping over $35. Parts are always correct even when I am not. I’m saving alot of money, time, with no headaches. I haven’t needed to go anywhere since. Don’t want to. I want them speed bucks!

  23. Not really an app. Issue but kinda bumped they don’t accept coupons as much, they have really can’t back. Hope Advanced changes that. It easier if you have multiple cars, but when you some an part such as brake pads it mixes Wearever with much more expensive brands and there really isn’t any order to them unless you change the settings. Just make the purchase a bit longer. I will say this though, when I order online I have never had an issue picking up. Your employees are always nice 🙂 🔧

  24. I needed to buy a ton of parts. I made a list and put the Advance Auto app next to another auto part supplier app. I wanted specific parts, and unfortunately the Advance app wouldn’t even give me the option to buy some of them. Closest 3 stores had insufficient quantities and ship to home button was just not an option. What’s a shame, my total was near $400 before I had to go somewhere else.

  25. Larry Day dice:

    I have always been very satisfied and thankful for the assistance and service of which I have received from the staff of the New Baltimore and Chesterfield stores. I have been working with Advanced Auto for near 20 years and I have rarely disappointed. And when it has been wrong it was the parts catalog that was wrong and not staff. Thank You Advanced Auto!

  26. I’ve been using the app for several years it’s easy to shop, choose a pickup location and process orders. The bonus is that there are usually online savings for purchases that you can pickup in the store right after you purchase.

  27. Hate this app!!! I am a professional tech at a dealership level. I have 30 years experience in my field. I do lots of side work. I love the value and quality of parts at Advance Auto Parts. I have NO problem with the stores. I have lost customers due to this app. I cannot send part links to my customers. I am constantly bombarded with coupon popups sending me back to the start of my search. ABSOLUTLY FLAWED, LOST CUSTOMERS! It takes 2 hrs minimum to get an estimate together. Time is money….

  28. J D dice:

    Stores are incuraged to sell you the wrong parts, this way they can strip away you accumulated points when you return an item or even exchange, they still take away points. This has happen to me many times. I Accumulated points get sold the wrong parts and watch my points GO negative. They use to be able to look up your number at the counter and find them and you could use them to save money. Then they switched to texting points. Then this app. You see the pattern here. Don’t reply with generic

  29. Just installed and login with my password I use on my desktop. When I try to select the store I always use the app doesn’t list my store. Just a carquest on the other side of town. I’m sitting in the parking lot an maps shows me there but still no store listed. Not happy. Devolement team quickly responded and fixed bug! Thanks Best regards Terry

  30. Most times I buy through the app I get to the store to get what I ordered and they don’t have it even though it says in stock. Whom or their method of keeping track of inventory is horrible. Next issue is it takes several days to get your money back. UPDATE: I have no questions. I made a true statement.

  31. No problems at the stores, whether I’m in one or calling, except for the one on marbach rd where once when I called a young sounding clerk rudely asked me if I was going to buy a part or not. But now when I try to update the app, it won’t and keeps wanting me to update it over and over without going back to the app. I almost hit delete. I will if this keeps up.

  32. There is no need in this entire world for me to turn my location on when I can manually input it. Please fix this. Also parts at nearby stores does not function correctly. Had to go to three different stores to find the part I was looking for because it was not in your computer as to where it was. The computer at the store by the way.

  33. app is a good idea, needs to give you ability to have parts delivered to your local store for you to pick up. Would be nice to add general parts, for example: I am upgrading my suspension on my vehicle and am replacing all bolts with Grade 8 or Class 10.9… the doorman parts can be looked up on line but app constricts me to what it determines are the appropriate parts… we are car people. Most of us been turning a wrench for a minute, let us look at all the parts…

  34. After some problems with setting my local store and multiple chats and email with screenshots with the developers, they were able to get the location info. straightened out. It is a good, easy app. to use.

  35. App is incredibly slow on startup. Adding to cart seems to take forever. There’s something up with the “Oil”. When buying online it says your store is out of stock. Actually it shows all stores are out of stock. Change store for pickup then change again to original store and miraculously its back in stock.

  36. Jay Too dice:

    If you’re not buying from Advance Auto Parts online (or in-store) you’ve missed out on dollars-off coupon offers and even free next day shipping with a minimum purchase. Recently I ordered a front control arm assy and a stabilizer arm. The order was placed midmorning and arrived early next morning. Get the App and “Gitter dunn” !!! Truely, easy search website, quick checkout.

  37. Update: Advance has revised the Kia Soul model names, and searches now work for my Exclaim. Update: App was updated last night. Still can’t find any parts for my Kia. This should not be a difficult problem to fix. The app worked when I first installed it a few years ago! I have a 2013 Kia Soul ! 2.0l. Every single thing I search for returns “Sorry, we didn’t find any results matching this search.” Searches work fine on the website.

  38. M B dice:

    I had to stop using Advance Auto Parts when every time I would provide them a new email address, it would be leaked to spammers within months. I hand out unique email addresses to everyone with whom I do business, and no other company had this abysmal record. So this leak was coming from them. Something underhanded is going on there. EDIT to response: It was reported to Advance at the time but they were uninterested in pursuing the matter. Privacy policies only matter if your system isn’t broken

  39. June 8th , app no longer works without locations services turned on and that is not acceptable and retained vehicle list is insufficient.. I service 40+ vehicles regularly and having to re input the details each time is annoying.

  40. Eric Pelto dice:

    only place I go for auto parts. use the online app alot, same day delivery, and shipping. all have been good. rewards program is awesome. save on purchases and save on gas.

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