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Buy used & new cars for sale, sell or lease a car & more car shopping tools!
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Buy smarter. Drive happier. With the TrueCar app, whether you’re browsing, buying new or used, selling, or trading-in, you’re in charge of the process from start to finish. Here’s how.

Get the Actual Price for the Vehicle You Want
With TrueCar, you get an upfront, personalized price offer from a TrueCar Certified Dealer on our app. We give you a comprehensive savings summary for the car you want that includes MSRP, incentives, and total off MSRP. You know what you’ll pay before you head to the dealership.

Know More, Save More
We empower you with the knowledge to get a great deal. Based on actual recent transactions other buyers have made, the TrueCar Price Curve shows you the average price others paid for new vehicles in your area that are similar to the one you’re interested in — so you can identify a great price when you see one.

Choose From Over a Million Used Cars
Get access to our extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles for sale across the US. We show you price ratings based on similar used car listings in your area, so you know when you’re getting a great deal. In addition, you get a free condition report summary for the used car you want, helping you feel confident about buying your next vehicle.

Get a Trade-in Offer You Can Use Today
It’s easy and fast to trade in with TrueCar. Answer a few questions to see your car’s estimated market value instantly, and get a cash offer from a participating dealer in minutes. Cash out, or trade in for a new or used car.

Download our app today.

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4 comentarios en "TrueCar Used Cars and New Cars MODDED"

  1. Sheri Mesa dice:

    I liked that i could search for the make/model/color I wanted. I also like the online loan application so I know what kind of deal to expect at the dealership. What I didn’t like is that all the car dealers are adding features to the car to increase the sale price of the car, but aren’t listing the added features. It’s a sign of the times. My previous experience with True Car was excellent.

  2. Kevin Clouse dice:

    This app has been nothing but glitchy for me. It’ll give me notifications of price drops, then not bring me to the vehicle. I have a lot saved so I don’t know which one had the price drop. The app is slow. It crashes all the time. I expect a lot more. Not to mention I submitted my info for getting my car covered under the military appreciation program last summer and never heard back. Submitted it multiple times. Just thought I’d add that to this little rating.

  3. Matt Kressin dice:

    They no longer show incentives on the vehicles, which effectively makes this app totally worthless. They also eliminated the ability to pick certain options, and instead make you choose from common option lists. Oh and if you choose to see the info, then dealers will literally bomb your phone for hours. So sad. I bought my car with this service in 2011, but it’s really declined since.

  4. A Google user dice:

    I have used this app for years and it has been great until the last update. Here are items that need to be improved to make this a five star app again. 1. When pricing a car you start by choosing a trim level. There is no info on what the different trims include- only choices like basic,premium, or prestige. Who buys a car without knowing what thse trim levels include. 2. The new version takes you straight to pricing after choosing the exterior color. In order to choose interior color and other options you have to figure out where to go in the app to get to those things (not intuitive at all). Once again, who buys a car without knowing/choosing those things? 3. The new version is much slower than the last version. While the app is still usable while slower …… if we are gonna fix it, lets fix it right. I probably use this app 2-300 times between car buyings (i have actually finalized buying 2 cars with the true car process.) Clearly I use the app to learn what is available on the market (colors, trim levels, options, etc.) ; not just to get a price. The latter is useless without the former. It is still a great app…. UNLESS you have seen prior versions. I have now tried using this app for two days and you cannot get any necessary info without registering. I wll be deleting the app today – it is no longer worth the space. Sorry truecar, no more dealer payment of $400 to you for each car i buy.

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