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One of the world’s widest selections of vehicle parts and accessories is available on the eBay Motors app. Use the app to buy and sell vehicles with ease, as well as chat with other auto enthusiasts.

Here are just some of our unique features:

Buy parts and accessories, right from the app

The Motors app offers eBay’s full US inventory of parts and accessories, right at your fingertips. You can also talk shop with a community of auto enthusiasts while buying and selling vehicles.

My Garage provides a place to easily store your vehicle’s specs so you can effortlessly find, compare, and buy parts that will fit your ride. You can easily switch between your everyday ride, and your restoration “project” without having to constantly enter the same information.

After you’ve added your vehicle to My Garage, check out eBay’s Fitment Finder. It gives you the confidence that the parts you buy on the eBay Motors app will fit your vehicle. Look for the green checkmarks to quickly pick out the right part for your ride.

Safely ship your vehicle with confidence

Our partnership with uShip Logistics has allowed eBay Motors to provide a safe, secure, and affordable option for vehicle transportation.

Securely pay for vehicles with Escrow.com

eBay’s partnership with Escrow.com provides you the most secure way to purchase your next vehicle online.

Chat with those looking to buy and sell

The eBay Motors app has a chat experience for users as they look to purchase and sell vehicles. Communication has never been easier.


Connect with a community of auto enthusiasts

React, share, comment, and connect with other enthusiasts about eBay Motors’ unparalleled inventory. The auto community is alive and well on the eBay Motors app.

Use your phone to scan your license plate and VIN number

Take a picture of your license plate and the eBay Motors app will do the rest–uploading your VIN number and all the details of your vehicle for you.


For all support-related issues, please email [email protected] For questions and suggestions, email [email protected] Your feedback is important to us.

This app is only intended for use by individuals who are 18 years and older.
All vehicle and parts inventory is currently US-based.


Various design updates and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "eBay Motors: Parts, Cars, more 2022"

  1. Easy to use, nice options for filtering cars to your specific needs. The only issue I have is that once you click on the picture to view all the detailed pictures, I’m not able to swipe left or right to view pictures using the full screen which is very annoying. Edit: the developers already fixed the issue, back to 5 stars. Thanks!

  2. Absolutely love it! Heard about the app through some automotive YouTube shows I watch. When I downloaded it I was not disappointed! My favorite feature is the option to save specific searches. You can go back in and see if your dream car has popped up, or it will notify you when a new posting for your specific search has been posted.

  3. K Brenner dice:

    Good idea, just needs work for selling. Would like to edit photos, at least rotate, and add a video (not Take a Video). After you save a listing, would like to start a new listing at Step 1, instead of having the first listing stuck on Step 2. Overall, it’s odd that after all these years it’s so hard to list a car from regular ebay or the ebay app.

  4. Feedback for ebay: I clicked on “View full details” to see interior pictures of a truck but the larger image doesn’t fit on my very large phone screen. It’s like I’m looking at a desktop format on my phone, but I can’t even zoom out to see full images. And if I rotate my phone to get the image to fit, the app doesn’t rotate. (Sad face) Also, I like the slider of 12 thumbnail images of the exterior. Please consider putting a slide immediately below that of 12 interior photos.

  5. M Hamby dice:

    I got the app to track an ebay motors ad I purchased. When I revise the ad on eBay’s website via my pc, the revisions don’t show up on the app until some time later. It also won’t load the “Additional info” ad section, so basically I can’t see the full description for the car I’m viewing. Finally, it freezes (Happens randomly, usually after I’ve completed a search & begin scrolling through the results), & I have to force stop it then clear the cache to make it work again.

  6. Jeffrey L dice:

    Update 2 years later: Still a horrible, worthless, non-functional app! What are their developers even doing at eBay?! POSTED 2020: Junk app, hardly anything works, counter intuitive, clunky to use, overall completely pointless. Leave it to a multi billion dollar company like eBay to fail at making a simple app…much like eBay’s worthless website, and their ineffective customer support… thanks eBay!

