Picsart Color – Painting, Draw MODDED 2022

Make awesome paintings and coloring on photos & backgrounds.
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With Picsart Color incredible digital illustrations are now easier and more awesome than ever.

Picsart Color offers a full drawing suite with immense functionality for novices and pros alike. Layers upon layers, a color mixer for any color combination you can imagine, fully customizable paint brushes, a unique symmetric drawing feature, and an amazing texture brush are just some of the creative features at your fingertips (or drawing stylus). Doodle on that selfie you just took, paint breathtaking fantasy worlds, or just do some picture coloring – Color is for everyone! And an intuitive interface makes sure you spend more time drawing awesome things than looking for things. From a sketch to fully polished illustrations, Picsart Color is the only digital drawing app you’ll ever need.

– Symmetric drawing with rotating axis
– Textured Brush – draw not only with color but with texture!
– Pattern and Color Fill
– Full library of customizable brushes
– Color Wheel and Mixer and match any colors you want
– Multiple Layers
– Blending modes
– Text Tool that allows you to draw and erase with text
– Auto-recovery so your drawing is never lost and much more is available for free and with no pesky ads!

Download Picsart Color today and completely transform the way you draw on your tablet or phone.


40 comentarios en "Picsart Color – Painting, Draw MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a great, fun, easy app to use, tbh. Issue is it’ll just delete entire layers from your work. Recently I literally made multiple copies of each layer of a project before setting it down for the night, in the hopes it’d improve the odds of having one of each layer left when the app was done deleting at random, but no. All it deleted was every instance of one particular layer. Incidentally, the one I’d worked longest on. I cried. Haha.

  2. I’ve been using PicsArt for a while and have grown quite attached to it. So I figured I should check out PicsArt Color Paint as well. At first it was very lovely, and simple to use but eventually it started to crash (only a few times however). And during those few times the app crashed all of my progress/work was completely gone. A pop-up asked if I wanted to restore my work, but it never came back. Still a great app, but this issue is too much for me to ignore!

  3. Great app but sometimes when I minimize it and come back a minute or so later, it basically doesn’t save some of my work so I have to do it again. Another time, it totally glitched out and ruined all of my layers, basically having to restart the entire drawing I spent over 10 hours on. Luckily I took a screenshot of it before I minimized it. Please fix this.

  4. This app is sometimes either a dream come true, or a complete nightmare. It’s quite useful and excellent for a free art app. However, recently working on art with this app has become a total disaster. Sometimes, the app freezes up big time and the piece I’m working on closes. Upon reopening, the layer I’d been working on shows as a weird glitchy outline of what was once there, forcing me to redo the layer. I’ve also had times where a couple of pieces are just… gone. It’s quite frustrating.

  5. This is a great app, it allows you to use layers which opens up a lot of options, even as an amateur you can do a lot of cool stuff with this app. However there is a problem which is incredibly frustrating that can happen when exiting a project and then opening it again where one of your layers will just be deleted. Sometimes losing hours of work. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Other than that I would recommend this app if you like to edit memes and what not.

  6. Anabel dice:

    I used to love this app—it has a lot of helpful features and brushes, and I used the app every day for a long time. Unfortunately the last few months the app has crashed halfway through all of my drawings…I completely loose all my progress and hours of work. Looking through other reviews, I see a lot of other users are having the same problem! Hoping this ongoing issue gets resolved because the app is unusable right now.

  7. This app is not that bad, actually. I use this quite often from time to time, constantly making art. Only problem is that sometimes, when I exit out of the art project I work on and then come back, there would be certain parts of the drawing that would be completely erased, even though I haven’t erased anything. Could be that constantly merging alot of pieces seems to cause that problem, but nonetheless, pretty good app.

  8. I really like this app. However it crashes a lot, deletes or glitches out paint layers entirely. Sometimes it will randomly duplicate a layer and delete another at the same time. It’s very frustrating especially if you’ve spent a lot of time on a drawing. But when it works it works great, even captures your process in a nice time lapse of 15s default. Again though, that is when it works.

