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Download Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service. Peacock has all your favorite culture-defining entertainment, all in one place.

With Peacock, stream new movies and thousands of critically acclaimed TV shows — including Bel-Air, Days of our Lives, Yellowstone, and The Office — plus exclusive Originals and current programming from Bravo and NBC.

Stay up to date with live news and stream all your favorite live sports and events including WWE, NFL Sunday Night Football, golf, Premier League and so much more.

Here’s what you get with PEACOCK:

• Instant access to hundreds of movies from major Hollywood studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features.
• Thousands of hours of TV series, including full seasons of buzzworthy faves and bingeworthy classics.
• Peacock Channels – playing your favorite entertainment and news. Scroll less and watch more with the SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, NBC Sports on Peacock, WWE, NBC News NOW, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Dateline 24/7.
• Hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo.
• Up to 6 personal profiles to optimize your viewing experience.

Upgrade to PEACOCK PREMIUM ($4.99/month) for even more of your Peacock favorites – every movie, episode, and season, plus stream live sports and events. More to watch. More to love.

• Stream new movies from theaters and full seasons of exclusive premium TV like Yellowstone and The Office.
• Every WWE Premium Live Event —including Royal Rumble and WrestleMania—plus series, docs, and the WWE Vault.
• Exclusive Peacock Originals, including Bel-Air, A Friend of the Family, The Real Housewives of Miami, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, Dr. Death, Poker Face, and more.
• More live sports, including exclusive Premier League soccer matches, figure skating, golf, NFL Sunday Night Football, and supercross.
• The streaming home for your Bravo faves, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef, and more.
• Dedicated Hallmark Media Hub featuring live and on-demand programming from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama.
• Current-season NBC hits like the One Chicago franchise, The Voice, Law & Order: SVU, Young Rock, and Saturday Night Live.
• Unlimited access to the entire library of Kids and Family entertainment.

With PEACOCK PREMIUM PLUS ($9.99/month), get everything included in Peacock Premium as well as:

• Stream Peacock ad-free.*
• Stream your local NBC channel, 24/7.
• Download available titles to your mobile device and watch later, anywhere.

*Due to streaming rights, a small amount of programming will still contain ads (Peacock Channels, events, a few shows and movies, and local content).

Content availability may vary over time.

Please note: Use of the Peacock app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Data charges may apply.

If applicable, subscription charges begin after any promotional period of Peacock Premium/Peacock Premium Plus concludes. You will be charged on a recurring basis as described above, minus applied offers plus applicable taxes. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting your account in the Peacock App. By subscribing,
you agree to the preceding subscription terms and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below.

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Some bugs are no more. Carry on streaming :)


40 comentarios en "Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies MOD"

  1. Went full premium. Great content; terrible interface (on Android phone). When the video is playing the ‘step forward/ back 10 seconds’ buttons don’t work, they actually RESTART the video from the beginning. While playing episodes there is no way of going back to the main page to see the episode list/ details. You can go back to the main front page, but you can’t go to the details page of the show you’re watching, that button does nothing. When paused, not all the play/ pause buttons work.

  2. This app is very buggy and makes me want to cancel my subscription. I have to force stop it all the time to get it to play and also Currently there is a voice over that is automatically turning on and speaking over the programs when they play. This occurs any program is started up. It is located under subtitles. It is defaulting to “English AD”. To turn it off, you have to switch it over to English, which does turn it off. However, if you pause the show or load a different show it defaults back

  3. Darcie dice:

    Update: I had the wrong password and didn’t know. The error screen should’ve been adjusted to show an incorrect password error instead of a blank one. It’s a software suggestion. I change my rating from 1 to 4 stars because the app still has some performance issues. At least it actually works now, though. (Original post) It doesn’t work at all. When I tap on a user, it says “sorry, something went wrong” and won’t load. I updated the app and restarted it. Still nothing.

  4. Please, please, please, make the default audio descriptions go away on the app! By far the most frustrating thing of any app experience I’ve had in the past decade. I pay for premium plus and I’m about to cancel because there is no troubleshooting this. Every episode and every time I pause, the audio descriptions come back on, absolutely ridiculous! Apparently people have been complaining for months and still no fix.

