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Download Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock has all your favorites, all in one place.

With Peacock, stream new movies and thousands of TV show episodes — including The Office, Bel-Air, Days of our Lives, and Yellowstone — plus exclusive Originals and current series from Bravo and NBC.

Stay up to date on live news and stream all your favorite live sports and events including WWE, NFL Sunday Night Football, Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2022, Premier League, golf, and more.

Here’s what you get with PEACOCK:

• Instant access to hundreds of movies from major Hollywood studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features.
• Thousands of hours of TV series, including full seasons of buzzworthy faves and bingeworthy classics.
• Peacock Channels – playing your favorite entertainment and news. Scroll less and watch more with the SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, NBC Sports on Peacock, WWE, NBC News NOW, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Dateline 24/7.
• Hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo.
• Up to 6 personal profiles to optimize your viewing experience.

Upgrade to PEACOCK PREMIUM ($4.99/month) for even more of your Peacock favorites – every movie, episode, and season, plus stream live sports and events. More to watch. More to love.

• Stream new movies from theaters and full seasons of exclusive premium TV like Yellowstone and The Office.
• Every WWE Premium Live Event —including WrestleMania—plus series, docs, and the WWE Vault.
• Exclusive Peacock Originals, including Bel-Air, A Friend of the Family, The Real Housewives of Miami, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, Dr. Death, Love Island, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and more.
• More live sports, including exclusive Premier League soccer matches, figure skating, golf, NFL Sunday Night Football, and Notre Dame football.
• The streaming home for your Bravo faves, including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef, and more.
• Current-season NBC hits like the One Chicago franchise, The Voice, Law & Order: SVU, Young Rock, and Saturday Night Live.
• Unlimited access to the entire library of Kids and Family entertainment.

With PEACOCK PREMIUM PLUS ($9.99/month), get everything included in Peacock Premium as well as:

• Stream Peacock ad-free.*
• Stream your local NBC channel, 24/7.
• Download available titles to your mobile device and watch later, anywhere.
*Due to streaming rights, Peacock Channels, events, and a few shows & movies will still contain ads.

Content availability may vary over time.
Please note: Use of the Peacock app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is
accessible via 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Data charges may apply.

If applicable, subscription charges begin after any promotional period of Peacock Premium/Peacock Premium Plus concludes. You will be charged on a recurring basis as described above, minus applied offers plus applicable taxes. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting your account in the Peacock App. By subscribing, you agree to the preceding subscription terms and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below.

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40 comentarios en "Peacock TV: Stream TV & Movies MODDED 2022"

  1. J K dice:

    In comparison to other streaming apps, it’s ok. Not a lot of ads (pro), but keeps showing ads in Spanish (con). The biggest drawback is – unlike Netflix or Paramount – if you pause a show or close it mid-watching or even just go back to the home screen, and then choose “continue watching” it doesn’t continue where you left off, even if you choose “resume watching”. At best, it restarts the whole episode. At worst, and often, it defaults to the previously watched episode. Hence my 4 stars.

  2. I paid for no ads. That was not the problem. Opening the app and using it is frustrating. Every 5-6mins of playtime, it starts to skip and freezes and then resets. I have to go back and resume playing. I might cancel after this first month. Just downloaded yesterday and still have not watched a full episode of anything or a complete movie due to this happening. What a letdown

  3. I like the shows on this app when it works. It almost always experiencing one problem or another. Sometimes it just stalls every few minutes, or in the case of last night, multiple times in a minute, crashes often, either won’t load or load extremely slowly. It’s always something. I don’t have this problem with my other apps. Unfortunately, some of the shows I want to watch are only on Peacock. As soon as I have watched all the shows I want, I will gladly be deleting this app!!

  4. Lindsay S dice:

    I want to like this app & I paid for an entire year because it was a good deal. Works fine on my phone, although I wish it had picture in picture. I used to be able to use it on my Firestick, but something changed and now it freezes at every commercial. I can clear cache/restart the app and it works again until the next commercial. It is not my internet connection, it has something to do with this app & the Firestick. It works on my phone & all other apps work on my Firestick. Please fix it!

