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Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.
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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break.

What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.
• Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are.

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Get the best experience for enjoying recent hits and timeless classics with our latest Netflix update for your phone and tablet.


40 comentarios en "Netflix MODDED"

  1. I use this app a lot and I think it’s pretty good,but……… If you are the only person using the account it really gets annoying that every time I open the app Netflix asks who is watching! Seriously?! Also the app does not play every widescreen movie correctly, instead of having black bars above and below the movie, it cuts of the sides so I miss a lot of what’s going on. So if that happens I have to go to the Netflix website to watch the movie

  2. I like Netflix. There aren’t any ads, the skip intro/recap button, and just the way it’s set up is pretty good. The only problems I have is that 1. My Picture-in-Picture is broken. I’ve enabled it, restart my phone, and cleared my cache but nothing works. 2. I don’t like how some movies or shows dissapear out of nowhere. Other than that, all good.

  3. s r dice:

    Netflix when mirroring on my Samsung TV opens and you can choose a movie and view the selections on the TV but once you play the movie all there is, is sound with a black screen. You cannot view the movie just hear it. I have tried everything and nothing works. I have reached out to Netflix, and no one can help. Samsung tried to help but they can not really do anything with the app.

  4. For some time now,the show or movie im watching will stop playing the visual while the audio keeps going. Or it will skip 20-30 seconds and i have no way of reminding to try to go back to the portion i missed. Idk why this is happening, but when it happens 2 or 3 times during one show, its very annoying. Happens at least once every time i watch something.

  5. I just signed up for Netflix last month after purchasing a 4K HDR TV and have been shocked by the high quality of shows available. The amount of original Netflix programming is unbelievable and everything is easy to find. I immediately identified over 30 shows I want to watch and selected 10 to start with. It’s addictive as I’ve become a binge watcher for the first time. I’m staying up 1-2 hours later every night just to watch Netflix. The quality is far superior to network TV. Thumbs Up!

  6. This has been an issue for me for quite some time now, with no repite. The video has serious issues maintaining continuity of playback of any show or movie, regardless of whether it’s being streamed or played via download. The audio, on the other hand, remains unaffected. I’ve tried all the various quick-fix methods to resolve this. This issue just doesn’t make for a good viewing experience.

  7. I’m annoyed because many of my shows that I’ve currently watching random disappear and then reappear in my current watching list. This is happening both on my phone and laptop. I have no idea why or how to fix it and according to playstore I’m caught up on my Netflix updates. I will leave a much higher star review if this gets fixed but I can’t currently because I’m starting to no longer enjoy the app.

  8. I love Netflix. But a few months ago it started to not function in picture-in-picture. It will shrink down, the sound will play. But it’s just a little black screen. Very annoying. As someone it add a lot of times I watch stuff and do things in my phone. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing.

  9. I’ve been a Netflix customer since they first started sending DVD’s in the mail, in 1997. Over the years I’ve witnessed this DVD rental service, practically based on the honor system in regards to returning them, shape itself into one of the world’s largest streaming platforms. Although Netflix doesn’t add new shows/movies as often as I’d like, they definitely DO NOT disappoint when it comes to looking for something to watch. No matter which genre you prefer, Netflix understands the assignment.

  10. Made some really good and really bad updates. Likes: don’t ask anymore if still watching, can delete shows off continue watching and few problems with streaming. Dislike all the categories. Shows appear in too many categories. Feedback to Netflix: I like the old movies (80’s etc.), the dubbing of foreign films, and some of Netflix’s shows. If you do books/comics, it would be great if the storyline is similar. EX: Bridgertons was poorly adapted and a big disappointment to me. Afraid to update.

  11. Having a separate brightness from my phone settings is ruining the app for me. The autobrightness setting on my phone gets extremely bright when in the sun but won’t work when using Netflix. Even if I’m inside during the daytime sometimes I still can’t see the video well with your brightness setting turned up. Please get rid of your separate brightness feature or at least have the option to turn it off for the people that don’t like it.

  12. Netflix has gone downhill. Raised the price of the subscription, but lost a HUGE part of their library. They lose subscribers so they charge more. I was on season 2 of The Originals. All of a sudden, seasons 1-4 are gone. They make announcements on the app when shows are getting new episodes, but can’t do that for when shows are being removed? I wouldn’t have started watching it. Netflix doesn’t care about their subscribers anymore, that’s why they really lose them. I recommend hbomax or prime

  13. Price increase should mean a better experience. However, I’m have an issue connecting to Netflix on my android Tab. I’ve clear data and cache, and restarted device. I’ve tried updating the app several times, without any change. I have had no problems in the past. Whatever the IT department did to improve the app, actually made it worse. Because of the price increase, and so many other options to stream online, I’m considering canceling this subscription after many years.

