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Get movie tickets, find theatres, and access Cinemark Movie Rewards in the app.
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Introducing the updated Cinemark Theatres app! Enjoy easy access to showtimes, movie info, and the Cinemark Movie Rewards program!

With the Cinemark app you can:

• Get tickets in advance
• Reserve your seats
• Access your Cinemark Movie Rewards account
• Browse your favorite theatres
• View your Gift Card balance
• View ticket purchase history

Cinemark Theatres offer additional amenities at select movie theatres including:

• Comfortable Luxury Loungers recliners
• More food and drink options, your favorite concession items, as well as dine-in options
• More ways to watch your favorite movies in Cinemark XD, RealD 3D, IMAX, and D-Box

Cinemark now presents Cinemark Movie Rewards: Your Path to Free Tickets & More! Become a Movie Fan for free and enjoy:

• Earn 1 point per $1 Spent
• Access member exclusives, advance screenings, and tickets
• Redeem points for rewards, tickets, concessions, and more

You can also upgrade to Cinemark Movie Club, the Movie-Lover’s Membership, and get more:

• One 2D ticket per month*
• Unused tickets roll over
• 20% off concessions
• Waived online fees
*Visit for details

If you experience app-related issues please click on More > Guest Services > Contact to report it.

Download the updated Cinemark app today!


In this update:
- Easier access to view and edit your saved payment methods
- Performance improvements and bug fixes

See you at the movies!


40 comentarios en "Cinemark Theatres MODDED"

  1. Benjamin dice:

    I like what the app CAN do but it’s very clunky and sluggish on almost any phone, top tier or otherwise. Scrolling is always laggy and it’s harder than it be to find the info you want. Also, if there’s only one theater you go to, it shouldn’t need to be selected every single time first or to have an option to pick a default. Otherwise it’s fine. Contactless payments work great, tickets are fine, barcodes easy to scan, concession rewards too. Just needs some dev work or a UI overhaul.

  2. It is a straightforward UI experience, but some information that can be important, such as added fees, is more subtle in small font. Seems the experience would benefit from just being up front with details. It is a bit of a learning curve to adjust to its model, but once explored fully, it becomes intuitive.

  3. Love this app! The only issue I have is when I try to order popcorn for pickup is that it won’t let me check out if I’ve selected to not add any butter. It’s my first time trying to use the order ahead option and I find that strange. Plus, there’s only the option to order the tub and not anything smaller in size. UPDATE: – 1 STAR. WATCH LIST SHOWS ALL MOVIES AS “NOW PLAYING” EVEN THOUGH THE MOVIE ISN’T OUT YET.

  4. This is a handy tool if you love going to the movies (especially if you are signed up for Rewards). Depending on the location, you can choose to have the snacks ready as you walk in. Just be in a good spot with connection before you are heading out to see it on the same day. It’s a very slow app on the go. Remember to choose “Guest Pick Up”, place all mess in the provided bags, and place them promptly in the trash 🙂

  5. Update 12/2022: app is now faster and more stable. Ordering is much better and intuitive for selections. Convenience of options is impressive. Original post 2021. Download speed on app is very twitchy & slow, especially at various theaters I’ve been to. Kind of inconvenient trying to pull up your ticket QR or order snacks. But it has gotten better over the year.

  6. One of the best apps around. I wish other companies would make their apps like this one. My only complaint is that when you load gift cards, to use them they are tucked away 4-5 pages deep instead of it using up the gift card automatically before pulling cash from your debit card. I just discovered all the gift cards I’ve loaded the last couple of years on this back page when I thought I used them. Other than that, the app is great. No bugs or glitches.

