CarMax: Used Cars for Sale MODDED 2022


Find, search, and browse 50,000+ used cars, trucks, or SUVs.
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Find, search and browse used cars with CarMax, America’s #1 used car retailer. Download the CarMax app today to shop and find the right car, truck, or SUV for you.
Save time car buying with CarMax and search a nationwide inventory of 50,000+ used cars, SUVs and trucks.
CARMAX APP FEATURES: Find the right car for you:
• Search by make, type, model, year, price, features, MPG, and more!
• See car details and photos.
Customize your search:
• Save car searches.
• Get alerts for any changes to your saved cars.
• Save cars and car searches. Sort cars by customized filters.
Shop all around in one place:
• Schedule free appraisals and get free vehicle history reports
• Calculate estimated monthly payments and search cars that match your budget.
• Apply for financing and make payments
At CarMax, we’ve got your back. That’s why we offer:

1. A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on every car.
2. Free appraisals that give you an actual offer, not an estimate.
3. Upfront prices, clearly marked on every car.
Download the CarMax app now and find your used car, whether on your local CarMax lot or on the go.


Thanks for downloading the CarMax app! In this version, we are providing CarMax Auto Finance customers with information regarding the guaranteed asset protection (GAP) waiver product.


40 comentarios en "CarMax: Used Cars for Sale MODDED 2022"

  1. M L dice:

    It’s getting old having to log back in every time I go to make a payment, and it’s consistently done that for the last 3 or so months. And then digging in the menus to get to my car to make a payment is equally as annoying, you’d think they would make it to where your car would be right there on the home screen and show when your payment is due and easily access it.

  2. that guy dice:

    Have app set up for auto pay. Auto pay doesn’t work. This caused me to almost be late with payment. I was 8 days late and have been a few days late multiple times now because of this. This is a serious flaw that I cannot believe has gone on this long. are they hoping customers are late so they can resell the car? App shows I have 2 auto pays set up due to trying to make it work a second time. When I try to cancel them to start over new it says network error, every time. Even with reinstall.

  3. This app is fine as long as your account NEVER has a hiccup. Used it just fine for years until Covid and I got a few fines and fees. They DO NOT automatically add those to your pay now option. They DO NOT “allocate funds to fees” automatically if you pay past a certain date, but they WILL take your whole car payment towards fees if you pay “too early” and shaft you with a late fee. The best, and honestly only, way to pay off fees correctly is over the phone with multiple calls. Good luck

  4. Application is completely non-functional. Pulls location,but won’t use it in app. Put in zip code to do it manually, nothing happens. Interestingly enough, it completely rules out using CarMax for a purchase for me. This is due to the website saying my browser is incompatible. Since it is Chrome and it is updated, it baffles me completely. You would think this level of software failure would be reserved for Apple, but nope.

  5. The app works very well except for one little issue. If i turn on notifications for a saved search, I can’t later turn it back off. I keep getting notifications after I’ve gone to bed but the app won’t save my settings. Every time i turn them off, they turn right back on. Very irritating. It will notify me numerous times about the same vehicle. I hope this gets corrected in an update.

  6. There are only a couple of things that keep the app from being a 5 star, but they are minor. However the app does an excellent job of presenting info. And lots of it. Make, model, trim level, basic specs, estimated payments, in depth mpg comparison tool, reviews, and tons more of very helpful stuff is all there. The ability to customize, save and get notified about a search is nice. There is no substitute for actual research, but the app proves to be an excellent starting point.

  7. tlnu dice:

    I miss CarMax Users Plus. I liked that when I logged in, I would immediately see my car. This app makes you dig to see it. The old app let me take photos that stored information about my car. The new app doesn’t. I could also keep track of when I needed services easily on the old app. I hate this app because it’s still trying to sell cars instead of focusing on the car I bought. This is a poor substitute for an app that was almost perfect. I would give it no stars if it were possible.

  8. The app does mostly what I want it too – everything from finding a car to making payments. Not to mention that the car-finding experience is fantastic. The attention to detail and the fact that there are often dozens of photos of the cars is a testament to the amount of work put into this app. However, many paths seem to dead end into “call us”. A messaging system would be great!

