Magic Fluids MODDED 2022


Colorful flows will relax and calm you down, or get you trippy and creative!
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Magic Fluids is a relaxing, colorful drawing app that will help you calm down and relieve stress, or be creative and make aesthetic digital art. It is based on algorithms of fluid flow simulation and features fluid (pun intented!), beautiful graphics. It is the best time waster!

TOUCH THE SCREEN and enjoy hypnotizing motion of fluid swirls moving around, sometimes slow, quiet and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying and trippy.

CALM DOWN AND RELAX as you draw and watch peaceful flows evolve in space and eventually settle down into colorful patterns. Magic Fluids will help you sleep, meditate, restore balance, relieve stress and anxiety.

GET CREATIVE and, with a touch of your finger, bring to life stylish patterns of paint and particles. If you like abstract digital art or acrylic pour painting, you’ll love Magic Fluids! You can create impressive eye-catching designs that look like swirls, galaxies, liquid, fire, light, smoke, lava and much more!

KEEP YOUR KIDS BUSY – they love to doodle and watch the fluid move around! We hope that Magic Fluids can also help children with anxiety, autism and sensory issues.

DOODLE ON YOUR HOMESCREEN – Magic Fluids works can be used as a Live Wallpaper as well as a regular app.

Key features of Magic Fluids:

– Highly configurable fluid behaviour and look
– Over 30 configuration presets – if you’re lazy
– You can save your own presets
– Multitouch controls
– Smoke (gas) and water (liquid) animation
– Thousands of particles moving with the fluid
– Multiple color modes
– Special effects like glow and textures
– You can pause the animation anytime and save screenshots
– You can use Magic Fluids as a regular app or as a Live Wallpaper
– Highly optimized, multiple quality settings for wide range of devices .

Fluid animation in your pocket! Touch the screen and create beautiful motion of colorful smoke and water. Calm down and relax as you watch trippy, magical swirls of flowing colors. Get artistic and design creative, satisfying patterns of paint and particles.


40 comentarios en "Magic Fluids MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is perfect with its fluid simulation. On the best graphics, the movement is very smooth, with no noticeable stutter in the animations. The amount of customization is utterly insane. My favorite thing to do is to pause, hold a spot in place for 1-5 sec, then unpause. An explosion of colours and swirls. The only negative I can think of is that my phone battery drains quickly the longer I use it and for prolonged use, my phone got very hot. That was with highest settings ~1hr to be fair

  2. Update: the latest update broke the color scale pallette. Now the dots can only be up to 2 colors even with double palette chose. !!!!!!BEST!!!!! Really cool LWP! Worth the purchase. Thank you. I’ve been using it to show colored particles in a fluid, for about a year now. I love it!!! Aaaaasnnnd now it has settings backup! Would be cool to share our backups to see different effects.

  3. Kinda Magical! It’s essentially an interactive… “Screen saver”? Very absorbing and calming to play with. There are GOOFY numbers of presets with different colors and effects – I’ve not made it through half of them yet. This app won’t change your life or anything, but it IS calming and keeps me from doom scrolling as much, which is a bonus. It doesn’t appear to stress my LG V60’s GPU that much. Not a lot of heat or battery drain caused by this app. Efficient! Absolutely worth the price.

  4. I really like this app. I was originally just looking for a color app to help me calm down from a panic attack but I found this instead. The options to customize what it looks like and how it behaves are amazing, though it would be nice if there was more info on what each feature does. I’ve also had some trouble with the interface, but it doesn’t make the app impossible to use. Either way, its a really good app for distracting yourself or calming down; it would be great as a screensaver !

  5. I didn’t mind paying the 1.49 for the full price. This is basically like the fidget spinner of apps, not much to it but sure to keep certain folk entertained for hours, plus it is fun to meet with the settings and designs to see how the colors interact at different speeds and other settings. Setting there graphics to its highest (x4) send to not work properly, all I see are the little white lines. But other than that it’s pretty entertaining.

  6. Rarely do I find an app that does what it claims to so well. It runs so smoothly on my phone. Everything is very clear and straightforward. And it is a great value for the price. The free version is the same but with only a few presets. So after I checked out the free version, I knew immediately that I wanted the full version. This is great for casual idle time on the phone. I use it for grounding. I drag my fingers across to create some beautiful patterns and watch and breathe as they fade away

  7. Fantastic App! I tried the free version during an anxiety attack and the effect was phenomenal. The animations are fantastic and very soothing. Phenomenal work. Simply phenomenal. I had to buy the full version, not only to support it’s creators, but because I can see this app helping me on a lot of hard days. Thank you for this. Recommending it for anyone with anxiety or depression.

