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New Crackle look and feel makes it easier to find award-winning Crackle shows.
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Stream free Hollywood movies, TV series and originals on your favorite devices. Wait, free? Yes, free, always and forever. Watch premium TV shows and movies from a full library of new and iconic hits. All on-demand, without a subscription.
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Filter genres like comedy, drama, action, thriller and fandom to find fresh hits and all-time classics. Fill your ‘Watch Later’ list with all your favorite titles.
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45 comentarios en "Crackle MODDED 2022"

  1. The worst of the free streaming apps that I’ve used. The ads are long but that isn’t the bad part. The sound tracks are terrible. The volume changes for no reason and the ads are very loud. As I watch a movie, the sound just stops while the movie keeps playing. Then the voices turn to gibberish and I have to keep rewinding and playing a section over until I can understand what the people are saying. Don’t waste your time.

  2. Every once in a while I jump on Crackle and play something. Doesn’t matter from what device. I’m always reminded why I don’t use it. It’s so buggy. I don’t really care about the ads. They don’t bother me. But I could never get through a show, movie without some kind of issue. This time, Error codes. Then it just started playing ad after ad and never got to finish the movie. Finally after 30-40 ads in a row(tried a few times restarting) I gave up and deleted again. 2 stars for decent selection.

  3. Just Seth dice:

    I enjoy the variety of shows available. However, the commercials repeat the same commercial 3-4 times in a row. Then when the show is supposed to resume after the commercials, it may or it may not actually resume the show. I’ve had it display a blank screen, but the audio is there. Or, I’ve had where it would somehow zoom in following a commercial break, so the video is all distorted. I really don’t understand why this is happening.

  4. Garbage app. Ads are fine, if the app is actually usable. 1. It offers no description or details about films. All you know about is the title and the thumbnail. 2. There are quite a few interesting tv shows. But if theirs a particular episode you want to watch then you have to go through every episode that came before it. There is no method of selecting aparticular season or episode. This is literally the most basic app. You can watch films and shows and of course the ads. That’s it. Garbage!

  5. Worst. Streaming. Service. EVER. Video constantly freezes, ads freeze, just a wholly frustrating, irritating exercise in futility trying to watch anything. As much as I want to watch the programming it’s just not worth the effort. As an aside, I think you’ll find a large number of people decided to try Crackle despite previous bad experiences right when all seasons of SHERLOCK were released. Here’s hoping it moves to an alternate service SOON.

  6. Glitchy, all over the place, in all imaginable ways. They have some good shows, but you’ll never actually finish one without a problem. Pause the show, go back to before the last set of ads -start ads over. Watch normal, might just stop and not start up again or the sound might go out while it continues playing. Go to ads, might freeze up, might never start up again, might skip forward or back after the ads. Watch ads while wife gets a drink and show starts up so you pause the show,restart add

  7. Content is excellent. App is dysfunctional. Occasionally works on my TV. Plays for ten seconds, then stalls indefinitely. Runs fairly well on my android, but can’t adjust the screen. Sometimes it’s most, but never all, of the full screen. Other times it’s a half-inch strip from the bottom of the original view. While I gladly accept that it’s free with a s@#$-ton of ads, this service is like owning a car that stalls whenever you take your foot off the gas. I’m reluctant to take it out for a spin.

  8. Good selection, MANY BROKEN FEATURES. 1. No full screen mode for android. 2. Sign in feature doesn’t work so can’t resume watching. 3.Sign in to multiple devices doesn’t work. 4. Search doesn’t always work. You can search for a title but it doesn’t show up, even though it is available. 5. I know it’s free, but they are getting money from ads (A LOT OF ADS), so you would think they would want to improve the product and get more customers.

  9. I understand the need for ads to keep this app free, but do I need to see the same one five times in a row? That’s if the ad runs properly, otherwise a thirty second add will stutter through taking over two minutes to finish. And when it does this for five plus ads in a row it’s downright ridiculous. Also, fix the ability to create an account. It not working, and after looking in to it, it hasn’t been working for quite some time.

  10. It just didn’t work no matter how hard I tried… I kept trying to watch some shows but after the ads it wouldn’t even load! There was no video even after the videos stopping buffering! It was so infuriating! Sorry to say but this app is garbage… I do hope you can find out why this happened and if you could help I might re-download it and it would be a great help…

  11. The ads literally break the experience for me. I hate streaming and then ads. There’s about 10+ ads every 5-10 minutes. I cannot buffer an entire video with ads included. Ads and streaming do not mix. That’s why people pay more to remove them. It’s completely unwatchable. The video doesn’t load itself like a YouTube video, so it constantly loses connection when there’s an ad. This is just unexcusable to me. 123movies with a good ad block literally is free and way better even if it’s “illegal.”

