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Shopping for a new or used car or truck? Ready to meet your match? Download the free app to find the perfect car for you today. Shop the best deals with access to millions of listings, over 10 million reviews, and tools to calculate payments on cars you like. Focused search filters help you zero in on the best new and used cars and trucks for sale near you.


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40 comentarios en " – New & Used Vehicles MODDED 2022"

  1. The app constantly signs me out since the last update New review as of 9/2/22: With the new update, the filter section has seen some layout changes which results way more distant finger movements for consecutive selections. You tap on “Make”, scroll down and then tap somewhere around bottom right corner of your screen to select a brand. Then you need to reach the top left corner of the screen (the longest distance) to return to the menu. Same goes for model, year, milage selections. Dumb

  2. Opposite day??Great site,usually. The streamlining of preference as a concept is one of the greatest human innovations to come from captured consumer data. That said, app doesn’t demand much, and does what it’s supposed to. Except filter and sort what I select. Makes me wonder what I may be missing as far as inventory from the web version. Specifically, I filter OUT sales WITHOUT pics. I get a selection of options with no pics. Unlclick selection, I get the mix… more stars when addressed. 🤷

  3. Wish I could give the new update zero stars. I used to love this. I used to be able to look at all the reviews and actually be able to sort easily. They also removed certain price points, I had budgets of $11-12k and now the only options that are even close are $10k or $15k. Sorting through to try to find cars under $12k specifically is a pain. Not to mention that half the listings now are either broken or missing images. This is ridiculous. “Faster and better than ever!” Straight lies.

  4. It’s a great app and all, but, a lot of the saves I’ve made are being removed. Literally just removed, not sold or unlisted, just removed from my save, meaning I have to go back and re-save the vehicle. Please fix this! It’s very time consuming and tedious! Next thing is a request, but if we could report listings that would be great because I’ve noticed that there are about 50 or more different listings from the same seller for the same car!

  5. Great app. Smooth and easy interface. Love the options and filters. Only thing that would make this app perfect is monitoring what is being posted, for instance certain features on cars you check mark to filter out unwanted cars, a lot of the dealerships put options on the vehicles when they really don’t have those options just so they can get more views. Makes it annoying to look at a car they doesn’t have everything you’re specifically looking for.

  6. New App is worse. Sooo much wasted white space, it’s eye searing. Feels like the pictures got smaller so we could instead see more blank space, which is perfect because I like to see as little relevant information at one time as possible…. Also it didn’t transfer all my saved searches, and ones that did are missing parameters. Pops up to tell me it found zero cars for a search while showing me the correct results. This is a mess. Someone should be fired for thinking this was a good idea.

  7. S M dice:

    Well it’s time to find a new car app what used to be the very best used car app for years is now absolute trash after the update. Difficult to navigate It lacks a simplicity of the old version that made it such a pleasure to use. Even features such as search by keyword have been eliminated which were extremely useful when trying to pinpoint very niche vehicles. Also you used to be able to calculate your payment and apply it to all vehicles in your saved vehicles which is no longer possible. RIP

  8. The newest update of the app took away one of the best features the previous versions had….the ability to save your favorite dealers….for quicker access to their inventory. Now it just has a save feature for cars your interested in and your recent searches. The fact of having to look up a dealer everytime you want to see what they’ve recently gotten in their inventory is very frustrating. If it had the “save dealer” feature added back would be great and would prompt me to give the app 5 stars

  9. Works well but needs work. The only thing that drives me crazy about this app is you can’t go back and change a filter without it messing up the whole system. For instance I sometimes want to go back and narrow down my search but when you do that it does not take the first filters! I’ve done this with several different devices with the same results! Edit:. I realized the so called “FILTERS” Doesn’t work! My wife wants a Sunroof and Leather, simple right? NOPE not on the app! VERY Frustrating!

  10. This app did it’s job! I found a car and I am happy with the purchase. I can research within the app, save searches and listings, and it updates quickly. This was also the easiest app to use of several I tried. I was able to find a unique used vehicle, for a great price, in great condition. As long as the seller uses the listing options adequately (like lots or relevant pics) you get everything you need. I plan to keep the app installed to look up exotics until I need it again.

  11. J. L. dice:

    The new app has made me do something I never thought I would do: delete it and switch to Autotrader. The search is a mess and since there isn’t an auto reset button on the front page of the app and need to change the parameters of the search, you have to go through each item to reset or clear. It is so frustrating, I gave up. I had this app on my 3G in 2009 and have had it on every phone since. Also, where did the listings go? Listings have dropped considerably.

