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Stream movies and live TV on almost any device without a subscription.
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Stream movies and TV shows, plus 300+ live TV channels, instantly, without a subscription. Free streaming with Plex makes it easy to watch all of your favorite TV shows, popular movies, and live TV – all in one place. Plex lets you watch for free, anywhere, from any device.

Your favorite movies, at your fingertips. Stream movies free from A24, Crackle, Paramount, AMC, Magnolia, Relativity, Lionsgate, and more! Watch full-length movies from every genre from anywhere – action, kids movies, dramas & so much more. On Plex, you’re sure to find all the video content everyone will love.

Watch TV shows and stream video content across all of your devices seamlessly. Easily watch your favorites and discover new ones with over 50,000 on-demand titles available. There’s something for the whole family from food to news, sports to kids, international content and more!

Live TV and news broadcasts are just a tap away with Plex. Watch24 free news channels including Newsy, USA Today, Euronews, Reuters TV, and People TV instantly. Get the latest local news sources for most U.S. markets. Live TV streaming with over 300+ channels available for free, instantly.

Stream and curate your personal collection of movies, TV and music anywhere on all your devices. With Plex, you can seamlessly organize all of your media in one place. Free music streaming and podcast live streams let you listen to all your favorites.

Steaming just got better with Plex. Stream live TV, watch free movies and discover new shows today!


– Stream TV and get access to over 300+ channels of free live TV
– TV for the whole family! Watch kid shows, news, sports, and more
– Live stream news from CBS, Financial Times, Euronews, local news channels and more
– Watch and record local shows, news and sports when you upgrade to the ultimate TV experience
– Watch TV with free streaming movies and free TV shows


– Movies on demand, anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips
– Stream new movies, cult classics and other on demand movies for free
– Start streaming free movies instantly with tons of categories to discover
– Watch action movies, children movies, anime movies, dramas, comedies and more right from your device!

– Live TV streaming and on-demand TV shows at your fingertips
– TV show series favorites are yours to discover with shows perfect for the whole family
– Free Live TV streaming just got better with six new channels from AMC Networks

– Plex scans and organizes your files, automatically sorting your media beautifully and intuitively in your Plex library
– Organize personal content, search your favorite podcasts, discover new ones, and stream free music
– Store all your personal media such as music, movies and shows, and stream them on any device

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Note: If you’ve already purchased the app through Google Play Store or you have a Plex Pass, you do NOT need to purchase again! Your previous purchase will be automatically detected.

Note: Media playback from your Plex Media Server on mobile devices is limited (one minute for music and video, watermark on photos) until the app is unlocked. To remove playback restrictions, upgrade to Plex Pass -OR- make a small, one-time, in-app purchase. If you have a Plex Pass or you’ve already purchased the app through the Google Play Store, you do NOT need to purchase again! Your previous purchase will be automatically detected. Streaming personal media requires Plex Media Server version and higher (available for free at installed and running to stream to other devices. DRM-protected content, ISO disc images, and video_ts folders not supported. Some features of this app are supported by interest-based advertising, to learn more about this and your choices regarding it visit the Plex Privacy Policy.


• [Mobile] Downloads: 'library' tab doesn't show downloaded content.
• [TV] Ensure content doesn't overlap in season preplay.

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40 comentarios en "Plex: Stream Movies & TV MODDED 2022"

  1. Cee Bee dice:

    I do like Plex for the variety of shows, one thing I wish (as with all other providers) is that when it comes down to commercials, the sound is at the same level as the show! This is very irritating to me as I’m sure it is with other users, that the commercials most of the time are twice as loud! Plz do something about this

  2. Paul D dice:

    I’ve been using this for a few years, and each year they add more and more features that I don’t need, that hog up all sorts of space. As on this review, I no longer have any sort of UI on my screen while playing. no pause. no search bar, nothing. All i ever needed this for was to cast media from my PC. now it can’t even do that. But I can watch a bunch of live TV that I didn’t ask for or want. The fact that you want to charge a season pass for this garbage is a joke.

  3. great to be able to listen and watch remotely but some significant bugs in the Android Auto interface. Voice commands don’t always work. once a track moves forward to the next track, it acts like nothing is playing and you aren’t able to pause only skip ahead or back. wish multiple matches to a voice play song worked instead of always choosing the potentially wrong track.

