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Anti-Stress Colouring Book app. Paint and Relax! Over 5000 images to colour!
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🎨 Over 5000 unique images!

🎨 FREE 7-day Trial! Unlock all images. Cancel anytime, any reason.

🎨 4 FREE coloring images every day, and each is FREE until the next one comes out – check the Dailies page at 10am, 1pm, 6pm and 8pm to claim your free pics!

🎨 Import your own photos and drawings, colour them and share with your friends on social media!

🎨 Exciting new events every week!

🎨 Color your stress away and become a member of the happiest coloring book community in the world. Join tens of millions of people in the most relaxing coloring book experience available on the Google Play store!

Color over 5000 unique adult coloring pages like mandalas, fantasy, interiors, dark, romance, sci-fi, 3D, birds, patterns, food, portraits, hair, flowers, birds, animals, dogs and cats, created by our professional artists or upload and bring your own pictures and drawings to life!

Create your own masterpiece or get inspiration and browse through thousands of beautiful coloring pages in our gallery created by our awesome Recolor community!

Relieve your stress and unleash your creativity with Recolor’s stunning coloring pages – it’s fun, easy and only a click away! You can enjoy the FREE version or subscribe to get access to all the amazing premium features.


🎨 5000+ unique and professional coloring pages (and more every day!) from dozens of categories including: mandalas, cats, dogs, hair, portraits, fantasy, animals, romance, florals, fashion, Barbie, famous movies, and many more.

🎨 The largest coloring community with millions of members to share and view drawings from all around the world

🎨 Import your own photos and drawings, colour them and share with your friends

🎨 Hundreds of available colours

🎨 4 Daily images every day, and each is free until the next one comes out – Check the Dailies page at 10am, 1pm, 6pm and 8pm to claim your free pics!

🎨 Over 70 palettes and dozens of coloring options to choose from – solid and live colors, gradients, and crayons. You can also create your very own palettes!

🎨 More than 80 stunning effects, filters and outlines to finalize and personalize your art

🎨 Join fun and challenging events and color images to get featured in our app!

🎨 Share your masterpiece with friends on your favorite social networks

Recolor Unlimited Subscription

– Unlimited access to all Recolor features including the entire gallery of 5000+ pictures, all color palettes, hundreds of colors, cool filters & effects, and a completely ad-free experience for the duration of the subscription. You can choose yourself which subscription suits you best and can manage your settings via your Google Play account.

– You may cancel a subscription or free-trial anytime via the subscription setting through your iTunes account. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the free-trial or subscription period to avoid being charged.

– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free-trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Recolor Unlimited subscription.

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Welcome to Recolor and the largest library of coloring pictures in the world - more than 5000!
Take a moment for yourself to color, create and relax.
Have you checked the latest campaigns or the weekly Spotlight for inspiration? You can always access them through the banners on top of the Home view. Also, don’t forget that Recolor has a 7 day FREE TRIAL! Cancel anytime, any reason.
Happy coloring!


40 comentarios en "Recolor – Adult Coloring Book MODDED 2022"

  1. I used to love this app when i was younger so I redownloaded it, just to come back with barely any free pictures to draw. What happened to the free section yall used to have?!! Yall are just too money hungry!! All were asking is some MORE free pictures not 3 every once in awhile. So much for a stress relieving app, i keep getting stressed out everytime i watch an add!! Not everyone has the money to pay for the subscription,and if you think about it everytime we watch an ad yall are getting paid!

  2. I used to love this app, it was great fun and relaxing too. I stopped using it around late 2019, so I decided to re-download it. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Nearly every picture is locked behind a pay wall. I don’t have the money to pay for the subscription, and I was legitimately only able to find 3-4 pictures that didn’t require premium. There’s not even a “free” catogory anymore! There’s no point in advertising your game as free if everything is locked behind a pay wall anyways.

  3. It’s great but… It doesn’t always save what you’re working on even if you have it set up to do so through your settings on the app. Also can be difficult to use the crayon option (it’s the only way to add background or detail work.) BUT besides those small things this is by far the BEST APP if you wanna have complete control on how you want things colored, shaded, designed your own way. If you want free will this is the app for you, no color by # here.

  4. Was a fabulous app. Until a few months ago. App opens to basically a blank page with icons that do nothing. Complained. It then updated after. Worked for 2? Days and back to the same. It crashes. It doesn’t open. Tired of it. Something that was great fun has turned into first stressful; now just disappointment. Now I am done. I used this app 4 years? LOVED it. But as Android kept updating up. Developers let it slide.

