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Sing karaoke & record songs, as well as, connect with other music lovers.
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Discover everything musical!
Want more music loving friends? Trusted by more than 50M users, StarMaker is the No.1 popular karaoke community. StarMaker offers the biggest global songbook! You will find artists like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Adele, as well as, your local tunes! You can either freestyle or collab with other users and use our exclusive camera fliters and voice editor. New feature ‘Grab the mic’ offers you an open stage that you can compete to sing the provided lyrics card by challenging the speed of getting the mic with 5 other StarMaker users. It’s a talent show in itself to see who is the awesome king of live singing. Let’s enjoy the world’s beats!
StarMaker Lite Karaoke New Functions!

We have added many new features for a better singing experience! Such as:
+Daily Task
Newly added Daily Task category with exclusive VIP check-in and other hidden gems. Go and find out!
+Grab the Mic
Optimize Grab the Mic experiences by using the add quick comment feature and mention on the personal card and ranking award.
+Sing Feature
Sing page provides your personalized songbook based on all your favorites
+Externalized SID
Check out your unique SID on your profile page, use it to search and add friends
New layout of direct message box, find out what are your friends up to!

To be Social! Sing to gain more friends!
Welcome to our massive social community and great singing app! Make friends from all around the world when you sing karaoke songs, and you will love hearing the voice of all future stars. Sing or participate in regular karaoke competitions for chances to win amazing prizes or just have fun with a karaoke-singing app in your pocket!

Thousands of Songs to sing!
Pick from all the top hits; Updated every day! Includes:
+ 7 Years – Lukas Graham
+ Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes
+ Hotline Bling – Drake
+ Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
+ Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
+ Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
+ Cheap Thrills – Sia
+ One Call Away – Charlie Puth
+ Work From Home – Fifth Harmony
+ Lean on – Major Lazer & DJ Snake 
+ See you Again – Wiz Khalifa 
+ Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots 
+ Stay with me – Sam Smith 
+ Like I’m Gonna lose you – Meghan Trainor
+ Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee (feat. Justin Bieber)
+God Bless The U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood
+There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back – Shawn Mendes
+Body Like a Back Road – Sam Hunt

Having trouble downloading or sing? Contact our customer service at [email protected], we’ll be happy to help and answer all your questions!
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Sing Songs with the StarMaker Karaoke App! To sing, to Live!


+A deduction game mode, Werewolf, has newly launched.
+ Daily tasks optimized, more daily rewards are available to win.
+ Singing recording function added, share your live singing with your friends.
+ Friendship decoration optimized.
+ Room PK function upgraded, more modes including season rounds are available!


40 comentarios en "StarMaker Lite: Sing Karaoke MOD 2022"

  1. Tom Vega dice:

    So I got the app recently and it can be a bit annoying. Multiple spam notifications with no way to turn specific ones off without turning all of them off, and no clear instructions on gifts and other features. It just kind of throws you in and expects you to figure it out. As for the songs there are several that the lyrics and music don’t match up, or are missing entirely and unless you really know the song your kind of screwed. It’s good for practice and recording but only worth about 3 stars.

  2. This app needs an update or something. The lyrics are not matching up with the music it’s like the lyrics are going faster then the music it’s really throwing me off and some albums you choose are glitchy or don’t work at all I have to keep stopping my recording to stop the static or glitches then when I start it again it starts to work. I have been using this app for a while and I have done alot of albums I don’t want to lose I put so much effort into. Please please fix this thank you so much!

  3. Outstanding! I love it! You choose your own songs, effects, and are able to record in your own style. Best of all, you can practice till you get the right sound before you upload it. There’s also plenty of good natured support from other members and lots of fun to be had in live party rooms and events to turn your pastime singing into full time blast.! I totally recommend this app for beginners and seasoned pros as well. Have a good time doin’ it!.

  4. A large music selection, a lot of events to participate. One of the things that needs to be improved is when two people are singing duet in a party room, only the person that que the song cannot hear the other person. Please make it that both people can hear each other when singing duet in a party room. You will not get bored in StarMaker. I would recommend this app to anyone. The best music app on the play store. Thank you.

  5. Anna H. dice:

    The app itself is nice (now), but I had the app and an account before they started utilizing a proper login system. Because of this, I was forced to create a new account and can not access my old account anymore. This is really frustrating since I have videos posted on that old account. I have tried emailing supports a couple of times to try rectifying the issue, but I have never received a response back.

  6. LOVE THIS APP! The selection of different songs and genres is incredible! The only thing I would change is make it easier for newcomers to learn not.only navigate through your app but, also have some sort of user guide attached to the settings menu in their profile. That way its easier to get started and begin enjoying the app itself!

  7. I like the set up of the app for the most part. The BIGGEST reason this app is getting 3 stars is the fact that there are so many BOTS. Fake people being used to boost emotional interest in the app. It would be nice to receive genuine followers, fans, likes, and comments. I haven’t had the app for very long at all and this makes me want to delete it already.

  8. Nora Dawn dice:

    I Love this app. The only thing missing is a clear tutorial that includes descriptions of ALL the levels, gifts, events, room abilities, tasks… wow so much here, and yet so hard to find and understand. However, once inside this world, the community is so amazing that learning as you go is worth it.

  9. A D dice:

    There is a problem in the Chat section. When chatting with someone, some messages that I write in the chat don’t appear to the person I’m chatting with. They only appear after sometime or if you completely close the app and reopen it. It’s creating a big conflict and even caused some friends to think they are ignored becauae they don’t see that I replied back. For example they write a question, I answer the question but they don’t see my message. The messge might appear after a long time.

