Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator MODDED 2022


Dive into the editor and develop your own custom scenarios for Rebel Inc.
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Dive into the editor and develop your own custom scenarios for Rebel Inc. with this powerful yet easy to use tool. Create custom governors & tactics, edit regions, design challenges and build your own initiative trees, before sharing them with other Rebel Inc. players!

▶ IMPORTANT – This app is a tool to create custom scenarios for Rebel Inc. It is not a game! You need the original Rebel Inc. game installed in order to play scenarios. To get the original game – go here:

The Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator is a powerful yet easy to use content creation tool which lets players bring their best ideas to life as they develop their own custom scenarios for Rebel Inc. and then share them with the world.

◈◈◈ Push your creativity and imagination to the limit ◈◈◈

Want to create a governor with elite exo-skeleton soldiers, a charitable do-gooder who gives free healthcare to the masses or a tyrant who stamps out corruption with secret police? How about a challenge where you only have airstrikes, all initiatives cost reputation and every zone has an insurgent ambush lying in wait?

Or just throw realism out the window, and make an army of vampire cats led by a tiger in a toga… All of this and more is possible in the Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator! Who said nation-building was hard?

◈◈◈ Access powerful tools ◈◈◈
Choose all the details of your Scenario! Pick difficulty, governors, region and category. Set the stage for your epic operation, then equip yourself with a multitude of tools to make your Scenario the way you want!

Custom Governors & Tactics: Make the Governor of your dreams! Give them a custom name and upload a new portrait before adjusting their skills in the Initiative Editor! The Scenario Creator also allows you to create your own Tactics and Features with custom icons and text before editing their effects.

Change the Game: Dive into the nuts and bolts of the game’s mechanics to configure Civilian, Military, Insurgent and Zone variables, radically changing the way Rebel Inc. plays!

Structures: Make the region your own with Structures! Make armies strong with Garrisons, or budgets swell with Oil Derricks. Looking to make a challenge? Place hidden Arms Caches and Training Complexes in the mountains, or even devious Tunnel systems to give the Insurgents quick escape!

Take the Initiative: To really change the game and make truly unique Scenarios, create and edit your own Initiatives! Change their names, images and effects on mechanics, deploy Soldiers and Experts, or even activate Insurgent Tactics via Initiatives for extra deadly encounters!

◈◈◈ Share your scenario with the world! ◈◈◈
Once you’ve made your scenario – choose who you want to take on your incredible operation!

Publish your best scenarios to players across the Ndemic Nexus with the click of a button!


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1.1.0 - Bug fixes and quality of life improvements


13 comentarios en "Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s good I like it there’s one teeny tiny problem which is the reason why I’m giving it only two stars every time I make a new unit out of copy and paste because I’m too lazy to make it myself every time it’s always whenever I copy National or Coalition soldiers one that the copy version crashes in game and it won’t show up when you are able to purchase it could you please look into this and see if it’s a bug if so fix it

  2. I’m able to upload my maps now, not sure if the system need time to figure out i was a paying customer, bug was fixed, or just randomlly worked. Whatever the case I love it now

  3. I had a little problem with account log in but for those of you who have never downloaded it the problem is fixed thanks to those a ndemic

  4. Its actually pretty great although they should make it to fit holding the phone vertically

  5. cupcake dice:

    I was considering buying a PC too make scenarios but this is even better thanks!

  6. It’s fun to make cool ways to play rebel inc in Many ways

  7. Disappointed. I can’t even play my own senario without buying it .

  8. This app is so creative I made 10 national soldiers lol

  9. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Dang it’s about time, I was wondering when will they make a Rebel Inc scenario creator and now It’s finally here 🙌🏼

  10. Laithen dice:

    So I played the game for 30 minutes an my tablet can’t handle it. I used to be able to get a refund but now I can’t. Can you please help me refund this game

  11. The Earth dice:

    someone: how many hours do you spend on Rebel Inc: Scenario Creator? me: yes

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