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With a deep library of visionary original series, curated hit movies and groundbreaking docuseries, STARZ brings diverse perspectives to life through bold storytelling.

If you’re already a STARZ subscriber through your TV provider, you can download the app and enjoy at no additional charge through your TV subscription. Otherwise, simply create an account within the app and start watching.

Here’s what you get:

– Ad-Free Streaming

– Full downloads of series and movies

– Stream on up to 4 devices at a time

– New content added every week so there’s always something new to watch

• Ready to get started? Here’s what to do:
1) Download the STARZ app.
2) Claim your special $5 for 1 month offer. You can cancel at any time.
3) Create your STARZ profile and stream on Android devices or the web at
4) Enjoy STARZ at our special price $5 for 1 month, then just $8.99 per month

STARZ online services are only accessible through participating partners in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories where a high-speed broadband connection is available. Service automatically rolls to month-to-month after the promotional period. Prices may vary. STARZ® A LIONSGATE COMPANY


40 comentarios en "STARZ MODDED 2022"

  1. Saw an ad for stars 2 months free and then $4.99 4 months after so I thought I’d give it a try and wasn’t pleased with their selection of movies, most older movies, a lot of selection of series and it’s not complete. So was going to delete but saw that they charged me 19 99 as soon as I did a free trial. When it says two free months then $4.99 after, it should be free for the first 2 months!!! I would have unsubscribed after the first month but since I was charged I guess I’m stuck with a icon😶

  2. Ok, but not user friendly. The app does not go ve a good way to organize your list. The resume watching list is buried down among the other lists they created. Have had some issues logging in on my Roku, but works ok generally. The activate code entry is not on the site listed. It is buried in a menu at the bottom of the account page. I paid for a full year so I dont have the payment issues others have had. Content is a bit lacking for a movie channel.

  3. Betty Lyn dice:

    The app works fine, and includes some options to whittle down your choices, but there could be more options. It seems that the types of movies they choose to show informs the options they have, rather than the other way around, which would be optimal. They could definitely use more family friendly shows/movies.

  4. Rob W dice:

    Been getting charged on 2 emails for 2 months on different credit cards. Starz will not refund money. When they can see I only use the account with the roku. Never watch a single show on my app. I’m already living paycheck to paycheck. I want a refund. They don’t even try and keep as a customer they like I canceled your subscription and email billing. We can’t transfer. That unprofessional in a business. You can not get a phone call the billing. Ridiculous.

  5. I download movies and shows on wifi because I’m on bad cellular service in the sticks. And, I get a playback error every time I try to watch a downloaded movie and it’s too slow to stream. This app is useless to me. I feel robbed. As a paying customer, I can’t watch what I paid for. And, they have so many great movies. But, their Draconian DRM and persistent connection issue is horrible.

  6. It doesn’t allow to cast on tv, every time I try, seems like is loading but never does. Eventually it says my wi-fi is low, weird thing it only happens with this app. I can cast from every other app I use (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney +, etc), but this is definitely a NO!. I tried on Android and also Apple, none of them work. Been trying to watch a movie since Saturday with no luck!

  7. 99% of the time when I try to start a show, the app pops up with an error to try again later. It doesn’t matter if I’m connected to wifi or data. Sometimes it will work if I force stop the app and clear cache a few times but I usually have to use the website to watch shows. There should also be an option to skip intro and recap.

  8. Absolutely AWFUL- I have been trying to watch the Amityville re-make with Ryan Reynolds and it JUST. KEEPS. FREEZING. I cleared everything on my phone, cleared the cache… No difference. As a matter of fact it got worse. The only thing that helped at all was hitting the “10 seconds back” button, and I have had to do that repeatedly. This was such a neusance, it probably added a whole additional 30 minutes to the movie. And I have high speed internet! Such nonsense. Get more server farms.

  9. Trash app/trash service. If you download a movie you have to watch the entire thing all the way through. If you stop to take care of something, and come back to watch it you will continually get Unexpected Error messages. Won’t be renewing my subscription, or keeping the app on my phone.

  10. The app is not the best and can use some updates. The first section is not have the shows I saved. I have to scroll down a few lines to get to this secrion. Wish it had features like skip the ad, recap, and intro. This is not available on the phone or TV. I constantly get a notification stating “an unexpected error has occured” in the middle of the show. I have to click okay and then play the show again. Very annoying. You can create multiple profiles. Not sure how many.

  11. The app is decent at best. While it has some great movies to chose from, you’ll find that this service will gobble up your data at twice the rate than other streaming services (ie. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc). The other issue, as other customers have pointed out, is the maddening difficulty to unsubscribe using a smartphone. You will either need a computer or to adjust the settings on your phone browser to “Desktop Mode” in order to access your subscription settings on the Starz webpage.

  12. Come on, Starz. You have got to, at the very least, install buttons to rewind 10 seconds and jump ahead. A skip credits option would be great. Automatically playing the next episode would be nice and a skip credits option. We only have the bare minimum from you. The app is also bad at keeping track of progress, so when watching a series, I have to remember exactly where I left off….