  4. Supported the developers for 2 years at $5/month for Plex Pass. App never really improved. Constantly loses its place in the show/movie if paused for too long. Can’t fast forward or rewind smoothly. Good if you start a movie from the beginning and play with no interruptions. Terrible if you need to pause for any reason.

  5. What the heck has happened to the android player? If you turn on subtitles from a playing show it stops playing the show. If you leave the plex app and come back into the app, the subtitles stop working necessitating stopping the current play back, then finding the show again to start playing. Sometimes the app leaves the navigation bar for gestures up on the narrow side during playback. Sometimes you can’t click on items in a library because plex didn’t load the art.

  6. Perfect for recording OTA programming. And now you can enjoy free content streamed directly to your favorite devices. My personal library has grown to over 150 TV shows and movies. Probably one of the best PVR solutions available. 10/23/22: I started using Plex so I could record and watch OTA TV. At some point, this functionality stopped working, so it has become worthless. Sad, it used to be a great PC and Android app. So long, Plex. You will be missed.

  7. Faust. D3 dice:

    Love this app, it has plenty of content and a lot of variety. The only downside is that there are up to 7 ads, per “ad break”. Some don’t make sense, like a car commercial on a split screen with a basketball game or something. I still recommend this app for streaming movies and shows.

  8. I love Plex, but this app is atrocious. I’ve been using Plex for quite a long time now, and for what it is I love it. I bought the lifetime pass some time ago. One of the things that lifetime pass allows you to do is download versions of your video for on the go. 1 problem though, you can’t. It doesn’t work, there’s constant errors, stoppages, or it says it’s downloaded but it isn’t? I can’t figure it out, it doesn’t work. For something advertised as included in a paid version, you should probab

  9. Saylem dice:

    Edit: In addition to the original issues that still stand, the app (and browser) now fail to find any results when using the search function. The app fails to respond to media controls over bluetooth (both software and hardware), and often fails to properly display playtime and/or ID3 tags through the same connection. Could also use the ability to show all songs from all albums after selecting an artist, rather than having to constantly go in and out of each album.

  10. What an amazing app for those with your own content. Even just to load up family photos to share with relatives. The support community is incredible for helping you set up as well. I had no problems setting things up for home use but the remote connection can be a little tricky. All the problems I had were through my AT&T router (port forwarding) but I have it up and running great! I’m having a hard time finding any faults..

  11. Perfect for my own server. Not sure why so many are complaining since I haven’t had a single issue with the app on mobile or on my roku tv. I created my own server, linked it to my tv, done. Everything is organized, plays perfectly, nothing is cluttered, and I can add friends if I wanted to. (UPDATE 9/29/22) The only issue I seem to find is the download feature for Plex is horrible. Episodes and movies never download fully without getting a error. Doesn’t matter if I’m on mobile or wifi.

  12. Downloads suddenly stopped playing. Shows download fine. But (incorrect) error states external storage unavailable. With NO external storage on my phone. I am able to stream videos from my Plex home network, but the identical videos downloaded by Plex to my phone will not play. Videos previously downloaded and played successfully in the past no longer play.

  13. More ads that most free streaming services. I calculated 18 minutes of adds during an 140 minute film, not including the long waits as certain ads (Jenny Craig, Anderson Windows) repeatedly took exceptionally long to load. Even worse is there seems to be no algorithm or any sense used to determine when an ad break occurs – including smack in the middle of the climactic battle scenes. Still get 2 stars because it is functional and other than the ads, the movie itself did not have playback issues

  14. For iPhone, 5 stars. For Android, 2 stars. Playback experience is not great at all for Android. I use gesture navigation and trying to change video aspect ratio is horrible. 85% if the time, I’m swiping to another app or closing the menu. Subtitle positioning is also broken, low medium high doesn’t do anything.

  15. Too confusing to find my files. They should be the first and easiest thing to find, but Plex wants to show you what THEY have instead. App is too unreliable. I usually get a “server cannot be found” or suffer delays, or stuttering on my music. Movies usually have very bad audio sync issues.

  16. B W dice:

    I hate Plex so very much. Have not been able to watch any of my movies on there. All I get is Error unable to play video, but the trailer for the movie or deleted scenes will play just not the movie. This happens all the time, or the movies or TV shows will not load. It says no internet connection when I have one. It’s nothing on my end.