  10. I like Starmaker lite, but some things could be a little better, like Ranking records on songs, if the song is actually good, it should be marked #1 not be given a bad score, and compliments that you get on your songs should be from real people, the compliments seem fake,like they are pre-recorded same thing said over and over again, you can tell that they are not real and some of them are very silly, it’s nice knowing that real people are actually complimenting your songs.

  11. Nikki C. dice:

    I enjoy listening to human music from around the world. Only thing that drives me crazy is when the words don’t match up. It throws one off. Fun application tho. 👍👍 I dropped a Star due to the fact that I blocked someone, but they still visit my profile and ask me to sing with them. When someone gets blocked they should be gone from everything!! I’m thinking about leaving this app because of that. It’s driving me crazy. He’s a stalker. I blocked all 3 of his accounts. But he still creeps.

  12. I really love starmaker and its a great entertainment for many like me. I’ve a humble request to the technical team that the online status of active members are never be right even though the person is offline it shows online. And againe last active time is also showing wrongly. Hope you people can solve it. Because some times it leads to the problems even in good friendship… So kindly make it to show the righy online status and last active time. Thank you 😍

  13. At first I didn’t think I was going to like this app, but the moment I started singing I noticed alot of changes in the app, lots of features to make you not to ever want to quit from the app. I just love this app especially the option chat with people and make friends

  14. Hi StarMaker Team, Presently I’m unable to record songs in single attempt as it stops frequently during recording. Please solve the problem so that I can record songs & enjoy it as usual. The App is superb… 5 stars from my heart.

  15. It’s such a nice singing app. I enjoy very much singing here all the songs I love are also here it’s just like a musical journey using this app😍.

  16. Excellent aap…Very thankful for providing a world wide platform for ameture singers.. There should be an option to know that the messages in chat are seen or not as in watsapp….. Based on Level , singers should be honoured with VIP…It is very unfortunate to purchase VIP even after reaching 40+ level…

  17. Has been a good experience for me except for recently my app has been crashing. Has caused much headache . I hope I figured it out now. Apparently if you an issue with app. you have to check if starmaker app is running . I just figured it out after 3 weeks.

  18. This app seems to be very disappointing. Its because whenever I try to sing a song the screen where the lyrics appers become black and started to blink. I uninstalled the app and again reinstalled and the same problem arises again and again. Even in starmaker also m facing the same problem. Before the app was very good but now seems to be very disappointing. Please help

  19. This is the best, most beautiful and outstanding app i have ever used to showcase my talent, and i must confess its the best of them all, keep it up u are doing well.

  20. Latest update is essential , as it is slowing down while using. Please send update.

  21. Earlier I used this app it was just Star Maker but I found this app is truly amazing, developed with latest technology, voice sync is too good features quite easy to use.

  22. It is a nice platform for passionate singers. However I observe for some songs , how much ever I low my voice still it displays as my voice is going higher than the beats which does not look as right. Not sure where it creates the conflict. tried both with and without earphones.

  23. It’s okay more than a fun. You can have some options to get along with other’s as well? But the music you sing is really good. And generally you can be more than welcome to join and having fun with singing through the music. Singing music is how you help people learn how to apply with their voice to love the beat of music

  24. This app has improved my music styles Hoped it may also helped you.try more from this app.very super amazing, happiness and chilling.also brings coins to your account.❤️❤️❤️❤️love this app very much

  25. Worst experience ever , its not working properly . Everytime am singing voice recorder doesn’t work properly , it never takes your voice . Its a very dirty glitch . Am not able to record any song . Worst app ever please close it as soon as possible.

  26. I love this app so much because l love singing, this is a perfect app for people who love singing, try it you won’t regret it

  27. I’ve tried several of these singing apps. This one sounds better AND doesn’t lag behind the song.

  28. It is entertaining and you learn about singing as well . Luv it! Very easy to use, except for setting in a lot of ads and is quite expensive . ADS ARE POPPING EVERYWHERE NON STOP in the small cp screen!

  29. Not able to hear my songs. Showing error occurred !! Bad experience

  30. great app. I love singing even though songs don’t love me.. I will rate it 4 stars for now, b-coz I just downloaded the app recently.

  31. Adds are so irritating..and we can’t get gold coin..and please remove myntra n some other games advertisement..because after watching that we don’t get any gift…now I can’t add pics in my album…

  32. I’m loving this app so far making great friends, and I just love singing. keep it up starmaker lite! Kudos!!

  33. This app is great but some deficiencies is making me rate it 3 like not being rewarded as the job done and getting coins is out of the way pls improve this

  34. Really love the experience singing on this app! Having my own stage and making friends for all over the world!!!

  35. It’s a nice app though, but usually get some glitches which is kinda frustrating, please you can work more on that.

  36. Its a wrost app as I have a very bad experience with this app specially with the customer support team as they do not reply to the point and gives computerised system replies only which do not solve our issues . I am continuesly addressing my issue for the last one month’s but support team does not help and always replies system replies. My account has been marked as Multiple Account.

  37. Gray Fox dice:

    It’s an amazing apps for the people who love music but it’s too crazy to expend money and nothing cameback as equal you spent.Spending money here is not worth it..Just sing it.Thanks to STARMAKER

  38. Trisha dice:

    This app is so awesome I love it I love every bit of it I love to sing so and you guys have a bunch of different song selections to sing from and I just like everything about it

  39. You should make update the app so the user’s can upload the karaoke tracks.I think now it’s can only be done through the website.

  40. For me, it’s woww. I had some problems using the starmaker app so i decided to download this. Trust me, it’s worth it

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