  5. I’m giving a one star review because of your Audio Description feature. It turns on automatically after every episode, despite the fact that I never turned it on to begin with. There’s no way to remove this feature or prevent it from reoccuring. Incredibly annoying and it needs to be fixed. Edit: Audio Description has been fixed after recent update. Thank you.

  6. Works great on my firestick and computer. However it is touch and go on my cell phone. Sometimes it works and sometimes it gives error message. On my tablet which is a samsung galaxy tab 6 I can download the app, log in to the app look through options but as soon as I go to play something I get unexpected fatal error. It is an app I should be able to play it on anything that an app loads on. Very frustrating.

  7. This app is total trash majority of the time. First of all you can’t get in touch with a representative, they want to know why you are calling (it sure isn’t for idle conversation) before you get in touch with anyone and then you still won’t get any issues resolved!!!!! Almost sure my card has been compromised but as long as they are getting their payments I guess everything is good with them!!!!! I don’t know what changed in the past year or so but it’s definitely NOT for the better!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Where to begin. App doesn’t pick up where you left off on a video. Won’t go back to vertical orientation after going full screen. There’s only one thing worse than ads, and that’s ads that freeze the app. Doesn’t sink between devices. If your steam is interrupted for any reason (phone call etc.) , the app completely goes haywire, and you must completely force close the. And then you can’t pick up were you were at. You have to start from the beginning and find your spot in the movie…

  9. Everytime I try to watch something it’ll play until the ad, then it freezes up. I have to go all the way back home and open the app again. Then it starts where I originally started, so I have to fast forward. Then there’s an ad and it freezes up again. This used to be my favorite app, but I literally can’t watch anything. What’s the point of paying for a channel I can’t watch. Seriously thinking of canceling until it’s fixed.

  10. One star because I have been using this app for a while now. I have not had any issues until recently. I have the ad-free subscription and paid my bill this month but all of a sudden I have ads. I went to my settings to see if my plan was changed but it wasn’t. I’m hoping this is just a glitch in the app. Update: after talking to a CSR, I was told that due to streaming guidelines, some shows and movies will still have ads. Even if you pay for the premium plus. A little annoying but whatever. 2☆

  11. Why can’t a set audio to default? Every time I open the app, I play a show that uses the “audio description” along with normal sound. So I have to change it I can’t see how to just make it default to regular audio. It wouldn’t be horrible, but it switches back to the audio description on every episode? This is for the app on a chromebook, the app on my android phone has no problem like this.

  12. There’s an issue with the app. The chromecast icon disappears so every time I want to cast I have to literally turn off my phone to reset it. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still has the same issue. Super annoying! The other streaming services don’t have this issue. Hopefully this glitch can get fixed!

  13. Great shows! But I dislike the app. Almost every streaming app has the feature that minimizes the show screen so you can do other things on your phone while still watching the show. Peacock does not. It’s annoying when I have to check notifications and the app completely exits out. Please update the app with this feature.

  14. It’s a decent app. Too many long ads though. They play if you fast-forward or rewind too. And the first season of “House” is all with audio description for blind people and it can’t be disabled. But it is a good enough app with some great content. So I’m trying to upgrade to ad-free. But there’s no option to do it within the app, and anytime I try to update on chrome it redirects to the app. So I’m stuck with the ads. Why don’t they make it easier for me to give them my money?! Haha

  15. I was totally happy with the app until a few updates ago where audio description became the default audio on all episodes of any shows that had audio description as an option. There’s no way to switch it to regular audio as a default in the settings either. Every single time one episode ends and another begins i have to turn audio description off and it is really frustrating. Make it an option like it used to be.

  16. really bad at connecting via Chromecast but I do like that it does have a lot of content, the movies can be viewed uninterrupted after the ads play at the beginning. Wish that option existed for TV. App itself is just kinda poorly built. Can’t clear out my “recently watched” from main screen even though I didn’t actually start playing; the app auto played it

  17. Adam dice:

    Still no option to turn off autoplay so they can rack up and revenue and streaming hours. It even autoplays into completely new series so I’ve awaken into season 2 of something I would never watch. Besides having to figure out what episode you were at, even when you do pause an episode, app glitches and may restart an episode randomly among other random glitches. Sports are awesome when it puts you live when you paused a game but then it puts you live for no reason, just horrendous, period.