  17. Had it for over 8 years now, if not more. it has its issues and their TV app versions are sub par but overall, for the money I paid (75 bucks for lifetime), it has easily been the best streaming service I’ve ever signed up for. easy recommend if you are even a little tech savvy.

  18. When I tried to create an account through my email it kept saying there was an error while trying to create an account. I tried to create an account through Google and now nothing comes up as far as my search for videos and movies and channels. I have a Samsung Galaxy a03 and it is fully updated with the latest software. Your app sucks

  19. After watching movies they continue to stay as continue watching even though I marked them as watched and removed them from continue watching. Every device with Plex shows the same movies at different points in the film. None of the family I shared with can access the movies even though I set it up for each one on their device. I cannot view any movies if not in my own wifi even though I changed the settings to allow on unsecured wifi. No matter how it’s changed the same problem.

  20. Most recent version hardly works at all. I had to back date to 9-4-1 to even get the app to actually stream my content, to get subtitles to work, anything. No clue why the most recent version is so garbage for me. One star until this gets sorted out. Other than that, when the app works, it works fantastically well. I just wish it would reamin working when you update it.

  21. Latest version of the Android phone app hangs up on the splash screen for what seems like forever. Like watching water boil. Very slow, but it eventually loads. What’s weird is that this only happens when connected to my WiFi. Doesn’t happen on 5G. Nothing is wrong with my network configuration. Checked that thoroughly. That all said, when fully working, it’s a sensational product. Excellent enrichment of my personal media. A “must have” app for your personal media collection.

  22. C B dice:

    the app is a UX disaster. having to re login all the time is frustrating. different looking buttons doing the same thing. adopting a different order of subjects for your server then the web app. EDIT It gets worse. I walk away from Wi-Fi for a minute my playing stops and now I have a flashing “an error occurred while playing this item” in the bottom of my screen that won’t go away until I reboot. And now it doesn’t work on Wi-Fi but it works on mobile data just fine. Jeez

  23. Works great for just about all features. Very convenient for casting my library to various devices on the go! I just wish the developers were more up front with the fact that this is basically a paid app. You need to pay their one time fee before you can really start to use any of the app’s features, beyond playing brief previews. The fee is worth it imo, but I wish they were clearer about what you get with the free version.

  24. I’ve heard that the Plex Amp app works better, but I don’t have a paid account to use that one. This free version is pretty good, though when I put an individual song on loop, there’s a bit of a hiccup in playing when the song restarts. That’s all I’ve noticed though. I don’t use other apps to connect to personal servers for streaming, so I’m not sure if the time it takes to connect to the server is typical compared to other similar apps.

  25. the only complaint I have is when it’s time for ads/commercials no matter what channel I’m on or what movie I’m watching there is ALWAYS 1 ad that plays over and over and over again. It’s not always the same commercial that does it I’ve come across 2 maybe 3 different ones but I count how many times in a row it plays and it’s anywhere from 10-20 times back to back. I don’t mind having to watch ads especially cuz the content is great and it’s free, I honestly just can’t take the repetitiveness.

  26. WOW. Latest version is awful. Problems with loading and resuming, and now you aren’t allowed set a conversion rate until after you’ve selected “Convert automatically.” I’m having to roll back. So buggy. They just break stuff constantly with new features, and seemingly fix nothing! There’s always something misbehaving. New features added, yet years-old bugs ignored. It does it’s job usually and is convenient. Just wish they’d fix bugs, and adequately regression check future releases.

  27. I’d give it 5 stars if it was easier to load files from my computer, and if the photo albums didn’t start over when closing another album or picture. when I load a play list and play it, the songs will often stop and the list must be restarted. I love being able to play music and my personal home videos, or share my pictures with family and friends anywhere I go from my phone, right over the internet.

  28. Ch Jr dice:

    Unreliable and buggy. I paid to get the full android app, and unfortunately I think it was not a good investment. Two big bugs bother me often: 1. Casting to Chromecast loses connection often, or the app stops responding, and then it is almost impossible to reconnect the app to the streaming on the Chromecast. I have to kill both this app and disconnect Chromecast so that it works again. 2. The 10 second rewind does not work. It ALWAYS rewinds to the beginning of the video.

