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Philo takes the hassle out of TV, bringing you endless entertainment for an unbeatable price. You get 65+ channels and more than 70,000 hours of on-demand movies and shows! TV works around your schedule with the unlimited DVR. You can save all your favorite stuff for up to a year and never miss a thing. New subscribers can watch Philo for free for a week! Sign up today to start your 7-day free trial.

Here’s what The Philo app has to offer:

More than 65 channels: Watch top-rated channels like AMC, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oprah Winfrey Network, VH1, WE tv, and more!

Tons of entertainment: Reality, true crime, comedy, and scripted drama—Philo has the stuff you love in one spot! Tune in to classic cartoons and top picks for the whole family, or catch up on the latest hit movies and original series with Philo’s premium add-ons.

Unlimited DVR: Save all the movies and shows you love for a year and catch up on your schedule.

Profiles: Create up to 10 profiles for a personalized streaming experience. Each user profile gets its own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and watch history.

Multiple devices: Enjoy Philo on up to 3 devices at a time! Watch on the big screen with Android TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Samsung SmartTV, and Chromecast via Android. Stream on the go with a laptop, tablet, or Android and iOS mobile devices.

Easy discoverability: Find your saved shows, see what’s new and trending, or browse curated collections on the Homepage.

TV Everywhere: Philo subscribers can access our network partners’ TV Everywhere apps. Select Philo as your TV provider to sign in and start watching!

Download Philo today and start watching now!


40 comentarios en "Philo: Live and On-Demand TV MODDED 2022"

  1. Super clunky app. On samsung smart tv, there’s no way to easily search for a program. Beyond that, one you do find the exclusive content that caused up to purchase yet another streaming platform, there’s no way to fast forward or rewind this is probably due to the fact that there’s not the adequate buttons on their remotes. You can only play/pause, jump to the next episode or previous episode, or access closed caption options. Super dissatisfied and disappointed.

  2. Very disappointed. I just started the 7 day free trial and the app freezes and stops playing content. When I try to resume the program I was watching. I’ll get an error I can’t recall exact verbage of it but basically it can’t play the content and to try again later. I’ll try it for the remaining days of the free trial but I don’t see myself subscribing to this service.

  3. I have had nothing but issues with this app. Would sure be nice to have the old one back, at least it works. This one, now can’t even get in to watch, it glitches and sends you back to beginning. Now it says it has a bug to update your app. This is the updated app. Not impressed is the mild opinion. Sure would be great to get issue fixed. I loved having philo. Had no issues the whole time until the new upgraded app. Can’t even find the old app to get back. Fix the problem Philo!!!!!

  4. I love Philo and this app…when it works. The problem I’m experiencing is when a show I’m watching goes to an advertisement break, the ads don’t load…I just get the spinning “circle of doom” and have to go back to the Philo homepage, re-select the program, and try to pick up where it left off or force stop the app altogether and re-start it. I’m using a Lenovo YT-J706F with Android version 11. I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing the app, as well, but that didn’t resolve the situation.

  5. The app works fine. Not sure if anybody else has noticed this- in the guide mode when you click on a movie or a TV show, if the synopsis is long it’s cut off! I haven’t figured out how to read the whole synopsis. Maybe I’m doing something wrong! The app on iOS is better in this respect. You can actually read the whole synopsis. Also the graphics in the guide mode on iOS is better. Other than that, the app works fine!

  6. Not enough access, I wish that I could download this app onto my television like other apps. It sometimes freezes up and I can’t watch it until it’s refreshed. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and it’s not available or I’m watching then it stops playing, I wish that we could get the update when the next season will be available on the app as well or if those episodes is the end of the program, other than it’s an OK app.

  7. I have never seen an app buffer as much as this one does. It’s frustrating and annoying. As soon as my Hulu bill is paid I am ditching this joke of an app. No USA Channel being my main reason. Good video quality when you can watch for more than half a minute before it buffers again. Horrible! And the damn ads!!!! You guys need lots of improvement. Free doesn’t mean substandard.

