EV Charging Time Calculator MODDED 2022


Calculate the time needed to charge your car at the charging station.
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Download our EV Charging Time Calculator to calculate how long you should charge your car at a charging point or at home. If you have an electric car, this is the perfect app for you. No matter what electric vehicle you have and what type of car battery charger you use, from Tesla supercharger (a powerful Tesla charging station), chargehub, chargepoint, or any charger at home. This smart charge time calculator will make your life much easier!
Electric vehicles are our future. Whether you have Tesla Electric Cars, Nissan Leaf, or Electric Vehicles from other brands, you need to charge your vehicle instead of using gas to refuel it. If you own Tesla electric cars, you can take advantage of the Tesla Supercharger nearby. However, if you don’t have a Tesla Charging station nearby and you have to charge your EV at home or at any other charging point, you may need to wait for a long time. Our smart charge time calculator app helps to estimate how long it takes to charge a car based on the battery capacity, distance, or the car battery charger power.


⏱ Calculate Electric Car Charging Time based on Distance or Percentage
⏱ Choose whether to use “km” or “miles” as your distance unit.
⏱ Adjust Distance and Energy Consumption Rate.
⏱ Set the car battery charger power level.
⏱ Great for home charging station, chargehub, Tesla Supercharger, and more.
⏱ Minimalist & modern app design.
⏱ User friendly and very simple to use.
⏱ Perfect for every type of electric car / vehicle.

How to use Electric Car Charging Time Calculator:

Choose whether you want to calculate based on battery percentage or distance.
In Single Charging Time, enter the value of your Battery size, your Current Percentage and your desired Power percentage.
Enter the value of your charging point power.
We will calculate the estimated electric car charging time for you.
In Distance Charging time, please select whether you want to use km or miles as your preferred unit.
Enter the value of your charging station power in kW.
Slide to adjust the distance you plan to travel after charging.
Adjust your energy consumption (kWh/ 100 km or miles)
View the estimated time to charge the car and start the timer.

The Distance value can be your daily use or commute everyday but make sure to have energy to spare in case you need to run additional errands.
When you enter the value of the charger power, please remember that the charging point power is limited by the outlet or your own car. It’s no use using a Tesla supercharger or Tesla charging if your vehicle is not compatible with it.
Always check your car’s maximum charging power as well as the charger. Choose the smaller value if there is a discrepancy between these two numbers.
So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are a proud owner of Tesla electric cars, Nissan Leaf, BMW, Ford, or other brand, you should download EV CHARGING TIME CALCULATOR now!

Thank you for using our app!
Do you know anyone else who might need our Smart Charge Time Calculator? Please share our app with them so they can also take advantage of all the features in our smart charge time calculator app.


4 comentarios en "EV Charging Time Calculator MODDED 2022"

  1. Tom Salmon dice:

    A useful little app to let you plan for how long your charge will take. Very helpful if you don’t have an app that communicates with your car whilst charging. A couple of nice additions would be, being able to put in the pence per kW and then calculate the cost, and a nudge button (up and down) for the sliders – getting the exact figure needed can be tricky.

  2. Zane___ K dice:

    It works pretty well. I use it time the Charging time on my E-bike. Works very well. If possible maybe the developer can allow the app to be able to make a sound or notification. To let you know when its at desired charge level. But in terms of accurate timing i tested it. Its good.

  3. Geoff Shaffer dice:

    The sliders are touchy. Could use a digital input for the variables. Otherwise, a great app. Usually pretty close or conservative.

  4. John Lewis dice:

    Simple to use but Battery Size is not explained. My Leaf has a 30kWh battery, dash instrument shows 9 bars, but own calcs put it at 18kWh (7.2 bars) based on 9kWh to go from 30% to 80%. Do I enter 30 or 18 for Battery Size? I’ve never heard of SOC, guessing “state of charge”?

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