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HBO Max is a premium streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more must-see TV shows, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals. It’s everything you love, all in one place. All of HBO. All of the greatest TV and hit movies. All yours. Available anytime to stream on your favorite screens.

With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for everyone in your family. Keep up with fresh episodes from the latest HBO shows and fall back in love with the iconic TV everyone’s still talking about. Watch new movies from D.C. and Warner Bros, plus the comedies, dramas, and classics you love.

So kick back in your comfiest loungewear and find your next favorite from one of our curated hubs, including HBO, D.C., the Cartoon Network Collection, Classics curated by TCM, Sesame Workshop, and more. With HBO Max, you’ll always find something new to stream.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

• All of HBO with even more critically-acclaimed movies, binge-worthy TV shows, and Max Originals.
• Bingeable collections hand-picked by our editorial experts—not robots.
• One-of-a-kind kids experience with flexible parental controls.
• HBO Max Hubs devoted to beloved brands including HBO, the Adult Swim Collection, the Cartoon Network Collection, Looney Tunes, Classics curated by TCM, DC, and more.
• Download episodes and movies to your phone or tablet to watch offline, anytime.
• Up to five viewer profiles with customizable profile images.

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HBO Max is only accessible in certain territories.

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40 comentarios en "HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies MODDED 2022"

  1. This app has gotten extremely glitchy to the point of barely being usable. In the past 6 months I’ve been unable to get through a movie without an extreme amount of buffering, often having to restart when things completely freeze. I have tried all the fixes. Cleared storage/cache, reset modem, reset Chromecast. Have tried it on iPhone as well as Android. Did the internet speed test. At a certain point, the issue is with the app. Shame that such good content is trapped in such a terrible app.

  2. One of the bigger frustrations I have with this app is the incredibly slow downloading times. However, that is nothing in comparison to the malfunction that is getting to the HBO downloads screen when traveling or away from reliable WiFi. All I get is a blank purple screen saying that I am not connected to WiFi. I can close the app entirely, clear the cache, and nothing. Thank you, Netflix and Disney+, for not having this massive flaw.

  3. Glitches and Technical Issues Abound. Don’t rely on this app as your only source of entertainment for playing videos offline, say if you’re planning to go on a flight or stay somewhere with no internet. For the second trip in a row I’ve run into a bug that rendered every single one of my downloaded movies unplayable, and none of the recommended troubleshooting fixed it. It’s a shame, really, because they do have a great selection otherwise.

  4. Love HBO Max, but they need a new app. The design itself is more cumbersome than any of the other streaming apps. Switching from one season of a show to another requires trial and error and guesswork on what verbiage to click on the screen. Nuts. Downloaded shows freeze often won’t actually play offline (ex. once your flight takes off) or will freeze part of the way through and have to be redownloaded. Shouldn’t have to troubleshoot this stuff. It’s basic functionality. They need a new app, now

  5. Worst streaming app of all of them. Seriously, I don’t even know how they can screw up an app so badly. It constantly hangs or crashes. And it never takes you back to where you left off watching something. Every other streaming app I use manages to remember my place. But HBO, part of a huge media congolerate can’t manage such a simple feature. They need to worry less about content and a LOT more on the app that delivers that content.

  6. This app is mediocre at best. Sad to have to say that but it’s true. It is slow mainly on a mobile device and at some point impossible to get titles to play. HBO continues to be in my opinion, one of the top providers of entertainment in the industry! Easily top two out there of anyone, if not even #1. I think the app should reflect the quality content that HBO provides to everyone. HBO needs to look at hulu, Disney, starz and netflix. All four of those are top performing apps in my opinion. TY

  7. J Ha dice:

    I have the premium subscription so I can download shows to take to work where we have no internet. Downloads haven’t worked since the last update 2 weeks ago. I see I am not the only one with this problem but HBO will direct you to troubleshooting without offering a real solution. I guess I’ll stick with Netflix that actually works. Support didn’t help and nothing will until they update the app with a fix! Decided to cancel my sub for a while and try Hulu instead.

  8. Nathan dice:

    Garbage app. Extremely slow and even slower when casting to TV. All of the sudden it’s only casting everything in Spanish and no amount of tinkering seems to fix it. Re-installing app and changing language has no effect. It plays on my phone in English for audio and as soon as I cast it to my TV, it plays in Spanish with no options for audio or subtitles. Garbage app.