  8. I have had this app for over 2 years and had zero problems until recently. The first problem is, the app no longer rotates from. Portrait to landscape. This is seriously annoying especially when using my tablet with the keyboard attached. I have to turn the whole thing sideways to look at anything.

  9. Well very weird. I tried to sign up for a trial to see if I like it. It was weird as I though the it went through. Watched maybe 20 min the first day. Second day it just stops and says contact support. I have never needed to do that for a trial before nor do I want to. Really weird way to get people to sign up. I was gonna sign up but after this and feeling like I did something wrong I will stick with Youtube tv. Update to response. Bad way to do trials. Its more work then needed. Do better.

  10. It used to be cool but now they have added these annoying commercial bars so that when you day forward it, it goes too far and when you try to rewind it back to where the show resumes, it goes back to the beginning of the commercial break. Edit: Just talked to customer support and it was useless. The lady tried to convince me that it was the network that adds those commercial bars to the DVR feature and not Philo. I used to not have this issue.

  11. Jade Mira dice:

    I’ve been a subscriber now for well over a year. I can no longer justify paying $25 a month (up from the $20 a month when I first started) and have all these ads!!! If i’m going to pay for a service, it’s because I don’t want to see ads! I don’t even use it to watch live tv… I watch certain shows with the dvr. Get rid of the ads while watching in the dvr and I’ll consider subscribing again. But, as of today I will be cancelling your service!

  12. Key Key dice:

    I think the app is wonderful, it has a lot of channels that I watch. It’s would be a 5 star but my only complaints are that, I wish when watching shows on the DVR it would automatically jump to the next episode. Also, if u accidentally hit the fast forward button during an advertisement, the timer starts over and you are forced to watch the whole entire ad again.

  13. I don’t like how everytime I’m watching something, the show or movie freezes or turns off and goes to a totally different show movie. I have had philo for about 9 months now and am currently looking for something better because I am really sick of dealing with this. Other than these issues, it’s a great app! I love the variety of channels, the option to save and record things, I would like to watch later. but!! I am super annoyed with the glitches!

  14. Alicia J dice:

    I love the different channels and that I can either stream live or have my favorite shows saved and recorded. The ads can be a bit excessive, between 2 to 10 minutes, and God forbid you happen to try to skip them; you’re forced to watch them from the beginning. Also, if I try to *rewatch* a program, instead of it starting from the beginning, it’ll start about 75% in, so I manually have to restart it. *Response from provider clearly has nothing to do with what is written.

  15. Edited to add they have very good customer service so I’m changing from 1 star to 3. I had an issue with the subscription and they responded quickly and resolved it. Hope the Chromecast feature comes soon and will try again. If I knew it wasn’t Chromecast supported I never would have signed up in the first place. Don’t even care for the free trial.. I hate watching movies and shows on my phone. Disappointing.

  16. PLEASE make the option available to watch a program in progress. I have the “watch live” option turned on. If I leave a program and come back to it. I have to fast forward up to the current “live” spot in the program. Very annoying. Also would love to see some kind of last channel option or mini guide so you don’t completely leave the program when you go to the program guide. Great selection of channels for the price! Thanks!

  17. Denon P dice:

    Excellent service, app needs more features. The user needs control over auto advancing to the next episode in your DVR library or not. It used to not advance, I would set up an episode and fall asleep. now I’m waking up 5 hours later and it’s still playing episodes. This needs to be a user option. Other than that, you can’t beat what you get for $20 a month. by far the best set of streaming channels if you enjoy the cable networks without sports or news.

  18. While viewing the guide, when you select a channel to watch, it keeps spinning like it’s loading. You have to return to the guide and re-select the channel and then it loads. Also, there has been lag (nothing major) where the loading symbol appears briefly and sometimes up to 15 seconds. I have gigabit and the device is wired. ALL other streaming services work without issues. This has been going on for 2 years! And yes, my device is up to date. Sigh….READ REVIEWS and take ownership!!!!