  13. By the seems of it this app has quite similar bugs. It’s no big problem. They can be fixed however I don’t see a response from Starz on these reviews stating they are working on the issues addressed. From my personal experience, the app works well as long as you don’t change the language while casting it to your tv. For some reason changing the language on a smart device is ok but when you cast it, both the app and the streaming crashes. Other than that, great movie choices, and quality.

  14. The app doesn’t allow 4 full screen on device. It doesn’t allow 4 multiple devices. It requires you 2 have a computer or laptop 2 achieve above statements. I don’t know if that is an accurate statement, due to the fact we don’t own either. Customer service is lacking, you are forced to call & be at your home. They have you do the exact same thing, the e-mail instructions provided, with the same results!! Netflix and HBO GO can run in full screen & fix these problems, Starz can’t!!!

  15. Can’t unsubscribe from the subscription once you are subscribed. I did the free trial and then continued for several months. Now I’m no longer watching, but continuing to be charged. 0 out of 10 F The app also never worked on my TV. It would only ever give me a loading screen. The loading screen would then never go away, even after I closed the app. I had to completely turn off the TV to get it to go away.

  16. It’s a work in progress. Shows have a hard time pausing on one device and picking up on another. Mobile has an issue with the image catching up to the time stamp when you have to manually find your place. Shows do not drop from the “continue” list, if you stop watching before viewing the entirety of the credits. Other than that, it streams nicely. Never had a movie requested from server, get the “we are having issues with this title” error. The content is… well its Starz.

  17. We love the movies and series! But all of a sudden, the damn app buffers like crazy. Does the exact same thing on our roku TV. Takes us over an hour to watch 20 minutes of show. We tried latest update download on our TV and my phone and still buffers every 30 seconds. Very annoying and unfortunately will end up canceling our subscription; why pay to watch and not be able to enjoy it.

  18. DO NOT TRY THE FREE TRIAL I sent an email, it’s automated, I called, it’s automated, there’s no way to cancel your subscription. I didn’t go through any app, I tried the free trial and after a day of not using it, it tells me that I’m unsubscribed and all of the movies / tv shows had a locked icon on it. It loads slow as molasses on a smart TV, the connection is horrible and I was still charged $8.99, I’m waiting for this transaction to process so I can dispute, stay with Netflix and Hulu!!!

  19. I enjoyed the app at first but after my trial was over I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for months now. There is no option to cancel on the app and it doesn’t show up in subscriptions on the google play store to do it that way. I’ve contacted Starz via email twice with no response. Very unhappy with the way this is set up. Fix this problem and provide a customer service number atleast.

  20. Awesome app, I just would love it if the timeline was on the bottom. So if I’m watching on my phone I don’t have the timeline interfering when I’m swiping away my notifications. Otherwise great app has amazing movies and TV shows. The monthly payments are really cheep and easy to maintain and cancel the monthly subscription. So I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking in to get a subscription to STARZ.

  21. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for months. They make it impossible. I’ve tried contacting them via email, and through their “need help” link. In the settings it has a link that says Manage Subscription(renew or cancel) but once you open it, it doesn’t let you do anything. Starz sucks, I’ll never subscribe again, and will be contacting my bank to disallow them to charge me again. I highly, highly recommend you don’t do their free trial, you’ll be stuck committed something not worthit

  22. Great selection of shows and movies! I watch from my phone often and for some reason I get the alert that the app is draining my battery even after I close it out. I have to force close the app to get the alert to go away. Also I wish there was an option for videos to be full screen with no black bars on the side.

  23. I really like this app. Its got a lot of great new and classic movies. My favorite feature is that I can watch on my phone and use other features with the split mini screen. Great feature and great price (intro price is amazing!) The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because there’s no alphabetical listing so it’s easy to miss a movie title if you don’t remember the name. Great entertainment!

  24. Terrible play back. Constantly pauses… On my tablet, phone, computer, even my TV… wi-fi, line-in or data. I have no issues with any of my other entertainment streaming apps. But this app is so frustrating! Every minute or so it pauses and I have to click “pause/play” to resume the show. I’ve tried at least a dozen tips & tricks without success. Not worth paying a subscription price. Not even worth the aggravation of it were free.

  25. I would give it a better review but this app as well as the Roku version has a couple “features” that make me use other apps instead. When I click on “Play” to watch a program I do NOT want to watch a preview for some other program. The absolute worst “feature” is that the app plays some other random program after the one I have watched is over. Why? I’m done watching. If I don’t catch it fast enough something I have zero interest in is now stuck in my “Continue Watching” list. Please take away this characteristic of the app or at the very least provide the option to turn it off.

  26. It is over all a decent app. It does take a while to load sometimes, and freezes. Lately there is a loop it gets stuck in, just replays until you exit out and reload the movie. But then it happens again later, so far is only happening on my Chromebook though, I think. Hopefully they get all the bugs fixed someday. But I’d recommned it just for the content.