  7. Rocio dice:

    Love Cinemark Theaters! I decided to become a member & the perks are awesome! Unused tickets (credits) rollover to the next month if they’re not used. When you make a purchase online through the app you get a breakdown of what you’re paying, the amount and any credits applied and how much you’re saving. Definitely recommend! Oh and you can order your food, snacks, beverages & have them delivered straight to your seat. There’s a $2 delivery charge which for me is fine, think of it as service tip

  8. Easy, fast and saves money with the membership. Functionality sucks. Keep losing ticket order because there is no obvious way to return to your shopping cart if you leave it. It tells me I need to add a pickup time for my food order, but one bad click, and you can’t get back to the order, and in trying to start over, the seats I selected are blocked out so I can’t get them without waiting. Why there isn’t a shopping cart that can be accessed from anywhere in the app, I don’t understand.

  9. Raymond F dice:

    Overall the app has gotten better the last couple months. In the past the refresh rates would be unbearable even on wi-fi, but especially if I was in the theater with poor service and needed to pull up my ticket. Some of the services are clunky as far as being able to order food and whether or not you can time it well enough but that is more of a user navigation than issue with how the app is laid out.

  10. This app works great and is easy to use. The only thing I wish they would change is to be able to choose how many of your free tickets you want to use. When I’m buying seats for my friends it would be nice to not have to use all of my free tickets. (Currently you either use all, or else if I choose none, then I don’t get the benefits of being a member – like reduced pricing, etc.) But I do like the ease of purchasing tickets and having my seats reserved all through the app.

  11. I’ve been able to watch more movies because of this app (which I’m sure was they’re main focus in creating it). You do save a lot by using the app. The updated version is much better. It’s more seamless navigating, much easier to find what you’re looking for. It’d be nice if the ticket machines in the theater lobby could scan you’re QR code to print out your tickets.

  12. I don’t go to the movies a lot but when I do I use this app that covers our favorite theater. I don’t think it’s difficult to navigate. You can pre order snacks and have them ready upon your arrival, skipping the lines. I’m a movie club member so I get free tix each month. All easily seen and used via the app…

  13. It does what you what you’d expect from a movie club app. It offers rewards and discount for watching moives. It also gives you a digital bar code to use which allows you to skip the ticket line. Its more convenient to have the app then it is too not. My biggest problem with this app is its a little slow to load but to be fair that could be my internet or phone. Also Their movie club platinum status which is attained by how many tickets and/or visits is extremely hard to get as a single person.

  14. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to save on the always extreme prices for tickets and snacks at the movies. The rollover tickets every month are a delight. Snacks delivered to your seat is the cherry on top of the whole experience. Absolutely worth the monthly fee, highly recommend if you go to the movies alot. 🎬 🥰

  15. This is a really good app for buying tickets and getting discounts at the concessions! My only gripes are two things. 1. (This issue was for an older version. Don’t know if it was fixed.) I don’t know if it was on a per theatre basis but I can only purchase tickets in sets of 2 or less to get the $8.99 price if it’s higher, get points if I purchase it at the booth, or have the online fee waived. This happened at the Napa Cinemark. 2. There should he a notification when the ticket you’re buying costs LESS than your free credit. For example, my credit costs $8.99 and the ticket I’m buying is $6.00. That’s $1.99 I lost. These add up. There are tickets that are $9.50 or even $12.25 that I want to save the credits for so I have to uncheck the free credit option. But if you are in a rush to purchase tickets this can slip past you.

  16. I like the app. Convenient most things are easy to find and access. I wish that some things (like refunds) could be handled through it and not directed to a browser but minor inconvenience. Though with recent changes it can be a bit sluggish compared to how it was before but again not a really big issue. It just feels a little slower accessing the seating and changing pages.

  17. I pay for the monthly movie club, and it is definitely one of my fav subscriptions! I’m paying $8.99 a month, but I’m getting a free movie ticket AND 20% off concession sales! The app itself is relatively easy to navigate and use. I gave it 4 stars because some things can be tricky to find in the app. For example, I cannot see how many redeemable points I have in the app. I have to use a web browser. I also had a hard time originally finding the movie club ID, though that is no longer an issue!

