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Take Control of Your Car
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Take Control of Your Car

Now, you can take our crew with you! The all-new app from Firestone Complete Auto Care helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance, track service appointments, request roadside assistance, even get special offers and deals. Download the free app today.

TRACK MAINTENANCE – Get alerts for upcoming maintenance and service recommendations from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

REVIEW HISTORY – Access the details of each and every Firestone Complete Auto Care service visit in your vehicle’s history, right from your mobile device.

MANAGE YOUR CARS – See all of your vehicles at a glance.

FIND A STORE – Use the app to locate the Firestone Complete Auto Care most convenient for you – closest to home, closest to work, wherever your drive may take you.

SAVE MONEY – Get special offers and deals to keep your vehicle running newer, longer.

SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS — Maximize your time and easily schedule an appointment for in-store service right from the app.

REQUEST ASSISTANCE – Call for roadside help 24/7/365 – whenever you need it.

SHOP TIRES – Find the perfect tire for your vehicle from our best-in-class selection from the app.


• Just a quick release to address a few internal enhancements and bugs. Enjoy.


40 comentarios en "My Firestone MODDED 2022"

  1. app was great, years of mileage data for 3 cars, then all of a sudden, nothing but a black screen. all that data, gone! it happened between one entry and the next- tried calling but no one seemed to know anything. EDIT – HOW do I contact someone that might know or send you my email? EDIT 2- I Ccannot contact through the app as even though I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, I get nothing but a black screen. I just tried an email.

  2. I am not happy with the last update. First, it was requiring me to login after a long period of not (& I had to scramble to recall my password) only to discover the mileage tracker had been removed! That function was the only reason I had the app on my phone. Yes, I also track the serving done to my car but I don’t use that. I ONLY USED THE MILEAGE TRACKER and now it’s gone. My car is an older model and does not track anything. Not impressed at all with what was left of the app.

  3. The app does nothing except locate store which I can do in Google. It allows you set appointments all of which get canceled because apparently it doesn’t show real time open appointments. The end result is you get a notice to call the store. Again, I don’t need an app to do that. The “online/app only prices are either never honored or are in reality the actual cost. The only good thing is that you can link you store card to the app to make payments. You’re better off just calling the store.

  4. Very disappointed with the Firestone app upgrade. I had several years of fuel data in the app. The most recent upgrade does not contain fuel data: Several years of data lost with no warning and no opportunity to save the data elsewhere. Just another example of this company losing touch with and trust of its customers.

  5. Joe Slovo dice:

    Ap crashes when loading now. Cannot use. (Android version 8.0.0; Galaxy S7) Please repair the programming error on your end. The app loads now but the system has lost all prior service records unless you have the actual invoice number or your phone number hasn’t changed. This new version lost all the self service you inputted (cabin filter changes or air filter changes; the easy stuff you do on your own) This update is garbage and useless.

  6. App keeps crashing after the latest update. Cannot open it. Edit – after a second uninstall/reinstall I finally got it to work. There certainly seem to be improvements for an already good app. I do wish e-coupons wouldn’t automatically lead to an appointment screen.

  7. The choice by Firestone to remove the mileage tracking makes this a less useful app. Without regularly entering my mileage at fill-up, I am less likely to receive notification of mileage based service needs. In looking at the new options, I don’t even see any place to enter my mileage to keep the “system” updated. Major fail in my opinion.

  8. I am very disappointed to have lost the mileage tracker function of this app, it was the only reason I had it installed. I will not be using this app any more. I have tried to message Firestone on their website using “contact us” as has been suggested in response to other reviews to get my mileage data back, but then received a reply saying the data was no longer available. I also received an email with data for an older car I no longer have. The developer isn’t able to provide my current mileage data. If I could give this a negative star rating I would. Although the dev says there was an in app notification, I did not receive any notice this data or functionality would be going away, I could have easily migrated it to another app had I known. This level of service is unacceptable. I would have been better off had I never used this app in the first place.