  9. HBO has dropped the ball on this one. You start an episode of anything & get 3-5 seconds of audio with no visual. The captions randomly get stuck or disappear. Auto play will start the next episode with 5 minutes left & it’s impossible to actually watch the remaining 5 minutes as it kicks you into the next episode every time. Sometimes you get stuck in an endless loop of the beginning of an episode when you try to fast forward. Having the issue on several devices as are friends.

  10. Don R dice:

    First review I’ve ever left because this app is SO bad. Takes forever to load the video/movie, starts auto transitioning to the next episode despite the current still having 5 mins left, gets stuck in an infinite loop of the intro when trying to go back 15 seconds (wth?), and often plays several seconds of audio with a fully black screen. Hilariously bad application implementation. Glad I only use it when I’m desperate for something to watch

  11. I watch via Chromecast between my Pixel 6 pro and Sony Bravia. App is very unresponsive at start. Navigating back to my show is always slower and less intuitive than it should be. And it always tries to skip the last 5 minutes of my show. Content selection is pretty good though. But I’m irritated every time I sit down to watch, and when every episode ends.

  12. The streaming is good, but what is the point of downloads that aren’t accessible when signal is lost, if I don’t have signal it’s a roulette on whether or not I get to my downloads or I get an “error cannot connect” msg. Connection should be irrelevant for downloads, every other streaming app has this figured out. And yes I have the most current update and is still an issue Edit: over a year later and still the same issues the app devs suck at their jobs, full stop. Dropped from 2 to 1 star

  13. After watching something, even though I’ve got it set to auto rotate, it leaves widescreen mode and nothing I do switches it back. The audio and the picture start to get real choppy and I have to pause what I’m watching for a few minutes and then it’ll play for a little bit before I have to do it again. I don’t have these problems with Netflix or Disney+. Please help me get these problems fixed, and I’ll raise my rating. It worked great for the first 3 months but need to cancel if not fixed

  14. Offline performance is terrible! The reason I download content is for those times when I have poor or no internet connectivity. But this app seems unable to function when your device has no connectivity. It seems like it’s trying to verify your account credentials, and if it can’t connect to HBO servers, the app is basically useless. So if you’re on a plane or are in a place with no cell service, it does you no good to have pre-downloaded content because you’re not going to be able to watch it.

  15. There’s a few issues with this app that’s very disappointing seeing how long it’s been up here. For starters, the captions don’t work. So if you’re HoH, or deaf, it would be very difficult to watch shows and movies on this streaming services. When it comes to shows, HBO max will turn off the last two minutes of an episode to go to the next one and trying to go back to finish the previous episode could cause the whole app to crash and freeze. Streaming is supposed to make watching TV easier.

  16. Great content, but this ap needs a lot of work. Right now, the most annoying thing is the next episode auto-plays before the current episode is over. Then, it takes like 5min to get back to where you were so you can watch the last 2min of a show, and then it does it AGAIN if you’re not careful. Totally ruins the end of a lot of things and ruins the experience. Other than that, navigation (scrolling is jumpy), takes forever to load when you get between menus, and generally lags or freezes.

  17. I love the content that this app has. The app itself is a problem. It glitches out for me, and when I click on a show, it doesn’t give me the option to pick an episode. I have to start watching and then hit the back button to find the episode. Also, this is the only streaming app I have that will not let me do split screen or let me exit the app while continuing to watch. If those two things were fixed, I’d give it 5 stars. The ROKU app does not do this.

  18. App doesn’t display movies correctly on my A52. For some reason the video is displayed much smaller on the screen and cuts off about 3/4 of an inch on the camera side. Zooming in on a 1080p video cuts off the sides even though my phone has a 1080p display. I like the content but I can’t recommend it if it can’t properly display videos.

  19. HBO great. App sucks! Slow, slow, slow. Difficult for downloads. Servers? App has bad issues, glitchy. Netflix so much better experience. After months of using still poor. Very slow downloads even on fiber. Watching offline without internet available is absolutely frustrating. They dont seem to fix any issues, just collecting the money. Won’t be renewing.

  20. Matt Amyx dice:

    What was a decent (but hardly great) streaming service has been made downright unbearable by the ads. Oddly placed and far too frequent (albeit fairly short) it’s hard to imagine an HBO this hard up for cash. It’s barely worth the $1.99 trial. It’s certainly not worth paying full price. (*over a week later, the ads got worse and more frequent, and in the middle of movies, at the worst possible times. I hope this signals the death of HBO Max so the few things worth watching can go elsewhere.)