  9. Works well, easy to use, and lots of filter options. My only two complaints are that it did not correctly save my search based on a specific monthly payment maximum (it began showing cars of all price ranges. I had to edit my search to instead include a maximum vehicle price) and, the app likes to show me cars similar to cars I’ve viewed (except the only similarity is the make and model: completely different year/generation, completely different price, features, specs, color, etc. )

  10. I like this app, it’s decently responsive, has some pretty good deals, and it’s easy to configure what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, there’s a problem. The problem is whenever I look at the pictures of the vehicle I selected, the photos take a while to load, it takes about 4 or 5 seconds to load up. I don’t know if other android users are experiencing this issue but I am on my Samsung Note 10 plus.

  11. Simply Me dice:

    This app is LITERALLY just for making payments and shopping for cars. As someone who already made the purchase, I’m HIGHLY upset that I can’t make changes to my account like set up paper statements, track the principal amount left against the amount of interest paid. I just finished paying off a car with Capital One and their app had EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. Any information you need was provided and easy to find in the app. CarMax needs to step their game up.

  12. Can’t cancel an appointment through the app. I was trying to hold a car, but accidentally created a general appointment. Now I need to call in just to tell them to cancel it so I can resubmit it correctly, but it has the ability to add it to my calendar…I don’t need that! Need multiple accounts to hold more than 1 car. If I’m driving 100+ miles to visit a CarMax location, I expect to test drive more than 1 car.

  13. Options to make a payment sucks! Can’t use a debit card unless you go in person. Can’t make a payment through your checking account unless you have a check. They’ll use the date for check number, but 2 times I did that and again I’m getting charged late fee because the payment didn’t go through. Remind you, I have the funds in my account!

  14. This is easily the best app to use to browse for a new car. Carmax has upfront pricing, mileage, specs, and tons of high quality pictures. Most cars even come with 360 exterior and interior images. You can use the app to get pre-approved for a loan or get an offer on your trade in. There are options to search vehicles just at your store or browse a make and model throughout their inventory nationwide. If you want to have a car transferred to your store, the transfer fee is readily displayed too!

  15. K. Dub dice:

    I bought a car from CarMax using this app! Whether actually looking for a car, or just window shopping, it honestly couldn’t get any easier than this. Granted, CarMax has kind of a “You see it, you like it, you better buy it before it’s gone” way about their business model, but this app helps so much! Choosing the obvious: make/model, you can get specific with mileage, features, how far away you’re willing to look for a car, etc. Try it, you might find exactly the car you’ve been looking for!

  16. I like a lot of things about the app but I am confused and frustrated that all of the filters do not work! I want a car that is NOT black and that does NOT have black interior. I select every color except black and still have to look at the description to make sure black is not there because it usually is!! I live in an area where it is not unusual for temperatures to reach 108 degrees. NO BLACK!! Why doesn’t the filter work??

  17. Honestly, what the heck were they thinking when they decided to “update” the app??? I literally had no complaints or problems before!! I was able to make all payments and find anything I needed, super quick and easy. But with this new app update, they make you jump through 30 hoops just to make a car payment! Very frustrating, and makes me almost want to never buy here again! :/

  18. I agree I don’t like the App we have to use to make our payment and keep track of our maintenance and mileage just over all keeping record of our vehicle. The only thing this app is good for is looking at vehicles. I think you should have an app just for the finance part. If you can make and app that has the best of both. My 1st experience with carmax you couldn’t ask for any better service in all departments. My 2nd just the opposite. Finance Department suck.

  19. Easy to use although not as full featured as some of the other sites. Biggest negatives only lists their locations and even worse the prices run on the high side. A quick comparison with other sites shows the difference. Still site isn’t as bad as some. Way better then the scam site of TruCar. I guess the most useful thing I can say is that I uninstalled it.

  20. There is no easy way to see all my payments that are processing or processed. I can only see the amount of the last payment that was completed towards my auto financing account. This makes it hard to understand where the payment is pending when it is in flight. This app is designed to get people to sell or buy cars, with not enough thought to after sale experience.

  21. CarMax always has the best selection of vehicles. Definitely for me wanting a 6-speed Coupe as there are not many out there. I could look through their collection nationwide and get drawn into the vastness of choices for hours. Truly the best app out there. I’ve about narrowed down my search and am ready to enjoy the open road once again.

