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FIXD helps you better understand your vehicle by translating check engine lights and tracking scheduled service. We’ve all been there – You’re driving along and your check engine light comes on, but what does this light really mean? Avoid ambiguous lights and confusing technical definitions and let FIXD translate your check engine light into simple and understandable terms.


- Fix for action items not responding to clicks properly


40 comentarios en "FIXD – Vehicle Health Monitor MOD 2022"

  1. jcip002 dice:

    Waste of time and money. You’re better off buying a code reader from a car parts store. This app is subscription base with no mention of that nor auto renewal. Why spend $70/year when you can get better code readers for that or better yet, use advanced autos for free. Customer service was useless and lacked. Even with auto renewal off. It somehow turned back on and even contacting customer support Thomas said nothing can be done. Literally within minutes of the charge. Unreal. BIG SCAM.

  2. I bought a sensor and downloaded the app. Sure enough, it works like a charm. It does scan codes and clears them, the basics of an OBD II. Even the maintenance intervals page is really awesome to keep on top of somethings. The only thing is that the app is quite basic and cannot do the extensive things a good scan tool can do. However, the sensor is small and fits in my glove box, ready for use. The app needs a little more polishing, it bugs up at times, but otherwise, gets the job done.

  3. Love this device. I bought it because I had a recurring engine light coming on, and got tired of having to run to the auto zone to make sure it’s the same minor issue. When it arrived I installed it right away and fired up the app. Not only did it tell me it was the same minor engine issue but it gave me the option to turn off the light. It has many other features. I highly recommend fixd, high-quality product for an inexpensive price that will save you big when that major light comes on.

  4. Jeff M dice:

    **Issue seems to be solved with a recent update, so I’ll give them credit and add stars.** Live data page only launches once per install, then it stops responding to taps to launch, but all other pages work. Rebooting phone does not resolve the issue, nor does force closing the app. Clearing data does however resolve the issue for one use after re-setting everything up. Frustrating to have this happen, then have the app pop up and prompt me to buy the exceedingly expensive yearly subscription.

  5. Should not have to pay for extra features and have the app constantly ermine you by design how much cooler things would be if you upgraded to premium. 🤢 This app and device are functional and helpful. Slightly annoying. I will never upgrade to premium the added features are not all that. I just wished the app was tailored to the level of use or need. No useless buttons for the features you’ll never buy.

  6. I’ve been trying to cancel this dang ridiculously expensive subscription but it’s set up to reject whatever you enter! I know what my email address is yet I keep getting a kickback that it doesn’t exist, therefor I can’t cancel! Filing claim with Bank. Autozone is FREE and they allow you to take their professional scanner, scan your car, then bring it back for a print-out

  7. Not impressed at all. I plugged in and did a scan. All it told me was there were no problems detected. I checked further into the app and it does do a live reading, but only for speed, O² voltage, engine load, and RPM. I have guages that already tell me 2 or those, engine load is useless, and the O² sensor is the only one I care about that it shows. There’s no live readings for fuel level, for MAF sensor, throttle body percentage, and many other sensors are missing that cheap code readers find.

  8. The device with the app was able to diagnose the check engine light code. It is perfectly does the job. But everything you use it, it offers you to subscribe for a premium (paid membership) and what I hate is that, the screen you get has only one option (continue), you have to go back to avoid the premium subscription, otherwise you have only one big green on screen button that says CONTINUE!! That is designed in a way that is very tricky and may force you to sign up for their paid service!!!!

  9. The app is what it is. I was lead to believe that the scanner had capabilities that my other scanners weren’t able to do. Unfortunately, a simple cheap scanner off eBay and a couple minutes of the internet would have the same results. With that being said, the fixd experience offers convenience of having the ability to research and find answers all within the program is a good idea for people who are not familiar with automotive repair. Fortunately I am.

  10. More than one vehicle does not work. Once a vehicle is added it cannot be renamed in it’s profile. App is unstable it is hit and miss. Does not locate or communicate with transmitter consistently and reliably. App is not intuitive and it is hard to navigate. Customer service is almost nonexistant. No web based portal to access profile and account. Service was better when it was still a startup. Save your money and just go to your local mechanic. They are also a sellout. Premium service?

  11. Before the update, the app generally worked pretty well, after the update; garbage. No longer will it tell you that it can’t find a sensor in range, it just says “Unknown Error”; and when you try to add a new sensor, if it doesn’t find it on the first scan, you previously could just touch the wrenches icon to rescan, now it kicks you back to the add sensor section. If you try to click around before being connected to a sensor, it will crash the app, repeatedly.

  12. This used to be a GREAT app when it first came on the market. A click to enable bluetooth if it wasn’t enabled, and off it went in diagnosing your vehicle. But now with each app revision/update it makes you have to drill through a sales pitch of the premium option$, and then a setup menu with more bells and whistles that at the moment of use, I don’t want to deal with. People are using this device to get a quick assessment of what’s wrong with their vehicle. 10-20 minutes of sales pitches and menu setups for batteries, tires, wiper blades, etc make (at least me) more and more reluctant to continue using this app.

