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Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App. See who’s online, voice chat and send messages, and discover deals on PS Store.

Connect with friends
• See who’s online and what games they’re playing.
• Voice chat and send messages to your PSN friends, hang out online, and plan your next multiplayer session.
• View other players’ profiles and trophy collections.

Discover new games and the latest news
• Shop for new releases, pre-order games, and check out the latest deals and discounts on PlayStation Store.
• Get your daily fix of gaming news from the world of PlayStation.
• Stay up to date with notifications and invitations on your phone lock screen.

Control your console wherever you are
• Download games and add-ons to your console, so they’re ready when you are.
• Manage your PS5 console storage if you run out of space while downloading.
• Get ready to play with quick sign-in and remote game launch on your PS5 console.

Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app.

PlayStation terms of service are viewable at

Some features require PS5 or PS4 console.

Content available on PS App may vary by country/region. Some titles shown above may not be available in your country/region.

“PlayStation”, “PlayStation Family Mark”, “PS5”, and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


This update includes fixes and performance improvements.

Recent updates:
• Improved child privacy settings: Parents and guardians now receive a push notification whenever their child updates their privacy settings. Check the child's privacy settings by tapping the notification.


40 comentarios en "PlayStation App MODDED"

  1. Generally excellent, with a few caveats. The PS Store tab is great – browse gives useful filters to help find games, but is missing the filter power of Steam, which includes game features (multiplayer, split screen, cloud saves, etc) and user tags (roguelite, metroidvania, etc). The search tab is fine, but the glaring weakness is not being able to search and filter at the same time. This is a killer when trying to search for a game that has tons of dlc, making it a chore to find the base game.

  2. PlayStation… C’mon now. Don’t add a drop-down menu from the top of the screen when every android phone I have ever used has its own drop-down notification bar at the top of the screen which overrides the PlayStation app making it unusable… Edit: They fixed it. Thanks!

  3. The app itself is alright. It crashes every now and then but not a big deal. However it would be pretty cool to access the capture gallery instead of having to upload to YouTube from the console. Just an idea. I’m sure others would agree. 2 years later and this basic feature ,everyone has been asking for, is still not a thing… Sony. You’re slow AF. Microsoft is way smarter than y’all. And Ive been a playstion guy since PS1

  4. I like using PSN to type messages to friends because it’s easier than typing on the actual console itself. Lately, the app gives me notifications of friends sending messages, but I can’t actually send or receive the messages I’m getting notified about. The app won’t update or tells me I can’t send a message. Internet and phone are both fine. Very clunky app missing a lot of cool features. Honestly considering just permanently deleting and just texting friends via my phone’s text messages now.

  5. App used to be pretty good and they have added functionality, but for me, the app locks up when I’m typing out a message to friends on psn. I get so many words into the message and it just freezes up. I then have to close app and hope it lets me finish on my next attempt. May not be a big deal for everyone but that’s mainly what i use the app for, so it’s a shame it no longer functions properly.

  6. Boba Tea dice:

    This app is okay, but it’s kinda laggy and takes time to load. Anyways, recently something’s been happening with the notification quick response thing. If I get 2 or more notifs that people messaged me and I choose to quick reply to them, sometimes the message will go to the other person who also messaged me, and it would also be stuck sending to the original person. Also sometimes the quick response just doesn’t send my message, so I have to open the ps app and re-type what I wanted to say.

  7. Completely worthless other then using it to turn on playstation, get updates, and maybe send a text other then that doesn’t work. Can’t send pictures without it crashing, takes way to long to type a single message, and with some features taken away on the ps5 you kinda have to use the app in order to do certain things. Like screenshot a chat room. If there is a way :/ please help. 🙏

