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The leading free streaming TV and movie service is available to you! Watch 100s of live TV channels and 1000s of movies and TV shows, all streaming free. Pluto TV also offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including native language and dubbed movies, reality TV, telenovelas, crime, sports and more. Pluto TV is 100% free and legal: no credit cards, contracts, or bills.

Pluto TV has the best in hit movies, cult classics, and blockbuster films. You’ll find something for everyone on Pluto TV, with hits such as “The Back-Up Plan” and “The Rum Diary,” and cult classics like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Save the Last Dance,” and more. Looking for laughs? We’ve got “Clueless,” “Like a Boss,” and “Trading Places.” Fiending for frights? Horror movies such as “Lake Placid” and “The Mothman Prophecies” are guaranteed to keep you up all night. ¿Te gustan las películas? Ve “Instructions Not Included” y la telenovela “La Patrona” en español.

Choose from our library of 1000s of on-demand movies and TV shows or from our 27 exclusive movie channels including:

The biggest hit movies
-Full seasons of your favorite shows
-Chilling true crime and drama series
-Hilarious comedy shows and stand-up specials
-Spanish-language movies & shows
-The wildest reality TV shows
-The latest breaking news
-Live sports, classic games, news and analysis

Your favorite shows are streaming 24/7 on Pluto TV. Catch full seasons of CSI, Star Trek: The Next Generation, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Narcos on their own channels, and watch classics like Survivor, Beavis & Butthead, Unsolved Mysteries and more whenever you want.

Check back often, so you don’t miss the great new movies and shows we’re adding to our on-demand library every day from top content providers like Paramount, CBS, MGM, Sony and Lionsgate! Binge on 1000s of movies and TV shows any time you want!

Stream now, pay never when you download Pluto TV today.

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40 comentarios en "Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies 2022"

  1. Good app, good movie selection. But every time I get 3/4 through the movie, it jumps back, then play commercial. Then when I find where I left off I have to watch commercial again. Fine I get it.but this is the 3rd movie in a row its done this. It jumps back more than once, I’ve had to stop the movie back all the way out, close the app and reopen it and then find where I left off again. Not a very good way to convince me to pay for the premium option.

  2. David dice:

    This could be a 5-star app, but it has issues. Great programming, but the app is flawed. Not just this version, either. I have this same problem on my phone, on my tablets, and on my tv’s – I repeatedly have to log out and back in to restore ‘Favorites’ to the menu because it keeps going away. Repeatedly! I’ve contacted support repeatedly and they still don’t fix it.

  3. While I like Pluto tv, this app is terrible. Possibly the worst streaming app experience I’ve had in a long time. The video kept jumping back to the 3 minute mark after the first commercial then I would put it back where it had left off and trigger another full-length, non skippable ad break. It glitched like this 4 times in 20 minutes so I just gave up on watching the movie on my phone after I tried to go back to where I was and got stuck watching the same the ads for times back to back.

  4. C Foster dice:

    It’s pretty good except when I am playing a show (Ice Road Truckers) the episodes tend to get to a certain point and then like a broken record it will skip back a few seconds and replay those few seconds over and over again. Even if I try to skip forward, it will jump back to that point. If I close the app and try again, it still does it. So I end up just bypassing the rest of the episode and start the next one. Changed rating since seems everyone else gets this too on other OD shows/movies.

  5. Tried to watch John wick 2 on Amazon fire. This review is for that app experience. I made it halfway through, and then the video started to go back to a previous point in the movie. I would fast forward to the place in the movie that was next. Then it plays a commercial and goes back again. Fast forward, commercial, rewind, fast forward commercial rewind. Horrible loop. First time user, bad experience for the first experience. Have never had this issue with other free platforms such as freevee.

  6. A J dice:

    Bad app. Consistently has playback issues. Most commonly, it saves a point in an episode and keeps reverting back to that point. Now, I can’t even fast forward. The ads need to replay from trying to go forward past an ad break. If I just suck it up and let them play again, it reverts back to the saved point anyway and I am stuck behind ad breaks I have already seen two or three times now. Ads are fine. But having terrible playback that keeps rewinding BEHIND the ad breaks is very annoying.