  12. I downloaded to watch Sherlock (BBC version and I can’t really find the show anywhere else) and I mean, it’s great, I get to watch my favorite TV show, but the ad breaks are so often and so long tnat I can’t really watch anything. Another thing is that I legit cannot pause the show without it pushing me back about half an hour which is a huge bummer for me. Overall experience is okay, but the five minute ads? And the fact that I literally cannot pause my show unless I close the app? Seriously?

  13. This app that is unstable & infuriating. Along with the intermittent pixelating & freezing of the image, the audio also goes out. The buffering is excessive. The commercials are 2-2½ min. long every 10 minutes. And the save-your-place feature just takes you back to an earlier spot with a slew of commercials and buffering to wade through before you realize you’re going to have to go thru it all again. The image won’t go full screen either. This is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul. The irony.

  14. Mark B dice:

    Horrible app. I can’t tell whether Crackle is a good service because the app is so bad, I couldn’t log on. It’s super slow, took over 5 minutes to send me the link to change password (twice). The only problem is that you log in, it says you have successfully logged in, and nothing happens. At all. Twice through this BS is once too many. No thanks

  15. I have downloaded this app off and on I think since it first came out. Yes, it has ads, but what other app doesn’t. I find Most of what movie or tv shows I like to watch. It is also downloaded to our Roku as well, so we can watch what we can’t find on other apps. So yes, I give it a 5⭐. If there are any issues, will definitely let you know, and yes, I am a beta tester for some apps….Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone ⛄🎁🎄❤️🤗, oh and it also keeps what you haven’t finished.

  16. I’ve had it with this app. Movies and TV shows just won’t load. Other apps such as Tubi and Pluto TV load more or less instantaneously. I’m deleting Crackle from my phone. If the developers update it, then I might give it another try. The About section even says it’s compatible with my phone. Guess what, Sony, it isn’t. And your support is useless. I’m not the only user with this problem. You’d think the developers would fix it, but they say they can’t even duplicate the problem.

  17. Not the greatest of movie selections ….. sometimes content takes a while to load – thought it was my service but based on other customers reviews I’m convinced now that it is in fact the application itself not my phone at all.😂 if you’re looking for a free movie app- this is definitely one of the few for you- it’s just EXACTLY that… & you get exactly what you set out for. It’s not the greatest, but you’re trying to get something for free here guys, whatcha’ expecting??!! let’s be realistic

  18. I give it 2 stars because every now and then you will find a hidden gem on there. And it does have three or four really amazing original tv shows. But other than that, doesn’t add or change out movies nearly often enough. But the MAIN problem is the app itself is very unstable. I’ve tried it on many different devices and on all of them it will get stuck on ads. Often times if you pause it, once you un-pause it it randomly jumps you somewhere else in the movie/show. And the commercials… My goodness. I don’t mind commercials when the app is free. But the amount of them is unacceptable. I have seen some movies that LITERALLY have commercial breaks every 5 or so minutes. Under 10 minutes. I’m watching a movie on it right now and I’ve had 2 commercial breaks since I started typing this. So combine that with it getting stuck on ads half of the time, and it’s just not worth the frustration. Only reason I still use it is because of three of the Crackle original shows that I absolutely love and one older show that only they have. Otherwise, it seems like whoever is in charge of developing this app was the “C” or “D” student in school.

  19. I like a lot of the movies and shows they have up, but the app is garbage. I’m trying to watch a tv show and every time I jump from one platform to another (xbox), I have to start over. It doesn’t let me look at individual episodes unless I’m going into the main search, and when I try to watch the episodes from there it doesn’t play consecutively. It’ll go straight to whatever show or movie they’re featuring. I’m not bad about the commercials, but it’ll slow the same one throughout a movie.

  20. Interface is fine for a free streaming app. 8 commercials per movie is tolerable considering how, again, it’s free. That being said, is it really too much to ask that I’m able to enjoy what I’m streaming? The ads conveniently play perfectly every time. The movie/TV part however, not so much. My screen kept freezing as audio continues to play and then turns green. This happened several times within the first 20 minutes of just one movie. I’m sorry, but that makes it unbearable to watch.

  21. I love movies. Free movies, love even more. I watch the ads, no problem, if your gonna give me free movies. I have had Crackle for maybe 5 years and there has always been problems, glitches, just as the others have. I use to be able to watch with closed caption, that is gone. The ads skip or don’t play at all. I have figured out if I have to stop watching a movie, I have to minimize the screen, don’t close the app, the next day it’s still there and continue. And now today, can’t open app.

