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Master Technicians provide the right fix and parts for your vehicle’s problem.
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Valuable Vehicle Care and Repair info for car and truck owners, as well as skilled DIYers and entry-level techs. The only complete solution from diagnosis to fix, the latest RepairSolutions2 app seamlessly pairs with the newest generation of compatible OBD2 scanners and dongles to deliver the most comprehensive automotive repair database with verified fixes from ASE Master Technicians. No tool? No problem. Now featuring “no tool needed use,” free Vehicle Care info and an in-app option to schedule repairs.

Vehicle Care Info for Anyone (whether you own a tool or not).
App users can see warranty status, scheduled maintenance, technical service bulletins, recalls, 5-year cost to own, recalls, layman’s definitions of diagnostic trouble codes, effect on the vehicle, and # of fixes available from the RepairSolutions2 comprehensive repair database.

Find the Problem (OBD2 tool and dongle* owners).
Download the RepairSolutions2 app for free and connect instantly with your compatible tool to create detailed vehicle diagnostic reports on your mobile device.

Find the Fix (OBD2 tool and dongle owners).
ASE Master Technicians provide the right solutions for your vehicle’s problem. Receive custom-tailored repair information and verified fixes that are cross-referenced for accuracy against an entire index of vehicles and data collected for over nearly 30 years.

Find the Parts.
Identify and purchase the right parts (maintenance and repairs) for your specific vehicle instantly from your favorite online retailer. This in-app feature makes it easier and faster to find the right quality parts to get the job done.

With the RepairSolutions2 app you’ll be able to:
– Lookup DTC Code Definitions – Access to specific, layman’s, effect on vehicle, all paired with ASE-verified fixes at your fingertips.
– Complete Vehicle Scan – Perform quick scans (engine only), specific modules, and complete network scan.
– Read/Erase DTC codes.
– LIVE DATA – Access a customizable LIVE data feed with the ability to choose specific data inputs, create line graphs, record and access previous LIVE data recording sessions.
– Scheduled Maintenance – Drive with confidence knowing that RepairSolutions2 provides manufacturer scheduled vehicle maintenance with direct purchase links based on your vehicle’s history and OEM-recommended service items.
– Predicted Repairs – Know what repairs might be around the corner using RepairSolutions2 advanced database.
– RepairPal – Just click the “Schedule Repair” button, and in just a few easy steps, you can choose the right repair facility at a time that suits your schedule.
– No Too Needed – View vehicle maintenance, predicted repairs, TSB/Recalls, Cost to Own, and Code Definitions! All available even if you do not own a compatible tool.

No purchase required. This app is free for anyone to install. Some app features and functions require pairing with a compatible OBD2 Scan Tool or dongle. Note that not all features and functions are supported by every vehicle. Features and functions will vary by vehicle year, make, and model and are determined solely by the vehicle manufacturer.
* A “dongle” is a small adapter that you can plug into the OBD port of a vehicle. This port is usually found on the driver’s side under the dashboard in most cars and trucks.


In this update, we've made improvements and addressed several bugs.

- Reports now create faster
- The loading element now appears consistently while your report is updating
- Users can purchase vehicle history reports

If you would like to contribute to our growth and improvement, please send us an email with your suggestions or concerns to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "RepairSolutions2 MOD 2022"

  1. The improved interface added functionality that I never had before with the older version of the app. It gave me the ability to tap into important diagnostic data that more expensive scantools can do like looking at fuel trim or transmission temperature and it can find airbag codes and clear them. Top notch app. (This is for a very recent update)

  2. I rarely review apps, but I just had a problem with my truck and my old code reader was missing so I went and grabbed one of these Innova ones that work with the app. Not only did it tell me the code like any other code reader but the app told me a possible fix which was what fixed the issue, but if it wouldn’t have it linked me to a place to buy the part I needed. It also lists all the service bulletins and recalls for my vehicle. I can’t stress enough how impressed I was by this app.