  8. I love playing with this game/wallpaper. There are many presets to choose from and I have made several of my own fluids which can be saved and used. It is relaxing and entertaining. I always receive compliments when it’s noticed. I’ve never had any problem with this app and I quickly purchased the full version which offers more features and is ad-free. I recommend Magic Fluids to anyone who likes to have a unique, fun and fully customizable game that is also a cool live wallpaper!

  9. Paul Nagy dice:

    The variety in this app is just a dream – I could just get completely lost in making my own little light shows, and while some of the presets have similar qualities, they never feel like blatant knockoffs of each other just to boost advertising or something. Plus, you can customize it on quite a detailed level, which makes it feel even more worth it and keeps it from getting redundant. I do feel the $5 price is a little steep, but this developer deserves to be supported.

  10. I love this app. I was recommended this app in an Autism support group as a good visual stimming tool. It is absolutely fantastic! Helps me distract my brain and hands when I am feeling uneasy and am trying to avoid a meltdown. The colors and effects are beautiful and mesmerizing. I did the free trial all of 5 minutes before paying for the full version. My ONLY complaint is that I wish there was some gentle meditation type music that you could toggle on and off.

  11. I’ve tried out a number of these fluid-type simulations and live wallpapers, and this one stands out as one of the most (if not the most) configurable and enjoyable among them. The available options allow for a wide range of color combinations, fluid behaviors, and aesthetic variations, which translates to the equivalent of “high replayability value.” Great app!

  12. I would have given this 5 stars but there are a few things that are very annoying. The first is, there is way too much white bloom. It ruins the entire experience. And second. Its hard to understand how to get things to work properly. Its not properly laidout so people can understand how to set things correctly. Instructions are horrid. And having to click a different cog wheel to then set the fluids to then go back to the other settings location makes it confusing to set up.

  13. This APP IS A MUST! Spark your creativity! It’s beautiful as a live homescreen, lockscreen, and charging screen. It helps reduce my anxiety, & is def. my go-to app when there’s time to kill. Forget those space-consuming games/apps or pesky game requests. This app eliminated the need for other games w/it’s vast array of presets & endless options within it’s user-friendly settings…made the decision to upgrade to the full-version of the app easy. such a great value too… highly recommended!

  14. Cas Griff dice:

    Fantastic! I’d argue it’s worth the price for the presets alone, so it’s awesome that you get so many options to customize! I only have one request: please let us move the settings button to other corners of the display. I have a Pixel 4a, and the button is hidden behind the camera on my screen.

  15. Excellent app; I’ve been using the free version for my live wallpaper for months now, and I find it very soothing and fun to look at and play with. My only issue is that the latest update removed my favourite feature, which was the white stars as background particles. Instead, now the background particles are all the same colour as the paint. Please bring back the white star particles! I bought the full version specifically hoping to get those back, but nothing. Great app otherwise!

  16. Unfortunately, I have to give this app 5 stars. I was holding out for a sale but the tight feckers never budged in the month I watched. 😃 I forked out to see what these “full version only” jobs were like. I don’t do that…ever! I have to say I’m pleased with what I got. There are some cool ones and you can play around with the settings much more. Kids love it, adults too! Bring this app on an trips to destinations that might require fingerswirlythings!

  17. Lola Luv dice:

    Fun/Interactive . My daughter enjoys playing with this app, lots of cool features to explore just to play with patterns but on the tablet…I just used it for a short while to see if it was OK for her and thought it was unique compared to a lot of what’s out there to pass time these days.

  18. Michael dice:

    I bought the full version in September 2017. I loved it back then. But with every update, this app gets better and better. New features, improved mechanics, nicer visuals. This app is amazing and mesmerising. Also, it’s a barrel of fun when you’re traveling through the psychedelic cosmos…

  19. Perfect for relaxing or calming down. As someone who has crippling anxiety, this is honestly a great way to calm down. The free version is easily enough to keep you satisfied and the ads only pop up during menu opens, so you’ll be supporting the developers without interrupting your relaxation. The full version is easily worth the $4.99 too!

  20. The new update is AWESOME especially the randomizer option that yes you can apply to your wallpaper… My only confusion with said feature is that does it randomize everything? (mainly color values) or does it simply just randomly choose a preset from the giant list of presets? Also I would be forever grateful if you could make the version on steam be a wallpaper for the PC as well with these exact same features! PLEASE DO THAT IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

  21. Too True dice:

    Nice update thank you. Really easy to use interface, lovely effects and now there is music added. I have used this for art and relaxation for a number of years. I think it’s really good how when you screen record, the recording is really smooth and not warped as is the case with some other fluid apps.

