Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim 2022


Reshape face app, retouch skinny body for photo enhancer. Tune to make you slim.
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You might ask:
what app can give me a perfect figure and face editor that let you look like those hot models and celebrities?
what application can slim and beautify face easily?
what app can help me edit body and tune face to make my photo popular?

The answer is Hotune Editor, powerful and free app for editing face and body. It is also a perfect body editor and face enhancer for editing your selfies.
You don’t need to have the professional skills or any photo shop skills to get the same incredible effect and perfect me.You can slim waist to get insta beauty without any photo editing skills here and change your face into celebrity looks. Come and try this sweet selfie editor and beauty cam.

[Reshape Body]
– Slim any part of your body curve to get slimmer waist and hot figure. It could make you slim and skinny filter to look like famous stars. Really easy thin booth body shape editor, which is free.
– Enlarge your body as you like in any gradient you want; get to see your workout in shape results in advance. Touch and Retouch photo editor and avatan with the beauty bikini.
– Lengthen your legs as long as you want; you are now a supermodel. Retouch body app to let beauty plus more likes.
– Magic and natural effects; offer different kinds of gradient to help you get hot form fastly and easily.
– Abs decoration: build ab muscle to gain six packs abs. Reshape perfect body shapes and peach figure is easy to get. Add realistic tattoos stickers.

[Retouch face]
-Beautiful face app. Smooth your skin and make it glow. Tune your skin easily. Reduce wrinkles and acne.
-Slim face. Reshape face as you like and get your skin tune. Professional foto shop fix eyebags and nasolabial problems.
-Excellent photo editor and face app. Use this face editor to retouch photo and help you get a small face naturally.
-Make your face skinny and fit. Slimmer your face size and face lift with details. Master at fixing the facial problems.
– Facial features: nudge your smile and plump up lips. Easy to grow a taller nose bridge and reshape eyebrows. Perfect face play animator and eyes editor for you to adjust. With this lips and nose editor, you could enhance face shape. The eyebrows editor also brings you plastic surgery simulator effect on pictures.
-Added Manual Smooth and Blemish Remover. Wonderful teeth whitener for you to try. We have Highlight and Matte functions. You could paint and click to remove acnes and blemishes. Paint to highlight your face and matte oil easily.
-Makeup tools. Skin foudation helps you change your skin tune and color. Use airbrush to add glitter effects on your face.

Do U like to try this easy pic editor? Want to amaze your friends and followers with your photos? Come and try Hotune, magical insta beauty will bright up your life. Help you gain more likes on Instagram and Snapchat, avatan and etc. The excellent tool, body app for editing pictures for your social media account and facebook profile.

With some simple clicks, you could editar fotos. And various gradients make it more natural and your camera 360 . Perfect 365 styles are waiting for you to try. Let’s make your photos better with our selfie editing app. It is so easy to make me thin!


Bugs fixed. Improve performance.


40 comentarios en "Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim 2022"

  1. I opt in for the free trial and I’m really glad I did. Just purchased the monthly to start but I’m probably going to end up purchasing the yearly. Very very very easy to navigate and use. It has simple but yet very powerful tools. The reg tool box (saturation, temp, contrast ect) works really good with simple editing. IMO it’s a keeper. 👌

  2. It’s pretty good. I don’t know if i would use it much, mostly used it to correct angle distortions, but then a whole bunch of it wont let you save unless you pay for premium, so what’s the point? I have a beaitifier app that does almost everything, but the jaw shaper requires premium. One app just to do that? It’s not worth bogging down my phone. And i dont adjust my pics just for posting, no instsgram etc. My body comes out how it does, i try posing, lighting, but i want to be real in photos.

  3. Certain corrections hard to figure out. Also, it would nice to add the function to copy the color of your skin tone in order to better match when you retouch your face.

  4. Paulina O dice:

    Lots of amazing options. Doesn’t distort your body when editing. You can tell they payed attention to detail when they made it. Very good gob. Easy to use not many adds surprisingly. I am really impressed. It’s also fun to use unlike alot of other similar apps.

  5. So far I like the app, I used it in three photos and it asked me to give them a rating, there’s still a lot that you can do, I bet but I haven’t try it, however I am pleased with the results I when I used the app, although I was looking for a way to fix the arms and I couldn’t find it. Overall is a good app.

  6. Great app for photo editing both heavy and light. AI is sensitive but manual touches are pinpoint and easy to use. Great for editing photos of people in general.

  7. Soooooooo good doesn’t contain much add which is soo good for a little touch up on your photos when you’re about to post them, and wow, it’s good, download it right now

  8. Nice apps and features… i got lots of help to improvise my photos… Thanks you for the app and looking forward the continue update and more features on the app…

  9. Works great on full bodies and faces. It’s a great tool to modify any bodies idealistically.

  10. One of the quickest and easiest apps for photo retouching. Well worth the money for the full version for the make-up brush alone. Wish you could resize the brush a little smaller than is currently possible, but otherwise it’s fantastic. Can you include that in the next version? More zoom or smaller make-up brush size?