  3. The app works fine. The connection via Bluetooth it’s better than having the obd2 connected via wifi. Because this way you can use the app and device without having the annoying transmitting data / sending data. At first I had issues connecting but it was me not knowing how to properly pair my phone and the obd2 reader. One more thing it may be awesome having a picture of the part that needs to be replaced according to the Diagnostic. Highly recommend 👌

  4. Great app so far, told me nothing wrong with one vehicle, but showed me what is due to be checked at the next maintenance interval. It also displayed some possible future issues and a chance of needing to be replaced as well as general costs for replacement. The only issue I have had with connection to my phone was when trying to connect while it was scanning the vehicle. I read afterwards that doesn’t work well. So I wait until after the scan is done and have no issues with it connecting!

  5. Good enough, but not quite worth the double price for a non bluetooth one. App has no landscape mode, so doesn’t fit with how I mount and use my phone in my car. It tells me that it checked the tire pressure module, but gives me no result. My dash tells me more than that, low. I would expect the app to be able to tell me which and pressure on all four. I have yet to go through the tutorial website. I would have preferred more than a Quick Start for a manual in the box. At least a PDF download from the app, or in app instructions that do not rely on internet connectivity.

  6. It doesn’t connect!! Im not really happy with this product. The first time i used it it worked perfectly but i tried connecting it back to my car witch is the only car i used it on and it doesnt appear on the (searching for devices) screen. I had higher expectations but im completely deceived. :'(…. also tried deleting and downloading it again with the same result.

  7. It worked once, but now it no longer is being detected by my computer when plugged in (with the green light on), nor when I plug it into my car does it connect with my phone’s Bluetooth — even after following the step by step directions the app provided to connect to Bluetooth (also with the green light on still). It isn’t recognizing that the device is plugged in nor connecting with Bluetooth, but the green light?!? What a waste! I hope someone can create a Solution to Repair this problem!

  8. Straight garbage. This is by far the worst app I have ever have dealt with. A simple code check tunes into 30 minutes of updating, error codes, disconnecting, and still it won’t work. Then on the rare chance you can connect it, you have to input all the vehicle data for it to give you a terrible price estimate on repairs. It would have been faster to drive to an auto part store and buy an actual obd2 scanner. In the end I decided to reverse over the dongle and throw it in the trash.

  9. Purchased dongle for $100 after rebuilding my engine so that I could monitor it for any issues. The app is poorly written and not intuitive. Found an equivalent product on Amazon for $20 using a different app, performs much better, no connection issues, data display is signifacantly more customizable and readible and even allows you to download a csv copy of the data. Save your money, you can do much better on Amazon for 1/5 the price. Torque Pro is a vastly superior app.

  10. Does not work with the Innova 3215RS wireless module. Customer service tried to help, but they could never figure out why it wouldn’t generate a report. I replaced it once because it quit working completely. The second one, I eventually had to return for a refund after weeks of trouble shooting with the company. Don’t do wireless. Get one with a cable.

  11. I installed this app to pair along with an Innova 1000 ODB2 scanner I purchased. When I first connected, it performed a firmware update which appeared to complete successfully. After attempting to connect to my car, it would fail to provision repeatedly, even after manually entering the VIN number via the automatic system, the VIN scanner and also manually inputting the VIN. All three of which did not work. To confirm this wasn’t an issue with my vehicle, a 1998 BMW M3, in particular I also tried to scan on another vehicle, a 2016 Honda Accord. Once again, I was unable to provision, and then later on I was unable to connect to the Innova 1000 OBD2 dongle after following the apps instructions to un-plug/re-plug the dongle, turn Bluetooth on/off, restart the app, restart the phone, etc. Overall, this app was slow and it was a headache to deal with; let alone the fact that it accompanied with what is a pretty expensive dongle ($99). Frankly after spending 2 hours of my time, it’s more worth my time to uninstall this app and return the dongle than try to debug these issues. Feedback for the developers: 1) I am not sure if the app tries to add a vehicle to your account as you are trying to provision. I encountered this multiple times trying to connect but this appeared as an error. I’m not sure if that’s by design to add a vehicle to your account prior to showing codes, but it should not inhibit users from being able to scan their vehicle codes. I repeatedly saw this error when trying to connect to my initial vehicle, preventing me from getting any system scans. 2) The Bluetooth pairing really goes against the way any other consumer Bluetooth product pairs. Why was this product designed to not pair with the system Bluetooth like something like a remote or a speaker? Unless this fundamentally conflicts with how OBD2 scanning and connections work, this is an anti-pattern to how everyone else uses Bluetooth pairing. 3) The registration page didn’t provide any confirmation that my account was created. The only way I determined that my account was created was by going to the login page, submitting the login credentials and having it tell me that the account already exists. This was annoying from a user usage perspective.

