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Movies, anywhere. Want to buy, stream, rent or watch them for free? Get the free Vudu app and instantly watch movies and TV shows wherever and whenever you want, on your phone or on the device of your choice. Join us freely – no subscriptions and no contracts to sign here! Watch new movies and shows weeks before they hit the shelves and other subscription streaming services. Stream with stunning clarity and sound in up to 4K UHD, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on select devices. Or watch thousands of titles free with limited commercials with Vudu Movies On Us – now also on the Android TV app.

Discover 7 reasons why you’ll love Vudu:

A movie library on your phone? Vudu makes it all possible. All your movies and TV shows can now be found on your phone, and yes, even the brand new ones! Our library can also keep you busy for ages: with over 100,000 movies and shows, the possibility to link your Disney Movies Anywhere account, and new ones coming out every month, you’ll always have something to enjoy.

Stream, rent, or own? Download and watch offline? Do you want to pay? You get to decide exactly how you want to watch your TV shows and movies.

Movies, for free. (Really.) With Movies On Us, a Vudu exclusive, you can watch thousands of movies with limited and short commercials, and not have to pay.

If you buy or rent a movie or a TV show, Vudu lets you download it on your phone. Enjoy your library offline! And forget about buffering: you won’t depend on a flimsy Wi-Fi signal to stream anymore.

Only pay for what you want to watch. Don’t pay for a catalogue of shows you don’t want to watch: get only what you want.

You already own a physical copy of a movie? With Disc to Digital, scan a UPC and convert hard copies into digital format in one click only. Download what you own and enjoy your movies offline.

Vudu is supported by Google Chromecast. That’s right, you don’t have to limit yourself to your phone screen: go big and watch your new movie on your home TV set.

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40 comentarios en "Vudu- Buy, Rent & Watch Movies 2022"

  1. Overall a decent movie app. Streaming to a Chromecast is extremely annoying since one of the latest updates: most apps (including this one) have a separate volume for media from your phone, and volume for the streaming service. This is the only one that those volumes are tied, so it’s extremely irritating opening a video on Insta and the volume is blaring… Or having to turn it down, and not being able to hear your movie. Please, separate these two volume settings.

  2. Ever since the last update, which was in October, I’ve noticed the app significantly lowers the volume when using with Chromecast. I have to open the Google Home app to fix the volume, and sometimes the volume goes back down again. It seems to happen most often when resuming from pause but also occurs randomly at other times. I ended up giving up and using the Playstation app instead of casting from my phone.

  3. I’ve had a VUDU account for years, never had any issue. It’s a nice change from other streaming platforms where you pay a monthly fee for whatever they have available. VUDU has a massive selection that doesn’t usually change, and you pay per show/movie. Gets expensive if you are constantly renting the same movies/shows, so it’s usually more cost effective to buy through VUDU and then watch as many times as you like without the fear of it getting removed.

  4. I really have enjoyed using vudu for years. But when I tried to open the app today, it no longer works. It has been updated and still won’t open. All I get is a blank screen. I hope all my movies are still in my account when they fix this problem cause right now I can’t even see my account. Issue an update that fixes this and soon!

  5. wes d dice:

    App constantly hangs, freezes and force closes. no way to just “resume” a series i started. zero ability to even scroll through a series and see what i have watched/not watched/watched part way. which means every single time you open the app, you have to somehow remember what season and episode you were on. not to mention, the UI is completely different in every single device platform. App design is geared towards you buying shows, not watching shows you’ve already purchased.

  6. Daniel S dice:

    Great app in many ways. Occasionally glitchy but overall incredibly useful. I would give it 5 stars if the subtitle options that Amazon gives were present. Vudu’s are horrendous: massive, often slow, and very much likely to interrupt your experience. Vudu, if you read this, I will happily no longer give Amazon any business if you just fix the subtitles issue. It’s bad. As it is, I will currently rent any movie available from both places specifically from Amazon at the moment.