  18. After using the app without fault for quite some time lately I have been unable to make purchases. When I select a movie time, it just ‘spins’ until it times out. I thought something weird was happening a week or so ago when I had to redefine my favorite theaters. At the same time, I was unable to ‘tap’ on the movie to view more info – I thought maybe my fingers or my phone screen were dirty and as to why the program wouldn’t respond. I am a rewards member and have loved the app in the past.

  19. LEO UR. dice:

    This app is unusable it keeps crashing on me every minute. I have tried uninstalling and everything I could but it still keeps crashing. I have to make all purchases through the website which defeats the purpose of the app. A lot of the showtimes are also not on the app, you can’t even do something as simple as a refund, that also has to be online. I like Movie Club I just wish the app worked. Having it unexpectedly close on you everytime is annoying and frustrating.

  20. I have to admit that this app had massively improved over the years… especially once they added the QR code scanning! The one and only thing I truly dislike is that they’ve made it very difficult to find and use the cinemode which quiets the phone during the movie. I truly wish they would promote this feature so that more people stop using their phones during films. I used to love that it used to be front and center in old versions but now it’s hidden and hard to turn on.

  21. K Jihad R dice:

    It’s more like 3 and half stars but the app itself is convenient and easy. My only issue is you aren’t able to order snacks and a movie at the same time. It always errors out and then when you go back the seats you selected are unavailable. You then have ti wait about 10 minutes for them to reset and try again. This is fine for a movie thats been out but a hassle for a premiere. Other than that I appreciate saving as much as I do per movie. My kids and I go quite often.

  22. We’ve used it to select seats and purchase tickets for a few months, and it’s really pretty simple. The app is great, the service/handling fee is a bit ridiculous. I think it’s Cinemark’s way of conning us into buying the “Movie Club” subscription, which is about a break even deal for my family of four. I’d like it to be a bit easier to switch between the concession QR code scan and the movie ticket scan. Then I’d give it 5 stars.

  23. overall a very solid app. i like the convenience of being able to see what movies and times are available at multiple theaters, and buy tickets all at once. The fact that all features are easily accessable helps greatly. The only issue i have is occasionally if there is a payment hiccup the seats are not immediately released on the app and you cannot pay for them. It has only happened twice but both times my friend went right on and bought on his app. They just wouldn’t release on my app.

  24. Well the app works for buying tickets and whatnot but it’s functionality is pretty iffy. Scrolling is a pain as tracking does not seem to like to function. You can’t zoom in when picking seats, so you may mispress the seats and also have trouble reading the rows. Load times are just plain slow even with a good connection. I really don’t understand how anyone managed to mess up something with such simple functionality. Overall the app “works” but really needs some polishing.

  25. I have had a really good experience with this app. Making reservations for tickets, choosing seats, ordering snacks, it all makes the theater experience so much easier. Forget standing in line, never again guys. The monthly plan is totally worth it if you reliably see one movie a month. The refund process is pretty good but I wish it were all handled in-app instead of jumping to their website. I havent used any other cinema’s app or rewards program, but I have definitely liked this one.

  26. The app works… eventually. It takes about 30 seconds to load, which is an eternity when you’re trying to load up the QR code for your tickets or the Movie Club QR code when you’re trying to buy treats. Also, when purchasing tickets it’s pretty much guaranteed it will error out the first time, causing you to lose your selected seats. The overall functionality of the app is not bad, especially if it can be about 10 times faster and eliminate the errors when purchasing tickets.

  27. I used to have a great experience on the app. Recently, it has stopped working correctly. It incorrectly says that I am not connected online and persists no matter what I do. I have tried to delete my data, cache, and tried to uninstall with no success. This is deeply frustrating especially since I pay for the membership and there have been multiple instances of this happening during opening week of movies and during casual movie going.

  28. Asia dice:

    I like how the app is easy for buying tickets and for storing them digitally for easy access. I don’t like how there’s no way to see your shopping cart, unless you go through the whole process of picking seats again. This becomes a problem when you leave the ticket buying window after you’ve selected tickets. Since the seats are reserved for a certain time period and there’s no option to checkout without the process, you’re left waiting until it’s unreserved. Minor inconvenience.

