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America's most trusted source for Government seized and surplus car sales!
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Get cheap used cars from police auctions, dealer trades, title pawn repos, bank repos, and private sellers. Cars bought in car auctions are safer than other sources such as private car sellers or online. In fact, you can assess hundreds of cars at one auction location.

No damaged vehicles – Ready to drive cars

Every day the government, banks and various organizations take possession of seized cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and more. The volume of these seized properties are so high that a fast and constant way to empty their inventories is in place. To do this auctions are held nationwide that empty inventories at discounted prices. Vehicles with prices up to 90% under blue book value are auctioned off every day

The good news is that every citizen has a right to these car auctions.

The bad news is that not everyone actually has access to these auctions, or let alone knows where they are held. You are probably one of those persons.

Auctions are not advertised on the radio, television or newspaper for the general public to find and join. And for those who take advantage of these auctions they are just fine with you not being a part of the action.

Auto Auctions App Features:

* Automatic information regarding car auction
* Directions to the nearest auctions location
* Helps you view auction cars picture and inventory online
* A good way to buy a used car!
* Search used auction cars in your region
* Car Auctions Online bidding
* Bid on vans, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles such as Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Kia, Chevy, BMW, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes and more

This is a convenient option to purchase cars from places like or Auto Trader — There are over hundreds of cars in one location. Auto auctions app is the best of it’s kind. This auto auction app is better and easier than wasting time with local used car dealers or viewing a single car at a time at dealerships..


40 comentarios en "Car Auctions – Auto Auctions App 2022"

  1. Offer bid you might want to bid like you don’t want to see everyone’s after the good offers on this list! Thumbs up, pretty sweet app, admire the time and consideration they’ve given to make this app seamless and quick to maneuver, and once you get rolling, it’s like driving a Ferrari on an open road without any other cars. Paddy, save for the ones they’re offering. Thanks 4 make this and get 4 free on the Google Play Page.

  2. I love this product, and the upgrade made the app feel great. The latest update fixes the previous issues I’ve had, and it’s big thanks to the support team who reacts rapidly and is active on the reviews on their app. Now I have to go secure the auction of my next project vehicle!!

  3. Missing vehicles on my watch list only get notification when I open my phone. Getting no notifications on my lock screen. App has full permission and nothing is stopped. Quite annoying to be honest it didn’t do this when I first started using it a few years ago.

  4. It was awesome I loved it and my son’s girlfriend did it to the people were nice and the cars were cheap and also in good condition we couldn’t ask for more from our own travel permits to the coolest place on earth I loved it im gona say it was better than the you pull it and that place is just as cool. Thank you Auto Auction speeds you changed our lives for the better and made our desire for valentines come true.

  5. Ok, I just like the app. It is really simple to use. Purchase and export to every nation of your choosing. No scam and it’s just lovely

  6. I also won a running/driving vehicle. Love it, you already have it. If you keep an eye on your Bid & call car auctions payments. You’re going to do well. It’s my first time. And I’m going to be back soon.

  7. Really good product, and the picture quality is excellent, kindly tell the car auctions management to assist with the title of the app.

  8. Some of the workers don’t know what they’re doing, particularly if you’re paying for the TX position in South Dallas. Any time they send you incorrect and contradictory facts, they’ll make you pay late fees and storage fees while you’re not due. And when you inform them that you’re not due for some late payment, they say that even when they’re mistaken, when you contact the customer support, they tell you that you’re not due for some late payment, so they can’t reimburse the extra charge you cha

  9. Lahn Su dice:

    I just love it all about car auctions. The Foreign Auction is still exciting Customer support is top notch Disabled being a concern now that you no longer give assistance getting around the lot to perform pre-auction inspections.

  10. I like vehicles, and I love buying them. Bet payments are very heavy, and often cars get hurt when they need to operate on the yard driver.

  11. Only don’t like the advertisements that keep coming up other than the nice app, Great app love looking at cars and making bids.

  12. Simple software to access and launch with ease. Really user-friendly.

  13. Fast and easy. Can pick year, price and milage with a thumb side

  14. I enjoy all in the app when the activities are going to take place time date very helpful information when shopping online or in person, I get straight forward information.

  15. Love the app. They’ve already purchased three vehicles that work and travel with no issues.

  16. Copart is very good for buying car . View vehicle before you buy and you will be ok.

  17. Great app! Great app! It works well, simple to use, still running.

  18. Good. The new interface is great and easier to navigate

  19. I just enjoy everything about Copart. The International auction is always exciting Customer service is top notch Being disabled is an issue now that you no longer offer assistance getting around the lot to do pre auction inspections

  20. Si Lien dice:

    Superb functions using the App. Big improvements with most recent update too. Bravo

  21. If I used more than 15 20 seconds, it only crashes every single moment.

  22. Well structured, very helpful and user-friendly.

  23. Very well organized to categories of certain types of vehicle’s

  24. Really easy to use and no requirement for a desktop

  25. It’s so awesome to have an opportunity to bid online. It’s working just well.

  26. Lucy Mack dice:

    Really cool app after all, and simple way to finance your cars

  27. So pleased with my order and how the bidding app functions. Excellent product and portal for sale

  28. This software is very convenient and highly user-friendly.

  29. Great mobile app! Easy to navigate and bid

  30. Great mobile app! Easy to navigate and bid

  31. clean interface and simple to use.

  32. I like looking at the kind of merchandise that comes in. Plus, I’m going to get to pick what belongs to me.

  33. Andrew dice:

    You have to spend $40 to see anything, and it just directs you to a website.

  34. The easiest place to rent a decent inexpensive car

  35. It’s super simple to use and very user-friendly.

  36. It crashes and closes the issue, please.

  37. Very nifty, quick to use UI.

  38. It’s quick to use Any kind of confusing at first, though

  39. It’s super simple to use and very user-friendly.

  40. It’s the easiest place to go when you’re hunting for a ride.

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