Twins Baby Care – Newborn Feeding and Dress up FULL


Mermaid New Mom Twins Caring and Feeding
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This game is perfect to play right now, you can have fun only using this app. Your free time is very important and you will love our surprise.
You will enjoy our surprise especially if you like children. If you have younger brothers definitely know that babies are very playful and nice but you should not forget that they also have special needs. A baby needs special care and we thought that you are suitable for this mission, you can become a super nanny.
If you’re wondering what this mission is about you should know that is extremely beautiful and particular will have to take care of twins, very interesting, right? The two little ones will be born soon in the depths of the ocean because their mother is a beautiful mermaid. She lives at the bottom of the ocean. With this baby care game, you’ll be able to visit a wonderful land, and more than that you’ll be able to prove that you are a good doctor, a good nanny, and especially that you are a trusted friend. You will definitely like to spend time with us through this game with mermaids.


– Can play offline and is very easy to play for all kids;
– Only use controls;
– At the beginning of the game you will meet a beautiful mermaid;
– It was in her room;
– She needs time to relax and you have to help her;
– Select her favorite songs and then help her to sit on the bed;
– Give her an orange juice, can test your cooking skills;
– Children love to listen to music;
– Choose clothes very comfortable;
– Now she needs to go to the hospital;
– Make ultrasound to see how they are babies, it is very interesting to play the doctor’s role;
– Check the tension;
– Children feel very well, you are a good doctor;
– Use your special abilities, you have to make some clothes;
– Can learn to become a designer;
– Use your attention and imagination;
– The children were born;
– Check heartbeat;
– Now you have to change diapers, it is very interesting to do that;
– Apply baby powder;
– Give them food, use your cooking skills;
– The two little ones want to bathe;
– Fill the tub with hot water;
– Add foam;
– Wash children with special shower gel;
– Can test your nanny’s abilities;
– Now you have to arrange the children’s room;
– Arrange furniture;
– Save and share all your favorite images.

Have fun!


40 comentarios en "Twins Baby Care – Newborn Feeding and Dress up FULL"

  1. This game is so nice, but there’s one small problem is that to go to level 2 is so hard to go there you can play level 1 for even 100 time. So thanks bye

  2. The game is fun but too much of ads contain

  3. The game is fun but it has to much ads😔

  4. This game is fun but the ads are to much but it is still fun

  5. This game is like being a mother to a child it teaches you how to love,care.

  6. This game is fun But the ads is so much fun I enjoy the game

  7. Tun me know if that ok with you and your family are doing well and your family are doing well and your family are doing well and your family are doing is a lot better today than your doing good I think it’s ok if you want me too but I don’t think it’s worth the money 💰 and your family have your family and my wife are doing is the money 🤑💰 and your mom and your doing is the money for your family is I don’t know how much longer I don’t think 💬🤔 and your doing well and I don’t wanna go your wa

  8. This app is very good .it maked me happy when i am not happy. So everybody should install this app.

  9. Super a great game download for kids is so cute u must play this game 5 excellent stars for me and ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. Peter Pan dice:

    This app is a great app my experience about this app is excellent so im going to give it a five star

  11. Oh guys this game is very fun if you play it you will play it Avery day

  12. Verry bad game Save your children from this kinds of games These games are for legal aged people Not for childs

  13. I’m just saying this game but I know it’s going to be so fun I love this game ever this game is so fun I love that the mom gets pregnant it is so fun it’s funnier than ever so you might want to download this app could you have lots and lots and lots of fun on there so shallow this app this game is so fun I love it I ever have cuz if you haven’t tried this game download it right now twin baby care newborn that’s what it’s called this app this app is so fun Alba play on it I’ll play on it for a

  14. its fun but it dont let u pick what u want to do

  15. I would describe this game as very interesting so good job.

  16. It is not fun and u have to do stuff that they are not doing

  17. John Head dice:

    Mej twins are over joyed. They like the movies under the sea. Twins are a hand full and really alan sweeny any kalyn is a engetic figgie good time. Mermaids rule my 7 seas. Mother of the twins probably Anna or Dove C their me best fishes auqua digio. I love too do it again with ballons and all that heated action. It was littel wet and off the chain. I love me kids luke like royal la 😂 and william prince. It was heart felt and really sweet to take me there we shall do the tide with time pleasure

  18. This game is good or bad. I don’t know because I’m not going to play this game.😇😂

  19. I lovet this twins baby care bla bla game

  20. This game is so good and helpful

  21. Yahoo this game is amazing shame l like it so much 😍😍

  22. It is so much fun for me

  23. The network is not coming

  24. Wow I like these app very much

  25. My little sister loves this game a lot more than I do

  26. I love this game wen i so the game

  27. Wow wonderful my best Game I will be in the world is one of the game

  28. This game is beautiful I love the twins

  29. Because it has a lot of fun

  30. I lovee this game I give this game a 5/5

  31. good pretty mermaid’s baby,s

  32. It helps us to know how to handle our babies

  33. I like this game toooo much 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂️

  34. Game bahut badhiya banaa hai Ramswer Kahar Tauleshwar kahar Laxmi Kahar Sfffdhxcbzxvbccvczcczcbxchgsgvshxfhswrfouqqfcm zcmyrAuibdeyibzeyucstihzdjcstgsgguhdfdgsfgccfvghjbcgsdjxsjgzcjmgdhjtfdfggsgdcjcgdvvfg hack the phone kar and then the rest assured 3movie that it will take a rebel hour to complete this process so we can have an 3movie of what we can provide to you 6th May 79643677 you can use your time for the rest and the rest 😉 I have attached the family photos 📸 so you Neha Nepal 🇳

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