  7. basically just a bunch of car dealers posting up vehicles with buy it now prices and then setting the reserve to roughly that amount to use as free advertising… the only problem is this pollutes the feed so you can’t find any serious auctions as the lowest price is always gonna be some dealership with a $1 starting bid and a $20,000 buy it now price.

  8. alex howe dice:

    Searching for a part particular car is terrible and not accurate at all. Shows tons of parts that aren’t even close to the vehicle I have searched for. Ebay used to be great for finding stuff now I will go elsewhere for parts.

  9. Michael Es dice:

    Won a car and sent the deposit. Kept arranging to pick it up, but the guy kept finding reasons why he couldn’t let me complete transaction. He then canceled and registration. Ebay customer service said that they can’t do anything and put it on PayPal. Disappointed that I had to escalate it to a legal level to get my money back. I left a negative review for the seller and it was removed by Ebay. This has drained my trust in Ebay

  10. This app is mostly great, however, I have some problem with it, I drive a 1991 Chevrolet Silverado, and there’s no option for one. There’s Chevrolet, but no Silverado, therefore, I can’t know for a fact if a part will fit my truck, please add this option

  11. Don’t bother using this to search for parts there’s no way to filter by type of part and you get a bunch of random parts you’re not looking for, just go on the eBay app this one has little purpose.

  12. It seems to be impossible to log in with two-factor enabled on the same device, so I am always anonymous.

  13. Forced me to update to list an item, app is updated, cache is cleared, app restarted several times, still says I need to update to list something. I ended up having to Uninstaller and reinstall the app in order to get past the update prompt. Although I still am not a fan of the app due to how expensive it is to lost an item. It is completely ridiculous to think I’m going to pay 80 bucks to list my bike.

  14. Steph G dice:

    Okay, what the hell. You’re controlling our conversations now? I wrote a message to contact a seller about a vehicle, and you won’t let me send it because I didn’t write it exactly the way you wanted me to???? “A friendly suggestion, try starting off by introducing yourself or asking a question about the vehicle.” Umm, you mean do the thing I already did? Or do it exactly the way YOU want in YOUR IMAGE? This is absolutely crazy!! Your stupid control tactics just cost someone a sale!!

  15. Terrible at finding parts. I can go and do a Google search and have the parts that won’t show up on the app, show up on eBay. This app is proving it self to be a huge waste of time. :example, 99 honda civic ex 1.6 . exhaust system, you will find an assortment of factory componets, nothing like what will come up in a standard ebay search. emblems for the same car as well. I have been missing out on buisness due to this faulty search engine. but I know civic parts and i knew something was wrong

  16. so far i have found even if it says it’s from the United States it’s not. people post an item for my vehicle then tell me it doesn’t fit when I ask a question about it. havent had any luck making a purchase yet. feels like wish where you will eventually get something that looks kinda like the picture but not the same quality.

  17. Bart dice:

    I go to engines under car parts. Start putting in the type of engine I want by selecting make and model of the car and it goes right back to car parts. I can’t believe how bad this app is. It wants me too tell it what type of car I have but when I do that it restricts me to that model and I can’t search for any other year or compatible engine. Stupid.

  18. GET REKT dice:

    Would like to use it but when I try to check out it says the servers are down and I cannot be verified.

  19. This app is unrealisticly useless with the amount of sponsored posts and dealerships trying to rip you off. Ah yeah sure its the users fault that your team doesn’t have to worry about money or how they get a car from their community. If i wanted a car from private sellers thats what i would check and i did and they’re STILL THERE.