  22. When I was able to watch movies, I was able to watch really good movies and TV shows. Especially ones that Netflix got rid of, and crackle picked up like “Carriers”. But as of late all’s I get to watch is the buffer screen. Just watching the timer go round and round and round. So that’s why four out of five stars. Otherwise it is a pretty awesome app especially since you get to watch movies free and the ads are not all that intrusive like some other streaming apps that I’ve used. (Looks @ Tubi)

  23. It was just a mess. It worked fine until I pulled up a show. I got an ad, 2 minutes later, 2 minutes, 8 minutes later, another set of ads. Eventually when you leave a show enough, it started messing with ALL of my apps. none could open once without crashing, and once it just cut my phone off and not let it turn back on. It isn’t even letting me uninstall it.

  24. Like the movie selection. Dont mind having to watch a commercial for free movies. But when it’s a CVS commercial over and over and over and over again then over again. Then back to the movie to right back to another CVS commercial the same one 10 times in a row. Going to watch a few more movies. Then think I will delete the app. Just to many commercials. And when you get 3 minutes of the same commercial just not worth the irritation. Fix the commercial issue it would be a great app.

  25. Doesn’t Work (Uninstalled) – Hard to navigate and most of the content you will never have heard of. But the big problem is it doesn’t work. It randomly jumps vack several minutes during a film. Other parts will trigger an ad out of sequence. When the ad is over, the film jumps back several minutes. If you try to skip forward, or just re-watch the section again, when you hit the same spot it will play an ad and jump back again. It makes watching movies or TV a chore. Use other services.

  26. Very excellent selection of movies and television shows. I think it’s as good as Netflix and it’s free. I just wish I could install it on my smart TV. If I could also install Tubi and a couple other free apps I would cancel Spectrum. I don’t want to go thru the hassle of installing firesticks I just would like to be able to type in the app or like my computer automatically picked up Netflix as soon as I installed it on my computer.

  27. Could be improved. Prepare for at least 10 commercials from 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you pause, it doesn’t bring you back where you were and you have to watch yet another commercial. Watermark through the whole show. Title through the whole show unless you tap screen twice after every time you pause. No skip back of forward. It’s ok for free. But they really make you pay with your time which is more precious to me than money.

  28. Rj Starts dice:

    Doesnt work. Have to keep restarting the app because the sound continues to play but the picture freezes. Also has WAY too many commercials. Will play a set go to the show for 1 second and then play another. Multiple times. Drains the battery on your phone so fast! And if you pause your show/movie even accidentally it takes you back to the beginning of whatever you’re watching. And you have to deal with commercials all over again.

  29. I almost wonder if they abandoned this app. I can’t even tell you what doesn’t work on the app because there are so many flaws and it changes with each movie you watch. Sometimes it looks like its paused but when you hit play you find out it was only buffering. Sometimes it jumps ahead or back an hour right in the middle of a movie. Sometimes it jumps to another movie in the middle of the one you are watching. Sometimes when you go back to a movie it asks if you want to resume or play from beginning.. When you hit either choice, there’s a good chance it will resume a different movie. Honestly, I can’t believe this made it to the app store. It almost functions like an app in the beginning stages of a BETA version.

  30. When I first started using Crackle years ago, the app worked great. The movies and TV shows that were offered on there kept me entertained, and Start-Up became a favorite show of mine. However, more recent updates to the app have been frustratingly glitchy. I can’t pause without the app freezing or going back to the last commercial break and then crashing. I can’t even finish season 3 of Start-up now. Please fix this app so I can recommend it again.

  31. I do enjoy the selection that is offered. Although there are better apps as far as free content and less commercials. It’s almost as if they’re trying to murder you with ads. You have literally 4 to 6 minutes of content before you’re assaulted with 3 to 5 minutes of advertisements. In a movie that is an hour and a half long you have approximately 9 interruptions. There are apps that simply manage this better.

  32. The content they provide is pretty good, but it never saves where you are. I click the pause button and then play it and it goes back like 10 minutes. Not only that, but it ends up replaying ads because of it and sometimes even plays a set of ads MULTIPLE times for where there is only suppose to be one. Lastly, it never saves on the right spot of the show when I exit the alp. So, if you can please fix these issues I will gladly give you 5 stars.

  33. I’m not sure where to start, but all of the bad reviews here describe the problems I had. Long buffering, constant ads, the same ads playing over and over, closing and reopening the app caused the time button to move all over the place, and if it moved backwards I’d have to rewatch the same ad segment again. I have never written a google review, but this experience was so frustrating I felt like I had to. your developers should watch a few movies using the app so they can understand.