  22. The website does not work on a phone, meaning when you try to get on with your phone you are met with issues, and no redirect to download the app. In downloading the app, the login and user name I have used for days on my computer does not work through the app. I have tried multiple times with no success to reset the password or other known troubleshooting tasks. They either need to have a mobile friendly website or an app that is functioning!

  23. The App always crashes while I’m using it and crashed after I scheduled my first payment and luckily I checked the next day to see if it had processed and it didn’t so I had to schedule another payment and of course they are not open on Sundays so I could not talk to a customer service agent to make sure I don’t get charged for two payments at once. Not a good app at all.

  24. I’ve used this app for a year now with no problem until now After clicking payment it takes me to login and verification code section, then it repeats and wants me to login with a verification code again and again, I can never get to view my account to make a payment, now I have to wait to get home to review it on my desk top, I really liked this app until now, please fix it.

  25. M.A.R.S dice:

    Lots of ways to sesrch for a specific car, awesome that it’s easy to save cars u wanna keep an eye on, and it even saves your search filters (if ur looking for specifics). Good app, but NEEDS A DARK MODE!

  26. If you make a payment through the app and it says error on many tries contact customer service. This app still charges you even if it says error. just got charged 4 times without me knowing the 3 errors went through. clearly a stupid mistake the app should have never had happened.

  27. The app worked well to find a car. However the financial portion has a lot of issues. It really felt kind of like a scam system. Be careful if you are going to use this. When I tried to work it out, I was put on hold for 10min then hung up on. This app is not worth the hassle. Use the website!

  28. App is broken from, at least, last update. Permissions show it accessing location, however in app, no store or location is able to be displayed or chosen. Severely limits functionality. Also, ALL vehicles show as only available at its location, no shipping shown as available (pointless anyway without being able to select a store to ship to.). Needs to roll back update that broke it or immediately work on fix. App is currently unusable.

  29. Needs improvement. The app is buggy. Making payments and getting into my profile is very difficult. They should make a separate app for buying cars. I think that’s where the problem is. Putting two separate things together on an app is just creating problems. Please make the changes necessary to fix this problem. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  30. That Girl dice:

    The app needs a “contact us” section. I would like to receive an email confirmation of payment made. 2 basic functions most apps have. So many features this app is lacking.

  31. Kevin M dice:

    I hate this app. More interested in selling than serving as an account platform. And I cannot stand the two step verification. It is totally unnecessary.

  32. Daniel O dice:

    Notice how few ratings. A one star simply because they ask you to create an account. You can’t even look at a car until they get your info and I’m sure they won’t bother you. I didn’t make an account and I want to buy a new either 2022 or a 2023 now, so they lose a definite sale. Stupid. Back to carguru. Car max is 5 miles frome too but I won’t be going.

  33. The app keeps getting more useless as now it mostly just redirects to a web browser. Forced 2FA despite me not wanting to give them any more info on me because of the spam. Cannot wait to pay this truck off and be done with this enterprise

  34. E Arm dice:

    If you want to see reviews of a particular vehicle, it only shows an error message: {“Status”:”404″,”Message”:”Not Found”,”Description”:[“Not Found”],”Errors”:null,”CorrelationId”:null}. Now it has issues with trying to figure monthly payment. I’ve cleared the cache and uninstalled/ reinstall the app. New phone, still has issues. The website is fine, the issue is with the app

  35. The app crashes, takes out more than one payment when it does crash, directs you to a webbrowser to log in, and everything takes forever to load.

  36. Hunnypooh dice:

    Recent update makes the app unusable to pay your bill. It now takes you out of the app to a webpage to login, but then the app glitches so it just goes in a loop and never lets you in. Takes twice as many days for payments to be processed through the app as well IF you can even get to that part.

  37. Worked fine until recently. Now, after signing in, it’s just gets stuck on a loop when trying to sign in for finance payments. Classed cache and data, force stopped, reinstalled,etc. Nothing works and I can’t pay my bill. Very aggravating

  38. The app won’t function at all. The location search does not work and manually entering your zip code doesn’t work either. I can’t use the app at all and the website says to use chrome or another browser yet I am on chrome.

  39. App doesn’t work. Website doesn’t work on any browser or any device I use. Neither at home nor at work.

  40. Many issues lately. 2 weeks in and they have yet yo fix the skipping screen when attempting to make a payment. Have called their non-existent customer service several times. Have pin a task for a call/reply back. A week later and nothing.

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