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Make AI Art & Avatars and gifs, Swap your face with celebrities with the Reface!
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🎭 Reface is a top-rated face swap app with funny pictures and videos
Create wonderful AI Avatars with new Stable Diffusion feature!
Our art generator feature creates unique images and avatars based on AI. Forget about the boring web search of the image or the tools you would need to make your own design – Reface’s AI Art will take care about perfect artwork.
Let’s cut to the chase — the Reface app was nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Awards in 2020 – Our application is known worldwide as a funny face app with advanced camera features. It provides a daily inflow of humor, funny videos, GIFs, photos, memes, face filters, and effects. It’s not one of those photo booth apps; it’s a photo editor and meme creator in one. Our app is known as a hilarious meme maker and GIF editor with funny filters, but it’s so much more than that! Animate your photo or edit your video in a few simple steps. Make realistic and humorous videos and GIFs, and learn how to animate a photo with a single selfie with the help of our photo editor. Become a celebrity look alike, place yourself in a meme, or even conduct a gender swap with the help of our AI technology.

Wait, what exactly is faceswapping?
With our technology, your selfie is mapped onto another image in an eerily realistic way, with convincing facial expressions and movements that actually look like you. We don’t just cut and paste photos, we are morphing faces. Use our face changer to see yourself in old movies, viral videos, and more. How do we do it? If we told you, we’d have to kill you! It’s not that deep; just know that the results are absolutely astonishing. It only takes our face editor a few short moments to work its face magic.

“If you want to show your friends and family some sincerely cursed GIFs, consider giving this a try. We’re not responsible if they dissociate from you.”- Mashable

Try it on yourself
Reality can be anything you want it to be. Paste your face onto your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity, artist, pictures, or GIF, and share it on social media to mess with your friends. They won’t believe their eyes, but they’ll have to when the photos look this realistic! Change your gender, try face morph, crop photos, include your pet or favorite celeb, and perform advanced magic with our state-of-the-art face changer. You can be a part of a cartoon, lie in a hot tub with snow in the background, and so much more. Share your creation with the world when you have some free time and blow everyone’s minds with the videos and memes. You’ve never seen editing apps like this before!

Here’s what you can do with Reface:
– Swap your face with celebrities or movie characters using our amazing technology.
– Play with live face swaps and gender swaps.
– Share your awesome clips or funny memes on social media.
– Have fun with new videos and GIFs posted every day.
– Use the photo animator to bring images to life, make them talk and sing, and share them with the world.
– Press a few buttons, apply a filter, and voila, you’ve changed your look completely.

Top 5 app in over 100 countries
Reface is renowned in over 100 countries as the premiere faceswap app.

In case of any questions, issues, or collaboration requests, contact us at [email protected]

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Can’t really prove it, but we’ve just made Reface better for you.


40 comentarios en "Reface: Funny face swap videos MODDED 2022"

  1. I enjoy playing with faces in the app. However, now, it won’t let me do any refaces without subscribing to premium. I’ve had the app for over 2 years now. Never had to pay to do a reface until now. This needs to be fixed. Also, if I do pay for premium, does it remove the filters so that I can reface ANY photo I have? If you fix these two issues, I will gladly give a 5 star.

  2. I loved the app was using the free version watching commercials to remove watermark. Then decided to pay for a trial week. I still had to watch commercials. Nothing changed. It kept asking me to pay again. So what was the point of paying for a week trial. Nothing changed. Everything was still watermarked. And I still had limited access. Refund please as I canceled

  3. The free version of this app is okay for what it is, but a lot of the time now after an ad has finished or after closing out of an ad, once you get to to the screen where your result would show, it’s just a black empty screen. This happens so much it makes me wonder if this error is in the paid version too. It’s hit or miss but for the longest time it’s still a miss most of the time. The results usually are pretty good…but of course, only when you can actually see it on your screen.

  4. I had this before it’s really fun when you’re trying to kill time. I liked it when it was a new app I just recently found a video and re-download it. Now I remember why I got rid of it. (The AD’s) now I can’t even use the app, I’m cool with the free version. It’s the ad’s doesn’t complete my swap even after watching multiple ads 5+. What’s the issue? Is there a set time after 3 swaps you have to wait?

  5. Used to love this app. Then certain features were only available if I watched an ad, which was fine. The majority of the features I liked are now only available with paid membership. If you’ve got money to waste, use it. If you don’t, find something else. Edit: they just messaged me after this review. They claim the feature to upload your own content is a paid feature. I have MANY uploads that I didn’t have to pay for in the past. Don’t install.

