BFG OnTrail MODDED 2022


Unlock the world of Off-Roading with BFGoodrich® OnTrail™, an Off-Roading app.
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Unlock the world of Off-Roading with BFGoodrich® OnTrail™, an Off-Roading app that is built to be easy to use and combines public trail information with information from the BFGoodrich® OnTrail community, professional off-road partners and professional off-road cartographers. Explore your limits as a driver, discover new trails, and find a community of people dedicated to doing the same. Share data, points-of-interest, photos, and more through BFGoodrich® OnTrail™. In-app missions and challenges let you earn points that add up to real rewards; and everything is backed by the Off-Road experts at BFGoodrich® Tires.

Free App features with registration:

– 4 ways to find off-road trails across the USA: 1) Trails nearby, 2) Search by name, 3) Filter by type, 4) Search the map and tap on trails for trail information

– Download up to 5 trails at any one time for offline use without cell phone service

– Record your journeys and trails for yourself or share them with the community

– Add your own points of interests, including photos and video

– Add Photos & Photo Tags

– View real time weather and forecasts

– Built-in inclinometer with real-time pitch and roll

– Topographic maps, Satellite maps, and Satellite and Roads maps

– Access over $400 of exclusive Carto Tracks Trail Maps, recorded by cartographers using high-precision professional GPS equipment

– Earn Experience points for completing missions

– Publish your trails to the community

– Up to $60 Tire Rebate*

Premium App features (Only available with subscription/membership):

– Download unlimited trails for offline use without cell phone service

– Up to $100 Tire Rebate*


Performance Improvements. Change in sign-up flow. Improved analytics.


14 comentarios en "BFG OnTrail MODDED 2022"

  1. Richard I dice:

    Hmm, looks interesting. But trail ratings are way wrong. This app does not use the normal 1-10 system, but easy medium and hard. Even that is wrong with 8 rated trails rated easier than 4’s. FAIL.

  2. I have been using the app for a few weeks now as a Builders Club member and I saw how the app gets better by the week. Recording my activity is simple, I found placing the trail markers fun, so others can be informed. I like the trail sharing concept and the easy to read map view. Keep up the good work, I would like to see more social and social attribution features.

  3. 70s kid dice:

    Sucks, can’t even register because you think my email isn’t real…. I’ll find a different app.

  4. Cereal421 dice:

    A decent app that’s slowly improving. I created an account using a promo link from a youtuber that was supposed to give me 6 months free membership plus a discount on BFG tires. After the default 2 week trial ended it failed to recognize my extra 6 months and logged me out and I haven’t seen any info on the tire discount anywhere since joining. BFG support seems to be alright as far as their respondes to app reviews go so I won’t be too harsh with my review since they seem likely to fix these.

  5. Pat Raley dice:

    Unfortunately, no trails listed for my area. Hard to cancel subscription before trial ends. No response from the support email when asked about the tire rebate that was advertised for joining the app. All around not very useful for my location.

  6. Andy L dice:

    I love this app. I am a newbie for off-roading and always looking for new places to try out. This apps helps me to find the right track for my experience level and distance from my current place. It was worth the price.

  7. Downloaded it my Android and clicked on get started bar. Went directly to login, before I made an account. Unable to find create an account.

  8. Can’t even see features without entering payment information. $35 for a year is not a bad price but no idea what you get for that.

  9. I can’t login. I’ve tried to reset my password. Nothing happens.

  10. woftt 69 dice:

    I don’t get it! Where do I register?

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