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Autolist - The Largest Selection of Local Used Cars and Trucks
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Autolist searches thousands of used car sites so you don’t have to. With the largest selection of local cars, trucks and SUVs of any other app, download the Autolist app now to find the perfect ride at the best price.

Named one of The 10 Best Car-Buying Apps by ROAD/SHOW (CNET) and featured in Road & Track, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, ABC News, the New York Times – and more!


Browse our inventory of millions of used cars for sale nearby or nationwide of every make, model and year. We receive listings from thousands of sources and collect them all into one place – Autolist is the only app you need to find your next car.


Quickly hone in on the perfect car with our extensive list of filters Narrow your search by price, year, interior and exterior color, installed features and many more.


Call, text or email Dealers or Private Sellers right from the app to check availability, request a quote, or schedule a test drive.


Complete price history for each car and our Listimate value help you know when to buy and negotiate a fair price. Check the CARFAX report on any vehicle to see accident and service history.


Never miss important updates or new inventory. Save your search to get notified of new cars that meet your criteria. Save your favorites to track price drops and availability.


Have suggestions, questions, or feedback? We would love to hear from you! Contact us directly at [email protected]


We continually make adjustments under the hood to provide you with the best car shopping experience. If we add something important, we'll let you know about it here.

Love the app? Consider rating us 5 stars. Have issues? Message us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Autolist: Used Car Marketplace MODDED"

  1. The least amount of ads and promoted vehicles. The vehicle prices are always in your defined limits, except the dealers are cheating by listing “Contact for Price” The “New Vehicle Results” feature sends you notifications about actually relevant new listings. I view it every time there’s a new notification. Very little to complain about with this one; I’d like be able to modify my search terms without starting over with Make/Year/Model. Other than that, I don’t get frustrated with this one.

  2. One of the best apps when looking at buying a car. It stays updated pretty well. I love that you can see how long the car has been on the lot and the price changes because that info can be used when negotiating a price of a car. I would like to see is a KBB or Edmunds option showing its a bad/fair/good/great deal. Would also like to see more cars listed. Other apps seems to have more listings but are not as user friendly as this one.

  3. Awesome app! It has barely any ads and runs extremely fast. The search tool is comprehensive. I only have one gripe (see below). Overall though, the app is a FANTASTIC tool! Problem: you can’t perform a search that exempts certain makes or models. When searching this way, you can choose “all makes” and/or “all models” or you can search one make/model. You can’t choose to search multiple makes/models – it’s all or nothing. Made my searching more annoying, but it still gets a grade A!

  4. Super helpful car-shopping app. Great search function. I appreciate the ability to track prices, save multiple searches, and get alerts of price changes or new listings that meet my criteria. The only thing that would make it better (and this is fantasy level) is if it would make a spreadsheet of my saved cars, and graph the price and mileage, so I could compare them at a glance.

  5. I like the App but don’t see how this is rated better than the others. Has some BLARING MISSTEPS, like no filter to removes salvage, flood or vehicles without clear titles, and no option to only show cars with photos. Other then that it works well but so do a lot of others. For me though not having the option to eliminate vehicles that were in accidents or at the bare minimum to eliminate vehicles that don’t have a clear title is a deal breaker.

  6. It would be a 5 star in my eyes IF , prices were listed on the cars im interested in , most just says check availability. And alot of them are way over my budget , some dont have pictures and of course thats not the developers fault ,thats the people listing the cars . But one thing to help a whole lot of people out is to add a feature to the app , where if they dont add all important things like pictures and exact price then it wont be able to get listed . Love the app overall though. Good job

  7. I really like how it lets you set very specific parameters for a search, lets you save it, then quickly alerts you everytime another vehicle is listed that meets those parameters. I am looking for a very specific vehicle and this app alerting me to new listings prevents me from wasting time searching for new listings on my own. I also really like the notifications for price changes to vehicles tou have chosen also.

  8. Cavett W dice:

    Thoroughly enjoy the application! I just wish it had a little bit more in the way of filter options. I would LOVE to have an aspiration filter, so being able to filter Supercharged VS Turbo Charged VS Naturally Aspirated. I would also like to be able to filter based on damaged… I find listings for trucks where there’s 35 listings and half of them are trashed. Overall a great app but could use a little bit more in the filtration department

  9. autolist is easy and gives you confidence when shopping for a new or used car. period. it really does pay attention to you’re interest and recommends cars you may find interest in, and tells you of a price hike or drop, and stores so immediately. some areas are mildly difficult (and frustrating) to navigate, but mainly, i would HIGHLY recommend this to… anyone.

  10. Bart dice:

    I really like your app. The last two days it’s not been available. What’s up with that? Oh and I wish there were more of a description for the cars like clean title and stuff like that. Now there’s ‘one tap contact’that runs the only full view. Oh well another upgrade another disappointment. Also there dealer don’t answer your messages.

  11. I seem to lose connection with Autolist alot. Other apps working, so not sure why. I really wish if a dealer is trying to sell a vehicle. They should post pictures of the actual car. Not a generic pic of no image. I skip right by that. If they can’t spend that time to try and sell their product, it ain’t worth my time to read the description. And price too. “Call for amount”. Not even.

  12. Decent, but the search is not very customizable. Need the ability to exclude specific models and select multiple brands in one search. Can’t do that, so it is showing me many listing I don’t want. I am not about to create a separate search for each model of each brand. Without multiple filters and exclusions, the app is mostly useless to me.

  13. app is ok but can’t seperate automatic and manual transmissions on saved apps. App won’t save searches or transfer searches with login. This app keeps getting worse. Uninstalled to never be installed again. Also you have to go to the website to delete your account, not the app which is also garbage. You’ve really got a good idea and HORRIBLE exucution. Still doesn’t filter manual transmissions correctly after hundreds of emails to report the issue on a case by case basis.