  6. Dan L dice:

    Glad they have a pay once option now so I reflect that in the rating but $45 is a bit steep for what you get. $35, in my opinion, would be fair for how it works and quality of whats produced. The app does ok as far as replacing faces on the included movie clips and gifs. It does have some trouble with lighting and transparencies. Anything that goes over the face such as a muzzle flash can mess it up so faces come out distorted in some vids. Otherwise fun for a while.

  7. toosile4u dice:

    I love this app, except recently I have been having issues removing the watermark after watching a few ads. Also, I can’t download my creations. I have un-installed and then re-installed the app. Cleared cache and cookies. Turned my phone off and on, nothing seems to be working. I hope you fix this problem soon.

  8. Jordan E dice:

    A separate editing app can really make these look 10xs better. I’ve been having a lot of fun the past couple months with these. The faces AI is really good. But lots of the videos are too washed out so the faces don’t look as good as they can unless you adjust contrasts and colors in another editor. But I still recommend it highly.

  9. Wayne S dice:

    Okay I tried to give it a fair shot to see if it’s worth it but there were so many ads popping up during the lip syncing process that it never would finish so I just shut it down. That many ads is just ridiculous . It seems to be an okay app at the moment but I’ve had too many bad experiences and have heard too many horror stories of apps going down the tubes after updates which is a bit of a risk for paying $45.. but maybe that’s just me.

  10. I love it. I subscribed after a free trial. Lots of ads with free trial ,just have to wait and x it out to start. I noticed less ads with paid version. As far as faces morphing, I got excellent hilarious results with the movie clips. With the still pictures the stock photo was predominant and hardly showed the face I added. I do wish there was a bigger selection of movie clips,maybe some older classics. Also I wish there were more movie clips with options to change multiple faces.

  11. Changes to the user interface over the last few months have made the app more and more difficult to use, but a recent change to the AI has rendered the face swaps nearly unusable. Where before it looked like a face swapped onto another, it has now become sort of a terrible morph. Redoing the same two pictures that I had just used days prior, gives a different and markedly worse result.

  12. Use to love this app. Till the recent update. Now the face swap looks like a weird cross between both the original person and my pic. And it leave things looking blurred or like another person stated. A bad morph. Before it worked great. Don’t see why they changed it. Or thought it was better. It’s like they changed it. Then didn’t try there own product. Too see if it was any good. I will not be renewing. If it’s not changed back.

  13. Ali E. dice:

    This used to be a 4-star app for me, but the latest update breaks the core function of the app. I’m a PRO user. I can only swap one picture before it stops working. The workaround is to force close and clear the cache to swap one more picture. Support tried to blame my VPN instead of troubleshooting. My VPN is always on and never caused an issue with this app.

  14. Menu interface is a PITA. Too difficult to get jump thru hoops to get where I want to go, and changes with every update. Inconsistencies are very annoying and it updates A LOT. I like uploading my own pics and not using celeb stock, and it’s difficult to do (at best). The app used to be fun, but now I find myself searching for alternatives because this one has become too focused on the GUI vs the content creation ability.

  15. It would be nice if you could upload your own pics you want to reface. They app gave you this option for a short time, you just had to watch a very short ad which wasnt a big deal. Its since has gone back to requiring you to purchase this feature which takes the fun out. You are stuck with their pics which are very limited.

  16. Amy Fiske dice:

    The song faces was fun, but limited selection and doesn’t not frequently change. The swap faces is awful, it blends the original picture face with the one you want to use and looks like no one you know. It does not replace the head or the face. Gonna look for a better app. A game ad popped up and forced you to play and was no way to get out of it, except back out of app, start over and hope it didn’t happen again

  17. I have been using a very popular, but competing app for almost a year now. However, I have grown tired of certain issues that result from issues with its algorithms. Selfies tended to result in heads that were too big, it never worked well with low resolution images, and certain head shapes and/or positions often gave it a headache. Quite often, the resulting photo was not recognizable as the face of the person that was swapped onto the body I had used. ‘ As a result, I decided to give this app a try. The good: The algorithm is better programmed, and has none of the issues of the competitor. The bad: Low resolution output. I have never had an image output that was more than 720x on the largest side, when the input was a rather high resolution image. The images are also very poor quality. The watermarks. Yes, that’s a thing everyone is complaining about, and I can see why. It has covered the face and/or head on every image without much copy space that I have used. I can see their reasoning in having them (I’m sure they’ve probably been sued over a celebrity “fake” or something like that); but my photos never leave my phone and are never shared. The UI is cluttered and busy, especially the main page. In conclusion, I think it is a decent app; but I think it’s too expensive. While the other app (FaceApp, I might add) wasn’t as good with face swapping; it did offer other features such as being able to change certain facial features, add/remove makeup, change hairstyles, add/remove glasses, change age, change hair color, and swap gender as well as general photo editing stuff like changing background and improving the photo. It was only $5 more a year. Here, basically the only thing you can do is swap faces and share them. Some of these features should be added to help justify its cost. I subscribed simply because it worked better.