  12. This app is horrible. It only worked one time. I have followed all instructions with my RS2 OBD II scanner, created an account for this app, and it worked well the first time I used it. However, the first time was also the very last time it worked. When I try to generate my car’s log, I am prompted to update the mileage on my car, or else the report won’t be complete, but the app keeps failing to update my mileage, and I can’t get my car’s report. Decent product, but absolutely horrible app.

  13. The app is initially tricky to connect via bluetooth, yet mine connected on the second try. I had to unplug and replug the dongle. I like getting the most relevant live data streams of up to four parameters. The recalls/TSB data reports are very informative. I have yet to explore the likely service(s) tab. Overall great app and tool, yet it could use a faster response.

  14. After spending over $230 on the 3140rs scanner today. I am extreemly disappointeI. I like the scanner but expected a lot more function out of the app. I sure did not expect to have to pay for additional vin numbers. The app will only work with one vehicle unless you pay extra.. I also cannot send reports via email or some other method, there is not any pc software. There is not even web portal to view your reports. What is the point for the scanner to have wifi & bluetooth.

  15. There are still some improvements to be made to the UI aspect such as easier access to vehicle specific recalls (Recall notices should only pertain to vehicle being scanned and not vehicle brand in general) so you can easily find the recalls portion right from app main screen. Other improvements are simple icons and more clearly marked functions (descriptions)

  16. James Cox dice:

    App worked great one time, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to connect again. Support was no help. I decided to try my wife’s iPhone in case the dongle was bad, but hers connected once as well. Idk, maybe it was the product and not the app, but either way, it’s made by the same company, and clearly they don’t do extensive testing on their products. Lots of people having the same issue.

  17. This app has a connection issue, it would state that it is connected to the device, but once you start scanning it disconnects. Bad enough that it takes a long time to scan, it would disconnect in the middle of scanning and restart the scan process. So it never completes a scan.

  18. Absolute garbage. Paid $65 for the scanner and then just to be able to use the app with the scanner you have to give them another $8. And even after that it fails to do anything. If you just want to know a code. Cool. Anything out side of that it’s a paper weight. I would not recommend any INNOVA products to anyone. A waste of money.

  19. Omg I had trouble with this, BUT! I finally got it working! Now it’s an amazing tool. It’s the connectivity that is tricky! You have to turn on internet bluetooth sharing and your hotspot. Have the scanner plugged into car, connect through the app, then it’ll ask for a 5 vin subscription or more. I paid the $8 and the thing came alive with so many options, service bulletins and it’ll even order your parts and keep files and logs on the vehicle. I threw this thing across my shop, but i figured ou

  20. Works when it works. The connectivity from the single to my phone/tablet is super slow. But it’ll connect. Once connected the app is great, the love reports are very helpful and I would love to be able to launch the app anytime, connect, and see results after a drive. But connection gets lost. Good device though.

  21. It would perhaps be nice for a business, but helped some family members and one vehicle got listed twice, now I cant use it anymore because I can’t deleat any of the vehicles. Other than that issue, I like that I can order the parts through it and it list everything from potential errors and recall list. Only thing I dont like is I cant delete vehicles

  22. $100 and 4 hours later… Still wont connect. I get 4 items of live feed to work about 10% of the time. Scan dont work as it runs about 5 minutes then says it cant find the vin (provided it even connects which is sucessfull at the same 10%) and the guage app thsts supposed to be free wont even try. Some unknown reason you need to make an account and log in to use it. “BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE!” we also need your location turned on and access to your contacts / photos/ media or it wont work.

  23. The option to clear the check engine light has disappeared. I’m pretty tech savvy and I’ve been all over the app trying to find it. Did they remove it? Update: called tech support and had it resolved in just a few minutes. Very happy there is real tech support. Still not happy internet access required for this device to work. What if i broke down where i have no cell coverage? Otherwise, mostly happy with the product.

