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With your MGM+ subscription you can watch brand new episodes of GODFATHER OF HARLEM, plus stream 1000s of movies and series like From, War of the Worlds and Billy the Kid. Watch on demand or stream live, ad-free.

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EPIX NOW is now MGM+. We've included fixes and improvements to make your experience even better! Watch the new season of GODFATHER OF HARLEM streaming Sundays on MGM+


40 comentarios en "MGM+ MODDED 2022"

  1. The shows and movies are top notch especially the original series. But the app has some hiccups that need to be worked out. I and constantly catching the app replaying previously watched episodes instead of continuing to the next episode. The app has shut it self off a few times. The app does not alternate smoothly from the main video player to the mini player. No ads are a plus.

  2. Honestly, I don’t think this app will deserve a two-star rating in the near future, but as it stands this is a streaming app in the works and has a ways to go. Right now it has some really good movies and shows, but being a newer streaming service its selection is really limited and the app is a little buggy and not as refined yet as competing streaming services. But again, it’s a streaming service that’s still in the works and has plenty of time to get better.

  3. Scotty P dice:

    The app stinks. Epix itself is great but the app is embarrassing. It does a poor job of keeping track of where you are. This creates problems of rewinding or advancing. There are also issues of the playback getting choppy to a point that requires restarting what you’re watching to get it back on track. For a video app this is busch league stuff. If the series weren’t worth it, I’d have given it up long ago. Please get your act together

  4. App is broken and needs work. 1. Every time I resume anything, it does not run smoothly and stutters heavily. Only way to run it smoothly is to select ‘start from beginning’ and fast forward to where you were at. I’m not paying 5.99 to do this every time I resume watching anything. 2. Reverse and forward functions are not working accurately. You press back arrow and it jumps 20mins back 3. Playback is broken. It struggles to start playing media and stays stuck on black screen

  5. I’m watching my first show on MGM+. Show is good, but the app is completely frustrating! Can’t watch an episode smoothly. Fast forward, rewind, nothing works properly. And don’t think about leaving the app, and coming back to watch where you left off! That is a whole different set of issues! I will not be staying long if this continues.

  6. I’m trying to cast a movie to my SamsungTV, also tried it through a Google Chromecast 4K. It just keep searching and doesn’t connect. It just throws me back to the home page. Only reason I don’t rate only one star is because it used to worked well and I acknowledge that the issue may be from my TV/Chromecast. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  7. This is a big waste of money that I unfortunately won’t quit. Just because once in a blue moon they have something I really want to watch. But God forbid if I have to stop in the middle of an episode, or pause. If I do that I have to start the whole show over because there’s a constant lag where the voices don’t match the mouths, or it’s even worse and just freezes the screen but continues the script. So I’m constantly having to restart.

  8. Programming is good, but the app is a nuisance. I’ve only watched Pennyworth and here are all the issues: The subtitles are full of errors, you can’t skip through recaps or the show intro, and when you want to resume watching it sends you back to the start of the show. Lastly, there’s no video preview when fast-forwarding and rewinding. I’m having these issues with my phone app and Fire Cube app. Epix needs to catch up with modern times with all their functions.

  9. Very problematic: I set it to do downloads overnite and none did. It said that it wasn’t connected to the internet even though it was. It stops frequently while watching and after it has tried to restart, then most of the time says that something went wrong. I have to start again. Sometimes it will start at the right place and sometimes not. It often takes twice as long to watch a video as the listed time. Other video apps work well; this one does not.

  10. Review edited: It would appear that the Oct 29 update has fixed most of the issues with latency regarding video and audio glitches. The app runs much better both on my phone and on the new Chromecast with Google TV. There are 2 things left, keeping it from a 5 star rating… 1. When first starting a stream for a movie or show, the stream quality starts low, and then “glitches” after about 5 or 10 seconds as it catches up to full HD. Once it catches up to the stream quality, it seems fine, so mostly an annoyance on this one. 2. When starting to watch a movie or show on my phone, and then pausing and resuming on my Chromecast, it doesn’t appear to know the point in the stream where it was paused on the first device. It does know that it’s been started as it provides the “resume” option on the second device, but it doesn’t pick up where I left off. Other than those 2 things, the app is working fine, and the content on EPIX is great.

  11. Worst App Ever. (Sony Smart TV) Every time we paused a show, we had to back all the way out, come back in, resume. Then, it stopped working altogether. Had to uninstall app, reinstall it, then do the “run to the computer, log in, enter the six digit code” dance. I’ll also say that the selection, many which are duplicated on Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, isn’t worth the price. Didn’t even finish the free trial. We’re done with it.

  12. It’s ok, except search options are a nightmare. You have to search through, basically the entire collection, there’s no filter for searching and there’s no search option, period. You watch an ad, if you want to rewind back your program, even just a second over that ad you just watched, you’ll have to watch it all over again. Overall, not enough interesting content to make me want to pay money for the product.