  29. Writing this as of July 2019. The update to the new format/interface is horrible. It’s sluggish to respond and not visually appealing. They also got rid of viewing movies by time, which was extremely useful. I’m uninstalling and switching tofandango, which I dislike as well, but not as much as this new interface,

  30. Never had any issues apart from it to be slow at times. Love the app for it being easy to navigate and the convenience of buying tickets in advance as well as the perks it has for its members. I advise when using the 20% of discount for food, ASK FOR THE TOTAL, THEN SCAN DISCOUNT. It’s happened twice where the cashier does something to the computer and my total is actually higher or stays the same price. I know because I have peeked at the monitor before it was scanned.

  31. I like how I can order my tickets in advance AND get to pick where I want to sit prior to arriving. One thing that I wish they would add on the seating map is the location of the exit doors. For some people with disabilities this can make a difference. Not a fan of the ‘convenience fee’. They want you to use the app instead of the people yet they charge over $3 per ticket? That’s definitely greedy. Update will take some getting use to. Just lost right now.

  32. I like it a lot but I needs to be tweaked a bit, for example, I’m a club member and I have 2 accumulated “free” tickets. I have the option to remove them if I dont want to use them (which is great) but I dont have any way of selecting how many I want to use, it’s just the all or noth kinda deal. if you could fix it that would make the experience that much better.

  33. Everything in your app is great except 1 thing! The most important thing. Scrolling through the tiles of movies to find the one you want us torture. Most of the time it barely scrolls a millimeter at a time so it takes an excruciating long time to find the movie you are looking for. Please redo this style. The old style where there were boxes going down the page was much easier. Less buggy.

  34. Overall really good, lost some functionality in the last update. Used to be able to see when special showings (ex: Indian Jones anniversary showing) would be coming to theaters in the future but can’t see the dates any more or pre-purchase tickets. Special showings like this have just been sitting in the “Coming Soon” category for months. 😒 Otherwise I really like the app. Being able to pre-order concessions and skip the line is an awesome upgrade. 👍

  35. I’ve never had this problem in my last almost year or so of using this, but suddenly it is doing this thing where it will not connect if I’m on wifi. Maybe some would think its not a huge problem, but it has been really inconvenient and I feel like it should be fixed. Also I’m not sure this is a problem with the app, but I never get rewards and my friend gets them all the time and I use mine way more often. However, if just the wifi thing was fixed I would give 4-5 stars.

  36. The app makes it easy to use points and rewards. But it’s so buggy. Constantly telling me I need to be online to do a thing… even though I am online. Or having to select a movie multiple times before it finally shows me a description instead of a black screen. I’ve already Uninstalled and reinstalled I’ve. Just to get it. Win some. Lose some. 🤷‍♀️

  37. Noxi Cat dice:

    I don’t have too many complaints about this app. I’ve never had an issue with tickets purchased and it’s now my preferred way of getting movie tickets. The app is easy to navigate, it can run slow sometimes. Sometimes the food orders don’t go through or can get lost. Although in my experience the staff of our theater has been good with handling those instances. Overall, it’s a good app if you’re a movie-goer. I love the membership too.

  38. It can run a little slow at times, especially if not on Wi-Fi. But it has great rewards and a user friendly way to navigate menus. It could use the improved feature of allowing screen brightness being adjusted. Especially when tryimg to scan QR codes… the theater scanner ALWAYS has trouble with that! But no, i have to exit the app THEN adjust screen brightness… such a pointless hassle!

  39. The App is just like the theater, absolutely wonderful! It is easy to use! It is not always as fast as I want it to be, especially when showing my membership code at checkout. However, the app gives you a full breakdown of your membership and rewards and is just great. You get real time seating options and have access to Cinemark theaters all over the US.

  40. Giving 4 stars only because the app itself is very slow to load. The rewards program is great, been renewing membership for a couple of years now. The layout of the app is nice and navigating through it is easy, but again, the only issue is I’m waiting on the little circle in the middle of my screen to finish buffering the page quite often.

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