  5. I love this app!! It’s amazing. Why I put it 4 stars is because when I try to color any pictures it glitches and then kicks me out of the game. When I go back to recolor it erases the whole picture and I have to start over. It keeps kicking me out. If you are reading this recolor please fix this glitch.

  6. SpecialK dice:

    I downloaded it because I thought the pictures looked “a little” cooler than the other coloring apps but I couldn’t even check it out without a screen popping up wanting $60/yr or $15/mo. Like… really? I can’t even look around on your app that you’re charging an exorbitant amount of money for? You guys should really fix that if you’re going to charge so much. In conclusion of this app, the pics I could see were cool, if you have the money you might think it’s worth it.

  7. I had a subscription for 9.99 back before they upped the price, and a couple months ago, I fell on hard times and couldn’t keep the it active till now again. I asked them to reinstate it for the original price, and was told I had to do the current one if I wanted to reactivate it. The developers care more about money than they do their subscribers apparently, so I will no longer be one, which is unfortunate, because I loved this app. But I wouldn’t recommend it from now on due to this.

  8. Love the app when it works. Super glitchy right now. It was better when you had a decent amount of pages to choose from. There’s almost no options for the free version and the subscription price is insane. I’d pay 5.99 a month tops to get everything including. Not 15. The free version should had at least 3 options from each genre but it only has like 2 pages total. It’s a shame because I remember using this app all the time and every time I come back it gets worse.

  9. As a subscriber, I’ve read the rules. I find your system of removing posted pictures extremely arbitrary and without merit. It would be extremely beneficial to message the poster when an image is removed, you don’t do that. When approached by email, you say it doesn’t fall within your standards. When questioned about similar images that have remained posted, the response is always curt and you say that you can’t see all images. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  10. KJ dice:

    “Recolor isn’t responding. Close app… Wait” I paid for my subscription but haven’t been able to access the app for the last 4 days. Every time I go on it freezes then crashes. The only time it works is when I reinstall it, causing me to lose my completed pages and created colors. But, when I go back to the app, it’s the same thing over and over again. I used to love this app, now it’s only taking up space on my devices. $14.99 for an app that doesn’t load, isn’t responding, and not worth it!

  11. Emma B dice:

    I’ve adored this app for years, i love the way they organize the colors, i love the inclusivity, it’s been great. I reinstalled in after a while of not using it though and i will say… IT SUCKS. It used to have only a few drawings you needed to pay to get, and you could watch ads to get those, now almost nothing is free, it’s glitchy, it’s been covered in ads, and the subscription is $20 EVERY MONTH. Overpriced cash cow of a once good app. Get a different coloring app, there’s plenty other ones

  12. The drawings are high quality, the color options are fantastic, and the interface is smooth. The only problem? You can’t access any of that without paying an excessive amount of money, monthly. Shamelessly overpriced for a coloring game.

  13. Taylor dice:

    Even though, in my opinion, the quality and subject of the pictures has really declined (since the freckles started appearing) this is still the best coloring app out there by far. My favorite feature is the ability to upload any picture to color. This is good only if you like to truly color, stay in the lines, etc.) There are thousands of pics to color otherwise. The color pallettes are fantastic and you have the ability to create your own. The talent on this app is the best there is. (not I)!

  14. I’ve been a user of Recolor for a long time and when I first joined everything was good until suddenly almost every picture costs money to access. Not only that but it’s been glitchy recently with uploading images from gallery. This was an app where you could color little pictures and interact but now it’s basically pay to use. The little amount of free pictures we get makes a lot of ppl who can’t afford to pay lose interest quite quickly. Please consider all of these ratings and make this fun.

  15. I guess you all aren’t supporting the app if we don’t subscribe. Just sad. I really loved this app, but I refuse to pay that much just to color. The app is very glitchy now, things don’t load, it signs me out all of the time, the ads for free downloads don’t always play, it all is just very disappointing. Why would I even consider subscribing and paying when the free version is trash!? You all should think about that a lot more!!

  16. I only colored 2 pictures before deleting the app. Literally all the pictures are premium, and I don’t have the money to go premium. There needs to be a change, because people are looking for relaxation to color. Not having a nothing thing to worry about paying for. This is BS. I don’t want to be playing this game if there’s a limited amount of pictures that you can color without premium.Which is only about 4 or 5, as far as I can tell. I HIGHLY do not recommend unless you wanna waste your time.