  29. This is more than just an app its a lifestyle. Being able to just run Plexamp in my phone and have it randomly play the music I own and love has changed my life. I highly recommend the app and the service. The app works incredibly well. It could be a little simpler to use, but it’s easy to figure out and it’s super user-friendly with TONS of options for customizations. The app is only one part of a complete Plex ecosystem that is damn near perfect. I can’t even think of a single complaint.

  30. Overall works great, not super obnoxious about ads and is pretty easy to navigate, but more often than not when I want to use it with a chromecast I end up having to delete and reinstall the app for it to let me cast it just says it can’t find anything to cast to. I don’t have the same problem with any other apps on the same device and wifi network and I couldn’t find any information related to it in the app or on their website.

  31. X Clark dice:

    “On Deck” list is gone and replaced with an uncustomizable “Continue watching” horizontal scrolling list. Bring more UI customization options back. I need a COMPLETE overview of the shows that I am currently watching, not just a few thumbnails at a time. The other horizontal scrolling lists are useless to me and take up space that could have been used for my “On Deck” list. I have 40 shows/movies/media that I like to quickly see and select, not have to scroll endlessly to find the one I want. 👎

  32. I’m using this primarily to stream music, and holy hell is this thing riddled with bugs and half-baked implementations. Album collections are broken, it crashes every time I try to reorder a song to the top of the queue, radio stations only get 5 songs, and Bluetooth control (i.e. in a car) breaks after the first song. Went to the forums and was told to “try” Plexamp, which – surprise! – requires a Plex Pass subscription to use. None of these problems happen with the web app.

  33. 7 year user here, paid for the past 3, videos randomly won’t play, trailers are bizzare homemade versions that make no sense whatsoever, server setting and client settings are ignored. 7 years of telling this piece of software to play everything raw/original yet even when it can (which is always based on my damn devices) it won’t, and I have to change the quality of every single played video. they keep adding features, yet they won’t get the basics right. I’m severely disappointed with Plex.

  34. Plex is a fantastic system. Works across all platforms. The Plex interface allows easy access to my 3 video servers along with access to one of its tuners. Along with the servers, it displays all channels from my tv antenna. All you need is Wifi and your right at home with access to everything from anywhere. The new music features for adding your own music library along with loudness Leveling and sweet fades are SWEET along with Plex channels and video’s. It’s a solid, well built app.

  35. My Xbox has a hard time running the app. My smart TV can’t run it at all. My mobile phone has mediem to little problems with the app. Such as the viewing photos and videos saved from a computer. I paid the $5 for the added feature to do so but it doesn’t work.

  36. Terrible app. Installed, had issues logging in but after logging in its just stuck on the Plex splash screen. Have to close the app and reopen a couple of times for it even to try to load movie list, not to mention there’s no way to access a local or shared library on it. Opening the web version on Chrome is infinitely better than this experience.

  37. John M dice:

    Watching a movie, the countdown timer keeps adding time. I was willing to tolerate a few ads to watch a movie not available on other services, but I watched the timer jump up several times in a row. It started by saying there were 48 seconds of ads to watch, and then kept bumping the time up as each ad finished. I know advertisers have deception in their blood but this was a pretty cheap trick for Plex to play on people. Uninstalled, laterz Plex.

  38. The app rebuffers and occasionally freezes when I fast forward or rewind. Also the pop up reminding me to rate and review was annoying. In addition it doesn’t seem possible to adjust the fast forward or rewind length in settings. Overall does what it promised but the user experience needs work.

  39. I used to love this app. This started as a 3 star review but then the review disappeared and when I went back to plex I had to change my settings…again. I like the way my items are pinned. Leave me alone. I’ve been a plex pass member for as long as I remember. What have I done to you that you wish to irritate me? Enough with the breaches already. Focus on your security instead of bloatware and force pinning it. First time you install a new feature, fine but once I change, leave it alone.

  40. Long time user. And it’s only gotten better with time. But when are you going make the music section compatible with android auto and carplay? As of right now you can only view/play from playlists. And can’t choose between tracks. It works, but barely. It would be nice to have an artist list screen available at the ready. I’m sure plenty of customers would love full functional access to there music library’s. Can’t wait

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