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Toyota app currently supports 2010 or newer vehicles (2018 or newer for Hawaii).
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Created to provide a more convenient way to manage your vehicle, the Toyota app gives you even more ways to stay connected to your vehicle.

Featuring our range of Connected Services(1) (on select 2010 or newer, for Hawaii customers, 2018 or newer capable vehicles), simply sign up to activate, or manage your vehicle’s own Connected Services and you could soon be enjoying great features like:

• Remotely start/stop your vehicle(2).
Start your vehicle and even warm or cool the interior based on the last climate-control settings.

• Lock/Unlock your doors
Not sure if you remembered to lock your vehicle? Not anymore. Remotely lock and unlock your doors and receive confirmation once the action is complete.

• Find your parked vehicle
Forgotten where you parked? Use the Last Parked Location feature in your app to guide you to your vehicle’s last known parked location.

• Guest Drivers Alerts and Notifications
Set predetermined driver privileges by activating the Guest Driver Profile in your app and get notified if limits are exceeded.

• Vehicle maintenance alerts and health reports
Check your maintenance alerts and see your vehicle’s health status in just a few taps.

• Drive Pulse
Use Drive Pulse to monitor how you drive and learn how to become an even more efficient driver!

With select 2022 vehicles, experience a range of new Connected Services features designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle and assist you every day. Some of the new features you can enjoy include:

• Last Mile Navigation
Get directions sent from your vehicle to your smartphone via the Toyota app to get you the final steps of the way.

• My Destinations
Set up to 20 destinations like home and work that can be saved and sent to your vehicle making it easy to reach your destination.

• Integrated Streaming
Access your favorite audio streaming service and control it straight from the head unit without having to plug in or pair your mobile device.

• User Profile
Customize your profile by creating a profile name and adding a personal image.

Downloading the Toyota app also gives you access to other great features:

• Owner’s Manual & Warranty Guides
Access your owner’s manual and warranty guides instantly.

• Dealer Locator
Login to the app and search for the closest Toyota Dealer and save your preferred dealer for future reference.

• Service Scheduling
Let the app assist you when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment.

• Roadside Assistance
In the event you need Roadside Assistance, login to the app for Roadside Assistance contact information.

(1) Available services vary by vehicle and subscription type.
(2) Remote services: Be aware of vehicle surroundings. Operate when legal and safe (e.g., do not start engine in enclosed space or if occupied by a child). See Owner’s Manual for limitations.


Featuring the newly re-designed Toyota app with a new look and feel which provides a more interactive, easily accessible user experience. Our re-designed app brings the customer a simple, intuitive, seamless approach to their Toyota experience.
-A more accessible and enhanced overview page with vehicle alerts, health & status
- Easily accessible remote commands, remote sharing & driver alerts
- More interactive service scheduling, the ability to easily switch between light and dark mode


4 comentarios en "Toyota 2022"

  1. C T dice:

    I do not like update. Prior to updating the app, I was able to see everytime my car was turned on. I parked my car at a garage daily. I was able to see everytime they turned on my car. Along with the mileage information, it provided evidence that someone at the garage was driving my car. I park someplace else now. But having that feature is very important to me. May you please and that feature back? In addition, the app is harder to navigate. The older layout was fine. Thank you

  2. Abraham Tambor CPA dice:

    Previously, the Toyota app had an option of adding a widget to start the vehicle to the home screen. Instead of having to open the full app which could take like 30 to 90 seconds, all I had to do was to press that widget & put my finger on the fingerprint sensor. Now it seems that this option was removed. There is no option to add a widget at all anymore. To start the car I have to open the app & do it this way which takes much longer. If I am missing something I would love to hear about it. Tnx

  3. Jacky Tse dice:

    This app has a major battery drain problem. It used 3.1% of my battery for being active for less than a minute. (in contrast, 3% for 16mins on Instagram with videos and loading pictures) Secondly, this app has an issue with the Android notification bar, even when there is no notification, it stays on the bar and can’t be swiped away causing clutter. Thirdly, the notification list in the app always tell you there are notification even though all of them have been read. All in all, pretty much

  4. Joseph D'Alessandro dice:

    The updated version of this app is not helpful. The responsiveness and time to connect to the vehicle is worse than what it was previously. Also, the ‘locked door’ timestamp is confusing. I can’t tell if it’s a reading from earlier in the day or more recent status even after manually connecting and locking the doors. Unfortunately there are no other apps to connect to the vehicle. For a company that engineers the best vehicle, this is disappointing to fall short on the app experience.

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