  5. N V dice:

    I like the price tag of this app. I only use this one and one other for that reason. There are others I have tried at that price but they don’t stream smoothly. However, I very frequently get a fatal player error message. When this happens, I cannot continue watching anything. It can be quite frustrating and has resulted in me canceling my subscription previously. Maybe my phone model isn’t as compatible as it could be, but I will not be renewing my subscription again. Also uses a lot of battery

  6. This app is NOT user-friendly. Volume must be controlled in-app with a tiny touch bar. It auto-scrolls for you, so you can’t stop halfway through a list, making it really hard to read. If you are currently watching a episode and would like to view the seasons and episodes, you have to completely back out and re-search for the show. The prompt that asks if you would like to ‘resume’ or ‘start over’ an episode looks so much like an ad, I had a hard time clicking it. The icons and fonts are tiny.

  7. Don’t like the fact that some of the movies have a few short ads despite paying for no ads… would like that to stop being a thing. But generally it’s not an issue. Good movie selection for the most part. Not great show selection but that’s just my taste. Overall pretty good experience, just really don’t like ads when I pay not to have them even if it only happens on one movie.

  8. If you are paying for the service every month then you shouldn’t have to deal with so many 60 second adds/commercials within one episode. Other than that I love the app. Has great quality and plenty of different options to choose to watch between movies, show’s, and live TV. I understand if it has the ads/commercials during the live broadcastings but not when you are streaming the movies and show’s. I hope that they consider that and change it. Especially when you pay monthly for service.

  9. G W dice:

    The app functions fine as a minimum viable product. Audio description is constantly turning itself on and there’s practically no system-level setting menu to make this change. This is a problem you’re aware of; please fix it. Also, please add the feature to play a single episode. Not everyone wants to have an entire season play while they sleep!

  10. Complete garbage. I have this app on my Amazon FireTV. It freezes every time there is a commercial. I have to force stop the app and clear cache each time to continue playback. You can do a quick Google search and find this has been an issue since the app launched. Can’t imagine how a multi-million dollar company can’t fix this but still continues to charge us our monthly fees. Pathetic really.

  11. Why the default Audio Descriptions? Watching on a FireTVStick and I have to reset the audio to not have the audio descriptions turned on…over and over. If I pause too long, they turn back on! It’s a nice option, but why in the world is it a default…and why doesn’t the app save my settings each time? Mobile app has issues too. Episodes never show as finished unless you let it autoplay the next episode (which should be able to be turned off).

  12. lacking a lot of features: ability to disable auto play isn’t present. ability to keep your “continue watching” for more than a few days. if you don’t keep watching your show, it will disappear from this play list, and will not bookmark your last watched episode. you have to search for the season and episode you were on in order to continue it. could be a good experience, otherwise. most of the titles available appeal to the nostalgic, it’s why i keep it.

  13. Originally I gave this 5 stars. For me, the app has no glitches and for the most part I was satisfied. But over the past couple of months, it seems like almost EVERYTHING requires the premium upgrade. I would like a menu feature that would just show the basic viewing options, without having to scroll through all the premium shows I can’t watch.

  14. I absolutely love how easy this app is and the ads free part of it. However, I am constantly having problems with this app loading. I can never log into my account and watch my shows unless I’m on the go, in which I am usually the driver, so it’s very difficult for me to even use the app. They need to fix the issue instead of telling me to use my Hotspot in the comfort of my own home. I have wifi. However, it won’t even load with that.

  15. This app is so buggy. Especially with the drop down cast options, if i click 10 second rewind, it starts completely over and i have to watch ads again even if i already watched them at that time stamp. Or if it disconnects from pausing too long the same thing happens. It’s like fine I’ll take an ad if it’s been some time, but at least remember my place so i don’t have to watch 3 adds trying to get back to the place i was at.

  16. 2022 review – still glitchy, can keep a picture now on my android but still runs slow and gets stuck when you try to exit the app. Still no downsize video available – every other streaming app has figured it out. 2020 review- Very glitchy. Isn’t able to keep the movie picture running (black screen with audio only). Also, no one wants to just listen to a movie on their phone or tablet, you should have the ability to downsize the screen and access a different app at the same time.

  17. You people need to go back to app coding school! Seriously, none of my other streaming apps have a problem, but every time I have to pause peacock and come back, something goes wrong. Either the show isn’t where I left off, or worse and extremely more frequent, the app gives me this error until I restart my phone. It’s not the phone because none of my other apps are having a problem. The only reason the restart is fixing it is because the session is finally being disconnected properly.

