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The Nick Jr. App is where preschoolers can play with all their Nick Jr. friends!
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Welcome to the Nick Jr. App — the home of Blues Clues & You!, PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Santiago of the Seas, Baby Shark’s Big Show, Paddington, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, Peppa Pig, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Deer Squad, and all Nick Jr. awesomeness!

Download the Nick Jr. App for FREE and your kids can:
Watch full episodes
Discover original videos

Kids can watch recently aired episodes and/or enjoy some of their favorite Nick Jr. shows for free. If you’re a Nick Jr. channel subscriber, you can sign in with your TV provider to access hundreds of additional full episodes of shows including:
Blues Clues & You!
PAW Patrol
Bubble Guppies
Santiago of the Seas
Baby Shark’s Big Show
And many more!

Find original Nick Jr. educational clips and entertaining exclusive videos that are sure to get your kids learning and laughing!

The Nick Jr. App is adding exciting new clips and episodes all the time. Check back regularly for updates.

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For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s privacy practices, please visit our Children’s Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Google, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Google’s collection or use of your personal user data and information. Use of this app is subject to the Nickelodeon Terms of Use.

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In this release, we've squashed some bothersome bugs and improved our performance so your preschooler can enjoy a smoother experience.


40 comentarios en "Nick Jr. 2022"

  1. This is a great app functionality-wise as it does what it needs to do without noticeable flaws. But one thing that has bothered me so much with this app is that the commercials are SO MUCH LOUDER than the shows my daughter is watching. And this is not just for the mobile apps. It’s evident on our Firestick and Roku devices as well. This obviously extends to the regular Nick app as well. I feel that this is an easy fix and should be dealt with promptly for something so bothersome to my daughter and I as it startles us quite often and makes the viewing experience that much more unconventional.

  2. I have been having issues with this app for a while. Major issue is everytime here is an update I don’t get notifications that the app needs to be updated it simply stops working properly then I must uninstall it and reinstall it for it to start working properly again. Often times we will be in the middle of watchimg an episode and it will come up with an error saying this episode isn’t here anymore or you are not connected to the internet when the device is connected. Im just tired of the issues

  3. great app with lots of content. crashes here and there when my girls are running it for a while. only reason I didnot give it 5 stars is because it is not chromecast compatible and I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY!!!!! really frustrating. would use it alot more if I could chromecast episodes to our TV. highly disappointed that feature still hasnt been added!

  4. This app needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. The Roku app is horrible too. It doesn’t support Chromecast, it’s unstable, slow, and episode selection is nonexistant. You can only select a playlist which concentrates on a specific show series with a bunch of random junk thrown in between the episodes. No way to look for a specific episode.

  5. You app is perfect except for one thing. Every time I use the damn app for my kids it tells me the shows are no longer available. How the hell am I supposed to watch the shows if all the dang shows are no longer available. Please fix it’s really irritating. I’ll change my rating if u actually reach out and fix it.

  6. Me and my child are wondering what happened to the old nick Jr there is baby shark and I’m NOT paying for my child to play games and watch videos this baby shark and all new shows are annoying so I think you should add the old games and videos back thank you!

  7. Ava Klein dice:

    I’m a 10 year old girl who loves this app but one thing I can’t watch all the paw patrol episodes I’m really mad but this is still a good app so have 3 stars!!!!!

  8. Garu dice:

    I was trying to enter my tv provider which is At&t tv , and since i usually copy and paste my stuff , I put in my Id/username and password and for some reason , even if the info is RIGHT , it won’t let me sign in , even though the Id/Username and password were correct , i tried doing it with other apps and they didn’t work as well and the only time i was granted acesss with the Id/Username and password was the actual At&t TV , so is there a way I can get around this cause this is bugging me

  9. Constantly makes me sign in. If I sign in with my cable provider, don’t lock the darn shows inside the app. How utterly useless and frustrating. Quit locking the shows, it’s frustrating when you have to get going and want to put on a show and not only does it ask you to enter a dumb code, but then asks you to sign in again!!! No other app does this. Not Disney plus, not PBS kids. Get it together, Nick Jr.

