Buff is a loyalty program that rewards gamers simply for playing games.
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Play->Earn->Redeem, BUFF is a loyalty program for gamers, its FREE for all, the more and better you play the more you will earn! Enhance your gaming experience!


-Added support for a new game (Splitgate) for a new platform (Playstation), with various challenges for it.
-Added stats for 5 matches completed after a user completes the Endless challenge in Splitgate.
-Various minor bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "BUFF.Game MODDED 2022"

  1. App is really bad. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and haven’t been able to get a single item. I play games daily and complete at least 3 missions a day and all weekly missions and have made no progress. If you don’t have premium or spend real money you spend almost half a year getting enough points for something of use. You’re better off saving for it irl than hoping to get anything here.

  2. It’s unique and has a good idea, but you would have to pay for the subscriptions just to get the gift cards at a decent speed, and even with the subscriptions it would take a few months at best to get a $10 gift card. If you’re on mobile then just use Mistplay, it’s better and faster with more variety, it’s not worth it to pay for a slow rate of money losing returns.

  3. Hello, first of all I want to say a very good program, but there are many problems 1 – When you play often does not count the challenges 2 – I really followed the market of this program for a whole day 3. When I watch ads, the amount of points it shows me should go to my account, but most of the time it doesn’t 4- You need to add more games to the challenges, so I currently give 2 stars to this program after fixing the problems will change to 5 stars, thank you.

  4. GM 20 dice:

    It’s a very good concept but i have some issues with it: 1) when I play games and i complete an endless mission, why can’t i keep playing and collect all my rewards at the end and not have to go every time i finnish the task and collect it so that future progress can be added. 2)Most rewards are for country specific only. They are gift cards for god sake! I mean it’s not like I can’t just use a vpn to use them but it’s more trouble so please, PLEASE add more globall rewards.

  5. I wish I could give this a 3.5 or 4.5 but my issue is more of the same with others. My slight problem is that there’s not option for Xbox players which, in my opinion, makes this a little worse. But this is a pretty acceptable thing so hey, you get 4 stars.

  6. Overall, a great app to try and get skins/games free if you have literally no income to support frivilous buying. However there is 1 MAJOR flaw. The most popular item; Riot Points; are never in stock. I have been on buff for almost a year and not once have I seen RP available for purchase. Having buff pay doesnt help either. Regarding that, buffpay is hard to navigate for getting physical cards, mine has been stuck and theres no way to reset it so i can retry the process.

  7. It’s a great concept and it works really well, but the game options on mobile are really limited (Only 3 games by the time of this review). Not only that, but you can only earn money by playing online matches, which is extremely awful for offline gamers like me. I rarely play online games because I like some good offline games more, so it would be really good to have some options for offline games

  8. Not enough options for earning points/rewards. I primarily play xbox and the mobile games listed arent very entertaining so this app is limited heavily to who can use it. Add Apex Legends across all platforms and youll get somewhere big, i promise…

  9. Salzar dice:

    Great idea… But when it comes to mobile games, it has to be top notch. Like Call Of Duty Mobile, Apex Legends, etc. Not stupid games that aren’t recognized by gamers. You have to put in more effort in buff points, it’s a new app. It will still cost much to get our attention, then in a long run, you can decrease or increase it when you have plenty of customers. I’ve gone through the internet and I haven’t seen anything like BUFF.Game. it’s the first of it’s kind, so be proud of it . Thanks

  10. Hello, im writing a review because i have a question. The app is good and all, but when i go to marketplace, it feels empty. All good stuff is bought and is out of stock. Only stuff that is left are gift cards, gift cards are not bad, but they are all for US. Adding regions and more stuff(stock) would be great.

  11. Good concept bad execution 1.it has problem with detection of task completion from mobile apps specifically even though I have played 3 ranked games in clash of clans and won only 1 registers 2.market diversity tailored only to big countries (why don’t you make everything global? Also expensive as hell) 3. It gives despairingly low points for completing tasks it’s better just to watch the ad’s it’s faster. Hope they improve this app more it’s really promising for us gamers.

