Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual MOD 2022


GTAV: The Manual is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V.
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GTAV: The Manual is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V. Contains over 100 pages covering everything from Game Controls, and Features to a tour through the local neighborhoods and activities across Los Santos and Blaine County – plus a special interactive version of the game map to zoom in and explore.

Developed by series creators Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V is available worldwide for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One®, Xbox 360® and PC.

Set in the biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world ever created, Grand Theft Auto V blends storytelling and gameplay in new ways as players repeatedly jump in and out of the lives of the game’s three lead characters.

When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.

All the classic hallmarks of the groundbreaking series return, including incredible attention to detail and Grand Theft Auto’s darkly humorous take on modern culture.

Grand Theft Auto V also comes with Grand Theft Auto Online, the dynamic and ever-evolving Grand Theft Auto universe for multiple players. With the expansive game world and fluid mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V as a foundation, Grand Theft Auto Online expands and evolves with regular content updates created by Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto community.

With assistance from characters from the story of Grand Theft Auto V, players rise through the criminal ranks by banding together with friends to complete Jobs for cash, purchase properties, vehicles and character upgrades, compete in traditional competitive modes such as Deathmatches or Races by land, air or sea, or create your own content to play and share with the Grand Theft Auto community.

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40 comentarios en "Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual MOD 2022"

  1. It’s actually very useful for generally getting around. I’d like more landmarks to be included in the map though. Dog parks, for example; I was big on finding a safer place to walk Chop when I first downloaded this app. Just little things, as even the smaller details pay off pretty well for me. I’d say pretty much everything that matters is there though, so, not a big deal at all. I still like it a lot.

  2. I found the manual book in store and it has WAY more detail. This app is a waste of time. Not only can you not track your progress, but theres also no details as far as misc and random events. Its impossible to get to 100% completion with this app.

  3. Nice manual, but only covers some very basic things. And I don’t know why this takes up about 100+ mb to download as it is just plain text, few images and a map which 2/3 of ground has nothing on it. Maybe the map takes so much space because it has everything on it and interactive (and ofc offline), However is there a web version of the same manual? No? Then this sucks.

  4. THIS IS NOT THE FULL GAME, THE ACTUAL GAME IS ONLY FOR PC YOU IDIOTS! THIS IS JUST A MANUAL!! In my opinion, this app is useful just for the new players. If you want the 100% completition, this is useless. Maybe they can add the letter scraps, nuclear wastes or UFO scraps locations on the city map or a guide for all achievements, because there is no extra info…

  5. This is not a game but it’s awsome in it’s own right!!!! So much hard work went into developing every instalment of GTA and to have a cohesive colection of the writing teams hard work on GTA V (along with easily accessible credit list and game map) Is not only amazing it’s what I had hoped the multitude of GTA Wikis would turn into. I would have never tried it had it not been for the fact this was tagged boring only because of an aversion to education and an ignorance of english(by Amaricans too)

  6. I give this a onestar because gta 5 quality sucks. Ive had the game for a year. I have yet to play with anyone or any friends because it wont let me load into or stay in the same game as a friend. I try for a least a half hour everytime. Its pointless trying to play with friends in this game. 360 version was better even with modders freezing my internet for 2 hours at a time

  7. On launch day, I was one of the people that preordered the power armor edition not even 4 hours after it became available. After hearing so many bad reviews and general disgust about the game, I was worried that the Fallout 76 game I decided to take a chance in and play was going to be shelved and done with in one to two months from launch date like other games I have played. Boy was I wrong. At first, it seemed very hard to grasp whether Bethesda would commit and improve the game. However,

  8. Waste of time. Supposedly there’s a cheat code to unlock Elusive Aloe Hooker mode – secret game mode that lets you bang hookers that only appear at certain times in random locations around Vespucci Beach like you could in the earlier GTA games except doing so would restore health. Doesn’t work. None of the other cheat codes work either. Trash.