  7. This site really sucks. I’ve had problems in the past. But tonight, I rented Nope for $5.99. I paid for the movie once but it kept giving me the option to rent. So I did it again and it worked. But after checking my account online, I see I was billed twice. THEN after all of that, I go to stream the movie to my TV and it’s constantly having to load. I have the top Verizon internet and an S22 Ultra. But I’m constantly looking at the movie cover while listening to sound. This site is ridiculous.

  8. Darby dice:

    Vudu has recently stopped working i have cleaned up the cache.ive uninstalled and reinstalled. Some of my movies wont even open. Then when it does play it closes out. Its got bug issues going. Can u guys please fix it quickly. I cant watch my movies. Ive tried everything. This started over a week ago. Its getting worse. K, just did it again. Now vudu wont even open. I believe it needs a new interface.

  9. Its pretty lackluster. Hard when you compare everything to Netflix, but how after a few years is there no auto-play option for TV series? Also, the app goes down quite a bit where it doesn’t recognize a password. Also does not save password so it must be entered every time. Simple things that can be addressed but are not. Update 11/23/22: Disc to Digital for years is still broken. Troubleshooting for hours and still does not recognize I am at home try to convert my discs.

  10. Generally good but lately I’ve been having trouble playing downloaded movies that I own. Sometimes the movie won’t start at all and other times I can get halfway through the movie before I start getting playback error messages. I’ve tried playing them with and without wifi/data turned on. Very frustrating.

  11. I love Vudu, it’s my favorite streaming app. Vudu has a lot of stuff that I can’t find elsewhere, indie, harder to find horror, and international films that other services don’t have. I love that you can sort your movies/tv into categories by creating lists which makes finding what you’re looking for so much easier! There are a lot of sales on Vudu, you can get movies for $5-10 all the time. You can put movies you want in your wishlist and wait for them to go on sale, it happens often!

  12. Theres an issue with 4k dolby vision content on the chromecast. If I pause and resume or or use any playback controls, the picture will start to stutter and I’ve had massive artifacting appear on the screen. Older titles seemed more likely to do it. Batman Returns was the first I noticed it but I’ve had this problem many times. My 4k roku doesn’t have any issues like this. Also please allow the chromecast to automatically change the screen refresh rate like the roku can do. Hdr10 doesn’t work

  13. The application works as intended and, works very well, for the most part. I gave 4-stars, instead of 5-stars, due to a low level of ease when trying to access ones personally owned content. If the access point was up higher on the side bar, it would be easier to access ones personally owned library/content. Otherwise, great application!

  14. N dice:

    USED to be great, especially disc to digital. Doesn’t work! Constantly get an error, redirects me and always asks for me to keep signing in, and then wanting me to add a payment method, even though there’s one on there! It’s frustrating!! The layout used to be just great, then they had to go and change it up to match Netflix I guess? I liked the former layout, I didn’t have to click “back” over and over again. If I didn’t have so many movies I’ve purchased, I’d delete this garbage app.

  15. The disc to digital option is pretty much trash now, after being decent for a long time. The last update changed the process of capturing the barcode to make it basically unusable, as rather than directly reading and translating the barcode, as was done in the past, it now requires a photo of the barcode that takes up 80% of the screen, with no option to zoom or autofocus. In other words, it’s impossible. Hugely disappointing, and obviously done to phase out this very valuable option.

  16. I love the prices, there are always tons of sales and I really appreciate how many systems link up to vudu. I absolutely hate the subtitles though. The subtitles and subtitle options are some of the worst on the entire streaming market. They are delayed, misshapen across platforms, riddled with spelling errors, bad translations, awfully placed, badly sized even with multiple size selections, I could go on and on. On top of subtitles, the player is pretty bad. Despite all that, I still love it.

  17. I’ve had this app for about 3 years now and I have loved it. Kept all my movies and TV shows together and was easy to use. A few months ago they changed the layout of the app and now things never want to load or work. When I try to watch a purchase it says my device has been deactivated from the account and signs me out. I sign back in, all my purchases appear again, all my info is present, then I click on a purchase to watch and it brings up the same error message. Super annoyed!