  18. Linda dice:

    When something we’ve finished watching is over, stop picking new things for us to watch! Especially since it’s something we’d never choose. Then we’re stuck with it in our “continue watching.” You can’t remove it from there either. There’s a temporary solution, but if the show’s still airing, it gets put back in “continue watching” as soon as a new episode is added. Quite irritating.

  19. This app used to be good but then all the shows I would watch got put on premium. I get it you have to make money. Also the commercials have gotten way worse. The app almost never loaded but I could live with that. I could have lived with the commercials and the slow loading time but since you have made my all of my shows premium, I’m done. I would give negative stars if I could.

  20. Jo Wood dice:

    It’s infuriating that this app doesn’t support pop-out/picture-in-picture like seemingly every single one of its competitors. I like how the ads seen shorter than say Hulu, but I often find that it does not retain where I left off on an episode and have to tap around the play time until I find it, which can lead to more ads being triggered. Overall feels like a rushed app with little support, unfortunately.

  21. I used this app once before but deleted it. Just keeps on saying an error has occurred and have no signal. I’ve tried clearing the cache and reinstalling and same thing. It’s a trash app. From a major television network, this is pathetic and just plain laziness by the people running it. It’s by far thee worst app I’ve ever used. Its incredibly slow and has all kinds of bugs. You never hear back from developers or support, so their reply to this was just to make them look like they care.

  22. Tim B dice:

    The price is right, but the app is terrible on my LG TV. It loses track of what episode you’re on, it’s hard to fast forward and backup. Update: I read online that uninstalling and reinstalling the app may fix the problem off losing track of your show history. It did work for me so I changed my star rating for 1 to 3. I’m still not thrilled with the far forward and rewind features, but at least it is remembering where I lost of last.

  23. Pal Mo dice:

    There is no picture-in-picture / display over other apps. The picture doesn’t fill the screen (there is a wide black border on all sides). Otherwise it is fine. My one star is mainly from having to use this App on my phone instead of TV because the sound is 40 minutes off-cue for one movie on it, which was not fixed after following all the suggestions and wasting a lot of time with the unhelpful and dodgy tech help.

  24. This app defaults to audio description with no option to change the default. I always have to go into the settings whenever turning the app on, or whenever going back to the main show screen and pressing play it defaults back to audio description for the blind. It’s cool to have accessibility options but to default to that without the ability to change is super annoying. This happens on my Samsung phone and on my Hisense TV!!

  25. Momo-chan dice:

    Worst app ever. I try to stream something and freezes, reloads in the middle of the movie or show. I’ve had to pause whatever i watch, let it load, then play for 5mins then again pause and wait. Cast control is terrible also. I pause something and the movie on the screen keeps playing and it takes forever for it to register that I paused it. It’s so damm slow it’s ridiculous! Never again will i use this app!

  26. Alicia m dice:

    There are a lot of great shows, but a lot of them cost money to watch. And there are multiple tiers of payment: just because you’re paying for peacock doesn’t mean you get out of commercials. I also have some problems with the app. When your episode ends, although the app says “up next” and shows the next episode in a series, it doesn’t actually play the next episode. Update: I had to delete the app because it gets stuck on the “whose watching” page or fails to load entirely. Doesn’t work.

  27. Disappointing experience compared to competitors. If you pause a show and your screen turns off, the show starts over. Does not support pausing/playing using the Bluetooth headphone pause/play button. Difficult to search for shows because you have to get the wording exactly right. Isn’t obvious when a show has new episodes. I could go on, but you get the point. They are relying on their content they pulled from much better streaming apps and not on user experience.

  28. Nicole dice:

    This app streams some very good things. However, it is so SLOW. It tends to lock up if left on pause for a minute too long. Generally have to crash it and hope it starts again. Does not matter what type of device you are on. I wish it would be fixed. UPDATE: do you notice that almost all of us with complaints get the exact same reply? So a computer is just these messages out. NOTHING will change!

  29. You’re going to fight with this app more than you’re gonna watch TV. It constantly crashes or says there’s no network connection when there is. If you pause a show and the screen goes black, it doesn’t save where you’re at. At least once a day, the video lags when the audio is fine. Just now, the show would go to an advertisement and then immediately back to the home screen. Yeah it has some good shows, but it’s not worth the headache. If you’ve been on fence about getting peacock, just don’t.