  9. Not a game. You need to stream from your Xbox to play on your phone. My LG K50(a $150 phone) plays it rather well.(with a decent router and top tier internet) That being said, so much easier than flipping through a book and no wasted trees! Very green!

  10. The manual works perfectly, and it has a great design. It also comes with a map of the city included with blips. If you want the definitive digital manual for a game, it’s here.

  11. This is definitely not a good app and what bothers me the most is when SOME PEOPLE TAKE THIS APP OR GTAV SERIOUSLY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Now this is a bad app based on how it can attract obsessions and disorder. Despite the fact that is simple to use or a bit hard to understand and use, it shouldn’t be used at all. The one thing that I will complain about, I hope some see this, is how sad some people are. That’s their problem to take a game seriously, even though it’s very old and odd. I live now.

  12. It is a manual very helpful to those who play GTA V so it is no reason to say it is boring it is a manual I know reading might be boring to some people but it is a manual so it is boring it has lots of details could use a little bit more detail for more stuff around GTA V but mostly has all the information needed to play the game like the shops, weapons, neighborhoods, maps Etc. So in other words it’s an amazing manual and you guys show keep up the good work you guys must be gamers because you sure know a lot about GTA V you guys are very intelligent. Thank you!!!

  13. GTA 5 is very nice game I never seen a game so that looks so real . To those who are creating GTA games please 😂 continue to make more GTA games please make a grand theft game that the city is very big with very tall buildings like new York please also make sure that the missions are interesting and also make sure that there will be Toyota cars, Ford cars,bus,motor,train, Lamborghini cars , Ferrari cars, air planes that you can sit in and go to places . Just make the game nice than GTA5 👍🙂

  14. Gta 5 is really a good game.I like it so much but.Recording from my scence there are three things missings that every game player miss it and that are no:1:::::Security gards at house and character safty. no:2:::::Buying safehouse no:3:::::In safe house car parking permanantly if the car is outside of garage.And these all are:::::::” WITHOUT MODS

  15. Wow, Rockstar Games, you have outdone yourself in making this manual (although it’s just a manual). The space that was lost to this app was absolutely worth spending. It provides me all the information I need to start playing while having some notion as to what I’d be doing. Basically, if you’re jus…

  16. This is a honest way to understand the game when you are new to it. Very informitive to helping when it comes to map location or backstory. Edit: Dont understand why people think this is the full game on mobile that does not exist childern just buy the game on pc you nine year olds. If you gave time to read that it was a online manual and not the game its self you would realise that what it is and not download it.

  17. Its a good app, i like the graphics you can esily see real life pictures and i also like the map you can zoom in amd see or locate yoir land marks and i also like the music and also like the characters of this game

  18. I stated the game in my tablet and I looked at the platform and there were PC, playstation 3 ,playstation 4, and xbox like I have a tablet so I traded a PC and it didn’t work at all please fix this it is a good game and I know that .

  19. It is a very good manual but I took some time to understand it how the next things are discovered by sliding the screen at bottom and sliding it on left side….😎….Keep it up but plz tell something about how to talk and call with others for personal works except for missions.

  20. It’s good and helpful if you’re just starting the game. Little kids are giving it 1 star reviews thinking its the real game and dont even read the title saying “manual”. It has a lot of good information and is great for learning the game.

  21. Not much help for the actual game. Please add more features! It’s nice to look around sometimes but when you’ve read everything there’s no point in having the app

  22. Big which company and I really like the game so I’ll really appreciate to give you1000,0000k why I am giving this much money away is because I was always because I could not go outside and continent the GTA V it was amazing it is the best game I could ever ever play so it mean by more happy here I know sounds weird but yes

  23. Pretty good manual. Don’t mind the critical ratings, those are just keep kids who thought a 100 mb app would have a 10gb game. Also, it’s 100mb because it has actual ui unlike a text document.

