Infocar – OBD2 ELM Diagnostic MODDED 2022


Infocar is a smart vehicle management app.
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● Vehicle Diagnostics
• Check whether there are any vehicle faults such as in the ignition system, exhaust system, electronic circuit, etc.
• Fault codes are subdivided into 3 levels to aid the user’s understanding.
• Find more details about the fault code from the descriptions and using the search function.
• Fault codes stored in ECU can be deleted using the delete function.

● Driving Style
• The Infocar algorithm analyzes your driving records.
• Check your safe driving/economic driving score.
• Check your driving style by referring to statistical graphs and driving records.
• Check your scores and records for any period you want.

● Driving Records
• Mileage, time, average speed, fuel economy, and more are recorded for each trip.
• Check the time and location of warnings such as speeding, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sharp turning on the map.
• Check driving records such as speed, RPM, and accelerator by time/location through the driving replay function.
• Download your driving logs in spreadsheet format and check your driving records in detail.

● Real-time Dashboard
• You can check all of the data you need while driving.
• Easily modify the display to your liking.
• Check real-time fuel economy and check the remaining fuel amount.
• Use the HUD screen that displays important information while driving.
• When a dangerous situation occurs while driving, the alert function helps keep your driving safe.

● Vehicle Management
• Information about consumables and recommended replacement intervals is provided.
• Check the replacement date for consumables calculated using the vehicle’s accumulated mileage.
• Organize your expenses by creating a balance sheet and check them by item/date.
• Plan your spending with a balance sheet and consumable replacement cycle.

● OBD2 Terminal Compatibility
• The Infocar app can be used with universal terminals based on the standard international OBD2 Protocol. However, the Infocar app was developed to be optimally used with the designated Infocar device, and some functions are limited when using a third-party terminal.

※ App Access Permissions and Operating System Guidance

This service is only available on Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher.

[Optional Access Permissions]
– Location: Accessed for driving records, Bluetooth search, and parking location display.
– Storage: Accessed to download driving records.
– Drawing on top of other apps: Accessed to activate the floating button function.
– Microphone: Accessed to activate voice recording when using the black box function.
– Camera: Accessed to record parking location and black box video.

[Supported Terminals
– Universal OBD2 terminals supported (However, when using a third-party product, use of some functions is limited.)

For system errors and other inquiries such as Bluetooth connection, terminal, vehicle registration, etc., please send an e-mail by going to Infocar ‘Settings’ – ‘Contact Developer’ to receive detailed feedback and app updates.


Release Notes 2022.04.13
1. Modify diagnostic history design
2. Add monitoring standard data
3. Added Stop Optimizing Battery Usage Permission
4. Other bugs and layout fixes


4 comentarios en "Infocar – OBD2 ELM Diagnostic MODDED 2022"

  1. Walter Wilson dice:

    Best OBDII app for simplicity, with lots of useful information. UI is better then any other I’ve tried. Very well planned. It would be great to add a social aspect to comparison of that of similar make and model. For diagnostic and mods made for better results of performance and economy of our vehicles. Thank you so much for working so hard on what I see as an app that could revolutionize the way we fix and mod our rides. Also if there was some way to communicate with with adjustable.

  2. Θανάσης Νάτσης dice:

    Very good! Works fluently. Can I export analytical trip data? There is the excel output but I would like more, like gps current consumption and more. Clearly the data is there and they are drawned on the map and on the graphs. Also could you add the ability to add custom entries in consumables management and the ability to export it something like a maintenance log of the car?

  3. Ahmed Alam dice:

    Thanks for the great app. The best on Google play. But I have a question. Does the fuel consumption calculated by the app is 100% correct even though the car has no integerated fuel consumption dashboard readings (Chevrolet Optra 2010 for inctance). Hope you add the automatic connection to obd when the app is started so I don’t have to connect everytime mannually.

  4. Jason Moseman dice:

    Had it for about a week, by far best app on the market for monitoring while driving. My car doesn’t have anything but a fuel Guage and a speedo. This app allows me to see extremely accurate fuel consumption(compared to me tracking it manually) in real time. It helps me correct bad driving habits that saves me fuel. Bravo to the development team!!!

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