  17. I’ve been using this app for years, just the free version because I’m very busy and don’t have a lot of time to use it. I just got a new phone and it won’t let me log in through Facebook so all of my stuff is gone. Even though I only use the free version I do watch all of the long ads so it’s a tradeoff for both of us. Might delete it though if I can’t log in soon.

  18. Bree L. dice:

    Started with this app several yrs ago & really enjoyed it until I had a choice of $buy in or color simple boring pictures. The pictures were the same or hard to find something I might enjoy coloring. It just became syressful instead of stress-free…so I had to say goodbye 👋 Hope you can enjoy. Developer’s need a new and refreshing makeover! Keeping stressfree in mind. 😘 Goodluck.

  19. Update, 3/21/22: i uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It opened and I had lost all my previous pictures. The app worked for one day. It is stalled and will not open. 3/19/22-app will not open. Just blank. What the heck is going on?. I had given this app 4 stars. That was a couple of years ago. The app stalls or the display goes blank. When I try to publish it stalls. It takes several tries before it works. Missing the dailies. Not happy becaus I really enjoy the opportunity to use the app.

  20. For an app that if I had to pay for premium at $15 ($30 when converted to my currency) it is sticking and logging out too much. I think you all should create different packages because that price is too ridiculous. To be honest there is no other colouring app operates like this. Maybe start back a free category for pics then out of the 3/4 timed pics eventually put one in a totally free category. I’m bearly enduring this app that I have loved for a number of years that I’ve used off/on.

  21. I love the app, I truly do. But, its been having some kind of issues lately due to the update. It takes quite some time for pictures to load, also it tells me that “An error has occured” or something relating to my connection (Can’t really remember). Also, it doesn’t save some of the work the I do, which is really frustrating. This app has potential, and I mean it, but please do fix these bugs. It is an amazing app 😊 nonetheless.

  22. I really like this app! It’s a great time-killer with beautiful artwork. Though sometimes the images have trouble loading or saving the previous colors when I want to continue coloring and I just end up with a blank or black square image. 😐 Lately I’ve been having trouble with the app as well, when I click on it the app as a whole doesn’t load. I don’t know what the problem is, it’s been happening for two straight days now, I had to delete the app and start all over and even then it started troubleshooting all over again. Barely lasted me three hours. My brother has the same app and his works just fine so I really don’t know what’s happening… Hope it can be fixed soon 🤞😓

  23. Rachel B dice:

    This app is awesome as a “free” app. I have no problem watching adds before coloring the free pictures. It’s gotten harder to find them due to the removal of the “free” section. I understand that the owners would prefer subscribers but some of us can’t afford that. Sadly, I’ll have to switch back to less expensive, physical coloring books. Thanks for the fun though. 🙂

  24. This was a great app until the last couple updates. Now to get each of your free pictures to color you have to watch an ad video. if it was one video for the three at a time we used to get that would be one one thing; but an ad for each image is a bit much, especially given the quality of some of the images. I can get cartoons to color in any coloring app. Not worth the large amount of space on the phone anymore. Uninstalling.

  25. Love this app but recently it’s started deleting my progress. Normally I’ll color a little on a piece and step away for a while, closing the app out to save battery, then come back later to finish my work. But now, sometimes, when I open a half-colored picture back up, it’s suddenly blank, as if I’ve done nothing to it. So that’s not cool, as well as the allowance of images clearly not colored in the app by some users, but other than that I like it. Great variety of pictures.

  26. It’s a nice game. The texture, effects, and ability to change the color of lines makes the images more customizable. However, it’s basically a pay to play game. There are few images that you can color and you must watch an ad to do so. Their is no way to color/use the things that come with premium. This lowers the amount of coloring and creativity one can put in or do. If the app made it possible to color more images and unlock some of them as well this would be a 10/10 app.

  27. I loved this app….even considered paying the subscription but all of a sudden it changed from coins to watching ads to access some of the pictures to color. I adjusted to that Change and the a few weeks later it changed back to the coins. And now most of the pictures you were able to access with watching ads or the coins is No longer an option. you have to subscribe. I’ve had this app for a while now. you change things all the time. it’s frustrating. I am deleting and moving to something else.

  28. Terrific app, I really enjoy it and use it daily. I would rate it 5 stars and pay for all the extra stuff it offers if it didn’t cost $15.99 a month, $4.99 maybe but not $15.99 so until the price lowers I will not be paying to use it. I also will not be paying that much for something that continues to have problems like: freezing, crashing, failure to let me watch a video to get the free picture. If I can’t open it and use it when I want then what’s the point.