  8. Terrible. Just terrible. Recently, I tried to open the app, and it didn’t. It crashed. It’s nothing to do with the device, it’s the app. It WAS a decent app, and I’d even say it was well made and I liked it. It was until recently that it started crashing. I tried uninstalling and re-installing it, force stoppping it and clearing the cache, and none of it worked. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  9. One of the things I loved about this app was the ability to see the screenshots you took on your console appear on it – it was so easy to upload them to your social media. It’s incredible that someone at your company decided to completely remove that option, and give us an extremely basic garbage app which makes that impossible. 🖕

  10. Varalyn dice:

    Not great, convinent, but not great. Can’t listen or watch many videos while in a call and even with that sometimes your bluetooth headphones just stop working so you need to leave and fiddle with then for about a few seconds before it decides to detect the bluetooth. Otherwise its okay, if you have a headset to use for nornal calls on your playstation don’t use this.

  11. This app has been very useful for quickly browsing through things such as the PSN store, my friends list, and viewing trophies in games. Something I’ve been wishing they’d change for a while now is the way you view people’s trophies so you only see what they have unlocked. If you and someone else share a common game, you will see the icons of the trophies YOU’VE unlocked when viewing THEIR list, and the only way to know what they have or have not unlocked is to view each individual trophy. A very minor thing, but it would be a welcome update.

  12. Ackrin dice:

    It’s kind of hard to figure out where everything is. There’s an error that keeps coming on when I try using voice recognition to type. I’m disabled using voice recognition makes it easier for me to send messages rather than having to type with my nose. I just think the app itself needs a whole redesign. Maybe add a few more accessibility features of possible.

  13. I will admit that the app itself is a bit slow, but the application does what it is supposed to do. Allows me to send messages, join voice chats, look at deals and games on the go, etc. Could do with a bit of maintenance from time to time but I do like the concept of having all the things rolled into one app. Saves room on my phone and makes it easier to use the features instead of going to 2-4 different apps for it all.

  14. App does not work anymore. I used it for years with little issues. Shortly after some updates, it became unusable. Can’t read messages, send messages, view my game library, look at the store, etc. The message “Cannot load. Try again later” keeps coming up. It seems like it’s unsupported as issues have been happening for over a month. This hasn’t been addressed by Sony at all

  15. The app is OK. It’s useful for shopping for new games or adding free monthly games to your library while on the go. But, it has lots of problems. Trophy lists are not accurate. It very often shows your own trophies as someone else’s. The biggest annoyance is that the app sends push notifications when someone messages you, but when you click on it you are told you have to download a completely different app to look at the message. And, this notification can’t be turned off. Why?? So dumb.

  16. I would give it at least three stars, but I can’t. I like some of the new features but it also has it’s downsides. I like how ps messages is in the app, but at times it will act up and I can’t send messages. I deleted the app and got ps messages back, and I can receive and send stuff just fine. One huge problem for me is profile editing. I really used this app to edit my profile, and it was easy. Now it takes minutes to go through a process just to change my cover image.

  17. Wow. They really did the pooch on this one. Hands down, it is a very pretty design. No doubt. But the navigation is terrible. Its just horrible. This new app design has about (not even) 1/3 of the original app. There are many, many things (options and navigation tools) that are missing, and one can only hope that Playstation has a lot, I mean….A LOT….of work to do with the new app. You are better off navigating on your PS4. On the bright side, you can see and chat with friends very easy.

  18. Clammiest dice:

    This app is good for looking at deals and such or buying games while not having to be on your console. But, it freezes a lot. Like, constantly. While searching thru game deals and stuff. Plus, every time you add a game to your kart, it starts you back at the top of the list of games. Very annoying when you’re over 100 games in looking thru the deals. It’s just a mess. Come on Sony, take a minute a fix a few things.

  19. Impressed by how thoroughly this app has been trashed. Messaging barely works, and you can’t mute a message group without leaving it. All the useful store features have been removed. Aesthetic is attractive, but not when using them is so slow. And it’s been right about 2 months since we were all forced to this app, with almost no improvements in that time. Sony can do better, but they’re not.