  18. More and more frequently, I seem to be having issues at least 1-2 times a week where nothing will load on the app when I open it. I can’t see the home screen, but more importantly, I am unable to access the umpteen dollars worth of digital purchases in my own library. I have emailed Vudu support 3 times in the past 4 weeks and have never received a single response. I have checked for updates and restarted my phone. Nada. Supremely frustrated.

  19. I love the app overall however we have used our vudu account to convert our physical DVD library to our digital library. Prior to them updating it worked flawlessly when it had a built in scanner for the bar code. Now that it forces you to take a picture of the bar code all I get is errors every single time. This needs to be fixed so I can finish my conversion, I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that this is what drew many of us to your app in the first place.

  20. I’ve had this app for years. It’s on my phone, tablet, and TVs. I have hundreds of movies and over a dozen TV series. Membership is free, no subscription fees. Just buy a title, and watch it “forever,” not worrying about shows leaving because the service wants to. I have a very personalized collection of a lot of my favorite shows. The Free movies & TV is also nice, but apparently not available on the Samsung version of the app (you need the Google version). Samsung got 3 stars from me.

  21. I used to love this app however, since I’ve had to convert my Walmart sign in to a Vudu sign in it’s HORRIBLE!! I have almost 675 movies/TV shows I’ve bought on the app & I don’t have access to all of them, depending on the device we use. It doesn’t matter how many times I logout & back in it never changes. I’ve been emailing them about the problems & get no response. I tried to chat & after 15 minutes or more waiting on a live person, I gave up. They just don’t seem to care anymore.

  22. Used to be a good app. Horrible now. And has been for a while even with several people posting reviews like this. So they don’t appear to care. Constantly fails to download my movies for plane trips. Even when it does, it fails to play once I am in airplane mode. Shifting to another service for my digital library. Avoid.

  23. So disappointed. I’ve had VUDU for years, and have purchased many movies. Now it suddenly won’t run on my Android phone, and although I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and everything else I can think of, it just gives me a black screen when it try to run it.

  24. Dave H dice:

    I have a new phone. Every other video app I use works fine. However.. playing videos through your app causes the image to freeze for a few seconds then continues to play. I have invested a lot in your app with purchases. It is very frustrating that I can’t enjoy any of my content on your app anymore. I don’t really expect a response. Just putting it out there.

  25. Am very annoyed. Trying to use disk-to-digital on Android and it keeps telling me to turn on location services, which is already enabled. The Help is no help, it just says “turn on location services”. Can’t do disk-to-digital on my pc because its not supported. And all because some stupid lawyer said they have to have this restriction to limit fraud, like it really does a fat lot of good anyway.

  26. Okay overall platform, but the app is complete & utter shite. They overhauled it a few months ago, and it got even worse. Lots of little details like purchased movies displayed in their promotional bundles rather then individually, custom lists not loading at all half of the time, and a wishlist that doesn’t even display what is on sale from within the list (which makes it useless!) A competent company needs to buy it, clean house, and run it well for a change.

  27. Just Me dice:

    This comment is about Vudu on Android phone. While most people of course do prefer watching landscape view, there is the occasional time I would like to watch on portrait view. Yes the picture doesn’t fill the screen. But when you’re not feeling the best and wanting to watch something it’s easier to hold the phone in the portait view and not try to prop it up somehow and still see good. Ya I’m the weird one but it sure would be nice not forced into landscape view.

  28. I’ve had it for a few years now and am always switching the devices I use it on which is great. Game systems, tvs, phones, tablets, and laptops. It’s great cuz we travel a lot and it makes downloading movies and shows easy for that. I also love the options for renting. Recently was able to watch a movie with a friend we couldn’t find showings for, but we were able to rent which was nice because said friend really wanted to watch.

  29. I love the selection and the free movies but I have always had an issue with buffering and play back on shows. There seems to be a lag when I watch movies on my phone or computer that I don’t experience with Netflix, YouTube, or my Disney+ accounts, only with Vudu. It’s super frustrating and I wish they would do something to resolve the issue.

  30. Tried to sign in but can’t. I just downloaded the app, and I used to have an account before they did away from Disc to Digital. I reset my password, and can sign in online and on my TV, but my phone app doesn’t allow me to sign in, which isn’t useful since i planned to watch movies while I was traveling in the next couple of weeks. Poor TV app layout also. No way to search for specific movies or shows.