  14. This review is only about the app not the lack of good movies. The app’s good. I like how I can look for movies based on categories I can switch easily to another profile, I can see previous for movies, and the mini info that you get when you click on a movie that let’s you quickly add the movie/show to your list, watch or even share. The one thing I DISLIKE is the subtitles! At least on my galaxy s21 the subtitles occupy the whole screen! I wish they give us the option to modify the size of it.

  15. LPORO dice:

    The app it self works great! We need more movies. Every time I get into a good Netflix series they end it, most end within 1 to 3 seasons. I’m getting to the point I don’t even want to watch Netflix series anymore. I have been watching other apps more. I hope they fix that or Netflix maybe a service I drop.

  16. So I love netflix, it has shows and movies alike that I love. The price might be a reach but its managable if u play your cards right with all your different subscriptions. The main issue I have is, the app wont show on my phone. Ive tried uninstalling and downloading countless times yet nothing has changed. Would rate 5 stars if this got fixed. Yes I have an android.

  17. Ben Cox dice:

    I’m having an issue with streaming using the app. While watching a show the audio track is faster than the film. So it’s like I am watching a karate movie but in reverse. Hear what’s being Saud then see their lips move. This happens on both Wi-Fi and full phone data. Checked all my settings, ran the app test and everything reported fine. I’m on an Google Pixel.

  18. Netflix is home. Trailer notification popped up on my phone and I clicked to watch it. The Netflix app launched full screen, didn’t ask me to choose a profile to view with, auto played the trailer to completion and exited by itself. Awesome experience there. It’s the little things that matter. First time reviewer and happy giving a 5 star review. Kudos and looking forward to how high you guys raise the bar in the next 10yrs. 👏

  19. Video freezes while sound keeps going. This app is ridiculous. For how much we pay for Netflix there is no reason we can’t have a functional app. Nothing I do solves it. I have plenty of free space on my phone, plus an extra memory card. I’ve un-installed, reinstalled, signed out, signed in, tried downloading things to watch them, cleared my cache, you name it, I’ve tried it. This app doesn’t work.

  20. I love Netflix. But 2 things that are annoying are 1:On my continue watching list random things like “Squid Game” keep showing up even though I didn’t watch it; and 2:It’s annoying how they remove AMAZING movies and TV shows(in my opinion) and then I go to find it and it’s not there. Netflix does not have ads witch I like. All in all, I like the Netflix app.

  21. Nessa Vee dice:

    Ive enjoyed Netflix as long as it’s been out, have been a loyal customer. hardly ever had issues but lately, since I updated it I can’t watch anything without it lagging or freezing while audio still plays halfway through. I’ve Uninstalled & re-installed, tried using it on only wifi or only data, nothing helps but to back all the way out of the app then open it back up to return to what I’m watching but it still does it after a few mins, makes me not want to use it anymore 😒

  22. I’m getting fed up with Netflix! 1st off they start raising their Prices! And then they’re telling me Netflix is being used on too many devices! And if I want more devices to be able to watch Netflix I have to pay more! I know that Netflix is in a bad state right now. But this is way too much. I’ve been trying to watch whatever I can on Netflix to help them out What their financial situation. But at this point I’m ready to start watching naruto on hulu. Its a 3 star for now.

  23. The app is fine and it works great. I use it when I’m working in the kitchen and want to continue binge watching my shows. But Netflix…seriously? First, you raise your prices ridiculously, then you stop offering much outside your original content anymore unless you want to pay even more for dvds, and now you want to delayed release season finales of shows? Such a middle finger to loyal customers. We Netflix to binge, stop giving us some. We want the whole thing, and we certainly pay for it.

  24. App experience is horrendous. Continue Watching lists can appear at the top some times and then 15 categories down at times – and my shows disappear from my lists randomly. This makes discovery difficult and a horrible chore to find shows that I just want to continue watching. It doesn’t seem like anyone at Netflix cares about the user experience.

  25. Whenever the app is open, I cannot adjust the brightness. I watch movies doing the day but the screen is at its lowest dimming. Anytime I’ve tried to adjust it it states “brightness cannot be adjusted because another app is controlling it” it is only when Netflix is in use. I can’t watch any production unless I’m in the dark? Please remove this from the app! My phone settings does not let me turn that feature off!

  26. April S dice:

    Since the latest update, when using on my phone, I’m unable to actually search for anything. The same message repeats that they cannot show any results. Also, my watch history is gone, so I have to scroll through the auto-suggested and hope the show I want to watch is on there. Otherwise I have to search for the show/movie on separate browser and be asked to sign into my account, each time.

