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Autotrader is your online solution for buying and selling new and used cars.
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Shop Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs

Whether you’re looking for a new, certified, used car or truck near you, it’s all here. With over 20,000 sellers in our network and over 6 million cars to shop, if you can’t find it on the Autotrader app, it might not exist. Be confident the price is fair with Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor on every Autotrader listing. The Autotrader app is your solution for finding the right car or dealer, no matter where you are.


We’ll help personalize your car shopping experience. Pick up where you left off or get recommendations based on features you care about. You can even sign up for alerts on price drops and get notified when new listings that match your search criteria are added.

Our unique filters stand out from the rest. Want to shop for cars from the comfort of your home? Try the Delivery to Your Door filter. These vehicles can be shipped to your front door and you’ll never have to visit the dealership. If you’re looking for a specific interior color, we have that too. We understand that the exterior color is not the only color that matters. You can filter down to specific technology, safety and exterior features like roof racks. Be as specific as you need and let our filters do the work.

Shop All the Cars

With our huge network of sellers and cars, we make it easy to compare and track the cars you like, plus get vehicle info and condition reports (when available) along the way. Want to know if the price listed on a car is a good deal or not? Look for the Good Price or Great Price green badge in the top right corner of the listing. Shopping for used cars and trucks is a breeze with the Autotrader app, and it’s all in the palm of your hand.

What else can you do with the Autotrader app?

• Share cars with friends and family via email or text
• Contact a seller by phone, text, or email directly from a vehicle listing
• Search by keyword to find specific cars near you that meet your needs
• Create a free “My Autotrader” account to add your favorite cars and searches to your
• Access your cars and searches from any other mobile device or computer

Our mission at Autotrader is to be your ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars.

For classic cars (1980 and older), please visit Autotrader Classics at


Performance enhancements when scrolling through listings
Resolved user reported bugs and other improvements to the app


40 comentarios en "Autotrader – Shop Used Cars For Sale Near You MODDED"

  1. Over the years this app has gone from fairly slow and clunky to practically unusable. Especially since the introduction of the new ux, every update seems to somehow downgrade and worsen the experience even more, to the point where the app is pretty much useless in its current state. While even the web version is far from the best online tool for searching for used cars, (also clunky and slow) it’s worlds better then what the app has become over time.

  2. The option to use “keywords” as a filter is gone. On the older versions of the app, the ability to enter keywords was located at the bottom of the filters. I have tried searching for different vehicles using the new updated version of the app, using specific keywords – it’s horrible. It often recommends a completely different vehicle. Autotrader used to have a very basic app that worked exceptionally well. It wasn’t pretty, but it USED to be the best app on the market for finding vehicles.

  3. Your website sucks! Half the time it doesn’t work. Shows cars that you are not even looking for. You remove filters they keep popping back up. Just horrible! Your app won’t load vehicles. It’s super leggy and freezes. Force stops all the time. Closes randomly. If hit back it bring you to the home page. I thought you were a huge online company in looking for cars. I’ve seen better website created by godaddy.

  4. Edit after newest update 7/7/2022. They fixed the loading of the vehicles so I changed my rating. Only loads the same vehicles when you get to the bottom of the list. It was working fine until the latest update. It won’t show me all the vehicles listed on the first 50 or so and when it refreshes to load more it just brings up the same vehicles.

  5. esco75 dice:

    Your App keeps on glitching. I scroll to the bottom of the list of cars that I’m looking at and the page refreshes and puts me back up at the top of the list. So, if I’m looking at a list of 200 cars, I can only view the same 20-30 because the page keeps refreshing. Please fix this issue. I really love your App but I’m having to delete it because I can’t view all the cars I want to, it’s not enjoyable anymore. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Thank you for your help.

  6. Lyght dice:

    The app is completely worthless. The website is fine, but in the app you click on buttons or options and nothing happens. You have it sort the results you’re able to get but the sorting isn’t sorted at all even after you try to get it sorted. It’s nearly unusable. Don’t waste your time until they fix the app.