  24. I am absolutely blown away at how inexpensive yet quality the dongle was ($99 where I bought it), yet it is FAR more complete than scanners more expensve than itself. The app connects right to it, keeps copies of reports, erases codes, finds parts to order, custom fits diagnostics to the vehicle, live feeds of various parts as the run, shows vehicle reports on recalls and info on other vehicles like itself, issue failure predictions, and far more! Best deal dollar for dollar.

  25. This app is OK, but a MAJOR FLAW is that the transfer of information stops at this app. RS2 has an online site, but you cannot upload the scanner reports to your online account. So, to share any report data, you have to write it down before you can share it. And, you CANNOT print that report off your phone. And, you can’t upload the report via WiFi or Bluetooth to your online account. This lack of data transfer is extremely frustrating. So, from the 20th Century to the 18th Century in an instant

  26. David dice:

    Absolute boss of an app to go with the part. I tried it before but it was worse than googling the code. Now, it shows freeze frame data and live data which is super helpful.

  27. New update ruins app, removes features such as vehicle report (now $10). DO NOT UPDATE Update to address developer. When I say vehicle report, I’m referring to the PDF you could export of the scan results. That’s gone. The share option does literally nothing. I’m sorry I updated.

  28. Cass Kemp dice:

    I have had this scan tool for a couple of years now. And still can’t connect to bluetooth. 3160g. Both apps suck can use either one

  29. Rotted dice:

    Comes in handy even if you dont have a CEL when it’s time for a smog check. Although it would be nice if it would allow you to sign in with your google account like so many other apps instead of creating an account.

  30. Geronimo dice:

    The app worked great right from the start. It installed on my droid without issues. I used the tool on my Jeep and was able to connect the tool to the app on the phone via Bluetooth without issues. I am able to retrieve the report history through the app and review scan results on my phone.

  31. Works better than ever. After the new version was released I had to uninstall do the app, re install it, and the restart my phone to get it to work.

  32. I mean it does what it’s supposed to. A bit more accessibility depending on which scan tool you may be using. I’m currently using the Innova 3100rs. Had a dongle before which primarily depended on this app for functionality. This app performed well then and it performs well now. Recommend.

  33. It could be better. Has been great until the other day I had a abs light come on. Told me it needed a abs sensor, but doesn’t say which one. Really wish it would be more detailed than that. Other than that the app is fine and would get 5 stars.

  34. I can’t find vehicle summary information in the app. I know it’s collected because I can see it in the history headings but I can’t find a basic vehicle information page about each of my vehicles. I just need a screen print or a PDF. It keeps offering me opportunities to update my vehicle warranty. And now I’m suddenly receiving phone calls about my vehicle warranty after using the app.

  35. Once it was running , it was great to see what was going on at first. Would be nice if it allowed for an option of how to recieve data for print out, for repsirs. This has helped with planning my spending on repairs.

  36. Interface is intuitive easy to use ;app was able to determine one issue that would not have known existed. Got it at reduced price of $70. Great value at that price point.

  37. I use my 6.4 hemi gas engine to commercially haul travel trailers and I needed something that would give me a lot of detailed information with a couple clicks of a button. I purchased the Inova 5410 scanner and downloaded repair solutions 2 and I can have a full list on every thing that my truck is going through even though it runs every time I push start, which makes it hard for me to know what’s going on engine wise and allows me to prepare for repairs before they happen and leave me stranded!

  38. App logged me out. Dont remember password. Had email sent to reset password. Hit the “click here” inside the email and it takes me to a screen to reset, but tells me link is invalid. I’m now locked out!…of a $100 dollar tool?

  39. The connection has issues sometimes connecting to my phone just have to unplug everything and plug it back up if it dont work the first time second time it has always worked have had it for over 2 years now still working like it was when it was new

  40. 2G GS-T dice:

    Overall a great app and great scan tool I have the Bluetooth plug in OBD2 scanner and it’s great so far the only problem I have with it is it takes a really long time to load but other than that it’s good and I like that it has live data

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