  9. Love it, but it Crashes 😢 I absolutely love this app. Importing pics to color is super easy, great selection of tools and customization, ease of use, and not badgered by ads… but it crashes. Not real often but when it does it is right when I am finishing my picture, then I am left with a blank page. The ability to save work in a seperate folder for a back up would be nice. I’m still going to use it even though I’m annoyed. 3 for the crashes, and the worst timing on when it does.

  10. Crashes constantly! I love this app so much that I would pay $20 for it. However, it crashes ALL THE TIME and deletes days’ worth of work. Sometimes it lets me restore the file, but many times it’s gone forever. Knowing this, I often save the image after every layer. Tonight when it crashed, I put the most recent image into the app hoping to continue even though it was one layer now… Only to find out the saved imagine is lesser quality. I am one crash away from never using this app again.

  11. Matt Sapp dice:

    Not a bad app. However, I was drawing today and accidentally closed out of my work. Oh well, I figured, it’ll just put me right back where I was. It did, but with my entire lineart layer missing. There was no way to recover it, so I got to spend the next hour fixing the mistake. You may be wondering why, in that case, I gave the app 3 stars. Well, let me tell you: Brush selection. The brush types are just nice, and I just really love the multitude of smudge tools that I can use for blending.

  12. The symmetry guides need some work, there are too few of them and there is no way to lock it in. Very distracting when the focal point gets accidentally moved. Cool brushes, once I was able to find them, though I wish there was a way to assign blend modes to the brushes themselves. No issue with saved drawings, but to those who lost their work due to crashes or otherwise, I take screenshots as I go through a different app – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  13. I spent hours and hours working on something, and when I tried to undo it went blank, and when I left, all of my work was gone. The app also keeps crashing while I’m working on a drawing and it’s frustrating having to reopen just to draw! I love how everything is set up and how it works, but there is definitely MUCH MORE room for improvement at this point. Fix the bugs and don’t let hours of work go to waste!

  14. So I was drawing this pic, but despite the tutorial, there was this one feature I didn’t know about. It was that thing it does where it crashes and deletes 90% of your drawing when you’re almost done with it. And so it deleted all of my data and didn’t let me recover it. To add insult to injury that drawing was going super well and is going to be super hard to recreate, so if the devs could remove the feature sometime in the foreseeable future, that would be swell

  15. I love this app because it allows me to create symmetrical mandalas and patterns. The app interface is user friendly and it also has great options for creating palattes with customized colors. I can seamlessly create intricate designs. However the app crashes when I choose the 2048×2048 artboard size and create a design with a lot of brush strokes. Sometimes it recovers the artwork but mostly the screen goes blank with grey pixel and the file is irrecoverable and I’m disappointed with the issue.

  16. Every time I try to zoom in it automatically zooms out ruining my artwork. Not only that, when I play music in the background and then open the app it turns my phone off. It’s storage consumption is too big to use for long periods of time, or your phone will be completely filled useless data. If you’re looking for something to make art with, this isn’t the tool.

  17. The app is good for the most part but I’ve been having problems with exporting videos. I’ve been trying to save my speed paints but when it loads it crashes to the homescreen and the video doesn’t save. Other times it loads but it says “can’t create video” Not only that but I can’t listen to any kind of music without it lagging out.

  18. Well this app should contain extremely simple use. I don’t know if it was just me but trying to mix colors and change brush types was a lot harder than the other apps I’ve tried . I’m sorry PicsArt but my experience wasn’t as great as I thought it would be sincerely (-user trying to find a painting game that is easy and fun to use that I like) bye and I can’t wait to see any type of update!

  19. Everytime I use this app it crashes, and not just the app but it make my whole phones UI basically explode. I’m so disappointed because it’s so straight forward and easy to use…. When it works. Which, is for literally 60 seconds. I’m going to find something else to use. Also I checked to make sure there were no updates on the app or my phone before posting this. I’ve literally never had any luck with it. Want to match a color? Frozen. Want to save? Frozen. Fix ur self.