  27. Tobu Rae dice:

    If you are a netflix user, this exceeds needs for the app version. Also gives a playback speed option (which I have not seen on any other streaming service than YouTube which really isn’t a streaming service as we know them). Have less time for a movie? Set it on 1.25x or 1.5x speed and give it a couple of mins to get used to it before discarding the idea. I do, however, recommend that for 4k streaming on a large TV for family night should be played at 1x and as loud as you can get away with.

  28. Love Netflix but for the past week whenever I open the mobile app the sound on the movie or episode is fine but the graffics are all glitchy and delayed and it’s not my connection cuz I’ve been in multiple different places with different wifi and mobile data and it’s still doing it. I’ve unistalled reinstalled updated my phone and the app and it’s still doing it. And it’s only Netflix, the rest of my apps are fine. Praying its a bug that will be fixed soon.

  29. There’s nowhere near enough space here for me to show you all the problems with this app, but heres one that’s recurring and extremely annoying: the frames will freeze up for about 10-15 seconds, with the audio still playing. Whenever it does decide to start working again its skipped 10-15 seconds, and whenever I try to rewind it or skip its lagging it doesn’t work. It will make the time it freezes longer by 5-10 seconds. Im extremely annoyed. Please fix this issue. It’s ruining my experience.

  30. Queer Elf dice:

    app is alright tho it’s got a few bugs.. tho on mobile when watching and ep multiple times the ep will glitch and you have to go back to the main menu and restart the ep, it’s annoying. and just recently when you hit pause you have to rewind or fast forward to play it, the play button doesn’t work right. the app doesn’t say it have to update, and my wifi is relatively good. so I don’t understand other then Netflix hassle bugs on mobile it has to fix.

  31. I honestly love Netflix because it is a great place to binge-watch some of your favorite movies and TVShows, and, It has NO ADS!!! Although it can be a little laggy or slow, maybe a few times where it logs me out of my account or doesn’t want to open app, but it is very helpful and I dont know what I would do without it! so withour further-adou, please put your hands together for ; NETFLIX!!!

  32. NOMM4DER dice:

    I would give this 4 stars but recently for 2 weeks now whenever I try to watch something offline or on the video blacks out or flickers on or off. I go into apps and force stop it then jump back on, I have to do this 3 to 5 times for it to work. Some series I can’t even watch online on mobile, just get the error code but on tv or pc it’s fine. Very frustrating for something I subscribe for.

  33. Autoplay is annoying and can’t be disabled. Makes it frustrating when you just want to find something to watch. Too much woke stuff, most of the watchable content is older and there are other ways to see that, or I already have it from the DVD days. I just want to be entertained, not indoctrinated. The new anti censorship stance sounds like they got the message to stop with the trash programming, but we will see if Netflix ends up just like the blockbuster they replaced.

  34. Some things I’m watching disappears from my continue watching and don’t show up when I search for them. When I click on some shows it doesn’t show the episodes and so I can’t choose the episode I want to watch and can only watch the very next one I was in the middle of watching or about to watch. Other than that everything else works perfectly. But please fix those problems.

  35. Startes auto playing when I open the app or turn on my phone with the app open. I’ve turned on my phone in public and been blasted by whatever show I was watching. Also, it will either pause the video and keep playing the audio or just skip parts of the show sometimes. At worst it happens 2-4 times per 20min episode.

  36. Awesome app for watching all kinds of shows. I understand the fact people share their account to different houses with friends and family and Netflix is working on that, but in my own house you can’t watch Netflix on two separate devices. It’s an inconvenience and the fact I have to upgrade to be able to have Netflix on different devices isn’t the way to fix it in my opinion

  37. This is perfect. People behind Netflix are genius. The design is so simple and sleek, recommendations are awesome. Netflix know very well that less is more. Some movies are really good, i really love watching movies in other languages and Netflix has a bunch of them. Room to improve: * Your classic movies database. * Your database for artistically awesome, low budget short movies. * If having a movie for all accounts is too expensive, add an option to buy movies that just released.

  38. I’m not having any issues with the app. If your trying to watch a movie that’s in your saved list and it disappears then it’s been tooken off and not available as in discontinued. It has nothing to do with the app. And if your having issues seeing the movies it’s due to your phone and not the app. Every phone is different.

  39. It is so fun to watch movies on this app. It works great! There are never freezes or any bugs. If you want to watch movies bug, freeze, and add free go to Netflix because it is great. It has a bunch of great shows and movies. It also as great recommendations just based on one movie or show you watched. It’s one of the best movie apps that I know of. Highly recommended!!!

  40. Tried to reset my password but the email it keeps sending is in a language I can’t make heads or tails of. I was just trying to see how Netflix has changed over the last few years when I left and so far the prices are up there and I’m sure my entertainment will be laced with virtue signaling, plus I can’t read the email sent to reset my password so I guess Netflix isn’t concerned about members when you can’t even read their emails.

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