  13. Hopefully this review can help others. I had trouble adding my sensor to my phone. What you need to do is create vehicle and “add without sensor”. Once you do this then it seems to connect to the sensor immediately when you attempt to do so. I have four cars with all varied degrees of success, but this always seemed to do the trick as a last resort. Hope this helps!!

  14. Reads a ton of information from cars. Totally worth the $20. The incessant subscription adds are kind of annoying though, and no, it’s not required to use the scanner. Little pro tip for connecting to bluetooth, just turn on both and open the app. The phone won’t connect from the bluetooth menu, but it will pick up automatically when you open the app.

  15. Mark dice:

    Received the device for a Christmas gift and tried it out. It took several attempts to get it to connect at all. Once it did, the app seemed descent enough. But the free version doesn’t really tell you much more than you could find on your own by doing the turn the key on / off sequence for error code retrieval on the vehicle itself. Left the module plugged in on my truck for several weeks and periodically tried to check it, but I was never able to reconnect to it. Gave up and removed it.

  16. Extremely user friendly! works great. is a little querky when looking up your o2 sensor voltage. Seems to be confused on which sensor is what, but if you know your car will enough then you can figure out which one is which. but so in all it’s a great tool. does try to get you to pay for extra services that aren’t necessarily needed, but works perfect at reading codes and clearing codes.

  17. Bought it on sale for less than $20 compared to others that go around the -$50-$60 range. But surprisingly… when I was activating the scanner I gotta pay yearly subscriptions of $69.99 while others don’t. I was never told I was gonna be paying $70 a year when you can have lifetime standalone scanners for $60-100. Not Crystal clear advertisement at all. On top of it the trial version couldn’t find any problems in my car 🙁

  18. The app won’t connect. It says low voltage. I followed the trouble shooting steps but they didn’t work. I disconnected the scanner & reinstalled the app several times but it didn’t fix the problem. I restarted my car several times but that didn’t work either. I tried to create a support ticket via the app but it didn’t post because of an error with the app. I bought this device on Amazon because of the online reviews, but I must say so far I am very disappointed…😞. My car is a 2006 b6 passat.

  19. Has good info, fast and easy to install and scan, it gives you the codes that are showing plus possible causes and fixes. Upgrade to Premium and you get more info. You can turn off the Check Engine light with the app, and find your history of codes in the top right menu in the Logbook. I had a question, and they answered on the weekend. Great tool, great customer service. 👍

  20. It’s a very convenient app for those mechanically declined! Out and about, your check engine light comes on. Now you’re concerned? Simply connect and scan! It’s quick and easy! It will tell you what code your vehicles computer is sending out. That’s what’s great about it! It’s basically a very convenient tool to collect that data to output onto the app to show the user what the vehicles computer error code is! Just proceed with the next step accordingly once obtaining that error code!

  21. The app won’t accept my email adress. It does not work. This sucks. If it would work. And be easy to upload it would be great. But as it is my Check Engine light is still on and I don’t know why and even though I followed the instructions and plugged it into the vehicle and I see that my bluetooth shows the fixed app IT STILL WON’T WORK.

  22. It’s great. Just the ability to read a trouble code when I’m on the road, which is a lot, It’s an essential tool for survival, honestly. especially if you know how to fix things on the fly, the diagnostic and solution aspect of this app/plug for vehicle computer input. there are more features, but I use it to read trouble codes. it’s very accurate.

  23. It sucks, the blue driver is better, I tested both on the same car and made a video about it, that I will be uploading to YouTube. Also, they charged me 69.99 dollars for a “free” premium account which I didn’t want, which I canceled right away, because this product is not the quality I am looking for. I want my money back. I have contacted them about it already. I have yet not heard an answer and had to resort to this to try to grab their attention.

  24. I installed and it works but even though I chose to “fix it my self” it still gives you a list of shops to take it to. So it kind of gives you generic answers after the scan, nothing for sure and lots of advertising which I wonder if they get kickbacks from maybe? Can not recommend if you are looking for definitive answers without spending a fortune to find a problem. Just a lot of maybe’s which I already have.

  25. Ivy dice:

    This worked the first time I plugged it into my car. I removed it and when I plugged it back in the following day it didn’t work and it’s never worked again. What’s more, I had to sign up for their “Premium” offer with no option the first time just to access the app. They give you a 1 week trial period where you can cancel before being billed, but since the app won’t detect the device now, I have no way of accessing my account to cancel “Premium”, even by going to their website. Plain junk.

  26. Ian King dice:

    Purchased to reset a service interval light on my dashboard. Fixd doesn’t even see it, let alone allow for resetting. “Live data” page does not work at all. Tapping does literally nothing. Relaunching app, rebooting phone, etc does not fix. Finally, upon sign up there appeared to be no way to actually pair the sensor without signing up for the premium service, as there was no “no thanks” option on the page that popped up and backing out reset the add sensor process. All around disappointed.