  12. RAYUS V2 dice:

    It gives less than 2 points for winning 5 matches, 1 point for watching advertisements; this is ridiculous; Instead of winning 5 matches, I watch 2 ads in a shorter time, I earn more points, I think it is a program that has no purpose to play games right now.(and optimisation is bad)

  13. Duo dice:

    At first I thought it was a great app but now it just feels very underwhelming and time consuming. I’ve been using buff consistently for 5 months and have just now been able to redeem a $10 gift card. The lamer part about it is even if you DO get the points legitely, you need to buy premium or subscribe to their buffpay card service to get access to most available gift cards. I’ve found more apps that will give me a gift card x20 times faster. After I claim my card I’m definitely uninstalling.

  14. Really great loyalty program but it currently has major problems and no idea about when this will get resolved. 1- For mobile games only 3 Supercell Games are currently supported. Brawl Stars, CoC and Clash Royal. 2- Marketplace is only for USA, almost no other countries choice and few global and literally nothing for India. 3- For PC client they only support Windows. Please release Mac and Linux version too and add other game for mobile and other countries too for marketplace.

  15. Taymor46 dice:

    You have to play for 5 month to get something, even if you paid for subsicrtion its still impossible, and im not counting times it bugged and didnt give me the challange im doing, im spending hours on this app its worthless, trust me dont download. Ive been using this app for over 6 months! After all this work i finally got a 650 riot gift card to spend on valorant, but it turned out i only got 450 when i redeemed

  16. A lot of bugs in PC and Android version. Watch ads shows you earn points however they never give you those points. PC version crashes cod and valorant a lot, and last but no least marketplace has everything out of stock and a lot of items can’t be refunded because you are not from USA.

  17. I finished my weekly challenge on clash royale but I haven’t gotten any rewards, and the level 2 challenges won’t unlock, I was trying to look for support but I couldn’t find any support to report the issue, I also have a screenshot of the problem.

  18. Concept is unique I liked it before downloading it but to be honest I am very disappointed after downloading it. Weekend challenges does not progress even if we complete the task. And also games like clash of clans, clash royals people usually have 2 accounts or more and their is no option to add additional accounts for specific game. Hopefully u guys let us add accounts or atleast let us gain points which we have earned and deserve. Please dont steal our points by not increasing our progress.

  19. When I first downloaded this app, almost everything was available. Sure some things were only available elsewhere, but now you’ve made everything I had any interest in either premium or available to certain countries. So please tell me why I should even keep this app if I have no further use for it.

  20. The app is good since it’s free… But I suggest that you guys fix the country where items in the market will be accessible anywhere… I’ll give you a scenario.. what if I play a game while using the app for a year.. but can’t buy items on the market since it can only be availed by the people who have access on it. So how could I spend my buff points? Do you get my point? I hope you fix it.. thanks . So for now I’ll give you 4*

  21. Really good app but there is one thing that i don’t like is that: You can’t send your buff points to someone else. I wanted to send some coins to a friend but, it turns out, there is no option to send them.

  22. Very disappointed. There are no Singapore gift cards for people to redeem. Most of the gift cards can only be used in US. I hope BUFF.Game could add gift cards from different countries like Singapore and please add more global gift cards. This could improve the users’ experience. Thank you.

  23. It’s good but literally everything good is only available in the US or UK. They don’t care about any other country. And I got the app to get new gaming hardware for my pc. It is not worth it.

  24. M1N1 P1G dice:

    I’ve been using buff for a couple of months now and am really enjoying it. But I do have a couple of criticse 1. I can’t add mobile games for some reason I copy the code in and nothing happens. 2. There isn’t an option to be notified for when the thing that you want to be on the store arrives. 3. It takes a long time to get enough points to get anything and I think a great change would be giving 1 point if you skip an ad and more if you watch the entire thing. Aside from this it is really good

  25. I think it’s a good app. What I would like to see is Console gaming for it. I don’t like how it supports PC and Mobile. I believe that it should support Xbox One as well

  26. The experience on mobile is not that good with the app compared to the desktop. Even after watching multiple ads the buff coin doesn’t get credited most of the time.