  10. This app was amazing until right now. My son was using it for 4 hours this morning. We stopped to eat breakfast and now every time I click on the app it tells me the app stopped and to restart it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app at least 6 times now. Restarted my phone each time and even went as far as to delete apps I wanted to try to make it work. But absolutely no luck. Guess we are gonna focus more on Disney Jr since that app never crashes

  11. Works okay, episodes not updated enough. Not sure why but when ever app hasn’t been used in a while it logs me off my tv provider, when I try to log back in I have to uninstall app then retry logging in all over again sometimes it takes several try’s for it to kick me through it’s like the servers aren’t working fast enough or something.

  12. Can’t login. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset my phone. It won’t allow me to enter login to a cable provider. So frustrating.

  13. I would rate higher if there was support for Chromecast. Absolutely ridiculous not to have it. Also, everytime we use this app, which is almost daily, it makes us sign it with our cable provider again. This app is a huge pain in the neck.

  14. Horrible… selected over 9 shows and each wasn’t able to view any of them. The system kept saying that the video selected wasn’t available. Seems that none of them were available. Not sure why they simply didn’t display available viedos/shows only.

  15. This app was good, not sure why you took off the logging in with a cable provider option on the fire stick app version. Now my daughter can’t watch every episode of the shows she likes due to most episodes are locked. Tried to log in to a cable provider through settings and there’s no option for it. Why are kids apps the worst!! There’s either way too many ads or the crap just doesn’t work!! So frustrating!! I hope this gets fixed!! Way to disappoint the kids! -_-

  16. tokyobrat dice:

    The app keeps on crashing on my son’s Samsung Note 9 tablet upon opening the app. We have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no success and he has used this app on this particular device for the last 6 months with no problem. Please fix the app so that he can enjoy this app once again on his tablet. It is a great app when it works. Thank you in advance!

  17. My 3 year old daughter loves this app, however it’s really inconvenient that you can’t cast to chromecast devices. I would also love to see the full episodes grouped together instead of mixed in with the clips.

  18. Uninstalling, this app has been nothing but grief in the attempts to use it. Constantly told by the app that it is not connected to internet, even on wifi at home! Im signed into cable provider so there is no reason for it not to work on dedicated internet, let alone full LTE coverage out and about.

  19. Trash. Pure trash. Need to include an on-demand streaming subscription option like D+ if they’re not going to include EVERY tv provider. Watching Nick Jr. on Sling rn, but Sling isn’t listed so you’re stuck with ads and virtually no content. I’d be happy to pay yearly like I do for Disney, Netflix, Motortrend, Sling, etc. This is probably the only major entertainment company where you cannot access, even behind a pay wall, a majority of past and present content on demand. Uninstalled.

  20. Two problems, one is the same as everyone else…videos stop a few minutes in if they’ll play at all and state they’re unavailable EVERY TIME I use the app. Other is the app won’t pull up the login page for AT&T TV on some devices. Sucks because this app would be great if the bugs were fixed.

  21. My 5 yrs old sister LOVES this app so much! She plays it almost everyday since she has gotten it. Her favorite is the one game where u can make them have a band and try to make different beats with the characters. She also likes the shows but some of them are really short and would like them a little longer kind of like the same show but different ones put together like y YouTube Peppa Pig but the whole video and shows of them. If so that would be amazing!♡ Would most defently get this app.

  22. This app feels like a desktop website viewed on mobile, with popups I can’t close because their X is off the screen. And those popups overlap game videos that don’t really fit the screen either. Whoever made this forgot to take a few screen sizes into account. It’s basically unplayable on my smartphone.

  23. Not enough content. The app on roku is broken up by seasons, you can see full episodes of each season. The app has like 5 or 6 full episodes. What a waste of an app. My son only wants to watch paw patrol and it’s the same 5/6 episodes. Load more on the app for tablets/phones

  24. Where is Dora and Friends?? They advertise shows that are no longer on the app which is upsetting. Either update the photos you use to advertise or add them back on? My daughter was disappointed when we downloaded the app just to not have the shows she initially got it for. Overall the app runs ok. Sometimes it closes or doesn’t load well, but usually it runs fine. (Using Galaxy Tab A)

  25. Pretty much garbage. Many of the shows require you to log into a service. Despite it saying it’s free. Kids are prompted with a what year were you born. And locked out of most content. It also uses third-party apps to sign into things like YouTube TV though they have their own portal. And when you sign in or try to for that matter YouTube immediately flags it as a security issue. Yet they don’t fix it. You’re giving your password to something called syncor and not YouTube directly.

