Auto Agent MOD 2022


Auto Agent lets you monitor, diagnose and reprogram vehicles
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The EZ LYNK Auto Agent combines function and convenience, revolutionizing the way you monitor, diagnose, and update your vehicle’s software. Carry the automobile industry’s most powerful tool in your pocket.
– Display your vehicle’s live data
– Read and clear Diagnostic trouble codes
– Create data recordings that can be played back at your convenience
– Send data recordings to your chosen technician
– Connect your technician to your automobile for remote assistance
– Save yourself trips to your repair facility by allowing your technician to access your vehicle’s data port
– Install vehicle software updates sent directly to you from your chosen technician


- Implemented support for extended user management options
- Implemented a fix to always open last used dashboard type
- Internal code updates and minor bug fixes


4 comentarios en "Auto Agent MOD 2022"

  1. Trent Fryar dice:

    Virtually everything I could ask for in a tuner The only thing I completely hate about this is, they removed the ability to see what tune you were using when you have SOTF tunes installed. You really have no idea what tune you are in so you could be in the street tune while towing and burning up your engine. Seems like it would be easy to add back in. Using the barometric pressure doesn’t work. Otherwise awesome tuner, awesome app.

  2. Jacob Yoneda dice:

    I love the setup but it is very basic. Wish they would add another tile page that you could swipe over to and look at different gauges. Also to be able to customize the gauge cluster a bit more so that way doesn’t it doesn’t look so plain. Wish it looked as good as the CTS2. Also could add a way to customize the tiles and gauges while not having to be in the vehicle. Very Basic! Will change review if changes are made.

  3. jon hunt dice:

    I absolutely love ezlink. Being able to use my phone for monitoring my system or a tablet is great but and this is a big butt. There’s no way to sort your flashes to find the newest one easily. So if a new version comes out it takes forever to go through each of them to make sure you’ve got the right one. On top of that it loses connection to the Wi-Fi link between the computer and the phone over and over but that could just be a problem with Motorola. Overall I’m very happy with it

  4. Jerry Pehrson dice:

    I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this last year but it has continued to please me with how convenient, and easy it is. I like the new folder structure to organize all the tunes. I have also been amazed by the great customer service. Getting in touch with a technician is so easy. I have had some questions and they were addressed quickly through the chats with techs. One suggestion I had, even made it into the latest software update. This does everything I wanted and more.

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