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Tiny Decisions is an app that makes decisions fun & easy! Just input your question, add/import options, and spin the wheel to get a random answer. Make quick decisions!

It’s always so hard to decide. Should I get a pizza or a burger? Should I get it in grey or black? Should I do this or should I do something else? The Tiny Decisions app is created just for you!


* Create your own customized decisions
* Touch to decide
* Built-in decision templates
* Set weight for options
* Select non-repeating options
* Color themes for wheel

Please write a review if you like this app, it’s very important to me.

Twitter: @nixwang89
Mail: [email protected]


Added random number generator


40 comentarios en "Tiny Decisions MODDED 2022"

  1. Kyamato dice:

    Really great but two issues, there’s not a way for you too save your info to the cloud, so if it updates and info is gone then it’s not coming back, and REALLY BIG it would also be nice to be able to Copy wheels. 2. There’s no dark mode setting, and there isn’t much setting variability, simple but something important, the app is really great and I would rate it 5 stars if these issues weren’t prominent

  2. Good for what it is. I like the idea and I use multiple wheels. I then paid for the no ads and ability to add a weight to the items. I’m disappointed that I still get ads, but at least i can add the weight. I’d want a refund if I paid more than a dollar, but beware if you want no ads, don’t bother buying it. Edit: app was just updated and all the wheels I had previously made were deleted and I had to restore my purchase using the weight option (settings didn’t work)

  3. Not helpful for long titles. If the options you are trying to choose between are more than a few characters long the item will be cut off and replaced with … when the spinner lands on it. There is no way to select the option to read the full item name. This app is pretty much useless for my needs if I can’t read what the spinner lands on.

  4. Kathy K dice:

    Its okay. There are some major issues with this app, but it gets the job done. Issue #1: It cuts off long titles. I’e had intances where I have so many long titles and it cuts them all off, so I can’t even tell what it landed on. Issue #2: It’s constantly asking you if you want to upgrade to Tiny Decisions Pro. Which is $2.99. Every single time I make a wheel and even after I spin it, it asks me that everytime. In conclusion, I think this app is not worth it. That”s why I’m giving it a 2 star.

  5. Simple and efficient. Free version doesn’t have obnoxious ads that feel limiting, it still works great. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it so I went ahead and did the one time purchase to support. Have used this for selecting books off my TBR, have a wheel for restaurants at different price points, etc. Just such a useful little app.

  6. I love the app upon first use, it helps with choosing family events. But, the issue I have is it keeps reverting back to the free version that shows ads and I have to keep restoring pro mode every time I go into the app. 🤔that’s not kewl. Other than that it would be 5 stars.

  7. Weeb 9000 dice:

    Good app but the andriod variation is lacking. I have seen online that on IOS devices things such as dark mode are available. I also have issues such as word size, for example if I have a lot of options then the words should shrink to operate within the boxes perimeters. Thanks.

  8. It works really well, it’s smooth, and is overall simple and easy to use. I do wish I could add weight without paying, but it is only a small price of $2, so I can buy it whenever, or just add the same option multiple times to increase the weight.

  9. I love this app! I use it to help my autistic child to minimize anxiety over tasks. We have multiple spinners for different times of the day that are particularly challenging.

  10. Seems to be the only app of its type which allows you to import from clipboard. This means you can import a to do list from another app. This is great. However, recently on opening the app I got a popup in Chinese/Japanese and couldn’t open the app until I agreed to something. I don’t know what I agreed to.

  11. OK weird suggestion, but.. can we have folders? And maybe customize the color of the slices? Totally cool if not, but I’ve been using this super awesome app for custom board games and I have a looot of spinners.

  12. Like the app very much. Have not had the problems others mention. Just wish I could change the default wheel that the app opens with. Never going to use the one that’s there. A minor annoyance with an otherwise good app.

  13. DeniseP dice:

    Doesn’t save selections. It greys them out only to reset the wheel when you restart the app even with non repeating selected. Unusable without this feature working properly. There should have been an update for this issue by now. Just another developer treating Android as less important than Apple. Disappointing.

  14. Was hard for me to figure out how to use it at first. Took awhile to figure out how to create wheels. the “non-repeating” option in this app does not work even when updated to the most recent update. Tried to creat another wheel and did not save at all. Very disappointed.

  15. I paid for NO ADS and I got even more after i made the purchase. I can’t even use it without an ad popping up in the middle of me typing! Very disappointed. UPDATE: Downloaded the app again and not only is there more ads, but I don’t have an option to restore purchase. *UPDATE: No there’s not, it just asks me for payment when I go to purchase page.