  18. Peter M. dice:

    Great content but the streaming options to chromecast are a joke. There should be zero issue syncing the timeline of anything with what’s displayed on a screen. If you leave the app, it immediately blanks out the current video time and if you try reopen the app to pause it, it starts the streamed video over, but since it doesn’t display the timeline you have to try and buffer to a point you recognize to start over at the right spot. This is very frustrating and reminds me of android 1.6 🍩

  19. You know, it would be really nice if this app had any memory _at all_ for my subtitle preferences. I find I have to relaunch the app to turn off subtitles while streaming to my TV every time it advances to another episode, and it always defaults to subtitles on. I cannot find anywhere to change this preference whatsoever. This never used to be a problem early on…

  20. This is literally the worst app for any streaming I’ve ever used. I pay for everything, even no ads. This runs worse than the ACTUAL FREE STREAMING APPS. It is actually disgusting how many issues I have with this. There’s an annoying narration for some shows, when ever they feel like it, for NO reason at all. The next day, it’ll be something else. NO FIX TO BE FOUND! Some episodes of some shows, on some days, you can’t even skip intros. DON’T PAY FOR THIS, don’t download. No customer service

  21. My phone for the past week or so has asked me to put Peacock in deep sleep because “it keeps crashing”. This aligns with what I see as when I am binge watching a show now with every new episode, I have to turn off the subtitles. Where it used to leave them off automatically the entire time I watching after I turned them off the first time. I pay for the premium so this is really disappointing and annoying. If it keeps up, I will discontinue my service.

  22. They finally fixed auto play but now every episode starts with the descriptive audio track selected so you have to change it to back to the standard audio and it doesn’t remember your selection. They haven’t fixed that with peacock premium, there are ads in the videos WHILE WATCHING NBC CONTENT. There’s still no way to remove items from your continue watching, so if you click on something by accident and it plays it’s stuck there until you skip to the end of each episode to mark it as completed.

  23. I hate that this is the only streaming app that doesn’t have a pop up option while playing the videos. All the other streaming services I use will let me do other things on my device while watching my shows. The ads are also awful, sometimes if I accidently lock my phone it’ll just reset my episode to the beginning and then make me watch a bunch of ads to get back to when I scroll back to where I was.

  24. Worst streaming service of the six I pay for. After couple of hours of watching it glitches, struggles to catch up and when try to back out completely locks up tablet. Can’t even reset. It will eventually clear and reset, but by time I get back in, I have lost time on show I was watchinh. No pause, who doesn’t need bathroom and food break. The live screen covers the guide, just doesn’t work. I like the content, but app barely functional.

  25. The app is pretty rough to be honest. While streaming to Chromecast, my phone alerts me that the app is constantly crashing in the background. Occasionally the app will also stop allowing you to select anything, including casting or starting a show. I end up having to constantly force close the app to get it to work correctly.

  26. This app is so annoying. Every time a new episode plays it defaults to audi description, meaning a voice over described what is happening in the scene. It’s for visually impaired audiences, but even if you turn it off it turns itself back on. There is also no way to turn off autoplay.

  27. When any video starts to play the audio feature plays and it tells me what the characters are doing/wearing but only on my tablet, not on my phone or TV, I have to change it from English AD to English on every video. This needs to be able to be turned off in settings somewhere because it is not something that needs to turn off on every video during autoplay. If I turn it off on 1 video then I want it off for all videos. I’m told it’s not a feature in settings. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  28. Worst streaming app. Great content but the app is BARELY functional. Streaming from your device to a Chromecast, there is no continuity function between episodes. It also often crashes, doesn’t load, skips randomly to a new episode or show entirely, or freezes. From the PS4 platform it never loads, freezes, crashes, skips, is laggy, slow and unresponsive. If it didn’t have great content, I’d get rid of it completely. It needs a HUGE overhaul. TERRIBLE!