  7. Great at finding vehicles. Not so great at functioning. Can’t save anything. Which sort of defeats the purpose of using the app unless I make contact with the seller immediately after seeing the listing. I don’t want to contact every single seller, I want to browse and choose the top candidates to contact but I cannot do that because I can’t save any vehicles.

  8. This app doesn’t work on tablets. The ads clip the listings whether you scroll up or down and make them unviewable, rendering the app entirely useless. The one function this is supposed to provide doesn’t even work because of the ads. You may want to hire a web developer to create a responsive design so your app actually works or correct the clipping issue that is literally clipping all the search results in order to display a dumb little ad.

  9. P Cal dice:

    App is borderline unusable due to technical issues. For example, something as simple as changing the search distance locks up the app, forcing a restart and uninstall/reinstall of the app. This is a shame since I otherwise really like AutoTrader. This is forcing me to go elsewhere for vehicle shopping/selling/browsing.

  10. D R dice:

    Something happened to the app last night and now if you’re looking at a vehicle and you touch the photos of that vehicle it completely takes you out of the description of that vehicle and goes back to your saved vehicles every time??!! This app has had continuous problems and now this!? At the same time this happened I also noticed that the saved vehicles and saved searches has switched sides now saved vehicles is on the left and searches is on the right. Coincidence, who knows?

  11. Awful app. I used this a lot in the past but it’s become unusable. After whatever update they pushed its been buggy. It starts to lag and then cars disappear in the list. After that it will start to flash the screen and I’ll have to force close the app. Really disappointed.

  12. Somehow, you guys were able to take an app that worked some of the time and made it work none of the time. Updated app, can’t login. AmazonIcognito external login page flashes quickly and then disappears. Cleared cache, no change. Cleared data, no change. Restarted handset, no change. Uninstalled/reinstalled, no change. Maybe your devs should just work on bringing back the paper magazine.

  13. Aidan W dice:

    Glad I’m not the only one with this problem, but the new UI is practically unusable, seriously, just use the web version at this point. Want to find a specific car? Now you have to go through a search menu and either search for it using their clunky and terrible sear h feature, or you can go through even more sub menus to add filters. Seriously, this update mustve been designed by a four year old, it’s so much worse than the previous version, please Autotrader, go back to how it was before.

  14. Ever since the search bar function update the app has become. Unusable. The drop down menus from before were easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. The new search bar function doesn’t work very well, and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. It’s also a hard search bar to use as far as clicking on it and typing in it. Please add an option to use the drop down menus again on the main screen. The worst joke is how the first screen says it’s easier but then makes it much harder to find cars.

  15. Doug M dice:

    Useless app. Filters will randomly disappear and reappear at random times. For instance if you want to filter based on transmission type, the filter will be there 1 out of 10 times the app is opened. When it is there, the option for manual won’t show up. There are a few filters that behave this way. They ruined the app and don’t care about fixing it.

  16. Edit: See below for my orginal review. I’m going to change my review from 1 star to 3. Apparently, they fixed the app crashes. I can now get on without it crashing. the reason for the other 3 and not 4 or 5 is because they still lack some of the modern features in vehicles to Orginal review: App crashes everytime I open it. I’ve uninstalled it and installed several times. Just doesnt work. It’s also not up to date with options in newer vehicles. Push button start and certain trim levels, etc..

  17. The previous version was my go-to car browsing app, I loved using it. It was fast, clean, and always worked as expected. The current version is unusable. Way too slow and clunky. If the developers are paying attention, they’ll change it back. Until then, I’d suggest using CarGurus or Edmunds…or literally anything else.

  18. Many recent reviewers have said it – the new update is horrible. The old version was perfect. The biggest problem for me is there is no option to filter cars by transmission type. I have a feeling this redesign was not done by a car guy. Been using this app for over 7 years, personally bought 3 cars from it and did reseach for family and friends using this app exclusively. One thing you did fix was the occasional repeat display of available cars in the result page. Give us the old one back!