  20. If only. Problems —> 1) REMOVES image’s transparency. Adds white background. 2) No cropping. 3) No pleasing result when adding color to a colorful image. For example, I had a dark blue icon which i wanted to turn red. Couldn’t do so, without having for forego OPACITY. Thus, my image turned to an ugly tone of red, BUT, doing so, made the result SO EXTREMELY DARK, to the point of losing the clarity of the image’s original features (lborders, etc). Must use LIGHT GRAY IMAGE, to change image color.

  21. Asuka dice:

    some cool features not on anything else I’ve downloade–text brush, eraser version of each brush, the mixer tool. really cool! also has basics like layers and pressure sensitivity. unfortunately lacks important features like a stylus only mode & you can’t drag layers up and down. the UI is so clean and simple it like an art app has finally figured out it’s an app. wish the brushes were displayed as brushes instead of a mile long

  22. At first, this app was pretty good, then something happened. I would start to draw something, and sometimes, if I hit the undo button, the canvas would dissapear. I would close the app to try and fix it, and the canvas is back, but the canvas is cleared out, even when I press restore drawing, or, if the canvas isn’t blank, there would be pixels where the drawing used to be. This is frustrating for me because I have to re-draw the whole drawing all over again. Please fix this.

  23. So far I like it alot and it has a good amount of features, but for the life of me I can’t figure out if this app has an Eraser tool! I’ve searched everywhere I can think of clicking and couldn’t find it so I had to improvise by drawing over something I messed up on instead of erasing it. If anybody can guide me to the eraser I’ll be eternally grateful! 🥰😝👩🏽‍🎨

  24. Hands down, amazing app for artists, regardless of how much experience. It took me about a year to get the hang of it, but the amount of tools and options this app has (that you can customize) … Honestly, I would expect to pay for something like this. I use this app, and their PicsArt Photo Editor for my “digital art” (as I call it) in otherwords ; “graphic design.” …and I have been able to do quite an amount of pieces… I love this app. and I barely ever write reviews. Thank you!!!

  25. I thought this app was amazing and would’ve given it give stars a la five minutes ago. Then I spent two hours on an art piece. The app crashed. And the picture was gone. No backup. No earlier version. The whole thing was gone. And I looked through every canvas to check too (I only had a dozen or so) I am furious and can’t believe I wasted all that time for something completely gone now. I’d even been leaving the canvas (albeit accidentally) occasionally to “save” my work.

  26. This app has a good interface but is extremely flawed and buggy! I was working on the lineart for a picture and parts of the lines were moving up so I had to do it everything again, then it happened AGAIN! Also when I’m zooming in it just glitches and zooms all the way out for no reason. When I’m trying to move layer positions they start glitching and the app forgets the layer the art was on so the art is there but the layer hasn’t moved then I can’t move it to a different position! 1 Star

  27. Raven dice:

    sad because the brushes and coloring options are really nice, but it CONSTANTLY crashes at least every 15 minutes. yes, you could always screenshot or save it to make sure it doesnt get lost, but it’s not worth it to be so concerned over. spent more than 2 hours drawing something, tried to save it and the entire finished thing disappeared. >:( angery

  28. This app was fine at first, but now it just keeps deleting my drawings midway in, and always freezing and causing me to get stuck whenever I am in the middle of a drawing. Hate it, hate it, hate it. If you’re looking for a good drawing app, I really don’t recommend this one, as they just start deleting drawings, some of them, you may have been working on for hours, just for it to get stuck whenever the app feels like it.

  29. Great app but it’s got issues. I liked this app a lot at first and created various drawings with it. However due to my last five or so drawings not saving and the app closing out and not being able to recover them I have to give this two stars. If it hadn’t started to be a problem I would have given 5 stars. I’m uninstalling now after working on a drawing for three hours and the app closed out and I lost my work.