  18. Mary Rose dice:

    It is an extremely fun and hilarious app and so easy to use! Love how fast it can merge the image with the scenario. Couple drawbacks but nothing major. So its more like a 4.5, rather than a 4 reading! First, can’t play more than a couple times then you have to wait awhile before it will let you treface againand Second, it won’t let you put more than one person in a scenario at a time. I trade with my family and friends New images all the time!

  19. I love this app! It’s pretty much the only app I’ll just get on to play around or kill time with. Then I end up spending too much time on it because it’s fun and funny. My friends and I send cute or funny clips to each other all the time. The only thing I’d change is that after you reface a small handful of times, you have to watch longer ads each time for 20 minutes before you can go back to just ad previews before each reface. You would think the short ads each time would be sufficient.

  20. Paid users were offered the ability to remove watermarks from their images. This is no longer the case; you will get a watermark no matter what. They’re committing fraud by offering you the feature to remove watermarks but putting it on every image. Now, ALL images on the device, no matter how many you have, show up in the folder. You can’t just pick your gifs. It’s everything. Still images and not. So images from other apps are showing up even if they’re unrelated, and all you can do is scroll down, not pick folders. Worse still, the “this content is blocked” message is happening on random images and I can’t tell why. Like, I had one of Superman, right? You know, the famous comic book character? Dude’s wearing his uniform and talking. Tried refacing it. Got told this was inappropriate. Why? I think the app sees the muscles as naked somehow? Not really sure. Basically, a year ago? Great app. Could do anything I wanted it to. Now? They lie about removing watermarks and make the software unusable. It sucks.

  21. This is my new favorite app. Me and my friends really enjoy sending each other our versions of the videos. The face mapping is quite impressive so it looks more realistic then any other app I’ve seen that does face swaps. Highly recommend! One note though: there is a subscription after a 3-day trial it’s 14.99 for the year so if you’re willing to have fun all year round I think it’s worth it.

  22. Amber dice:

    Fun app, super easy to use. I have recommended it to several people that have downloaded and they enjoy it as well. I would have given 5 stars if there were not a limit to the number of times you can reface, and if it were easier to toggle between which pic you use to reface — going to the home screen to switch and then going back to the gif is annoying). I use the free version, not pro.

  23. The A.I. is outstanding, however, I would change one thing … I want to use my own video clips. Developers, you should work on an option to use our own video clips – 10 to 20 seconds should do it – the way we can with .gif images. Thanks for using such great faceswap software 👍🏻👍🏻 I’ll be keeping an eye out for that personal video clips tab to appear in up coming updates. Hope I see it one day. 😉

  24. The app is rather fun, but I do not think the up-loaded facial features are that pronounced over the actors. I tried several photos and found the features to be lacking. Also more importantly, I tried to share through my email and with several attempts, nothing happened. The attachment did not go to the recipients. Through text I was able to share. What’s with that.

  25. Steve G dice:

    Awesome app very fun very easy to use. Only thing that recently changed is if you used up your free faces, you can watch an ad to create another one. But it’s forcing us to watch a 30-second ad each time, not realizing that all the refaces don’t don’t always fit so we need to go back and try a different face to get one that’s works and 30 seconds watching advertisement it’s just too long. Recently much better ads are shorter and not as many, great job.

  26. I love the new features of using your personal photos. However there are a few bugs that needs to be addressed. 1. Reface locks up when you try to retrieve a picture off of my phone. It will unlock after several minutes. It seems like it is trying to load every picture on your phone at one time instead of loading them as you scroll. 2. It fails to animate correctly when two faces are closed together (like for selfies), and when dark objects are in the background. 3.Adjustable face captures

  27. Good auto face mapping and selections of music and film. Free gripes…. The free app use to be so much better a month or so ago. You can actually “try” the multiple heads feature with more than two heads and without going pro yet. Also there was an option for an annual plan for $24.99. What happened to that plan? If o were to pay, i would rather pay that than a 3- month for $14.99.