  12. The app is great! I used it to find my last vehicle and really like the user friendly interface. I sometimes just hop on to see what is out there. My complaints would be the inability to zoom in on pictures and sometimes the app says it is loading the next 50 cars but never does. I just get the spinning circle of death lol. Over all I like the app over CarGurus and some of the others I’ve tried out.

  13. dunhamjr dice:

    Latest update has destroyed functionality. I have used this app for years, now all the sudden with the update cars that have sold and I removed from my saved list have somehow returned. Also you used to to be able to sort the saved list by add date, price, auto maker, etc. Gone, all gone. Also the per car saved email notifications are annoying as hell. I turned it off but I still get them… SOOO useful!

  14. This app is very well-organized and user-friendly, but I had a couple of problems. It always asked that my location be on while I use it (didn’t require it though). I also gave up on trying to sign into my account after changing my password twice and the app saying that the password was wrong after both changes. It also had some connectivity issues, but maybe that was just my sometimes spotty WiFi. If those things weren’t a problem I’d give this app 5 stars! I definitely reccomend it 🙂

  15. I like the wide range of selections of vehicles plus the instant car fax availability. I haven’t had any problems with the login nor the saving of favorite vehicles. I’m planning to purchase a vehicle within the next couple of weeks. As of 11/1/20, I haven’t been able to save any favorites as before and the app won’t allow me to delete saved favorites that are not available anymore.

  16. I used to use this app on a pretty regular basis. I loved the simplicity and ease of searching for vehicles. More recently however, the app seems to be very unresponsive. It sometimes won’t allow me to search and tells me to enter my zip code, after entering the zip it still won’t allow searching. When I update my search filters it takes several minutes to update the results.

  17. Easiest vehicle search app/website I’ve used because I always want to apply filters to find EXACTLY what I want. If I’m going to pay thousands I want every detail to match or I’ll move on or wait. Large database for awesome selection and convenient tools once you start to consider financing. Is it perfect? No, but 5* for being better than all the others I’ve used. And I’ve used several. It’s great for playing with filters to help decide what I want as well.

  18. So much worse since the update. I hate the change to being able to select multiple makers from the home screen. Every time I try to select something new, I end up with multiple makes selected then I need to start all over. Also, the new photo slider is sloppy as hell I can never move over just one picture. Preferred the previous version.

  19. This App has been running very slow lately. Takes a very long time for pictures to load. Have it on more than one device and same problem on all and I have plenty of download speed. Uninstalled, reinstalled and same thing happens. One thing that would make it better would be a way to flag incorrect advertisements. For example, I specifically look for vehicles with manual transmissions and dealers list anything with a paddle shift and no clutch pedal as manual when it’s not a real manual.

  20. My main automotive app and the easiest to navigate that I have found. I like the filtering options and the comparative pricing. I dont like that the app only lets me look at my last 50 saved autos. I typically buy cars from out of state so my search area can be well over a thousand miles. Therefore I come across and save typically 100 to 200 if I’m looking for a vehicle with certain trim packages. I know this is not a problem for most users but it is for a car enthusiast.

  21. Needs improvement. The user should be able to mark cars they are not interested in (to exclude those vehicles from future search results). Needs better mileage search filters, the user should be able to enter a custom maximum mileage such as 125,000 miles. I would like to be able to customize the search area as a list of selected states. Craigslist offers many of these features already.

  22. Will continue to give this 1 star until the time I can use the app for more than 2 minutes at a time before it crashes. Update: Support reached out to me to get this resolved. It got better this week and mostly fine with the latest update; it’s not crashing but still occasionally slow when returning back to the saved search list after viewing,when it refreshes data. Some features in search still make it a little cumbersome- filters getting disabled as soon as you select one option.

  23. I was forced to update the app earlier today & I’ve had NOTHING but PROBLEMS since!! It’s awful!!! This was (IMO) the best vehicle research tool as I’m trying to decide between a few options but now I can barely do a search as I get through maybe 3 vehicles in the returned results before it clears the entire list & says ZERO FOUND! There were just several hundred how does that keep happening??!! That’s one of many glitches & it’s only been a few hours on this ‘NEW & IMPROVED’ version?!

  24. The app has a wide range of cars to select from. It gives you all the information you would need to make a comparative choice about the car you might be interested in and the dealership information. It’s one of the auto apps around, if not the best. The app does not contain inappropriate data. The only thing missing is the number of previous owners on each of the vehicles being advertised. Otherwise, I will recommend this app to other car lovers I know.

  25. I love that they grade the sale price and dealer rating so you can sort for a “Great Deal” from a reputable dealer. I also really like that they show a pricing comparison and where the price is in relation to the next category. The sorting choices are outstanding which is especially helpful on a Nationwide search. The only thing I don’t like is if you save more than 50 cars, some dont show up in your list and sold ones count against you until you delete them.