  20. Worked just fine before the most recent update. Now, doing practically anything results in a message saying “Well, that didn’t work” with a Try Again prompt underneath. What happens when you press Try Again? Nothing! Most of the time, pressing Try Again does literally nothing, and when it does actually do something, the button disappears and then comes back, with the issue not even being fixed at all. Don’t even bother with this app at all right now. You’re better off using your console

  21. CJ dice:

    So, I’ve noticed that videos can no longer be sent using the app, which is disappointing. But my main qualm with the app is how latent it is. My phone is up to date and never has latency issues on other applications, and upon asking my friends, it seems I’m not the only one experiencing it. If these two things were addressed, the app would definitely be a 5 star, other than that it seems to work just fine, and the functionality and accessibility is good.

  22. I miss the old app, mainly because I could “Quick Reply” to messages like a text message without opening the whole app up. Since the update, the app runs slow and I don’t see messages sent from friend’s. As of today, the app isn’t working at all. I get notifications for new messages, but I can’t see them on the app on my phone and when I check my PS4, the messages are there and I can see them. Someone really needs to fix this app because this is ridiculous and unfair already. Total nonsense.

  23. Not a fan of the update. The playstation store layout is awkward and annoying. I really don’t like that the wishlist is gone. I had over 40 games in my wishlist that I was keeping an eye on for when there were deals, right there when I wanted to purchase a game and future games coming out. I have to look up every game, which sounds like I’m being lazy and just complaining, but it was a useful tool. The new store layout is just not good. Just one man’s opinion.

  24. warup57 dice:

    The app could be better. It should have a separate section to let you see the trophies for all of your games quickly. When you do get into a trophy list for your game, it is missing the trophy rarity. To see the rarity, you need to click on the individual trophy which is annoying. The app is missing the ability to compare trophies with your friends, which was part of the previous version. The app can also be improved by adding folders to your played and purchased games for better organization.

  25. Used to be better as the chat app. Image quality is drastically reduced. I take beautiful screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV online and I can’t send them to people anymore because all the pictures look like garbage. Also, it takes much longer to navigate to the messaging functionality than before. It would be less of a hassle to open them on your actual system. Which is not a good thing.

  26. The app is beautiful to look at with all its features and links. However, the store is broken. When you go to purchase something, it either tells you to log in again and again and again (never ending loop) or it tells you that the purchase can not be made (no reason given). For a major feature of the app, it seems to very flawed. Needs fixed badly.

  27. I like having the ability to manage the PS remotely and view/respond to messages. What is annoying to me that in the latest update we’ve lost the ability to see WHEN a particular friend signed on. I don’t know from the notification if it was 5 min ago or 5 hours ago. Especially annoying since this functionality existed in previous versions and Sony decided to remove it.

  28. New UI looks great visually, but so far the built in PS store is pretty messy. The removal of the wishlist and older games was bad enough, but lists are far too short so unless you manually type a game title, you may not find what you’re looking even though you know it exists. Also, when going through sales lists, there’s a lot of duplicate listings (not different versions IE: deluxe editions, etc, but the same version of games are listed twice) and the list will freeze and become unresponsive.

  29. I loved this app! I use to use this app constantly. It’s how I communicate when I’m putting together raid teams for Destiny 2. Unfortunately it stopped working a few weeks ago. Keeps saying error and not compatible with my device. I’ve tried deleting it more than once. I even did a factory reset on my device. Still. Nothing!!! I’m very disappointed and frustrated. I saw that I’m not the only one having this issue. Please fix it…

  30. Dog Rox dice:

    Okay I am redoing my review, because my previous review was for an older one version. The last two versions will not let me use voice to text when I’m sending text messages I can’t use the voice keyboard. It kicks me out every time I start it. And I know it’s not the audio settings because obviously I can still use it to chat voice in party through app . But it won’t let me use the voice keyboard input to do text. 🙁

  31. The new chat functionality is pretty bad, images can’t be zoomed in and don’t respect phone orientation (so you’re always looking at a landscape image in portrait orientation) meaning you effectively can’t see any image in any detail because they’re so tiny. Also if anyone in a group you’re in starts a voice chat you get a notification and it’s unclear of there’s any way to turn that off without turning off all voice notifications (I still want to get notified when I’m specifically invited).