  28. The app is fine, and the ability to seamlessly swap faces onto gifs is fun to mess around with. However, with the addition of the ability to do the same with static images, why is there not an option to upload and utilize one’s own pictures from their device? This seems to me an incredibly simple feature to be lacking and one that severely holds back the app’s rating for me. Make it a “premium” feature for all I care, but it should be in there and the fact that it isn’t is ludicrous.

  29. I love the app, however, if the person doesn’t have a similar face shape, it looks really distorted. Another problem is, after refacing, music videos no longer sync up mouths and sound. There will be like a 3 second delay between the mouth moving and the sound. I wish there was more variety. There are probably 15 good videos. That’s where the focus should be. Movies and music clips. Too many gifs, which aren’t as good as the clips. Add more movie clips, even different clips from the same movies

  30. William dice:

    It’s an entertaining app. The menu could be better because some clips lack descriptions, clips will disappear and are hard to find, and keyword search can be improved. It needs more descriptions and could use more content. Faces sometimes upload incorrectly, with hair or hats visible. Sometimes clips won’t display or download. Other than that, it is a very funny application with great clips and photos to share with people and much better than similar applications and the technology works great.

  31. Okay, I’ve had this app for about 6 months and had a lot of fun with it! I think the quality of the face swap is fantastic given the small amount of data you give it in the first place (a single face picture). One nice thing is it tends to make people look a little bit better in the swap than they do in reality! The only annoying thing is in the pro mode it tends to not let you reface your own video/gif saying it’s inappropriate even when it’s not. It’s way too aggressive on that front

  32. Was going well until it started crashing on me. Now I can’t even open it. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting my phone, nothing works. I like the app a lot. Fix the problem and I’ll fix the rating, because this app is great. If you can’t fix the problem, then I guess I want the remainder of my year subscription canceled.

  33. I cannot afford the app, but I did try the free trial. If you can find the right looking people to swap your face with, or if you have a distinguishable face, this is hours of fun. Lots and lots of different choices, the software is quick, and it’s easy to save and send your work from the app. I would highly recommend this app for anyone with kids, anyone wanting to bring some comedy to their office, or just anyone feeling a bit silly.

  34. It’s a pretty cool app actually and it works Ok. But the thing I hate about it is the ads. And not just the fact that they have ads but it forces you to watch very long multiple ads in one setting. And one of the ads forces you to play their game and then will not allow you to download or go back to animate another video unless you download their app. It’s just super annoying! It’s not the best quality as far as their animate faces, but it gets the job done and is a lot of fun to watch.

  35. I paid for the pro version, don’t know if I’m going to renew after the first month. Trying to access my gallery to use older pics of myself (where I’m clean shaven) is problematic. The app doesn’t let you choose the folder with the pics you want to use. Also, profile pic selection is very buggy. On the plus side, the videos and gifs the app generates are awesome! There’s even a search feature for clips from anywhere. I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like as one of the Seven Samurai.

  36. Pretty fun/funny app when it actually works. When it does work, the quality is pretty dang good. I’d say over half the time it just errors out when converting your face into the gif which means having to close out of the app to have even a remote chance of it working again, and even then sometimes you have to close the app and try again later. Using a Samsung note 10 plus.

  37. Major bug that prevents it from being a awesome app. The trial version allows you to access your phone’s photo gallery but puts a watermark on the content that you create (which is fine) but when you upgrade to their 2 year subscription, you can no longer access your photo gallery on your phone. Their tech support doesn’t seem to understand English (I explained it 3 different ways). It seems that other have complained as well, hopefully they will get this fixed in a timely fashion.

  38. Ann Hall dice:

    Made one. It looked NOTHING like me. Didn’t post it. Un-installed app. Months later discovered I’m getting charged weekly for an app I did not use and had un-installed! 😣 Update: It would have been a thing to have that option easily available. Yes I know how subscriptions work. Also, I’m just coming back here to see how I could get in touch with someone, after another charge. I will contact the email address provided.

  39. Absolutely amazing product, but the app title / description is misleading because, while you can swap a face into a video, you can only use one of their videos. I confirmed with their support that the app does NOT allow you to upload a video for modification, which lowers the value of the product quite significantly. The app is over a year old and it still cannot perform that described function. Minus 2 stars because of that. Converting a video to GIF has too many drawbacks to list here.

  40. I really don’t appreciate the price lift, to pay for this app in the first place was annoying but the prices didn’t go up by just a dollar or two. I also got more annoyed because a week later I found a better app that was free and you didn’t even need your credit card info. You may be thinking how we’re they making money? Yes they had ads but I only came across 2 in one day after using it for hours. And you can skip after a couple of seconds.

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