  9. App is pointless. Why even have an appointment feature when you have stores who just immediately the appointments no matter when you make them? 6 appointment attempts over the course of a month were made, they don’t even usually call you to tell you that they’re cancelling it. I even tried scheduling at least a week out and chose the pick up the next day option, they still cancelled it within 10 minutes. Just pointless.

  10. the app is good, but the scheduling and confirming the appointment is terrible. if you can’t manage appointments from the app, don’t allow it. too many appointments are scheduled on the app only to find out it’s not even close to possible. the staff at the local store apologize, but have no control. very annoying and causing me to go elsewhere.

  11. When I try to schedule an appointment the app displays a message saying “something went wrong.” I tried all the usual fixes (e.g. restarting phone, reinstalling app) with no success. 👎

  12. I have tried 5 or 6 times to schedule appointments to the app and every time I get a call that the appointment time is not available and that the app is highly incorrect. This makes the app nearly useless and pointless to have. It would be one thing if this just happened at a single store, but this has happened at multiple stores in my area. Both of the representatives that I spoke to at various stores this morning said that this is a very frustrating issue for them.

  13. When linking my credit card it just gives me constant errors. It links it sometime and then magically unlink and gives me constant errors when re linking. Just not good with that

  14. Appointment scheduling is completely disconnected from real operations at the stores. And the managers call back with attitudeto reschedule. The latest response for why there are appointment options online but next real appointment available is 2 days later, “you will need to talk to corporate about that.” The first store wanted me to leave my car for 2-3 days for simple flat repair. When asked about checking other local store schedules, “you can go there, but they will just telll you the same”

  15. Firestone do a good job on everything. Everything all good .they also have very nice coworkers. I give it 5star because they get the problem solved with customers. I appreciate Firestone alot.🥰😍🤩😘☺🤗

  16. Greg dice:

    App is useless because the primary purpose is to track services + schedule appointments. Stores refuse to accept the appts made through the app. Mentioned in nearly every review – the company is clearly aware based on their replies that stores shouldn’t do that. What a poorly ran company. Also, the Feedback option in the app is broken. Any attempt to send a message just takes you to a page showing an error. The irony that you can’t give feedback about the broken feedback is too much.

  17. Firestone won’t honor appointments made from app and 2022 Jeep Wrangler is no an option for the Garage so I can’t book services even if I could make an appointment. Credit card services are a completely different log in with no real app. This app is truly useless

  18. I love Firestone as a mechanic but their app leaves a lot to be desired. What is the point of making an appointment only to have it canceled repeatedly.

  19. Chad Lowe dice:

    Will give you a list of available maintenance dates that 5 mins later you receive an email stating that date is unavailable. The process is repeated over and over till you have had enough and just call the location directly

  20. Paul King dice:

    Everything I try to set up any kind of service through this app for any of my cars it says sorry try again later….What good is the app if I can’t interact?

  21. The ease of navigation in the app was one of the reasons I started going to Firestone for all of my car needs. I was able to navigate through the home screen to everything that I needed. With the new app it took me ten minutes just to find my service history. I am not a happy camper. For lack of a better word the new app sucks.

  22. I used this app since 2013. Upgraded to a Samsung Note9 in November and app continued to work OK. In recent weeks, the app refuses to complete launch and even slows down my 512GB phone while it is trying to load permission changes upon reinstall don’t make any difference. What a shame I have years of maintenence and mileage data.

  23. The app shows you available time slots but the store may already have that slot booked by someone that came into the store or called in. I ran into this issue when booking an online appointment and did not confirm. The app works if you check your email for a confirmation (Second email) or rejection (again second email). Or just call into the store. But don’t expect that you have an appointment just by picking a time.

  24. Its ok. A little clunky getting to where I actually pay my bill. Fortunately, I was smart enough to figure out how to unlike some people. Would be better if there was an icon within to directly send you to your account for payment purposes. Have not had the issues other people have indicated they have had. Kinda like pulling teeth getting to where I pay my bill.