  27. My app is constantly unable to connect to the device. The live data has not once worked. Just keeps trying to connect with no success. I am also unable to cancel my premium membership. Its not showing in google play subscriptions and can’t seem to find another way to do it. Concept of this device is great. Just wish it worked. I have only had it work 2 or 3 times since I’ve had the device.

  28. This app is fairly terrible. ¡Not for diesel! I would not recommend this product to non car people, I wouldn’t recommend to experienced mechanics either! Spelling errors, and instead of changing the spelling they just added another button, that doesn’t even do the same thing. It’s impossible to ID My vehicle in the app. had to move my car to get wifi just to perform the scan. so is this not going to work on the road, in the middle of no where when I really need it? Some screens are not fitted

  29. Two weeks ago the app was working fine however today when I tried to look at the list of places to send my car to have it repaired it just keeps loading and no repair shops come up. I’m not sure if an update was done. If you guys could fix this problem it would be great. All the other features in the App are working great.

  30. Ive been hacing trouble hooking up different sensors. The first time I used it on my grandmother’s car, it worked. Now that I need to setup a new sensor for my car, it will not connect to my phone. Today I tried seeing why my tire light came on but it doesn’t diagnose what the problem is. And 79.99 for an annual subscription, not worth it. When I first saw the ads, I was pretty excited to own one. After getting it and most of the options being inaccessible to non subscribers, not really happy.

  31. Very disappointed. I received fixd and when it came time to use it, it would not sync with my phone.i tried several times with no luck. It did pair but would not communicate. I went to the fixd support page, typed in some info, got immediate responses which tells me it was a bot, after a few Q&A ‘s, they sent me to a pay for a membership site. Unbelievable. I will be attempting to return fixed and buying a real sensor. Good luck if you cant get it going.

  32. This App is extremely user friendly. it is very easy to install, just plug it in under your dash and presto, it starts working immediately. It starts analyzing your cars condition and sends you the results. It even has a navigation system that projects your chosen route on the windshield so you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road. I can not say or praise this App enough.

  33. Just purchased it, installed the sensor and the app, but app won’t let me move forward unless I accept the free premium trial which requires me to enter a credit card, paypal or google account. If it is a free trial, then why are you forcing people to enter a payment method? I know the answer, in hopes that we forget or can’t cancel in time so they can charge you for the year.

  34. Used this thing for last couple years with very few problems. Now cant connect at all to any vehicle i plug in to. Says paired to my bluetooth on my phone but on the app it cant seem to locate the sensor. Ive been through every step to make this work and it just wont. Thank god i never subscribed to any $70 a year membership. Lots of people are getting ripped off.

  35. Seems like a waste of money to me. I bought three because of the sales pitch. Have had them for about 3 months now and still have not got one of them to work. They all give me the low voltage error and support asked me if my engine was running, REALLY! There is more i could say about the senor but not good. If only it worked as advertised it would be a great tool. Update: have had the FIXD sensor now over 10 months and still no matter what i do (by the fixd instructions and support)will not work

  36. While the fixd app works and connects to my car, it fails to detect that 1) there is a warning light actively on for a failed tire pressure sensor; 2) the front turn signal on the drivers side does not function; 3) the wiper motor does not function; And a few other known issues. Because of this, the sensor is essentially worthless to me, and fails to produce any usable results.

  37. A total waste of money! I found out after I used the device that there were a number of features which were not available for my car, shame that wasn’t mentioned before I bought the device. All I received was a sorry. Many times I contacted support about error messages etc., yet they continued to address a previous issue which I had to explain each time had been resolved already (Google Pay re subscription). In one of the driving reports I received a major alert FIXD said it was “Electronic Throttle Control, Major Driving Impact”, which we found out was due to the fuel cap being left open, so as one can imagine I was at the time extremely worried! They also responded saying “currently we do not have your vehicle’s codes on our database”! So why when I filled out my car’s info I was able to then purchase the device still?!! They didn’t offer or respond when I asked for my money back after numerous requests, they just kept stringing me along. I would like to add also…. I was conned into paying $50 for 2, they make their money on the subscription which I subscribed to initially for the free trial, had problems with Google trying to cancel. The device offers very little without the the subscription!

  38. Not cool having to pay monthly or yearly for this. I have 3 sensors and i really liked the features. Now I need to pay to get the same information from my car??? You just lost a loyal and firm believer you guys were great. Now you just became a dim memory of a good product. I dont mind paying for the interface, but not for features I had once.

  39. Spent the money and bought a sensor. Used the basic setting and realized that it wasn’t showing me anything I couldn’t see by looking at a gauge or by going and having the codes read for free at a auto parts store….. But the app DID work. I thought that it could be useful and was just about spend the additional money to try the upgraded premium version but now I am unable to get the app to read my sensor at all. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, restarted my phone and still nothing.

  40. It was a struggle to get it connected to my phone at first, in the app there is a classic bluetooth mode when you go to settings, if you struggle getting it connected like I did, I suggest turning that on. After it connected it worked great, I can see whats wrong it showed me the codes, I’d prefer if it shown more than four specs/stats in the live data, but it works so I can’t complain 👍

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