  29. The app used to be good, I didn’t mind just sticking with the free pictures provided. I came back on after a few months and now it’s no good. Now you HAVE to watch an ad to “unlock” one free picture. I’m not a fan of that new feature but it would at least be bearable if the ads worked. The ad will play, but after it ends it won’t unlock the picture. It just says “an unexpected error has occurred” and to “retry”. It does that every time; this app is no longer worth my time.

  30. After using the game for a few weeks, it crashes and freezes a lot. Too much. Very annoying to have to open and force close the app several times in a row just to be able to use it. Or to be in the middle of coloring and suddenly it freezes. It takes too long to load pictures too. Took over 90 seconds for one to load. Probably would’ve taken longer but I got tired of counting and exited the app. App is very glitchy. Force closing or restarting my phone do not solve it. My internet works fine.

  31. 5 Stars~! I had a few issues but apparently it was just an issue on my end and there’s truly nothing wrong with the app. The presets look nice, but the import feature is even better! You are required to pay to use more tools, and get no ads, but that’s completely optional. Anyways, great app, definently recommend it to people who don’t like facebook, twitter, etc. ; but still want to post their art! 😀

  32. Tina Gill dice:

    Very disappointed, everything has to be paid through a subscription, they do list a free picture, but nothing of choice. Even the really nice colors a charge. The worst part is the subscription cost is outrageous. Will be deleting, too bad, because there’s a lot good pictures and colors. There are other apps that offer a lot more effects and colors, including gradient colors.

  33. Abbi dice:

    Love it! It’s unlike any other coloring app! I love the different colors, and the simple fact that I can color the pictures how I want to! But a free account is extremely limited… I feel we should either gain more pictures (even if we need to watch an ad), or at least be able to import more. I understand money is required to continue making apps better, but some of us can’t make it to support you yet, or we just don’t make enough. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  34. I downloaded this app a while ago, and was happy with the three pictures a day. I would save them up to color in bed every night. But with the next update, I’ll have a set window of time to click on each picture throughout the day. Don’t click between 8am and 12pm? Too bad, you’ve lost that picture! And i am in no way paying the insane amount they want for a subscription. Will probably be deleting soon. Such a shame, because i did like this app.

  35. This app is wonderful! I love it and it’s my latest, for years now, addiction. But, lately alot, alot, some of the functions freeze up, like trying to open the Gallery to see the dailies, imports and, you know – what others have colored. You have to retry – which never works – or just go back later and that’s frustrating and becoming quite a drag!😫 but I do love this app and I spend most of my time on this app. I do recommend getting the yearly subscribe, it’s well worth it to me.

  36. Recolor is so fun. It’s way different from all the other coloring games and I like that! Recolor has free pictures that you can color again and again with different styles. I play this game all the time and I really recommend you playing it! 🌻💛 Edit: Its been a while since I played, so I got on the app, and everything is behind a pay wall, It keeps deleting my progress, I have to make new accounts because it doesn’t save, it’s horrible. Don’t recommend. Also, overpriced premium.

  37. So, when I have to watch an ad to got the free picture, I start having a issue. For one I hit it and nothing happens so I have to force close it and load up again. Hit it again and it plays. However there are times I hit play and plays it but doesn’t unlock it. It’s not a bad app so please do think I dislike it. Also I have ideas for you. My number one idea is glow in the dark colors. I also think there should be a dark mode for the app. That’s all.

  38. This app used to be awesome! Now they have restricted the functionality to the point that it’s borderline unusable. Now you cant even make your own gradient colors anymore. I’d happily pay a one time fee of 5 or 10 bucks for it because it has many features I really do like. Perhaps I’m cheap but to me $9.99 a month or $49.99 per year for a coloring book is excessive. Fantastic app. Over priced. Such a shame.

  39. This app used to be one of my favorite coloring apps ever! I had to delete due to storage issues, but recently got a new phone with more storage. When I went back to download it I was forced to watch an ad in order to color a free picture. I understand that you need to have ads to get noticed and for revenue, but when you put an add in front of every coloring page it becomes a sales tactic. I DO NOT want to get “premium” for 9.99 a month. It is a waste of money. The earlier version is better.

  40. I downloaded the app to my phone again after a year or two and the app has changed so much. Not in a good way either. All of the pictures that were free to use before are now restricted and I couldn’t find a single picture to color. I’m upset that the app has changed in the ways that it did. I must admit, though. The pictures do have more detail now, but you can’t color them unless you get the premium. It’s deeply saddening to see what this wonderful app has become.

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