  27. The app buffers a lot. The content is the only thing carrying it. It doesn’t maintain a connection to chromecast to continue streaming. When watching a series, you have to reconnect the app to the streaming device each time to start the next episode. It’s really not worth the current “discount” of $4.99. The interface is not friendly either. It doesn’t update recently watched properly. The link it does provide doesn’t open to the series but opens to one episode. The interface feels dated.

  28. After subscribing, even on their website, it says you have to download the Starz app. Ok, cool. Yeah…not so much! After installing when you actually go to open it all you are going to get is a black screen that says Starz. Nothing ever popped up to be able to actually watch anything. I un-installed, re-installed numerous times both w/ and w/o WiFi. It made no difference either way. Do yourself a favor and subscribe through your cable company. 100% don’t bother with the app.

  29. Decent selection- seems to be more choices than many other streaming services- but that doesn’t matter when it won’t play anything. I’ve used it once or twice with no problems but most times get a “Playback error” message and tells me to restart my device, though restarting it doesn’t help. I still get the error message. Would be nice if it actually worked. Don’t waste your time or money.

  30. The Starz app is in my experience one of the easiest to navigate. It’s got an excellent choice of movies (and shows , but I’m into movies. It’s unlike many of the other apps in the sense that they can be “glitchy” and it’s very inexpensive if you look for a promotion. I just got 6 months for $20.00! That literally can’t be matched. 1 month of some similar services is in that ballpark so I recommend it for all of those reasons.

  31. Freya F dice:

    Yesterday, March 31, 2022, I began a 6-month trial for $20 and the app is already not working!! When I tap on the icon to open the app the name “Starz” appears with an entirely black background and then NOTHING!! It doesn’t even open, showing the different programs/movies/etc you could choose to watch. It worked just fine when I first installed it but not now. I’m very disappointed with my experience thus far. I hope it will either fix itself or I will be able to do so trying every little thing

  32. This is probably the least user-friendly video streaming up that I use. If I’m watching on chromecast, I have to reconnect the device between episodes. It is totally usable, I don’t want to discourage anyone away from the service, but the in app experience is much easier on say hulu or Netflix. HBO is only slightly better than this but I think all of them are built on MS silverlight, right? Also, lose the Starz animation when the app starts and allow more downloads.

  33. Would be 4 stars,but why do I have to watch a 30 second ‘promotion’ to watch something on a premium subscription service. This is annoying and makes me not want to keep my aubscription. Heck, prime video lets you skip the promotion. This was the primary factor of stopping my paramount subscription. The text and movie pics are small, makes them hard to read when looking at their selection.

  34. Terrible! I tried to cancel my subscription, but they make sure you can’t. No matter how many instructions they give you, they never work. Total ripoff artists! Contacting them seems next to useless. Don’t subscribe to them! An Update: I had to use a different computer in order to cancel my subscription. The 2 tablets I own wasn’t useful for me to cancel my subscription. I used the pc at work and was able to get on my account and cancel my subscription. I went through alot of trouble to cancel

  35. Spoiled by the Netflix player with the features like skipping recaps, and intros, also, it adjusts for lag. You pay for this service, and your still have to suffer thru ads at the beginning of every show, and you can only skip forward 10 seconds at a time, and even if you do, you might encounter loading issues. A minor inconvenience is that you can’t easily see which episode you’re watching without closing out the player and going back to the main screen. More to say, out of characters.

  36. [EDIT: I was finally able to cancel it. The process was tedious at best, especially because the directions aren’t perfect. I had to maneuver blindly around the set up of my phone’s page layouts to make my way to a “Cancel” option due to this.] Nothing I do allows me to cancel my subscription, it’s ridiculous. I’ve followed the directions given to me via email, I’ve gone to the “manage subscription” section and it only gives me the details of my account, not an option to cancel. Very frustrating!

  37. I’ve been trying to cancel my free trial and I cannot get any help, there is no way to cancel in the app or app store. I was also charged right when I started the FREE trial, awful service so far and I do not recommend. If you have Spotify, you get Hulu free & Netflix is much better than this too, more choices and options than the few Starz offers.

  38. App and service are exceptional and very easy to use. The casting feature makes watching your favorite shows and movies practically anywhere you go a breeze. So much to choose from and great streaming make Starz one of my favorite apps and right now they are having a discount for purchasing 6 months in advance. Great time to jump into some great service from a trusted provider! What I like best is being able to watch what I want as I want and am able, instead of catching the scheduled time.

  39. SO MANY technical issues. Good selection if you can every get them to play. WORST streaming app EVER! Start with the trial, after seven days you will want to delete it. The worst is trying to play a show/movie and then it tells me I can only stream on 4 devices. Funny, I know I was only using one device. Restart, force stop, uninstall/reinstall equals NO HELP.

  40. The app certainly gets the job done, however it’s far from the smoothest experience. It can be difficult to find new things of interest to watch, particularly without proper genre browsing and no recommendations. As well, streaming to a Chromecast is finicky. There’s no option to skip intros or recaps and there’s no autoplay for watching episodes back to back. Episodes also occasionally start in the wrong language. Hopefully these things will get fixed in the future.

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