  20. Chilli dice:

    Lots of repetitive listings, very easy to use. Maybe group items by upc? Then allow users to select from suppliers. If you somehow gave me a pay raise I may be able to afford a cheap car and use the app more…

  21. Would be nice if it would actually find parts that fit my vehicle instead of a bunch of trash universal parts from China

  22. Rob Rift dice:

    First I was excited about this because I thought it would finally separate all the cheap novelty garbage when you’re looking up car parts, but nope I still get an influx of stupid snake oil parts and Novelty trash that I have to sift through to find the part I was looking for I don’t even know why eBay allows gas boosting chips in Chrome plated electric fans you put into your intake both items that can destroy your car but still stocked and sold as a part for the car

  23. The location feature for my Samsung A20 is not working, when I set my zip code it does not update

  24. Good app. Hard to login since updates.

  25. I’m not gonna lie …I downloaded this app and deleted it about 5 to 6 times because I couldn’t figure out how to use it …I finally figured it out and this app is extremely useful when it comes to parts and exact fit parts …I like it alot

  26. This app keeps crashing, the sort option doesn’t work correctly. Wish they never changed Ebay Motors on the regular Ebay app.

  27. Good additional resource for comparison shopping.

  28. eric heath dice:

    Terrible app, pictures go to the wrong place, description section is ridiculously short, video audio was terrible, lots of small bugs. Listed my item and it had the same car saved half done as a draft. App is not refined, needs to be finished before you release it! Why is it so hard to post cars through mobile? Doesnt make sense.

  29. Searching for anything is a joke, it can’t find anything I search even when I have my car in the “garage” and have “parts” highlighted. Just stick to the ebay app since this one is junk. Searched for a cv joint off a 2016 buick regal and kept getting bearings or window visors because it was “unable to find that part in the search” which the regular ebay website easily could find it.

  30. The app is great I actually really like using it but up in the last week every time I go to filter cars by my current location and want to filter any distance below 1000 miles the search function seems to go haywire and starts adding more and more search results the lower on the filter distance, I find it so infuriating that an app that I had a great time using has in its most recent update made it hard to use. I know this isn’t a me problem cause I’ve downloaded the app on 3 different devices

  31. Squrrmy dice:

    I Can’t log in, I’ve tried everything nothing works, so for me it’s a useless app but if it worked I would be using it every day.

  32. Keep getting a “unable to load” message when I try to see the car I posted for sale. I have to go through the normal ebay app and see the app. I did the latest update and did not fix the problem. Annoying, can’t believe that a company as big as eBay that relies 100% in internet sales can get the app right. Unbelievable.

  33. Cannot sign in to eBay via eBay Motors to sync activity. I enter my account name, password, approve notification, and the app returns to the same My Motors screen prompting me to sign in to sync. Yet, I can sign in to the eBay app after jumping through some hoops. (Biometric doesn’t work, so I have to sign in manually, then activate biometric again for it to work.)

  34. Hope dice:

    App won’t stop crashing. I can’t scroll past more than 10 listings before it crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and restarting my phone but it didn’t work. Really frustrated overall and won’t use the app because I can’t use the app. Developer probably launched too soon.

  35. Robert Lee dice:

    Do not sell a vehicle using this. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! FIX BUGS OR LET US USE REGULAR APP!!!

  36. Absolutely awesome App I love it I’m showing everyone

  37. Trying to list a car for sale keeps redirecting me Nowhere !! ??

  38. Buggy! Trying to list. Can’t reorder pics worth a damn. No option to select start time. Couldn’t save draft to switch over to desktop. In an act of frustration I posted hoping I could revise it on desktop after listing began and most my pics and description are now gone. With competition from BaT this is not the time to have such an aggravating experience for your users!

  39. Downloaded this app so I can use the feature that allows me to narrow down the search results to only vehicles in my area. It says I need to allow location permissions for the app and I did so correctly in the apps permissions settings but it still keeps telling me too. So I can’t use the feature which is why I downloaded the app. Will update to 5 stars if it ends up resolving itself.

  40. This is a highly developed app. It steps you through everything. It’s pretty nice. I am having a little difficult editing text that I enter. It’s nice that it lets me put text to groups of photos. Except, it won’t let me put any notes on the “other” category of photos.

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