  30. Peacock seems to have some interesting shows…too bad the TV app and smartphone apps are trash. The TV app is Extremely slow to respond to the remote and constantly cuts in and out making it impossible to watch a show. If you’re able to get it running, it restarts the episode and you’re too afraid to mess with it to try to fast forward. The android app doesn’t seem to be much better when screencasting. I really want to watch a few shows, but it’s too frustrating.

  31. Crashes way too often and does not save watched shows like it should. Yes, subscribed. Edit Now it is worse than before! It crashes at the advertisements and the app freezes. It also starts with English play by play for the blind, so it has to be turned off each time I have to restart the app. Give the people you have managing this app the resources they need to fix it!

  32. R S dice:

    Peacock Premium has a great lineup of movies and TV shows. I enjoy the streaming only on Peacock series and new movies. But, when I use it on my Roku TV it freezes and kicks completely out. If I keep trying sometimes it will work. On my phone it’s great but I rarely watch anything on my phone. Also once I finally get it to play, if I pause or rewind it also freezes up and kicks out. This happens 8 out of 10 times. I’m hoping this issue will be fixed, so I can keep my plan and give 5 stars.

  33. My favorite shows were moved to a streaming service that’s much less user friendly 😑 slow, awkward to navigate, does not allow for going right to a favorite show and selectiong and episode – I have to search it every time, or pick up where I left off (which I don’t always want to do with a talk show). Even then, half the time it restarts at the beginning of the episode even if I’ve watched 3/4 of it. As far as I know there is also only a full screen option, which is awkward to back out of.

  34. m r dice:

    Yikes. The commercials are getting longer and more steady by the day, and now the app will play 3 minutes of ads, freeze on zero, and never play the episode. Have to reset device and start from scratch, and wouldn’t you know it, it happens again, over and over. Horrible experience. This is across 3 different devices. 1 phone, 1 smart tv, and 1 streaming device all do this. So I’m now apparently just paying to watch ads and that’s it. 🤬

  35. Worst streaming app ever. Constantly freezing, crashing, or just doesn’t work right away. It also takes forever for the home screen to load and you scroll down the screen forever to get to the “keep watching” section. It’s easier to just go to your favorites but of course that takes forever to load too. Plus you have to wait to watch new episodes until the day after they air so you run the risk of seeing/hearing spoilers.

  36. The app has definitely added some great content but compared to other streaming apps it functions poorly. I have also spent hours trying to take off the setting for Audio Description but can’t seem to. Everytime I pause or start a new episode it turns back on. Audio Description is annoying to me as a sighted person so I hate it’s set for it an have to go in every time I watch something to turn it off.

  37. Carlos T dice:

    This is the worst streaming app I’ve used. Slow to load, slow to respond. Very limited settings. Doesn’t remember those you can set. Often defaults to audio captions for the visually impared. Always autoplays next episodes it wants. No history of what you’ve already watched. Episode listing doesn’t indicate broadcast date. No quick Rewind/FF. Stuff every other app does. LAME!!

  38. The picture in picture doesn’t work, when streaming the app will skip backwards after commercials without me doing anything, and when returning to the app from another app (because picture in picture doesn’t work I can’t use it simultaneously) it starts the episode over. It gets so frustrating that I just switch to another streaming app. Peacock, if you’re going to hold shows like Parks and Rec, the office, and The Voice hostage, you need to do better than this!!!

  39. Lisa M-G dice:

    I made a mistake trying to sign up without realizing which is why I initially gave one star. Customer service responded very quickly, my dumb mistake was fixed, and I am signed up and started watching a show without issue. Will update further once I’ve had more watch time Update: the only issue I have is that you can’t disable autoplay. I use a work around by setting an app timer but still annoying to have to go in and reset the timer if I want to watch more.

  40. The issue I have with the app is that the bottom status bar that indicates which episodes you’ve watched or are watching, dissapear random from all shows. For example I watched all of New Amsterdam’s season, but then suddenly season 1 thru 3 are as if I hadn’t seen them. No bottum status bar. I’ve been sent Peacock messages through Twitter but the issue doesn’t get resolved. HBOMax, Prime, Netflix, Starz and Disney do not have these issues. I wish they would fix that bug.

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