  14. Awesome app. Very simple!!!!! I use this app to research vehicles and it is great. I like that the manufacturer logos pop at you and it is very easy to filter through trim levels, options, and expand your search area or sort through the results in just a few strokes of your fingers. Big fan cant wait to find the car of my dreams!

  15. Haven’t purchased a vehicle found through this yet. But the app seems quicker and easier to use than a the others I have. It’s my go-to. Best search filters and easy to add alerts of changes to me vehicles or vehicle price changes, etc. I have daily alerts looking for a safe car for my child to be new driver. I do most of my car searching and comparing through Autolist and do recommend it.

  16. Out of all the car search apps I’ve used this is definitely the most intuitive and fluid app designs, makes searching for cars really easy. Only downside with Autolist is that sometimes you’ll find cars that have long since been sold or never existed. Other than that it’s preferable to other apps.

  17. This app is great and super user friendly but some of the classifications of cars are simply wrong. Lots of SUVs and crossovers put into the “wagon” or “hatchback” sections, which makes searching by body style pretty useless. Also the “exclude online only” search toggle doesn’t work at all and I really don’t care to see carvana’s billion vehicles.

  18. I used to love this app and would check listings daily. For the last several months, whenever I do searches for vehicles, 90 percent of the vehicle images wont load. Several will load if I leave the default sort as “best match” but as soon as I sort by “nearest first” or do anything else, the images won’t load. The listing usually has 15 to 30 pics and I can’t see any of them. Incredibly frustrating. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Nothing works to make the photos load.

  19. The AUTOLIST app is so easy to use. You can browse all of the listed inventory using the app. Or, there are many other ways to narrow your search so it meets your car searching needs! You can search anywhere in the US, or narrow your location search to cars near you. You can search by by price, by mileage, by year, by maker, ect. You can save favorites. You can send messages of interest to the different sellers. It will notify you when your saved vehicles are no longer available. Easy peasy!!

  20. Bavarian dice:

    I give this app a two stars because it only showed me like two or three four listings that were okay that were on there for like 80 some days though and then and then it would only show me like cars that were brand new that were way out of my price range that’s it that they’re just was flooded with so basically just a waste of time I will uninstall it now

  21. Charles dice:

    This app defines what it is to be a car buying app. This app is smooth and easy to use either if you just looking to buy or browsing. This app is fun and I love just browsing the app and seeing if I want it or not. I like the updates and the filter. I wish we use a search engine to type just the year but it not a big deal.

  22. Autolist is a good way to find a vehicle desired for one’s suited needs and here in Orlando for either hauling equipment for work, recreation, leisure, economic or luxury business travel to locate a vehicle to be customized or retrofied to keep up with present conveniences such as GPS, Pwr Windows, Leather, Satellite Radio, Along with the option to filter results to be sorted. Where a 100k vehicle backed by Carshield could prove beneficial kept under 150000k miles to aid in repair cost.

  23. Can’t complain, this app does exactly what it’s supposed to do, love it The only thing g is I’d like for them to add the feature where they specify the interior/exterior color, I’d love to see other cars in certain shades of blue, green, Etc

  24. Jess dice:

    Exceptional and satisfactory! I cant believe how mug is included in one app. Very professional especially for folks like me…on a budget! Im impressed!

  25. I like this app they got almost every vehicle in every price range that you can imagine Plus you can customize your settings and Vivid detail from the color of the seats to a sunroof it doesn’t matter to mileage

  26. Prices are kinda high especially for the miles that the trucks have on them. But if you are looking for something you can get in, well I guess they are affordable

  27. C S dice:

    Easy to use, and the information is easy to understand. I filter exactly what I’m looking for and they update it daily.

  28. Autolist – Used Cars is a great app to look for the car that is of Interest. Very up to date. And lots of good selections. Let’s you know how many days it’s been on the market and also lets you know which cars have been sold. It’s a terrific app to search for the car you want. I enjoy searching different makes and models.

  29. I really like using this app! It’s simple and easy to use. It’s also full of great vehicles to help you pick Out your next car, truck, or SUV.

  30. Bryon C dice:

    It’s ok. But missing 2 really important features to me. Ability to change distance. 10 is too close and 25 put it in Chicago full of scams. 2nd is private seller only. It’s spammed by an auction, and a junk dealer near me. They both post about 100 cars each.

  31. Sick and tired of garbage apps. I created an account a while back and am now am seriously searching for a car yet I can’t sign in. My simple Gmail account now is giving an error as “invalid email” just by entering in the Email field, whether I type it out or autofill with the password manager. I’ve forced stopped and cleared both caches. Yet another “app” I have to get on a laptop to use the services.

  32. Easy to find and get information on car listings! Just convenient. I like it.

  33. Kind of worthless to me, as most of the listed cars have no price displayed, just says “contact”. Who’s got time to make contact….calls, emails, whatever…..for every car you MIGHT be interested in but don’t know because they don’t display a price. Geez.

  34. Good selection. Easy to navigate makes for a useful app. No complaints on my side.

  35. Autolist is easy to use and does a great job of letting the buyer know when new listings become available.

  36. My one stop for car buying. Last 2 cars I got were through or thanks to Autolist. Highly recommended!

  37. Acurate and the most reliable Auto sale I have found. Best source for current $$$$$..Price.

  38. Solid app, 90% of the post creators respond quickly, and are very cordial

  39. Options look great. No guarantees on the price.

  40. Love the huge selection of cars in the apps inventory. Great app all around

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