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Exclusively children friendly content. For Free.
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Free family friendly content. Watch a collection of hand picked movies and TV shows, specially curated for kids and families.

Kidsflix requires an email address to create an optional free account. The email address is encrypted and stored in a manner that we cannot access and is not tied to any other personally identifiable information and is only used for one-time password reset in accordance with COPPA and GDPR laws. See our privacy policy for more details.


Stability and Performance Improvements


40 comentarios en "KidsFlix MODDED 2022"

  1. I love I but it only works in one place. I’m in the car and it loads and then it restarts the whole movie. Pls work on that. Overall I love it when ur sitting in bed and ur just board try this! It will help!

  2. To many ads, you have to watch 6 ads before you watch the film, and then approx 15 minute’s into the film another 8 ads, I stopped watching then.

  3. I would really like if this wasent so glitchy because when I go to the app it glitches and then the screen turns black so I hope they could work on that

  4. im going to give this 3 stars i like the app but they have the same ad played over and over and i dont kie the part were you have to watch and ad when you click on the movie

  5. Great App for kid friendly content. It’s free with minimal advertising. If you have a child its a no brainier.

  6. Beyønd dice:

    I love this app i like the best is the dinosaur project i really like dinosaurs but i wish there were more dinosaur movies i like it alot but plz add more dino movies

  7. So good for kids. wonderful movies and TV shows. Safer than Netflix.

  8. This is a very good app but if you add family films and much more then it would be a better app

  9. Rakes to long to load up. Stops to often to complete a load of programming. Exasperating program/app.

  10. It’s really good and can you make more episodes of mustard pancakes

  11. It’s takes time to load and it say not connected nd i check my network again pls do something about it

  12. Lies not free subscribe$4.99 and lots of ads

  13. Very glitches with my internet it will run every 2 minutes throughout so it dont play on a android tablet 5hat much

  14. i love it but it needs a update and new movies send me feedback ok

  15. not that much movies and pause button dont work

  16. T dice:

    First of all your probably saying” why did she only put one star?” MAYBE BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME WATCH THREE DAMN ADS A MOVIE!

  17. When I watched ozzy the girls voice sounded different and the app suks

  18. Perfect app. Love it free and there was cool Charlie d’amelio content

  19. Wael Zaza dice:

    It dose not have the loud house movie. This is supposed to have the loud house!this is supposed to be for kids!

  20. I looked for sertaon shows my kids lile and didnt find them. They took interest in some things though

  21. This app is ok. They need to put a little bit oldet kids shows on there

  22. This is the best it is easy and fast to download and it’s got my favorite movies

  23. I really love this app because they all have my favorite movies and they are so good 👍 💗 well you i put 2 🌟 because I don’t know but it a good game

  24. MM Motors dice:

    For kids very good picture English

  25. I love it and it’s free, so much content to watch

  26. It is very nice app 👌 I love it (age 5 to 15 ) I love this app soooo much .

  27. I don’t recommend it has no pokemon and I love pokemon

  28. I can give u 5 stars but can you add all pokemon serises also 😄😄😄😄

  29. I love this app this is more better than neffix

  30. Very good app for me it’s amazing 😊

  31. Raj Adv dice:

    The best app for kids 😃

  32. It is the best my friend was coming for a movie she loves it

  33. Yeah app yeah for the child and more fun

  34. Just i wont to tell its very nice


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