  7. I installed this app tonight for the first time, and like so many others, very unhappy with all the ads, approximately every 10 minutes, sometimes several minutes less than that, and each one starting with an ad about a crematory for Veterans, yay 😁 Many of the rest of the ads were repeats 🥱 Not only that, the picture kept freezing. All this within the first 45 minutes and for an old movie I’ve seen before. Not worth my time. So thanks, but no thanks, it’s been uninstalled.

  8. Every movie, after about 1/3-1/2 the movie, at commercial points and sometimes random points it jumps back to that approximate 1/3 point. Causing you to rewatch same ads over and over and then have to skip parts of the movie to get past the skip point… which can only happen after you have watched the same sequence and ads a minimum of 3 times. Don’t believe me? Try it. It’s just a way for them to play 2/3 + times the amount of ads than they are supposed to under the guise of glitches

  9. Absolutely terrible. One misclick or one wrong move, and wherever you lasted watched an ad, you’ll be stuck there. Even when you speed a few clicks ahead, you get trapped in a forever loop of ads that you already watched. It’s ridiculous to the point your wondering if it’s worth the trouble, the answer is no. Not to mention the set up is stupid, when people click the app, why is there a show playing loud and about? Possibly the most aggravating thing about this app.

  10. Horrible. The worst app for streaming anything. The ads are literally the same 4 ads over and over and over and over and over. Not to mention, it jumps to a different spot in the movie constantly and when you scroll back to where you were, ads again, even if you just completed the journey of Bosch tools, allergy testing through the mail and two shows I’ll never watch in my life. Worst app for streaming ever.

  11. It is filled with ads, but it is free so that gets a pass. The real problem is IT IS BROKEN, keeps switching to the titanic when I’m trying to watch saving private Ryan and it crashes my phone every 10-20 minutes, if they fix the bugs and you can accept that it is free then go for it but I heavily doubt they will fix the glitches and the ads are too much for on demand (IMO) so I’d say just skip for now and come back later

  12. I would give more stars but I have not been able to watch an entire movie yet. I pause or do anything like turn on cc after a movie has started it jumps back. I restart, it continues to go back to the scene that it was paused on. Even if you watch another 35 minutes it will jump back to the scene that was paused. I’ll forward the movie back to the 35 minute mark where I just was, it will let me watch some more of the movie then again jump back to the original paused scene. It’s frustrating!

  13. App sucks. In the middle of an on demand episode, it suddenly jumps backwards several minutes, and then a couple minutes of adds (commercials) appear. Try to fast forward…. More adds appear. Unable to view in full screen mode. Hey Pluto… Go look at apps like. Netflix… That’s what you need to do. To much of a pain in the @$$…deleting your app.

  14. This app has been terrible. The playback is plagued by ads cutting in and out then the show restores 20 minutes earlier. Sometimes it will get stuck in an ad and replay it multiple times only playing 10 seconds at a time before stopping. Sometimes if you resume the show it will only play 10 seconds or so over and over no matter if you try skipping ahead or restarting. I don’t mind the ads if the ads played correctly without making the whole program fail.

  15. The live TV shows work fine but the on-demand streaming needs a lot of work. I spent WAY too much time trying to watch John Wick. About five hours to watch a two hour movie. It kept replaying sections I had already seen after playing long sets of commercials, and when I tried to fast forward to the correct spot, I got more commercials and then resuming play in the same incorrect spot. I still haven’t seen the end of the movie, but I gave up.

  16. As I am writing this report the ads are playing. Way way too many ads. I’ve tried to watch the Pelé film and when I’m done with the ad breaks it takes me back about 20 minutes or so. When I try to skip back through, it gives me another ad break so then I have to watch the ads twice just to watch 10 minutes of the movie until another ad break. It makes me extremely angry.

  17. The app is unusable, if you want to pause or even watch an on demand show later, it tries to save your spot but it ends up going back to about 1/3 of the way through. Then every other time there’s an add it will play the add then bounce right back to 1/3 of the way through forcing you to watch another 3 minutes of adds. Like I said it’s unusable.