  27. I like this app because it is help full but I have some problems with it (1) is that it never gives you inaf points to buy something off the marketplace and it takes half an year to buy just one thing (2) is that whenever I try to buy something it is out of stock so please give more points I play one match in valorant it takes about 10 to 15 minutes and I get only one or two points please help and increase the earnings of the coins. And pls pls pls increase the earnings like 10 coins per match

  28. sam araba dice:

    Just terrible. I first log in to see that nearly all gift cards are locked behind a subscription. I’m probably gonna stick to mistplay cause although it does take a lot of grinding it doesn’t really have it’s main focus locked behind a paywall

  29. CHAMP dice:

    All good but the items are not available. Waiting for razor gold gift card from last 15 days but still not available. The out of stock countdown reset everyday from 23hr to 1 hr but not available. Very less limited stock. I also bought the premium subscription but it’s not worth it Because you never get the 150% boost it is approx 140%. Also there ad watching is not giving points. Also they increased their subscription price and their items price Rising day by da. Experience approx 10 months.

  30. In apex legends challenge in level 2 and 3 says, you must knockout enemies 35 to 50 times but in every match i almost knockout 5 to 10 enemies without knock them down and it did not count to my challenge the system for apex challenge is broken please fix that yesterday i have played almost 50 matches with over 100+ kills and knockouts but it did not count idk why what is the problem??? The killing challenges are completing but the knockouts are not!

  31. Overall feels nice but can you add something more globally ? I’m in India and its kinda impossible to get most offers. Another recommendation would be to add something like discord nitros. Hope you read this. You also need to add more mobile games pls.

  32. I like this a lot its going smoothly for me right now I looked at the rewards I could get but you have to be premium in order to get some things and one of those thing was something I wanted I got dissapointed in that part but I’m going to keep playing because I’ll eventually get over it ill give you guys feedback if something else go’s wrong good app! 🙂

  33. Collects information and sell it to large companies, slow, rewards are not valuable, needs premium for most of the functions, (man if i pay for premium why wouldn’t i pay for the game itself?), May use your computer for mining as well as slowing it down. My GPU just got crashed after few hours from buff installation. Dont install it.

  34. I want to rate it 10 stars. This is the best app on play store. I grew up as a kid whose parents won’t support gaming so I never got to purchase anything related to games. But you won’t believe that this app is perfect. Things you do for free like entertaining yourself by gaming now will give you buff points, which you can redeem into getting your dreams for free. And when you see a legit app like this you might think you would need to give phone no. ,face register etc, but you only need email.

  35. Kirito dice:

    This app needs to have more games available especially on mobile. There is only 3 games available on mobile and they’re the games that are under performing. There’s no genshin impact or mobile legends or even wildrift. This is probably the reason why nobody downloads this app on their mobile devices not to mention the lack of rewards the app provides to the user.

  36. Awesome that I can actually make money while gaming, but this app will do everything it can to make you subscribe, options are basically earn 1800 different achievements, or buy our $60 pass in order to earn your $5 card, if I was a streamer, and could play 6+ hours a day than yeah I’d subscribe, but most people will get like $10 a year, but hey it’s free

  37. Fawas020 dice:

    Only 3 games… seriously? Also, the rewards are garbage and not worth it in the slightest, and why are the rewards region locked? Also the app doesn’t detect whether you complete a task properly. Everything about this app is dreadful. This app is the opitimy of 100% pure garbage; at no point were the makers of this app even remotely close to creating anything that could be considered acceptable. How could anybody ever think that releasing and promoting this monstrosity was a good idea? Garbage

  38. I give it a two, but the app is quite ridiculous cause like every buff task uses the most uninteresting app for me like clask royal isn’t my type but the fact that you used brain app and Gave 2 or 3 buff point for doing 20 to 50 levels is quite a rip off your getting money through the advertisements that company’s gave you to do things to your game while we’re here sitting play games that were not interested onto and wasting time, and your no interputions, are interupyed by ads

  39. First of all ,the prices for the decent items are u realistic to earn unless you a no-life gamer that games 20 out of 24 hours , AND I can’t use the app …. when I sign in/up , it says its a success but when I open the app I should sign in/up again , it causes a loop so I can’t use it

  40. I have little problem to tell you about verify (for example if you don’t have friends in any game and they don’t wanna share their Id) i rather add a try other way to verify like it will send verification code in you Gmail account so please add a other way to verify the games so we can verify the games in buff.game thank you

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