MA Lottery MODDED 2022


Get KENO to-go & ALL OR NOTHING to-go results on your mobile device.
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Welcome to the official Massachusetts Lottery App! You can now claim prizes between $601 – $5,000 securely & conveniently from the app. Register for a Mass Lottery Player Account and start scanning tickets to check for winners, then have winnings added directly to your bank account.

Plus, watch Keno and All or Nothing in View Mode for a simple drawing replay, or use Ticket Mode to get a personalized game experience that automatically calculates your winnings.

App Features:
– Register for a free Mass Lottery Player Account
– Scan Instant and Draw game tickets to see if you’re a winner
– Cash eligible winning tickets on the go
– Watch Keno To Go & All or Nothing To Go drawings
– Check out Instant Games including the latest prizes remaining information
– Check winning numbers and current jackpots
– View past results
– Use the Winners Tool to find where winning tickets were sold
– Find Mass Lottery agent locations near you

Must be 18 years or older to play.


Minor improvements and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "MA Lottery MODDED 2022"

  1. Update can show a lot of info but… I like watching the draw as if I’m at a bar. The anticipation is part of the game. The cannon shooting does not work as well. But hey, you can get results fast, add multiple game winnings and… Just check a ticket at a glance. Bring back the old way.. Or an option to revert

  2. Excellent App, there are lots of places without a scanner so I’ve been able to use the App to scan tickets for friends as well…would like to view daily numbers by the month as well as daily.

  3. Almost edit BUT, “they” they don’t REPLY! So why bother?Here’s the thing! I used to be able to watch the KENO #’s and it would be within “ONE”-Game of Most Recent Result(Drawing)! Not to mention, I could look at ALL of the Previous Games’ Results for that day, Right on the SAME SCREEN! Just keep Scrolling! (CONVENIENT!!) NOW, even if I put in 10 Games and game #’s, it just keeps refresh. Last game #! Ya know!? $1 BILLION in Revenue!! This is what we get! No Updates, only DOWNGRADES!!

  4. Amanda dice:

    Very user friendly and easy to use, I also like how it has the winning numbers on the home page then you can look to see where big prizes have been won.

  5. I want to be able to do the keno from my phone but everytime i tap it it tells me i need to be on the internet even though i have data and/or already on a wifi network. Kinda dumb please fix it.

  6. David D. dice:

    This app works well but should also have the ability to scan tickets into the 2nd chance drawing. The 2nd Chance app no longer works.

  7. Siu Dam dice:

    App is great for scanning scratch tickets, but that’s it. Has a hard time scanning anything else.

  8. Horrible Horrible app‼️why do you need your social security number just to scan tickets??? Then if u make mistake while trying to make an account I won’t let you fix it says to contact a rep. Uninstaller ASAP

  9. Very easy and convenient to use. It definitely is better then having to drive an hour away to the lottery office.

  10. Easy to use and I didn’t have to drive 80 mile round trip to cash my winning ticket in. I highly recommend this app.

  11. Absolutely love this. Was able to use the ticket cashing app. Better than having to drive to a Mass lottery office. Or mailing it. I had a glitch on my banking information. Lottery agent(Mark) called and were able to correct it. This happened on a Friday. My money was in my account by Monday. Please don’t get rid of this (app).

  12. People are saying that this app is incorrectly marking winning tickets as losers. Imagine how many people just threw winners away becayse of this? I mean what a great scam by the lottery commission- tell people their tickets are lovers and then blame it on the app so their is no culpability and they get to keep more money! This is crazy!

  13. scanner worked just fine but told me that i had to visit a claim center…account setup no problem…scanned a megabucks winning ticket no problem but then y do i still have to visit a claim center instead of claiming the prize through the app…hmmm

  14. It is a great app that saves me the hassle of figuring if my ticket is a winner or not. I simply scan my tickets with my phone. In a blink I am done. I also have all results in Real Time.

  15. Kay M dice:

    product. Convient Bad for scanning. It doesn’t work for any phone type model (any specifics). People responding….you know this… just take the app down and fix it. Simple. No-one will TRUST your pruduct.

  16. Not sure how to claim the prizes I’ve won on this app or which tickets are the winning ones I’ve played should have left the app the way it was

  17. Enjoy keno on the go,don’t watch that’s frustrating listen for the dings; Hey I’m a simp that likes long odds.

  18. The scanner feature is not good at all, it takes a long time to scan a ticket thats if you even can.

  19. It is great to double check your ticket, because you can make mistakes and can throw the ticket away when you actually won on the ticket.

  20. Hit my first 1000 win and tried this app. It is fast and super convenient.

  21. Smooth and easy. Way to go. Much less carbon emissions

  22. I love this app makes it simple to use without any problems thanks lottery.

  23. Anna Hill dice:

    Very convenient for checking tickets and making claims.

  24. Try modeling your scanner app after the Texas State Lottery app. Works e very time

  25. Very easy to use. Avoid driving to lottery.

  26. Very easy to navigate. Nice to do in the car.

  27. First, you need to set up an account just to scan a ticket. Second, you need to provide your social security number just to create an account. THIS IS UNNECESSARY! We’re not talking about redeeming a ticket, just scanning one! Third, I scanned a ticket that the app said was not a winner. I took the same ticket to the store to scan there and it said it was a $2 winner. The app lied! Fourth, there’s no way to delete your account with your sensitive information!

  28. kim wiles dice:

    email verification w/ a Samsung galaxy 6 is. a nightmare. Every time I go back to. get the code frim. email, your site makes it invalid, when I go back to verify. A text to my mobile ph. # would work on my phone. I. cannot get the email screen. and lottery verification screen up ar the same time.

  29. Very slow to load unless phone just rebooted. The ticket scan feature is great.

  30. Ken Cross dice:

    I love Lottery one day I made a mistake and I played my 820 10 times it came out 8208 the lottery I play keno five Quick Picks for 30 games I never get the bows number cuz 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t come out just saying

  31. 2hotmindi dice:

    This is the 2nd time I’ve tried with this app. I try to login with my player account info and it won’t let me. I’m not able to re register and I don’t have time to go to the lottery for an app I never have a winning ticket fo a reason up there. I guess I’ll stick with the store

  32. Latest update fixed a couple of old issues – But improvement it mentions as part of update stopped working about a week after. I doesn’t show the prize payout for individual drawings. – Also inorder to scan your tickets you need to create a user log on. Problem is it asks for way too much private data like your ss# and despite giving said info set up still fails.

  33. App is completely useless and does not scan scratch tickets properly. Terrible waste of time and space on my phone. Never mind all the info you have to input to get the app to even get set up. Awful for checking Scratch tickets. Do not download if you’re trying to check your scratch offs.

  34. This app is easy to use. It also saves time since I don’t have to travel to Lawrence or Dorchester to claim a prize.

  35. Desperately rediculous attempt to assist paying players / does not scan scratch tickets at all very miss leading. I have yet to get any one of the scratch tickets I have ever purchased to scan. It is terrible. More people should speak up and make noise because mass is doing very well at the expense of the smaller states that surround it yet it has very little interest in making players user experience better, more trusting or worth while. Biggest show in town doesn’t have to do much

  36. Easy and straightforward. 👍

  37. Three ability to claim prizes through the app is great!

  38. Excellent app and very easy to use

  39. Easy, fast and convenient

  40. Better than driving over an hour.. awesome app

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