  18. Jackske dice:

    This app fails at basic functions. When I play a video, it takes forever to load, and when it does, it loads a completely different video. When I click full screen, it automatically skips to the end for some reason. The UI is NOT user friendly and it’s very annoying to use. I’m only using it because it’s free this month, but after my experience you’d have to pay me to use it.

  19. The app experience is garbage. I tried to watch a movie and it randomly skipped back to an earlier scene 4 times. Every time it did this, I had to rewatch a 2 minute commercial break. I finally gave up and tried to cast it to my tv. It started the darn movie over again and I had ti watcht that stupid commercial break again! I give up! I’ll find another way to watch my movie!

  20. Charlie G dice:

    5 minutes of commercials, then 5 minutes of your show or movie. Then it’s back to 5 minutes of commercials. No joke. It’s a shame because there’s some decent content buried under all the ads. Pluto must have roughly 5 times the amount of commercials than any other app I’ve ever used. Also there will only be a handful of different commercials and they just keep spamming them, many times the exact same one, back to back. SO MANY ADS THAT PLUTO IS NEARLY UNWATCHABLE. Unfortunately had to uninstall.

  21. Yeah the same thing everyone else is saying. This app used to be good, but in the on demand section, it is really impossible to watch anything all the way through. It doesn’t pick up where it left off after commercial break. It goes way back in the show and after about a minute the same commercials start again. I have literally watched more minutes of commercials than I have of the movie and I’m not even halfway through. If this doesn’t get fixed I’m going to give up and delete it. Had enough

  22. I like the content a lot. But the app is awful. Can’t watch any show without it skipping back to certain points and you can’t move back to the spot you were because it triggers another ad and then skips right back. The only solution I’ve found is to skip the entire episode and try the next.

  23. This has to be the worst app I’ve ever seen. It’s borderline unusable. I’ve never seen a better advertisement for literally any other streaming service than this app. Close the app in the middle of an episode? Good luck finishing it. The app loops you back everytime an ad break is hit. You can try to skip ahead, but if you end up hitting a preprogrammed ad break again you’ll be forced to watch 4 mins of ads just to be sent back once more. I’ve ended up with 25 mins of ads trying to finish 15m

  24. If you ever have to stop a show on Demand, technically the application saves the spot where it thinks you were last. However it glitches back to that spot after every commercial break. And every time you try to fast forward to the spot you were at before the glitch, it goes into a commercial break and then glitches back to the same spot where the application thought you were. The commercials are horrendously repetitive as well. Let me fast forward to where I was!!!!

  25. Went from great app to nightmare. Had positive experiences using the App when I first installed. Last few days I can’t watch anything. A show will start then go back to beginning of show. If you try and forward to where you were it just keeps showing the same annoying commercials over and over. I have removed App and installed again. Still having the same problem. If this isn’t corrected soon I’m dropping permanently.

  26. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this app is. I decided to watch John wick chapter 3 and it has skipped back to this one particular scene more than five times, regardless of where I was in the movie. The ads are beyond annoying, but I deal with them because it’s free. The skipping back to the same spot over and over again??? I was thinking of trying to pay for premium but God knows if that solves the issue. Absolutely horrible app.

  27. 3 stars only due to the selection that it has. Outside of that it’s streaming on demand service has horrible playback issues. It will play for x amount of time, go through commercials, then sometime after that it will revert back to original x. The only viable work around is: when x loops back(sometime after commercials end), move time bar to desired location, play for a second, stop playback, close app, open app and resume play and you might get another 15-20 minutes before it happens again.

  28. This app is trash, I’ve spent 4hrs trying to watch a 3hr movie and only made it 3 quarters of the way through because it keeps randomly jumping back to an early part about every 10mins. Each time it does that I have to sit through an ad cycle, when I skip forward back to I have to sit through another cycle. Ended up giving up trying to watch it. After looking at the reviews seems like a lot of people have had the same experience, 2 thumbs way down.

  29. Kevin dice:

    Very repetitive commercials with no reporting option. Constantly have to clear cache and data to fix the player repeating itself. Doing that will cause you to loose your places with things you started watching. App uses a ton of memory due to memory leaks and heats the battery up due to spaghetti coding. A very good variety of content but no sense, if you cannot watch it without jumping through hoops.