  19. I originally started the free trial to watch The Green Mile. I’ve experienced a lot of ads for a $20 service, but nothing too overwhelming, but when I noticed that you’re not allowed to skip forward during the movie, I instantly disliked it. Even free services allow you to time skip the movie and not the ads, its it’s insane, and on top of that you’re paying $20. Absolutely not. Made a bad first impression.

  20. Ryan Root dice:

    The app is pretty good. Large selection of TV shows, movies and even some live stuff! The advertising though, it’s bad. Real bad. I get they need to make money, after all they are a company, but you are already paying a subscription. The ads are like 2 minutes at a time as well, and to add more insult to injury, they only give you the same 4 ads over and over. If you are ok with ads, this app is great! If frequent ads mid show/movie agitate you, this is not your streaming service!

  21. We love Philo! It’s the best alternative to cable! We can watch all our favorite channels and shows without paying those ridiculous sky-high prices. The only thing I wish they would change is the fact that I have to wait 24 hrs before a live show to set it to record. I have to put an alarm reminder on my phone to remember to set the show. If they could better this feature, in my opinion, it would be perfect! Still a very great app regardless!

  22. This app absolutely sucks!!!! I can watch a couple of shows all the way through and then I get the error message ‘I’m sorry, we can’t play this content’ error 2 message. I have restarted my phone, completely closed out of the app, switched to a different episode, switched to a completely different SERIES and I’m still getting this message!!! And I’m paying for this????!!!!! This needs to be fixed. NOW.

  23. This App is GARBAGE!!!! If I could give it zero stars I would. It lags and skips. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Cleared the cache. Everything to make this work and it won’t. I have to watch it on the website. How do you charge people $30 a month and not have an app they can watch it on?! Also, the commercials are ridiculously long. You cant skip most and they don’t have the option to pay for commercial free. It’s a NO for me.

  24. So far I’m not impressed. Just started a free trial, and haven’t gotten through one show without it buffering, or stopping all together on Roku Ultra. The price is nice, and so is the UI, but I can’t deal with the constant buffering issues. I will giveit a few more days, and of the problems persist, I will not continue with a subscription.

  25. I love the app and most of the channels you offer, but there’s a glitch that drives me crazy. It freezes every time a commercial block comes up! You have to start the program over and fast forward to where you left off. This very frustrating. If this issue can be addressed, and maybe you guys could add Oxygen to the lineup i can give the other two stars.

  26. I have it on Roku and love it, so happy you finally came out with an acutal app! A few things that could be improved are the background color, it’s very dark, and maybe an adjustment to how to start a show over and maybe how shows are saved. Is the app compatible with chromecast smart to? Will you be adding more channels at some point? Just curious if you will be adding local channels in the future?

  27. Decent but need improvement. PLEASE add an autoplay feature so that it automatically plays the next episode when you’re watching videos on demand of TV series, it’s very annoying to have to go back to the show page each time to click on the next episode. Update: Removing a star because there still is not an autoplay function to play the next episode of TV shows unlike what I was told, yes I have it updated to current version.

  28. Kyle Love dice:

    Great affordable service. The addition of Starz and Epix is a nice option. Nice clean interface. Highly recommend if you aren’t too worried about sports channels. It’s a great compliment to services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+ etc and an over the air antenna. I can always find something to watch with the channel lineup. With Starz there are plenty of movies to fire up. Keeping it at the $20 price but adding maybe a few more add-on options would be a good strategy going forward.

  29. I am so happy to have found Philo. I really Love it. There is an old program I love that I can see anytime I want. Thank u. But there is a problem trying to stream it on my T.V. It is hard to maneuver through the guide 1st because it takes forever, and then it freezes constantly. It took about 10 minutes to get to what I wanted to watch getting through the guide and 5 minutes into the program it froze up? So frustrating. On my phone no problem at all. But this is a wonderful discovery. 🙂

  30. Unable to fast forward thru ads since February. This app use to be great, but since took away the ability to fast forward thru ads on saved shows. I will be canceling. Too many long ads to watch. It doesn’t remember where you paused a show it will take you right back to that same ad but from the beginning. A complete waste of time and money. You really messed up this app with the new update. It wasn’t an update, but a step back if you ask me.