  16. Veronica dice:

    As other reviewers have said, if your options are more than a couple (short) words long, they get cut off by an ellipses and you can’t expand to show the full text. I also paid for the ad free version, but I get a popup in Japanese every time the app launches regardless.

  17. Haven’t had crashing that others have. Option to weight choices differently is awesome! Using multiple times a day to randomize 10-30 minute break activities. Great for other decisions where no one is strongly committal. Well worth the $2 for the ad-free version.

  18. “non repeating selection” feature is ineffective and restore options do not work on Android. The iPhone version of this app is wonderful, but the Android version has always been broken for me. Nothing works besides a static wheel that never gets updated.

  19. I bought the PRO version because it was cheap and I really enjoy the setup of this app, however every time I go into the application I have to click the restore button to remove ads which quite honestly seems like it defeats the purpose of me having purchased it.

  20. awesome app concept however when I enter my items in the wheel they delete the previous ones and start to repeat. I turned the repeating sections off but they kept repeating which makes it pointless to me.

  21. I like this app! If you cant decide which, just take out your phone, click this app, do some decisions, and then start playing! Some people have been asking “Is this updated?”. I found something where you basically hold your finger on the screen, click the black button, then decides who to go first. Was that the update? Si please download this app!

  22. I was extremely disappointed when I bought the premium just for the ads to still be present and the randomization of the finger game is gone. Devs said that you could restore on the purchase page, but there is no such thing on android. Not changing 1 star review until I get my refund.

  23. works great and easy to opperate ony prob i have is that you have to go out of the wheel to edit. and then go back into it to save. why cant it just all be in one place.

  24. I’m so upset. I had a very important list saved and now it’s gone. I don’t have another copy. Yes, you are telling everyone with this problem, sorry, app update, won’t happen again, but I don’t trust you and won’t use your app anymore.

  25. Azero dice:

    Good app, except the IOS wheels are more appealing then the android one, and there is literally no dark mode option. I looked through the app and looked stuff up for about thirty minutes, cam out with nothing.

  26. This is an amazing game but I put 150 options and more than half of the wheel is white, it doesn’t fully cover the entire spinner and, when i try to add more, the colored spots just get smaller instead of filling in.

  27. Natalka dice:

    Great game spent about an our on it but It would be cool if you could change the background and be able to make custom ones. Also please make it so you don’t have to pay to get everything. You should also add more ways to pick and how do you delete wheels?

  28. good for small wheels, but terrible for large ones. it should not be duplicating entries for larger wheels, now should it be erasing what we input. hoping this is just a bug that needs fixing.

  29. I mean it’s good and def way better than the other apps that are like this. But the features on the android version is just so lacking it hurts. I just really wish they added same featurs as the ones in the IOS version, if it were added I’d def give this app a 5 stars

  30. I’m confused because the wheel only spins for a split second and then stops but I see other people using it and it spins properly for like 5 seconds for them??!!

  31. Pretty good for a wheel app, pretty much exactly what you want, would be nice to be able to move the wheels in the list so I can group them though

  32. Nice app but PLEASE add the mechanic that we can delete our wheels. I’m tired of literally uninstalling the app and re-installing it.

  33. The projects I had saved are now gone. I chose this app because it was highly recommended by friends. I will now be deleting it and going back to Random Picker. I’m aggravated that I wasted all that time entering my projects.

  34. I spent several days compiling my lists and I opened it up today and everything is gone. What a waste of time. I even paid for the app, but still got ads. Not sure I’m going to try again, but it was nice while it lasted. Too bad.

  35. Thank you for replying to my review, I have reinstalled and it works much better. The wheel actually works now and no longer is mixing different wheels together. It’s still a bit glitchy but that’s probably just my crappy phone.

  36. Paid to remove commercials, apparently removes randomization as well. Now if you use 2 fingers in the second option, it is now forever choosing the first person who put a finger down. Requesting refund

  37. The sounds are not working in Android ,, You can’t delete the items too once it was chosen. The ads in the bottom are not nice view. Maybe if you can fix this issues then It will be 5 stars

  38. I have an andriod phone and every time l use the wheel and close the app it resets the wheel l dont think it should be resetting…maybe the app needs a bit more fixing….once it’s working properly definitely five stars

  39. This app is usefull for everything i needed! It chooses perfectly when i cant decide and if you want something else you can go fiddle around with the settings! Theres nothing more useful.

  40. I love this app, it has many features but I have one thing I think would be amazing, I think you should make it so you ca edit the order of questions what are first in the wheel spin rather than the oldest ones first.

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