  26. Haris Ali dice:

    After June 15 update, the searches crash constantly. Drop down menus are horrible compared to last design. You have to manually unmark the last searched make/model or it will search that along the new search. Filter buttons are very unintuitive and will annoy a lot of users. The “keyword” filter has been removed as well. Please bring back the last menu design for filters and drop down menus.

  27. Great app. All the options and features you can use to narrow down your choices are amazing! Also the fact that you can save all the cars you found to a fav list and the searches you like. So you can go back and check if anything new has been added or if prices have changed on the cars you found.

  28. Deeply disappointed in the latest update. Overall harder to navigate and they got rid of everything that made them the best app to search for cars. Research option, car’s value bar, and option to sort saved cars were all removed. If they fix these things I will happily change back to 5 stars. Will be using other car search applications until then.

  29. great app though the “good” to “great” deal is a little deceiving. I have not been able to follow how same models with similar features can be a great deal and others are not even when the one not marked is clearly a better deal than the one marked. some biased business there. other than this, functionality is great.

  30. I’ve loved this app in the past but just updated it this morning. All of the cars I had saved under my account have completely vanished after the last update and they’ve been replaced with cars that I haven’t had saved in months. Also, searching for cars at a certain price point is no longer as simple either as you can only search in $5k increments instead of $1k like before. I’ll be deleting this app after the update, it’s nowhere near as good anymore.

  31. Fantastic! I only wish the information concerning the vehicle included the gas-milage. Finding it is pretty easy, with only a little research required. however, it would be much more convenient to have it listed with the other stuff. like the color of the cars interior and exterior and all that.

  32. Overall it is a good app but at times searches act up and vehicles that show up on a browser or are in my saved list on the app do not appear in my searches. If the features selection list functioned as an “and” rather than an “or” search this would be a 5 star app. There should be a more extensive list of features to select from too. It would also be great if the dealerships were more thorough in their vehicle descriptions and selecting features but that is not the App’s fault.

  33. Decent app I suppose, but there is one glaring issue: after I select one thing in a category, I can’t add more options in that category. This simply should not be an issue. To include a single additional filter, you have to remove everything in a category (especially annoying for “features”) one at a time just to include it again with the added filter. This process is maddening, and with a high volume of filters can require quite a bit of back and forth.

  34. I am having an odd problem. Ill do a car search, save the cars, and they save to my list fine. But if I delete a car from my saves, it will reappear at random times. I might search several times daily and no problem. A couple days later cars that were deleted will randomly reappear on my list. Totally random. I may have deleted it last week or an hour ago. The next time I go and look at my list random deletes cars come back. Kind of like zombie cars.

  35. Bob Clark dice:

    Ever since the last update, it’s virtually unusable. The filters don’t clear themselves, cutting the price ranges was a terrible idea, the whole interface utterly sucks. Who’s idea was it to eliminate the extended-cab and single-cab filters for trucks? The app is pretty much ruined now. I’m switching to Auto Trader.

  36. *Update 8/31/21: App now flags saved vehicles that are sold. Stability has improved. Still no keyword search. *Original Post: Version 8 broke as much as it improved. Keyword search is gone. Doesn’t flag when saved vehicles are sold. Loses saved searches and saved cars, requiring cache clear to restore. Earlier versions are disabled. No going back. Bummer.

  37. Excellent app. Top of the line in filtering and sorting vehicles. Updates very fast as well given connection of course. Not five stars due to it evidently not having a wider selection available to view from viewers. In some searches there may be only 1 or two. or even 0 cars available with 100 miles of my zip. And I stay in an urban area.

  38. I installed the app to help with a search, as is likley the case with most people. I am the type that likes to open vehicles in a new tab and the go back to the search. This app doesn’t let you have anything close to this functionality. It makes going through listing and back to the search take longer to achieve the same thing the website can do. Add to that the irritating notifications, and it is an easy uninstall. If I wanted notifications, I would have turned them on. Just annoying to use

  39. What a progressive change! You took something that was working perfectly and satisfying your users and absolutely ruined it! I was using this app almost everyday, but now it’s more aggravation than it’s worth. Glitches, poor user interface, sloppy displays… Just go back to what worked and try again.

  40. Filters options dont work. Whe you try to filter a car for multiple features (i.e. Heated seats AND third row seats) it will show you cars with only one of those options available. Makes looking for a car with both features useless. There doesn’t seem to be any way to apply multiple values in this filter and have the results be correct. Also when trying to leave feedback through the app the feedback button does nothing. So I came here to leave a review as it seems to be my only option.

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