  19. This app used to be solid but now it’s an absolute joke. Filters are all kinds of broken and take forever to configure. I can’t save a search. No one ever responds to messages and there are more bogus listings than ever. It feels like they just gutted all of the useful functionality and left it just stable enough to advertise to you. Don’t waste your time.

  20. Haven’t used the app for a while and couldn’t believe how slow and easy it is to use now. It takes forever to get off the splash screen. Searching for a Buick Regal tour x returns “Electra Buick”. Say what. Tour x isn’t even in the listed models(that you need to scroll down to even find). Literally the most important thing. No quick way to to change distance (especially when nothing or 2 cars show up). I have more complain about but I’m out of space.

  21. Ant P dice:

    Worse then website, cant select diesel, glitches, freezes… Update from 2018 review. Didn’t know it was possible but they took a horrible app, revised it and made it much worse! Transmission options were missing for a while. For some reason Make of vehicle is so far down the list it’s hard to find. Apparently I am only one who has some idea of what make of vehicle i am looking for. The menus are horrible, and you got to scroll all the way up the list to change search options. Cringy app!

  22. The new app LOOKS amazing. The interface is very easy on the eyes and easy on the system, completely different than the laggy, outdated versions of the past. But despite the new face lift, I prefer the old laggy one. With the old laggy one, if I wanted to look at vehicles with 6 and 8 cylinders simultaneously, just to rule out the 4 cylinder cars, I could do that. That’s not the case with the new one. Search engine is not nearly as customizable. Very good new look, not as good of a service.

  23. QA your product! Every time I open it I get an error message “well that’s embarrassing… we’ve stalled out.” Legitimately EVERY TIME. When it does randomly give access I create a search and save it… but it does not save! The icing on the cake, trying to look at any car from my searches forces the app to crash completely. The error says “The app crashed. Open App Again or Send Feedback.” I have done both, but the open again opens up to a black screen and you must kill the app to continue. 0⭐

  24. I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, after deleting cache and data files several times. I still can’t get the sort feature to work. There are so many featured dealers and sponsored listings that when coupled with the ads I can barely find the listings I want to see. There are several better apps to waste any more time on this one.

  25. The app never applies filters, it lies when sorting vehicles, and it is filled with fake listings. Despite the filters available in the app, it never actually applies them. If you search for a 2012-2017 vehicle, it will populate the top results with new 2019 models, amd sprinkle 2018 and 2019 listings in the results. Also sorting by anything doesnt work – it always puts the entire set of sponsored listings first, then premium, and then basic. Dealers pay more for the higher listings.

  26. Latest version is HORRIBLE!!! What I enjoyed the most in the previous edition was the ability to search multiple vehicles at once. Now it only allows one specific vehicle at a time. When you want to revise your search it resets everything and start over. Whoever thought this was better must have been driving drunk.

  27. Mr. Ozzy dice:

    Dated.. specifically the photos – You can’t select any picture you want you have to scroll through all the pics 1 by 1. For instance… if you want to see if the car has a certain feature on the inside, you have to scroll through 37 exterior pictures to get to it. – You can’t zoom into pictures. Pinch zoom feature doesn’t work and there is no other option to zoom in. Maybe this is all a ploy to get us to go to the dealership 🤷

  28. App needs work. Sorting listings by preference (cost, mileage, distance) doesn’t always work. If I save searches on my phone, but then view them on my laptop, my preferences reset and I have to go back and select them all over again. Sometimes if I leave the app and come back to it, my saved searches and cars are not listed anymore. I will then have to completely close the app and re-open it for them to reappear. Could be a great app, if not for the glitches.