  30. Great app!! I just wish that they had a select tool, where you could select a certain area and move it how you please. I’m tired of having to do so many different layers so I can transform different head positions and things. But it’s a great app, sometimes it will crash, but it’s simple to use.

  31. One star gone for stupid reasons haha, it’s a good app definitely not the best you can get for free but the of the brushes are really fun, would recommend. I couldn’t find a clipping mask which sucked I was really hoping for one, but it was a quick fix with transparent lock. But those two features are different. The sensitivity is amazing in this app except with the eraser. Also the blending mods won’t work for me it won’t let me click it. Also layer spans at the top which is an inconvenience.

  32. I’ve been using PicsArt to draw for years, and when I saw the ad for a new filling tool on Color, I decided to finally give this app a try. First of all, having a fill tool that only works on the same layer as the lineart is absolutely useless. Secondly, the lineart’s quality seems to horribly deteriorate over time? I have never had that problem with PicsArt. This app does have pros compared to its parent app (larger canvases, less transformation deterioration, etc) but it just isn’t there yet.

  33. Would be great if it didn’t create a sense of impending dread that it’s going to randomly glitch at any moment, ruining hours worth of work. And with no save feature, there’s no safety net to back up your progress. If the bugs ever get fixed it would be perfect. But as it is now makes the experience stressful and frustrating.

  34. The app is awesome but if I spend more than 15 mins at a time doing a project it erases 98% of whatever project I was doing. They’re usually pretty big, so the amount of progress that’s lost is pretty substantial. I really do hope that this gets fixed soon. But until it does, my recommendation it to save and/or screenshot your progress very very frequently. All of the tools in-app are absolutely amazing! So there’s that.

  35. I loved this app, besides not having other cool things that other art apps do… But lately just as I am about done with my work, the app goes haywire and all my work is deleted in some layers, or sometimes pixelated in black on each layer, also destroying your work. What’s going on…. 😭 It is much faster at loading video progress though.. It used to take forever

  36. Amber Mae dice:

    I wanted to give this app the benefit of the doubt because it’s very difficult to find good art apps without having to pay a massive amount, but the lag on this app was horrible!!! Everytime I went to go move my canvas it would lag. I drew a picture I was really proud of and when I opened the app to download the picture was just gone! Which is frustrating because it took me two days to finish it this app would be great if you fixed the bugs. Until then. Deleted!!!!

  37. I had plenty of great pieces saved on here. I was looking through my older projects and decided to click on a few to observe my techniques. After clicking maybe four of the older pieces (from maybe a month or two ago) and when i got out, all my recent projects were gone. A weeks worth of gruelling work gone to waste. I tried to recover it but there was nothing to help me. I spent so much time making those. I wish it would have autosaved. It is also very laggy/buffers after 30 minutes.

  38. I love this app however I was just in the middle of drawing a picture when it crashed. It has crashed before but usually it just undos something. Today it screwed up the whole picture and messed up the layers aswell as undoing somethings. It was unfixable but I still tried to fix it as I really liked what I was drawing. Then it crashed again and deleted a layer. Now it is completely unfixable and I can’t restore the layer.. I’m on the verge of tears. Great app for beginners tho, just has bugs.

  39. Great game but there’s one little detail makes the whole difference! Everytime I pick a color out it won’t let me leave no matter how hard how long I press the okay button! Everything else is perfectly fine and if you don’t use color in your art that’s even better! It’s just that coloring the outline is the most funnest part to me in the fact that I can’t do that makes me a little sad inside that’s why I’m giving this two Stars

  40. Milo dice:

    This is a great app if you are not looking to draw anything too fancy or detailed, and if you’re like me and love sketching then this app is great, one issue though, I can’t rename my layers, when I draw I use a lot of layers, and I need to be able to name them to keep up with which ones i need to draw on, shade on, etc. Overall, great app, just please fix that.

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