  22. Zoop dice:

    I’m autistic and this app is the best one I’ve seen for visual stims 🙂 it’s really fun and there’s so many different pre-sets that you can fully customize and save. i bought the full version and have no regrets at all. love that this app also gets updated frequently!

  23. This app has been my home screen for quite a while however the recent update completely ruined my favorite preset the line particals are now just floating transparent cubes at first I thought the app was just broken but to find out it was an update has me really upset if you wanted to add something that’s fine but to make irreversible changes to the particles without giving another option I can’t even recreate my preset. In my mind this isn’t an improvement I hope the developers remedy this.

  24. Loved this already – But the new update/overhaul is incredible. It’s easier to tweak settings to customise, and the presets are much cooler. Plus, it seems less power-hungry than before. HD settings don’t drain battery anymore! Great work from the devs

  25. hi i love this app a lot but in the new update i can’t find a way to change the colour of my particles ?? also the “stars” option is now gone, which combined with the missing particle colour option has completely changed the preset i made for my home screen, which is quite upsetting 🙁

  26. Super cool and fun!!! Got lost playing with it for a hour after install. Definitely dlg the auto changing live wallpaper. Does effect battery a lil but not at all like I expected. Definitely recommendng to friends

  27. I have tried many wallpapers over the years from various people on the Play store. This is the best money I have ever spent on the Play store, you guys have done a fantastic job on this app and I love the new update and all the new features. I haven’t even thought about ever looking for a new wallpaper from anyone else. Thank you.

  28. Mary Vrey dice:

    I love the app I have it set as my live wallpaper 😍 wish there was a pre set more like paint pouring Edit: The updated app messed up. The particles setting is now broken once applied to a background/ home screen.

  29. Really cool simulator. Even the free version had some of the cool presets unlocked instead of just giving the lame ones for free. If you know about the app “Tripe A”, it’s like that but several times better

  30. Just an incredible app all around, now I’m just hungry for more and more and more customizations settings (multiple light sources? More control over autoplay inputs? Possibilities are endless). Highly recommended!

  31. Hello I just bought your apps and really love it.. But if i can suggest, can you add one option to set the random live wallpaper to Three setup? One is light wallpaper only (with white background), two is dark only (black or dark colors background only), three are full random,, if you can add the option i will give 5 stars

  32. I love this! I’ve had this app for all of five minutes and I’m mesmerised. The ability to slow/adjust the music would be my only improvement.

  33. This is my favorite app HANDS DOWN. I give MAJOR props to the creator of this app!! It helps alottt w my anxiety & i can be on it for hours & its STILL just as Awesome &fun as when i 1st picked it up. I dont know HOW it could get any better yet it KEEPS getting better!!! This new stuff w the scatter&mirror etc is friggin GREAT!!! AND more custom spots now too!!

  34. This is a pretty cool screen color real colorful but only thing I wish you would stay on all the time when my phone is on but I think it only comes on when you touch the screen but still it’s cool app

  35. It’s a great app, looking at the fluids is very mesmerizing. It would be great if maybe we could have 5-10 more save files though. Also, sometimes there would be these random vortexes that I can’t get rid of. I tried changing lots of the settings but it didn’t work. I needed to restart the app to get rid of them. Only happens sometimes though so it’s fine. The new update is great by the way! 🙂

  36. overall I think that this is a great application. I am using it primarily as a live wallpaper. There is a huge amount of customisations and settings to tweak but I am finding the settings section quite complicated to get the right balance of performance and effects without causing it to slow down. I am using it on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and it does struggle to render the image with out it stuttering and jerking. I think it needs further optimization and that is why it gets 4 stars.

  37. John Doe dice:

    This is an extremely cool app for visual mixing. Definitely a good purchase for what it does. If you like this sorta thing it’s definitely a plus to view.

  38. Awesome! Very vibrant and beautiful. Lots of great presets. Perfect for AMOLED screens! Please consider making manual input fields next to sliders, because sometimes a very small change makes a very big difference in some of the settings. Also consider manual text input for colors and adding more custom preset slots. Edit: Please make a donate button. I spent oh so many hours with this (it’s a perfect stress reliever) and I want to give you more money. Buying it feels like a steal really 🙂

  39. Wish I could give u 6 stars..Wonderful..pls add an option, wherein one can select his choices of preset which will change with every screen wake. That option is added in the recent update and it’s so wonderful.

  40. Very good app. I love its live wallpaper feature. Edit: Please make a version for windows which will change colour and show fluid motion on mouse movement.

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