  24. Hi it me again. I like it but please try to mske it online. I dont like the fact of playing offline. If there is a online version please write so my child csn hsve fun with friends! But i really like it:)byee!!

  25. Look kid, the GTA 5 Mobile you’re looking for IS NOT REAL and this app IS JUST A MANUAL FOR PEOPLE WHO OWN THE GAME ON PC OR ANY OTHER PLATFORM TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE FEATURES OF THE GAME. Now, when we are outta that the interface is quite mediocre as such. but honestly, you can’t complain because it’s just a manual but would’ve been happier if the UI was better.

  26. I purchased it and it’s a real life game . There are many missions . I think michael is very aged person , when he walks he walks like a very aged man , well the game has many cars also , i like the lambo san it’s fantastic , I just love this game , it is my favorite game…

  27. The single player info is very good, but the online section hasn’t been updated since the heists were added, several years ago. This app could be very valuable to new players if it contained information on the player businesses and organizations that help earn money nowadays

  28. Hi Rockstar I like the games you have been making please if you can not release GTA 5 on Android and iOS then how about release GTA 4 on Android, iOS and PlayStation emulator .I am sure most of your fans would enjoy it including me. Thank you for your gaming experience and service

  29. Bruh its so annoying because you can’t even play the game on mobile but I still have it on my Xbox so I’m fine and I will idmit that I should have expected that based on the other games on mobile I should have figured that it would cost money so it’s not all Rockstar games fault p.s I love gta5

  30. lacking upto date information. require more in-depth look at few section. other than the above rather suitable for basic learning about in-game location and solo story.

  31. Good for new players and to generally get around. Also syed, this is a manual, not a game. I’m not sure if you thought this was a mobile version. But it is just a manual to the game GTA 5. New edit: I found 50 of these dumb f#$ing people thinking they finna get to play GTA 5 on mobile

  32. It’s a nice game it look like a real life but i hope we can play it on phone because not all of us have a pc i hope you change that so the android users can play also on phone THANKYOU

  33. Tynan Rockman loves the game 🎮but the house is not the best place to go for the road 😕but if you have you been there Tynan is the only one that can make the games

  34. How do I play this game. Only graphics shown up and nothing more. Worst game ever. Or you guys should help me plan this game. I just got downloaded it right now but I think I just waisted my bundle for no good

  35. I like all Rockstar games because they are very interesting to play but i want Rockstar games to add an option of multiplayrr in which our friends sldo can can join us and damage the city with my friends with a mic that is working properly . Rockstar Games i wish u add this feature in the GTA series games

  36. Nice game but I don’t like the clubs and more I always play Xbox and mobile. It really a unique game and plus it is about real person life and the graphics are best just like real seenry.😀

  37. I give this 5star , I just got my computer and the first game that I taught is GTA ,but the problem is I don’t know how to control it.My friend recommended this app and I was surprise it’s really good I knew how to run,jump enter a car, shoot aim and others. I recommend this app .

  38. Agastya dice:

    Guys just chill this is not a game it’s a manual for gta 5 we can’t play gta 5 on Android bcz its size is around 50-70 gb and we can’t download that much size,, this is a manual for the pc, PlayStation and xbox players why are you blaming rockstar games this is in the first place in the world.Thank you rockstar for such a great game.

  39. NOT A GAME This is for everybody that thought this was a game. Are you actually retarded or something. It’s called a GTA V : the manual . IT’S A GODDAMN MANUAL FOR GTA V . You can not run GTA V on a mobile device . It is not powerful enough to to run it. It is boring because it is a MANUAL OK?

  40. this app won’t even let me on it’s so annoying I hate it even know what I’m talkin in bored voice just guest if you have a game saying it’s so easy over my cousin’s house earlier and it was like the game was easy but on your phone it’s like it’s annoying I won’t even let me on how do you even get on it’s like sings this app on your phone seems like nothing I am download this app then installed it again but I hope it works cuz if it doesn’t work I’m crushing it!!!!!

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