  31. Love the show options! That’s why I didn’t rate it 1 star. The excessive ads are making me want to cancel. It has gotten worse too. A 45 minute show is 2 hours long because of ads! That’s beyond ridiculous!! I literally watched 3 minutes of the show and then had over 5 minutes of ads. This is my most expensive streaming service and my other ones are without ads. For this much it should be no ads and make a cheaper option with ads. As soon as I’m done with this show, I’m canceling!!

  32. I had previously only given them 2 stars but they’ve made it possible to cast to Chromecast now. I’m also unhappy because I got half way through an older season of my show and it just stopped, that was it, no finish. My husband had to help me find it elsewhere. What’s the point in paying you for a show if you’re going to cut it in half? I’m still not 100% on the available channels for the price but it does allow for me to watch my shows THAT ARE CURRENTLY AIRING that I otherwise would not and it’s convenient now to cast to my tv.

  33. I’m glad I haven’t put a card to my account to pay for this. The episodes play for not even 5 minutes, then it goes to the buffer symbol. Not only that, even after making sure there was no connection issues on my end, I still have issues watching anything. Seems like the company needs to fix some bugs and such to come up with an update. I have it both on my phone and Fire TV. One wi-fi and one works with my mobile data. Having issues both ways with connection. Until fixed, I don’t recommend.

  34. One of the better interfaces I’ve seen, and I’ve tried them all (DirectTV Now, Sling, PS Vue, Youtube TV and Hulu). Honestly, the fast forward/rewind interface that displays screen shots while you move through your recorded video is better than any other video service. The channels are a little limited (no TBS, no FX), but for the price this is by far the best live tv service.

  35. I wanted to like this app but unfortunately it keeps buffering every few seconds. I’ll admit I have Verizon wireless and their data speeds have been super slow. Amazon Prime Video works just fine for me. There’s no way to adjust the quality of the video in this app. Looks like I’ll be going back to YouTube TV. I was hoping to save money using this app but I can’t live with the buffering every few seconds. 😔

  36. I like the idea of live TV for $20 but when you’re paying $20, don’t expect high-quality! With a Wi-Fi connection, things are fine. When using mobile data it gets iffy. Often the streaming is glitchy and buffers a lot. Would drop it to one star if their on demand wasn’t good. You can stream previous seasons of your favorite shows. However now, you can’t fast forward past the commercials, and they get longer and longer. It Started at a minute, now they’re up to 2:15.

  37. Finally an Android app! Installed, entered my number, and works perfectly! UI is well laid out, and steak quality is perfect! FYI – for those looking for Casting ability (especially those with a Pixel phone), you are aware that you can cast ANYTHING from your phone, regardless if a specific app doesn’t have the option, aren’t you? If your e not aware, pull down from the top of your screen, and select the pen icon – the Cast option is there. Happy streaming!!

  38. This app would be wonderful if you didn’t have to constantly close it and then restart it due to the buffering or just freezing your phone. The content is great if only I could play a show or a movie all the way through without interruption. What is the point of the DVR if your movie or show still won’t play all the way through? I thought that when you record on your DVR it is downloaded already so there should not be any issues. This needs to be fixed instead of telling everyone to contact yo

  39. I like Philo but you can’t watch a movie because they run 10 minutes ads throughout the movie. I was watching a movie on Lifetime which was an hour long but never got to see the ending because 30 of the 60 minutes were ads and it cut off and went to the next movie. It’s cheap yes but not paying 20.00 a month to watch commercials. I am canceling and going elsewhere. If you can reduce the ads I will come back.

  40. The actual streaming works okay, but the supporting features, like the ‘saved’ shows are buggy. There is no way to get them off of the prioritized ‘new’ position. I’ve stopped watching Discovery Channel shows because of this. Edit: After the reply I down graded to 1 star. The idea that a user is fast forwarding through an entire show but still wants it ‘unwatched’ is silly. I think you need a stronger UX team.

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