  30. Tim dice:

    Viewing options are great but layout & navigation is rough. The format on a computer web browser is the worst. This one is easier to use since it doesn’t autoplay the sound right away. Still I try to watch a movie and it’ll just start to loop back to middle point instead of continuing the movie.

  31. This app is frustrating because if you want to go back to a previous spot in (say 20 minutes) in an on-demand feature (yes, any type of feature), you may be able to for a few minutes of the feature but it looks up to where you were before and starts up from there. You CANNOT go backward or forward on any on-demand feature without ending up in loop and sometimes only seeing ads. It’s been like this since the last update. Bad streaming Pluto TV.

  32. Absolutely terrible app! Just downloaded it about an hour ago to watch a movie. An hour later I’m 20 minutes into the movie because it keeps reverting to an earlier point. When trying to go forward, it stops at the closest ad break. I’m two ad breaks in, so I have to watch both in order to get where I was. I closed it and reopened, no difference. DELETED!!!!

  33. Extremely frustrating interface. Hard to navigate and not intuitive. I expect ads on a free platform these days, but they are excessive and repetitive to say the least. Not to mention, you have to keep re-watching the same long ad block every time the app glitches and skips you back to an earlier point in the video you’re watching. It won’t physically let me finish the episode once this starts happening, just kicks me back to the same spot earlier in the episode, more ads, ♾️. Super frustrating!

  34. This app is absolutely terrible! I have been trying to watch a 1 1/2 hour movie for the past 3 hours and still have 40 minutes of the movie left to go! It will randomly skip back 5-30 minutes and will immediately start ads. After the ads you can skip back to where you were and it immediately starts the adds again before you can continue the movie from where you should have been. I don’t mind ads one but because it’s free but this is absolutely ridiculous!!!

  35. At first I thought this app was pretty cool until I tried to watch Jesse Stone. In the middle of each movie it cuts off and Loops back to 10 minutes prior, plays for a few minutes, loops back to a commercial, loops back 10 minutes…so I can never get past the middle of the movie and then it will eventually freeze. For the SECOND time I’m going to have to delete this app. Can’t fully enjoy it so why keep it? Will reinstall if fixed.

  36. If there weren’t issues, I’d give it 4 stars. But I’m having the same issue as others. It randomly starts whenever in the movie. Causing me to try to find my place. Only to have to watch the same horrid ads 4 times. It took me an hour and a half to watch 22 minutes of a movie and I gave up. I’m ok with ads. Because I understand that’s how we get great free content. But it’s impossible to watch anything when it constantly starts over randomly or jumps forward randomly. I’m deleting. Fix ur bugs

  37. I would have rated this app 5 starts when I first started using it, all the sci fi shows I love to stream at my disposal, but the joy was short lived. About halfway into the second series I picked to watch, the video began to freeze, buffer, and go back to the beginning of the episode. At first it was just an annoyance and would play correctly after a few hiccups, but soon it was taking hours to get through one episode. I then asked for help troubleshooting, but only got an automated response.

  38. My issue with this app is not the commercials, but that every single time I have to rewind or forward a movie it goes straight to ads. Can’t find the spot where I left off without a ton of commercial breaks. One should be able to find their place they left off, then the ads pop up, but allow the customer a glimpse of the movie first. This app keeps restarting movie randomly. Don’t make all this money with ads then give us a garbage app.

  39. Really like this app. But since I updated a couple days ago. It rewinds on demand all the time. There was 30 mins left in my movie. It. Was rewinding every minute or two. And every time it would replay adds. And do it again. I wasn’t even able to finish the movie. Does it on shows on demand too. Super disappointing and aggravating

  40. This app has been my go to app for all movies and TV when I do find time to watch for almost 2 years and all of a sudden a couple of days ago its started to back track or jump to a certain part in the movie or show and no matter what it does it over and over again I uninstalled the app reinstalled and no change. It is doing this on all of my devices! AND when it does jump I’ll try to close it about to its original place and EVERYTIME I do it makes me watch the ads again sometimes twice!! Fixplz

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