  13. I downloaded this app today I’ve been watching it for about an hour and a half and it has frozen at least 9 times. The movie isn’t even over.. I have the highest data plan (1tb) My cable company provides, so I know for a fact it’s not that. The app has tok many glitches!! If it wasn’t for that I would say it was a pretty cool app!! But I cant deal with the freezing images!!

  14. Unbelievably frustrating… I was giving it shot because the list of available titles is decent; however, I couldn’t even start the trial, it kept declining my cards, all of them. So obviously there’s an issue with your ridiculous app, so I’m not wasting any more time in it, and hope others don’t either. Thanks for nothing Epix, I’m sticking to the pros (HBO, SHO)

  15. Great content I’m only hear because they have the exclusive rights to Bumpy Johnson series. App needs work I don’t like the fact CC is on by default. Also, I can’t tap the left or right side of the screen to go a few seconds back/forward like with Netflix. U.I. for Netflix is much better. Also, won’t cast on my Samsung S8+. I have to use the smart view feature which is annoying.

  16. This app is not user friendly, is super glitchy and constantly closes mid show. You have to remember what you were watching, scroll through all of the shows to find the show you were watching and then attempt to find the place in movie when the app crashed so you don’t have to rewatch the entire thing – IF you can get the show to restart, it buffers constantly, even on the previously downloaded the content.

  17. I was excited to see the new War of the Worlds and was forced to install the app because EPIX lacks the ability to stream in the browser?? This app is broken, seriously I’ve never come across a worse app for media, It constantly says there is no connection when there is, video just stops and app has to be force stopped and reloaded and then reloaded two more times because it says there is no internet connection. OK, fine.. shortcomings are what they are, I’ll deal with it. That was until I realized the selections they have, I literally can get the same content for free on a roku or stream online free. I’ve used home wifi, work wifi, cellular. same results. I won’t recommend this to anyone, can’t do that to anyone.

  18. Impossible to cancel. I guess if you go through the playstore it’s fine but I used some link when I ordered a pizza from Dominos and now I can’t figure out how to cancel it. There’s nothing in the settings. The help menu just tells you to go to the playstore where I didn’t subscribe. When I tried emailing through the help menu the captcha kept getting errors so the email wouldn’t go through. The whole thing is shady and overly complicated to cancel. They don’t support Xbox so I couldn’t stream.

  19. I received the free trial from Domino’s which I thought was great, it works good on my phone but for some reason on my smart TV it won’t play anything. The menu comes up perfectly but it won’t let me watch anything it just goes to a blank screen. I’ve tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling anything you can think of but it just will not work….. Sucks cuz I was looking forward to seeing some of the movies it offered.

  20. Missing standard features/bugs: 1) Automatic bookmarking of last viewing location is unavailable. It is not optimal customer experience to have to either watch from the beginning or to manually fast forward to last viewing location. 2) Queue for watch later only works for TV shows, not movies. Even then each episode is listed in the queue individually. Better to just list the TV show.

  21. So, there are so many saying you will be charged of you have the dominos free 30 day trial. I contacted support and they told me that if you get a trial through dominos, you did not have to subscribe therefore you will not be charged. On a negative note, the shows and movies on this app are on hulu. To end on a positive note, customer support was quick to respond. Keeping the trial for the full 30 days now. Thanks!!

  22. Cody Cox dice:

    Works fine on my phone and tablet but on my chromebook there’s some sort of error that puts a yellow shade on half the screen, like you’re selecting fast-forwarding, but there’s no way to click on the screen to make it go away. So on your chromebook, half your screen is permanently shaded in yellow. You can even use the arrow keys to change which side of the screen you want the yellow shade, but the esc key and any other keys will not remove it.

  23. I paused war of the world’s to leave this review. 2 stars because 1) You can’t stream on your computer “soon you’ll be able to stream on your computer, until then enjoy the app”. 2) Constant “LOST CONNECTION”. If you deviate from the app in any manner, whether it be responding to a text, checking the time, anything, you’ll get “LOST CONNECTION”, and you’ll have to reopen the app, usually twice. CONSTANTLY. And no, its not my connection. I know how to keep a stable wifi signal.

  24. Why do all the streaming apps have terrible playback controls for Android TV? This one is the worst. Forget trying to navigate the video, if you try to rewind ⏪ there is no preview so you have to guess and you can only rewind once per video because it always goes back to the place you rewinded to the first time, and the time stamp shows you were at the same place you were before you rewinded. That’s not all but I’m tired of explaining. Update: still sucks.

  25. Amanda K dice:

    Worst app for watching movies ever! Slips so bad that it won’t even let you watch the movie for more than 10 mins. Then it kicks you out and if it doesn’t lock you out you have to go back to the beginning click on the app and start the movie again just for it to do it all over again. Tried and tried to cancel my app and ven though it says it has the support team on email says it isn’t!! There is no # to call and no option to cancel inside the app only through play store!!