  11. The app does not provide many choices to Indian users. Lack of understanding of taste of user possibly a cause. Overall implementation is intuitive and adequate. The app does not allow adjustments of forehead in beauty -face heading, only cheek, jaw etc can be adjusted. The “sexy” function allows only a round selection but often a elliptical selection is needed for breast shape enhancement. There is no option to “match” colour of face and body or limbs. The “slim” function is simplistic.

  12. Our review on the hot tunes app. This is a photo editing app and it gives you a lot of options to improve photos that you have taken. There is a subscription with this . You have to look a lot into this app to learn how to use all the different options it may be good and sometimes it could be not so user friendly. But definitely it does the job. Hugs Wes n Wanda Anzai – Hawaii

  13. Pretty good. Totally transforms your face and it doesnt look obvious. Now I have to lose weight to make it believable lmao

  14. This has better options than other body editors when it comes to adding cleavage. I really like the tattoo feature and how they can be manipulated to fit the body. I like to see even more tattoos. Maybe Hotune can buy the tattoos from 3D Tattoos (don’t let you manipulate) which are really cool. This tool has so many more options to help in creating the photo you want.

  15. Pretty fun and cool. I did 4 stars because so many things are premium but other than that everything else is amazing!

  16. This app is OK but some features don’t really work. For example, the cleavage feature is really hard to line up unless you’re in a certain pose. Other than that, it’s alright

  17. I look like a model in my photos…I can never un install this app from my phone….love love love

  18. It’s really the best app I have ever downloaded in my life, just that the pro are too much, but that doesn’t stop me from rating it five star

  19. Perfect nice if you want slim you can make it easier and quick

  20. Emi Tizmo dice:

    It does what it promises and its unfortunately a rare case in this scam apps infested store. Easy to use and you can get buy without any fees but I’ll deffo try out the full version since I’m curious what other good features there are.

  21. Very easy to use with no ads

  22. I’m olwethu and I like this app but some filters they’re not work properly

  23. Simtonic dice:

    Great app, could do with some more body features

  24. I love this app but there is one teeny tiny tincy problem…ADDS! the adds are driving me round the bend!!!!!please taje the edge of the ads apart from that your app is wonderful!!! Thanks for your great app

  25. I am experiencing a bug that doesn’t allow any added decals to have their strength adjusted. So the slider for opacity works, but when actually applying them it gets set to maximum anyway

  26. Great but unintuitive, buttons are really hard to press if you have large fingers. Make boxes for touch bigger. Keeps crashing and going back to home screen.

  27. There are not enough stuff, so I installed it a long time ago so I don’t remember much but I think, that some stuff should be free, and that u can liquify(I do not know how to spell that) still, so u can stretch stuff, move stuff and can move where the hips are, I can’t turn them around, if I am laying, I can not use the thing, remind me when that’s all done!

  28. A very good app with an excellent performance

  29. A good free alternative to FaceTime. It’s not perfect but it’s comparable.

  30. Good functions are only available if your willing to pay. Theres quite a few apps out there offering the free extras this one wants to charge you for, that’s why I give this no more than 2 stars.

  31. I have been trying to unsubscribe for over a week on Google play it doesn’t show under my subscriptions and there’s no way to do it within the app I would like to cancel my subscription immediately.

  32. This does nothing that it shows in the ad. The original facetune does way more than this. Do you have to have premium to use the makeup? This really does nothing special unless you pay. Typical

  33. Sissy G dice:

    I dont do a lot of editing on here like change my whole look but I do like adujusting my posture. Sone clothes make me look bigger than I am so I like to define my firgure not to much but just so you can see it. And this app does help me do just that. I dont really try anything else just reshaping part

  34. great app! does exactly what any face tune app would normally do. only a few thing ask your for VIP and they’re not necessities. there’s no watermark either! recommended it to a friend.

  35. I love majority of the features, thank you! But it’s missing a crop and trash or delete option.

  36. Judy B. dice:

    You don’t show all my photos, which are on my phone in google photos. I tried emailing you. But, surprise it said 404 not found. Yes, my photos are in Google photos.

  37. Easy to use. Nice filters.

  38. Super❗ go try it out for yourself download it and see how much of a difference it makes simple to use and does the great job at improving minor deviance is from the expectations of the amateur photographer what professional

  39. Great app!!! I just started using but I can tell already from a couple augmentations that I had made to a few photos it’s easy to control it looks natural no watermark on

  40. Just reading some of the negative reviews has helped me to decide not to install this app. Having to buy the Pro version — just to save your edited pics? DevGreed plain and simple. Image Extortion. Similar to Ransom Ware… only you have a choice. 👎👎

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