  29. Mark A dice:

    I installed the Autotrader app on my Android phone and it does not work well at all. I saved a search, but when I went back to run it again, I had to re-enter the make and model of the vehicle I was looking for. The sort feature does not work well either. If I try to sort the results by distance from nearest to farthest, it will give me results that are 999+ miles from my home first. If I try to sort by price from lowest to highest, it will show me results in another way. I contacted Autotrader support about this and they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app, but that did not help. I’m just going stop using this app on my phone and use one of the other car search apps instead.

  30. Really inconsistent, annoying because after I select my filters NOTHING…. Blanks out, then crashes, resulting in reentering my filter options over-and- over. Saved listings & saved searches aren’t always visible, they are incognito until they decide to come out to play. I really shouldn’t need to close out the app or go to the playstore assuming its acting retarded due to a possible update. When it shows I have the updated version. Please fix!!

  31. Used to be pretty great, although last version crashed every time you adjusted your search. New version is terrible. Not user friendly at all. No keyword entry available anymore. Can’t select transmission style (most of the time), sometimes you can, other times the menu item disappears altogether. So sad. Used to love using auto trader app. Now it’s a disappointing headache.

  32. #1 Lazer dice:

    I have used Autotrader for years, both to buy and sell vehicles. This latest update… Makes the experience horrible! Quick note to Autotrader- This is how you lose people forever! There’s a lot of competition out there, and if this isn’t fixed soon, I’ll just figure out what other thing works reasonably well for me. And once I figure that out, why ever come back.?

  33. Limited ability to narrow searches, very hard to get results. Example; no way to eliminate wreck/salvage vehicles. Any other app can eliminate vehicles without clear titles. Also very annoying is lack of accuracy for filters they do have. They don’t always filter anything, showing vehicles with features that you didn’t want just because they pay a premium listing fee. Was my premier car shopping choice now craigslist offers a better user experience. Just plain sad.

  34. I love autotrader, but this app just crashed within 30 seconds every time I attempted to use it. I’ve had good luck in the past and hope they’ll fix it again soon. Even the few times it didn’t crash, it performed poorly – very non-responsive to filter options and when I changed the ordering to lowest price it closest distance, it still had a fairly random ordering.

  35. Daily updates are really pretty useless. I think the main reason you’d create an account and actually use this app is to get notified when new cars are posted. This app doesn’t do that, it recycles the same old listings into an email and claims to have new search results. It’s really not true. Might as well just skip the account and search on your own.

  36. Downloaded the app since I am in the market for a car. It worked fine the first few times I used it but now it is basically crashing. I will be able to do a search for my desired car, but after viewing 1 vehicle- I get a “service not available” error after trying to view another vehicle. I also used to be able to search by trim (le, se, platinum, etc) but it seems like that functionality was removed.

  37. Tried using it – wasted a bunch of time. I entered the information for a filter, saved the filter, did a search, and it wouldn’t show anything, even though it said there were a bunch of results. Then the filter seemed half empty, so I recreated it, and same thing. But then it seemed to show a bunch of cars, but was too awkward and frustrating. Wasted time setting up an account for nothing.

  38. Um, so since so many others mentioned how bad you guys broke the app (and who removes the ability to sign in, seriously??), I thought I would also throw in that you guys broke the website at the same time. Searches filtered on model/trim no longer work (it removes the trim from search results), the number of saved vehicles is inconsistent, vehicles that are no longer for sale show up (yet show as sold in saved vehicles). Whoever redeveloped the app and site needs to go back into training…

  39. This app is trash. The search functions do not work poperly. Setting filters still yeilds results that are outside of the set parameters from “sponsored listings”. What is the point of having filters if Autotrader completely ignores the filters you set. Also, setting filters is not easy. Searching isn’t easy either. The entire app just isn’t user friendly. There are much better apps out available. This one is just bad. Autotrader developers need to do better.

  40. As many others have said, the new app is nearly unusable. I am also having trouble filtering by transmission type… Under “filters” the transmission option is available for some searches and unavailable for others. Please bring back the old UI, or at least give us the option of reverting back to it.

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