  29. App is average at best when it actually works. Constantly reboots for no reason, making you have to restart your program. Recently, it has started having audio description on everything. Which means you have to go into the subtitle settings and turn it off. Start a new episode and it’s right back on Annoying to say the least. They need to up their game or I’m canceling my subscription.

  30. Audio keeps defaulting to description. Annoying as hell. Y’all have known about the problem for a while and still no fix. Also, audio and video seem to always go out of sync or video stutters (the most common issue). The bugs alone make me want to cancel my service. Also, what good are subtitles if they don’t translate to English?!

  31. T E dice:

    Please fix the automatic audio description. I turn it off every episode but it turns right back on on the next one. I didn’t want to have to pirate all of your shows, but I will if this thing keeps happening. It’s super irritating. Also, whenever I stream to a device that’s not my phone, it won’t automatically play the next episode. Why isn’t this easier to use?

  32. This app is terrible. I pay for premium plus to get my local live channel (and to avoid commercials). The problem is, sometimes my local channel is in the channel lineup but mostly it is not. It’s gone again and now even after I sign in/out, clear cache, clear data, uninstall/reinstall, it has not returned. So frustrating. Don’t advertise it if you are not going to provide it! Also it is slow to load, doesn’t load, loses your place on a paused show, etc.

  33. I’m giving it a two for the content they have otherwise it would get a 1, but it’s really only watchable on a TV or tablet as the app has too many issues and doesn’t play your content anyway. All I get is “unexpected fatal error” and I can’t even download anything when I press the button to download, it doesn’t do anything but say “something went wrong” This app is far below other competitors, take notes from, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max, some how Paramount Plus even stepped up their game.

  34. Kyle dice:

    Fix Audio Description for Google TV devices already! This app is complete garbage and the only possible explanation is a dev team who is wholly incompetent. Truly. Every single episode of every show I watch begins with Audio Description turned on by default (a narrator describing everything). And every single time I have to manually turn it off. This problem has been present since before Halloween, and acknowledged by the devs who said it’ll be patched. THREE MONTHS AGO. Get it together!

  35. For being from a company as big as NBC, you’d expect it to be a little less of a dumpster fire. Navigating content is buggy, with the screen jumping randomly across categories/shows on my S22 Ultra. The resolution on my symmetric GB fiber takes literally minutes to ramp up to 720, and remains fuzzy up to then. That also happens basically after every commerical break, which are also handled terribly if you fast forward/rewind. And lastly, the app defaults the audio to the robot narrator. Ick

  36. Voice narration is stuck on while viewing with the app on my pc. Have to turn it off every time a new episode starts or whenever I reopen the app. Episode streaming is incorrectly synced across devices. With my roku i could be on the 5th episode, but when i switch to my pc, it will load the 3rd episode if that was the last one i watched on that device. Whenever i open my computer up with peacock having been open when i closed it, a ‘fatal error’ message occurs and makes me reload the app.

  37. Jacob M dice:

    Fix the Audio Description bug already!! Every single episode I’m forced to turn off the Audio Description setting. I don’t know how this is still happening by default. It makes me not want to watch anything on Peacock because I have to manually turn this feature off on every single episode. It’s infuriating to say the least and has been going on way too long.

  38. The app on my Firestick freezes every time a commercial appears. I have to kill the app, then go to my phone and watch the commercials, then go back to my TV with the fire stick and start again. until it freezes with the next commercial. Repeat… I hope this gets fixed very soon. Clearing data, uninstall and reinstall, did not fix the problem.

  39. Ads need to be fixed. If you fast forward in a show to get back to where you were if you fell asleep or something you have to watch every ad break. I understand 1 ad while I’m searching for where i left off but 4 ads just to find a spot in a show is absolutely ridiculous. Also fix the descriptive audio. It turns on by itself every single episode!!!

  40. This is the worst streaming app I’ve used, and I’ve used all of them. It constantly crashes. If you can get it to run, it doesn’t save your progress, so if you stop in the middle of an episode and then go back to watch the rest later, it will restart the episode from the beginning instead of where you stopped. There’s an annoying notification that pops up every single time you open the app, no matter how many times you dismiss it. Just bafflingly bad UX.

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