  26. it sucks, one reason is if you have to stop watching something, or if someone calls while your watching something, then it will restart whatever your watching, it won’t let you resume from where you left off. that’s a big problem that should not exist if your this kind of app, how do you have a finished product to put out on the market for people to buy when you have this annoying feature. hbo lets you resume just perfectly and other apps do also, I won’t be subscribing after my free trial.

  27. I actually installed this app on my Channel Master which outputs directly to my TV. I have several streaming apps installed, including Pluto TV, Tubi, and YouTube. The EPIX NOW app was maddening to try to watch. It hangs up every few seconds interrupting whatever you are watching. It’s like trying to listen to an old record that skips every few seconds. PlutoTV, YouTube, and Tubi do not have this problem so I have to conclude that the problem is with EPIX’s server, app or streaming algorithm.

  28. They claim to have 1000s of movies to watch. They’re lying, I wouldn’t even say that they have 100s of movies to watch. Even if you add in each episode of a TV show individually. More accurately, they have dozens of movies to watch. You could probably finish everything they have on this app before the trial expires.

  29. Very Poor Experience. Extremely glitchy. I have the new Chromecast w/ GoogleTV. I had Epix on Prime but recognized that Epix NOW had more content on it’s own than the plan included with Prime; unfortunately most of the time I am unavailable to see any of the content. Each time I chose something to watch I am able to hear the sound but don’t see any picture. It worked the first time I played a episode and not since. It works occasionally.

  30. Epix has great content but the APP itself is very basic: it doesn’t display/remember which shows you’ve already seen or where you left off on a particular show, you can’t do a quick 10sec replay or FF, the app keeps resetting to the first season of any show instead of allowing to browse the season you’re interested in … It’s very frustrating.

  31. No fast forward or rewind button. Unreliable in continuing where I left off. Closed captions turn off and then I have to dig around in the app to turn them back on. It’s like the weirdest, laggy, confusing app from the early 2000’s. It’s like the geocities of video entertainment.

  32. Aaron dice:

    Subscribed to watch one movie that wasn’t available anywhere else and we can’t log in on anything but a phone, my TV and Xbox won’t connect and theres no way to just log in on the TV apps, you have to connect it to a mobile app and I’m assuming they only approve subscribers that have the service through their cable provider. Just a waste of time and this was not clarified when we were signing up..

  33. awesome,finally a stand alone app to watch my favorite shows at a very reasonably price and to watch on other devices without the extra charge, very well done guys, hope you keep it like that!!! Don’t change a thing!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! I don’t think it needs a different rating….i think it’s just an awesome and fantastic app!!!! thank you for finally coming out with a stand alone app you don’t have to pay an arm and leg for!!!!lol now I’ve got all channels and tv for about 62.00….

  34. The Google provided version of this EPIX/MGM+ app doesn’t allow you to choose Samsung Smart TV as your visual provider like it says to do with the provided activation code so you can only watch it on your phone or maybe a computer. I have tried all ways that they have directed me to do and still can’t use my SAMSUNG SMART TV to watch it on with my no refund year subscription…??? So m giving just one star for phone watching ability…!!!

  35. blah dude dice:

    I cannot get this on my samsung tv says I can cast it from the app on my phone just one problem I type in my password and email and app says it’s incorrect. Really frustrating can get it on the little roku tv but not these devices. Now I can’t even change password log in what a trash app never been more frustrated over an app

  36. needs more original shows, has enough for a month or two, then ran out of content. condor, war of the worlds, and from were good. pay via google play for easy cancellation process. has a problem remembering where you are in a series if you change devices..

  37. Ken Hall dice:

    The app for Google TV sucks. It freezes, it’s choppy. When continuing where you left off the screen freezes, but the audio plays on. The controls don’t work, clicking Skip Intro and it skips a few seconds and continues to play on. Very sloppy app. The worst of the TV/Streaming Apps that I’ve used.

  38. HORRIBLE CONTROLS. Want to at least give 3-stars, but the reason I can’t is NOT b/c of the app for my phone through Google Play, but rather the FireTV app. I have NEVER experienced a more horrible time dealing with the controls than that of the EPIX NOW app on the FireTV, OMG (here’s looking at you, rewind and FF buttons/controls…). I’m leaving my review here though b/c, although the app on my phone isn’t that bad, the app on the FireTV is SO bad I won’t even finish my free trial!!

  39. I just paid a 1 year subscription and I am already having major issues. I downloaded the App on my TV. It tells me to cast from my phone. 🤷🏿‍♀️ I downloaded the App to my phone. No casting options. #Frustrated

  40. By far one of the worst streaming apps, you can not access your watch list without going through the settings menu and it crashes and reopens each time after having watched a show and come back to it later. Use it on Chromecast. Will be canceling after I finish the two shows I got EPIX for.

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