  34. While the content within the app isn’t bad, the application itself is horrid. There’s alot of commercials, which I anticipated. What I didn’t anticipate was an eternal loop of a single commercial break. It paused the movie I was watching for the commercials, then when the movie came back on it started maybe one second before the commercial break and did the exact same thing over and over again. The user interface is weak. It doesn’t even save where you were last viewing. Will not download again.

  35. The picture is clear and rarely buffers. I only have a couple complaints. 1. When casting to a TV, the app doesn’t run in the background 100% of the time. It continually pops up and interrupts anything else you are doing. 2. It does not pick up a series from where you left off. Rather it starts from Ep1 S1. You have to remember where you are in the series and choose from there. 3. It does not have continual play. You have to start it over and over.

  36. Should call it “Verizon commercial on loop”. I mean, I was expecting commercials. Something has to pay for the content, much of which is pretty good. Lotta great old movies to watch. But seeing the same stupid Verizon FIOS commercial over and over and over again, sometimes twice in a row in the same commercial break, gets old quick. You just wish they’d mix it up a bit. It might be counter-productive for the advertiser. That monotonous repetition has only given me a sublime hatred of Verizon now

  37. I have few problems I encountered with this app on the first few minutes I used it. If you pause it, or leave the app then go back it may save your spot but it’ll reverse your spot you left off on, and if you try going back to where you left off it won’t play. Then you’ll get four ads in one go, watch a bit more than get four more ads in one go. This app is so frustrating, I can’t even watch a simple movie without growing non frustration trying to find my spot with being bombarded with ads.

  38. I just started using the app since 2012 or 2013 and both this app and its app on the Roku are buggy as hell. This app would load too long on the video so there was never any video. Their app on the Roku was both better and worse than their Android app; it would play the video but only for a few minutes before it shuts itself down back to the home screen. It has free movies and is supported by a major corporation, but Sony clearly doesn’t care about this service. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS ONE.

  39. Pretty frustrated. Was excited to try it because there was a particular movie from 2009 that I couldn’t find anywhere else but this app, but I can’t get a single movie or show to play. It just “loads” for hours until I give up. I checked my internet connection to be sure, but everything is normal there, and Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. are all running fine. Not sure what the issue is, but I’m pretty bummed out.

  40. It’s a good free streaming service/app. It does have adds. Would rate better but I usually will watch a movie here and there on the Xbox platform. And the interface is awful. Its clunky and slow. When you launch the app it AUTOMATICALLY starts showing previews of some of the movies they have and it’s just not needed. And a few months ago they had ppl taking about this new on Crakle and blah blah and it would play that until you selected a show or movie. If they would fix this it would be great

  41. There’s just not that many movies. There’s a “few” that aren’t on other apps. Movies play fine, but the pause and restart suck. You can’t pause during the ad, so you have to pause during movie play which start up plates the ads again. And they’re quite frequently spaced 3 ads in a row. The whole point of streaming and not watching TV.. is to not see ads. Otherwise, why bother? To watch movies I’ve seen 2-3 times already on demand with more ads than on TV or cable? Thanks for the few i watched.

  42. This app needs a major overhaul. Everything loads slowly. The ads play their alloted time, and then start all over again. This is occuring very regularly! As if that weren’t enough of a nuisance, ads are even overlapping one another. The video of one ad plays while the audio of another ad can be heard in the background. These issues are negatively interfering with what should be a great movie-watching experience! I am about ready uninstall this app.

  43. I really wanted to like Crackle. However when I try to play anything, it immediately loads a commercial with super clear picture then always says uh-oh something went wrong, and will never play the movie. Just commercials over and over again. At least 90% of the movies I tried don’t play. It feels like a scam, listing movies that will never play to get me to watch commercials over and over again in the hopes that next time it’ll play, but it never does. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu work great.

  44. Glitchy app!! If you pause a video when you hit play it will jump backwards 30sec to 8-10 minutes. Then when you are trying to get back to where you are going to get several commercial breaks in the process. It will a lot of times get stuck in a commercial loop, the only way to stop the loop is to exit the app. when you resume a movie about 30% of the time your movie pick up where it left off most of the time the video is going to start at the begining. Way to many commercial breaks for a video, I really have to want to watch a movie to watch it in this app.

  45. Excellent!! This is way better than a lot of services that charge you money to access. I had CBS All Acess for $5.99 a month with commercials ($9.99 without) and it was loaded with commercials.bthe longest break for commercials here was 60 seconds and that was very infrequent. I hate commercials but can handle this app way better than many pay services. It also has a large selection of programs and movies you can’t get from Netflix. Try it, if you don’t like it uninstall it.

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