  25. I have always used the app to view invoices and see deals. Its has been a few weeks were the app doesn’t let me log in. I have used both email address and I continue getting a message in them saying the emails are not in file. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled and that didn’t work either.Please help.

  26. Always get, ‘Something went wrong’ and ‘Please try again later’ so not able to book service through app. I end up having to call local store. No point in having an app if you cannot use it to schedule service. Google should allow screenshots to be uploaded as proof of app issues.

  27. They need to tell you that you cant pay your bill through this app without being redirected and having to sign in again.You can’t sign in using your password because it doesn’t recognize you and I am sure that I entered the correct information. I think the overall rating of 2.6 is being very generous. At best it’s a 0.5 and someone needs to think it through and hire a professional rather than using one of the mechanics to write an app.

  28. My wife uses Firestone so I figured I’d prepay tires (I’m 800 miles away]), installation and the other stuff. App won’t acknowledge payment, no email confirmation or anything. It ended up charging me twice also. Bite me. Everything is canceled. I’ll send her to get proper tires from goodyear. For the developer response. It’s Firestone’s system, you can’t verify a email was sent? The only emails I’ve received is when I canceled everything. Grateful for that little bit.

  29. I’m glad they kept my service logs that I entered instead of dropping them without warning like the fuel mileage information. It does not look as basic as before but not letting users know to backup data if they want it before the remove the feature is kinda short sighted in my opinion.

  30. fine for selecting services, finding stores, and setting appointments. Developers, please add the ability to select rim size when selecting vehicles. Very frustrating scrolling through 29 tire selections that are mostly the wrong size tire. Disappointed that I can pay through the app but not with my firestone account.

  31. Apps keep crashing when trying to schedule an appointment. After you try to make an appointment, the app locks up and then crashes. I tried to uninstall and then re-install the app, still the same problem. I have an S10 Plus Samsung

  32. Developers you say only a small portion of users were using this to track fuel and mileage and that’s the reason you deleted it in the update.. there was no warning on that going away or I would not have updated my app. Yes I have an account but you lost everything for two vehicles and now can’t find my service history. Poor job. Roll the update back and restore everyone’s history. And ask your users for feedback before doing something like this. I loved the app but not any more.

  33. The update is horrible. For years I was able to keep up with my service history and now it has been wiped clear. When I try to add it back by phone number there is a glitch with the button. Please fix ASAP because it is useless now.

  34. Junk, all automated junk, it basically doesn’t allow you to choose anything at all it just force feeds you what it thinks is right for your car, if you have anything out of the norm, you have to call the service center, so what’s the point of this crapaapp if I still have to all to get anything done.

  35. UPDATE: after posting about the problem o received a responce within minutes. I was told that my problem would be fixed by morning and it WAS. Fastest service o have had. A+. I have been trying to schedule an appointment at the warren, ohio store for over a week. Every time i try i get an error telling me to try again later. If they can’t get an app to work, can they really fix my car?

  36. I used the app mainly to track my mileage. No, as stated, my vehicle doesn’t do it. Quite a bit irritated with the new update. The shop already does a great job of helping me keep track of my services – really don’t need the app for that.

  37. Unfortunatley after the latest update i lost years of my mileage data. There was no warning this was being removed and we were also told to backup beforehand as if this would be carried over. I no longer will be using this app which is disapointing to me because it was such a great tool.

  38. Every time I schedule an appointment through your mobile app, the store would schedule a different time than the one I requested. I have to call the store to “reschedule”. If putting a different time that a customer requests is a standard practice, why would you make the time field even available on your app? Please fix this bug!

  39. The app is unreliable at BEST. I am super disappointed with your app. I made an appointment for today at 12 to get an oil change and tire rotation and I called the service center at 11 because I didn’t receive the confirmation. They told me that I did not have an appointment and that I would have to drop the car off instead of wait as requested. I cancelled the appointment at that time and I just received the confirmation email for TODAY at 1200 at 1715?!

  40. Worthless for scheduling appointments. I have attempted to schedule appointments 4 times (at two different locations) and all of them have been cancelled. Not sure why this is even an option of they don’t honor them.

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