  31. Save the time and money, I’ve had this app for two years now and never had one problem. Today out of the blue not two hours ago the app on my Roku decided it would no longer play the dozens of movies bought nor the tv shows. “Playback error”…yea I appreciate that Vudu. Not only has it quit on my tv, but also every device I had it on. I’ve spent hundreds and get this?! I would absolutely give you -200 stars if it were possible. Avoid at all costs folks it’s just a trap.

  32. Terrible app, when watching a TV show the audio and video will go out of sync like your watching it on some old 90s dial up service. Then sometimes the video will move on but the audio will keep looping the same 5 minute sequence over and over again or vice versa. And if by some miracle you do make it through without that happening sometimes the app will just skip over an episode randomly making you have to back track to figure out where you where. Happens on both the app on my phone and TV:(

  33. Joel H. dice:

    I have had an account with Vudu for as long as I have had the ability to stream film & television. I loved it for being able to obtain films not released in the US, or TV shows not available on DVD, but that was when Walmart owned it. Since it has been purchased by Fandango, the contracts and rights access to many films has been discontinued. Some titles are no longer accessible.

  34. So many problems. Once I pause a movie it won’t start again. I’ve lost out on so many rentals because of this. I’ve had this problem on my cell, game console and computer as well as 3 different internet providers. Tech support is no good as I’ve had to fix the problem myself every time by looking it up. It constantly wants to stream in HDX despite changing the settings. This has lead to having to work around it until I get it to stream in SD. Also, awhile back they emailed me to let me know that certain providers were no longer available. Thankfully it didn’t affect me so I still have the movies I bought. They will not send you a hard copy, download or anything of the sort so you just loose out on previous purchases.

  35. Update: 12/04/19 the glitches have been ironed out and for the last couple of months it’s been great! Selection is still good. 07/09/19 Glitchy! Now asks me to sign in every time the connection gets lost, which can be upwards of 3 times in the course of 1 movie. Despite my having checked the remember me feature I have to write out password everytime! That’s annoying! If it weren’t for such a good selection, I would look for a different streaming app.

  36. Vudu always has sales going, plus a very large selection of movies you can watch for free if you’re willing to put up with a few commercials. I would have taken half a star off for the placement of the ads because they’re never in a logical place (like a scene transition). However I didn’t feel it was enough to take an entire star. Still though, please fix this

  37. Update July 19, 2021: Almost three years and several updates later and this app is still complete and unusable garbage. September 2018: The latest update to the VUDU TV app is simply horrible. Screen flow makes no sense. Pressing “BACK” on the TV remote ends up on a blank screen that accepts no input. The only way out is to return to the TV. Search by keyboard/remote input is no longer available. Only voice search. Why? On top of this, the app is very sluggish compared to the previous version. Clearly there’s a need for quite a bit more work on it. It’s a giant step down in quality compared to the previous version. The Disc-To-Digital feature on the mobile version does not work at all. Also: why does VUDU need permission to read my Google Contacts? None of these bugs existed in the previous version. So, what is the point of this new version? Annoy your paying customers?

  38. I’ve been using this service and app for years, without one single issue. It’s compatible with other platforms and easy to navigate. The only issue, is currently the disc to digital function is giving me the error that my location does not match my billing address, and I get this error while being at home. A bit frustrating, since I’ve never had an issue with it before. Wish there was a resolution for this.

  39. Vudu has a decent app, and I like the Disc-to-Digital feature. Unfortunately the app has apparently been responsible for causing my phone to freeze, making it impossible to even restart the phone. This has not been occurring when watching anything, but simply while browsing or trying to make purchases. I don’t know why this is happening, but this needs to be fixed.

  40. So far this has been a great app. The movies play on Roku, tablets, phones and chromecast. The issue I had was addressed quickly and resolved in a courteous manner. My only suggestion is being able to redeem movies for free, if DVDs are bought at Walmart without paying for digital conversion. Some movies come with a digital copy, but many don’t.

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