  26. Found a bug. I keep getting a “Connect to the Internet” message when connected via Bluetooth Internet (instead of Wi-Fi, e.g. Tethering from a tablet). I can only use it on Wi-Fi or cellular data. Strange! Please fix it!

  27. Jackie B dice:

    So Frustrating! Trying to put on Paw Patrol and even though the video icon is there, when I click it, the theme plays then says “this video is not available choose another” But it happens on every video deemed to be a full episode. Why have it on the app if its not valid anymore? I am logged in with my cable provider so I have no idea what the probkem is. Tried 4 videos before I gave up.

  28. Great but glitches. Frequently stops playing video and says internet is not connected. We go out and back in and then it works again. Kind of a nuisance. Will update the 3-star rating if the glitches stop or improve.

  29. Absolutely terrible. It crashes every time I open it and get to the home screen. I downloaded this app to see is backyardigains was on there and it crashes so often I can’t even see if it’s on there or not.

  30. Most of the videos only play halfway then it states they are no longer available well instead of having that for the videos are no longer available why can’t you replace them? My four-year-old does not understand why it stops in the middle and says the video is no longer available please fix this. If you do fix it I will gladly give this app five stars

  31. It worked great until the last update. Now it just stays on loading screen on our Roku TVs. Will still work on phones and tablets. I don’t like the new layout either. It’s not kid user friendly.

  32. My 2 year old daughter loves this app, its her go to app for her favorite shows!! But lately it has been saying that shes not connected to the internet and she is connected and her other apps are working fine. You should fix this bug.

  33. App is almost pointless without a cast button, to be able to cast to the tv. Especially when you already pay for a subscription. Then there are commercials in the episodes. So if you are making money hand over fist off the content, why not add a user friendly cast button? That way kids can watch the tv shows, they want, when they are allowed time, on the tv. we pay for programming through our cable subcription and by watching endless commercials. We barely use the nick jr. app.

  34. Same issue everyone else is having. In the middle of a video it says it’s not available and pick another video. This is a brand new tablet with unlimited data. This app is definitely having issues.

  35. Just stopped working. My son loves watching this on his tablet and it worked fine up until maybe 2-3 days ago now it won’t open. Just keeps crashing. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times with no luck. This was a good app up until then!

  36. my child loves the shows, but hates the commercials. who doesn’t? Then, half the episodes don’t work. “Try a different episode” is constantly popping up, preventing her from enjoying the ones she wants to see. You can’t fool a kid into believing that the episode you try to put on is the same as the one pointed out. They are too smart for that. I’m tired of trying to avoid tantrums caused by an app not working, when it’s sole reason for use is for reward or distraction. this app =/= mommy time

  37. Nothing works on the app anymore. Worked fine for a while, but now it keeps saying”what youre looking for isnt here anymore, try something else instead” but it says that for almost everything in the app. Its frustrating because my toddler really loved this app. And it was the only kid friendly app that is free and educational.

  38. I love the app for my kids, especially since it lets them watch their favorite shows, but I’m frustrated there’s not a cast option in the app so I have to cast my whole phone for my kids to watch shows on the TV and then I can’t use my phone for anything else. I have Google chromecast.

  39. Lizzie O dice:

    It works well on a tv, however if my son wants to stream a single show it plays the 1st episode but doesn’t automatically play the next episode. The icon just spins. Very annoying since I have to keep logging out of the app and logging back in to play the next episode.

  40. Pure garbage. Will make it seem like you need to keep signing despite signing in multiple times. Just as bad as the Roku all which only plays one video then will require you to restart app after that one video. Lazy programmers for a cheapy television station.

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