  32. This app has really come a long way over the years, and overall I’m really satisfied with the version we have now. Of course there’s little things here and there that can be tweaked/improved, but one feature I, and I think many others, would REALLY LOVE to see, is the ability to see the status of downloads in real time! For example, if you’re at work, school or just out & about and decide to download a game or piece of dlc for said game or anything else you decide to download, so long as you have this app, you can open it, scroll over to wherever this feature would be and check (in real time) the status of your download. Not the most ground-breaking of features, but a really convenient one in my opinion. I hope you see this and consider it!

  33. I used to enjoy the functionality of this app, but like many others I have not been able to connect to it since about September. I have tried e-mailing Sony about this, and have also called them, seems to me they still haven’t worked it out. This one says network connection lost. The Ps Vue app also stopped working, the error it gives is Please check your them and date, we detected an unsecure connection. I have went as far as factory resetting my device and still no reply from Sony. The PS App is free so I guess I can’t complain on how long it takes to fix it. The PS Vue app on the other hand is not free, and it would be great to at least get a reply, or update on that problem. Would have given at least 4 stars to both back when they functionioned, but the slow response and not being able to fully utilize a paid service keeps them at a solid 1 star for now.

  34. Vintage dice:

    It keeps telling me to update to the latest version when I try to view a profile cause I send closed friend requests. When I search for friends in the search bar my friends names won’t show unless I scroll to look for them. I have updated the app and I even unistalled several times. The other version looked way better and I know there has to be changes to get used to since consoles are getting an upgrade and that nothing will stay the same forever. They just need to fix our issues pronto

  35. The app looks pretty sleek and I like some of the new features, i.e. joining a party chat via your mobile device. However, on Samsung S9+, none of the push notifications work. At all. I’ve turned them all off and back on through the app as well as my phone’s settings and nothing. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing. I have notifications turned off on my system because it interferes with gameplay at times and this app just doesn’t do what it should in that department. Could be a 5/5.

  36. The new store is TERRIBLE. No filtering or sorting of search results. Limited number of results overall, meaning for games with lots of DLC (like the Rocksmith or Rock Band or Dead Or Alive games), you can’t even see browse through all the items. And no wishlists? It all looks REALLY nice, but it’s borderline functionally useless. Bad change, Sony. And while you’re fixing everything you broke with your store, go ahead and add a button to download all of a game’s DLC at once, like XBox has, ok?

  37. The app os working failry well for me. There are a few instances of lag or screen delay when trying different tabs but nothing major. Overall, I think its alot more useful with connecting with friends over the network or looking up info on people you meet. Atleast I dont have to exit a game real quick in order to reply to a message, so in that regard I think its a good app.

  38. Jim C. dice:

    This new version of the app has somewhat of an outdated user interface, but is fairly clean and fast to navigate. The app is missing some pretty obvious features such as the ability to sort and/or filter your game library, and after redeeming a code or purchasing it takes literally hours to show up in the queue to initiate a download. Hopefully these are fixed before the PS5 launch, since they are features that existed previously.

  39. Jake Rudy dice:

    Edit: they still haven’t fixed anything. Dropped to a 1/5. The new integrated messages app is awful and unintuitive. You don’t get a notification when you receive a message a majority of the time. Messages often fail to send as well, been happening to everyone I play with. They switched the emotes from vertical to horizontal for some reason, which is irritating to someone who’s been using the old app for 4 years. You also can no longer send text and an image at the same time.

  40. H R dice:

    When accessing the Playstation Store from the Playstation App, once I click on the “Add Cart” button for an item the “Sign In to Proceed” dialog message appears and I cannot go any further (Note: I have already sign into the PS App prior to). Help with this issue (Note: Please view email that was sent to the developer). Will change rating once this issue is fix. Thanks

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