  21. Casting is rough, it starts with audio but no video, and closed captioning is hit or miss, occasionally dropping out entirely. When pausing and restarting video part of the screen will freeze and then slowly load in in large blocks. Constantly tries to autoplay the next episode on a series before the prior episode has even ended. Given the number of competitors and how terrible the new HBO/Warner leadership is I’ll be amazed if anyone is watching using this app in the future.

  22. The app is the most glitchy of all streaming services. It often says I don’t have an internet connection when I do, frequently buffering. It often skips to the next episode before the previous one is even over. I’ve had it randomly start playing a show in a different language out of nowhere. Often it’s streaming and playing the audio on the screen but takes several sexonds to play the actual show. Great content, horrible app

  23. App is complete trash but the content is decent. But constantly cuts off the last 2-4 minutes of EVERY show. Tried multiple fixes but it still happens across multiple devices and computers. Also the commercial breaks are broken and often cuts out chunks of the show I’m watching. Try and rewind and it happens in the exact same way. I would cancel my subscription if it wasn’t added through my provider… FIX YOUR DAMN APP

  24. I have been having a rough time connecting to the app for the past month or so. It keeps telling me that my connection is bad, but I can watch YouTube, Prime Video, Curiosity Stream, FreeVee, etc, so that’s not the problem. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing the memory, and uninstalling the app. Nothing works. If it is not fixed soon I will unsubscribe.

  25. JD Kohl dice:

    I want a refund or comped service! Why? Because, when I stream “recently added” content, the audio works fine but the screen stays black. It’s happened so often that it’s a bigger deal than HBO’s entire company now– it’s all the rage. It occures 90% of the time on the mobile app & 99% of the time on Firestick. These troubleshoots don’t work; exit app, reopen app, force stop, clear cache, clear data, uninstall, reinstall. If I wait a month, I MIGHT be able to watch the content with no issues.

  26. Update: tried it a year later and it’s somehow worse. Ten seconds of black screen after the episode starts. Autoplay cuts off every episode prematurely. Old review: Downgraded to a one star review for two reasons. First, many missing features that i listed here before and which HBO hasn’t fixed. Second, the response I got to my last post is annoying. It gives two sites to leave feedback, both of which are misspelled. You have my feedback, HBO. Figure out if you want to do something with it.

  27. Recently the app started buffering randomly, it’s the only streaming app I have that does this. Towards the end of every series that I watch the app will skip the ending of episodes, not the credits a good 45 seconds plus, and trying to pull anything up on the app seems like there is a delay in response. Again, out of all of my streaming apps this is the only one that is having this issue.

  28. Not useful for viewing downloads when offline. At all. Developer says if using Android go to a link for help, where it simply says if you can’t view downloads using Android, close app, clear cache, connect to the Internet, sign in, and try again. Of course if you are flying or traveling without a connection that’s useless. That said, even with a connection it doesn’t work. This is a well known problem but there has been no solution. Other than that….

  29. After a couple years and some terrible design choices, the app finally works! It’s optimized terribly though. Constant input errors, and really laggy, and I’ve tested on multiple devices on different Internet connections and connection types. Frustrating is putting it delicately, but after a few minutes of fighting the menu and input lag, you can actually watch a movie/show uninterrupted.

  30. It’s taking a long time to connect to Chromecast and the shows are not played to the end. When you get it to play it plays in a different league. Before it disconnects it buffers and it takes from 2 to 3 min to reconnect. We had this for a long time and it’s never been so horrible as today. Fix it HBO!

  31. This app behaves very badly. On any device I’ve ever seen it used on, and across various internet connections and internet providers. It can have an endless load time. Very frequently your show or movie will stop at some point and you’ll get an error message from the app about a problem with that title. Constantly having to back out, close the app, re-open it and try to restart whatever you were watching. This app just does not behave consistently, and it’s irksome. I wish someone would fix it

  32. Tara dice:

    Trouble shooting articles are a waste. Download content is not being displayed. Keeps saying not connected try again. It won’t even let me click on the download icon! I already downloaded it while I was connected! Also have a hard time getting the app to work on my TV’s. Dealing with all this for almost 2 years! Netflix doesn’t give me any problems

  33. Honestly this app is just a pain to work with. The website works fine with my chromebook, but as many in the reviews have mentioned, the “sign in with provider” button doesn’t work with the app. Aside from this problem, the app often crashes, and frankly I’m not very pleased with the UI since it can be difficult to navigate (this isn’t a generational isssue, I’m 17 years old and have been using streaming services my entire life). The app just needs to be improved overall.

  34. Chloe C dice:

    It used to work fine, but now when I open the app its just a black screen. I even reinstalled the app and it still does that. Edit: Still does this all the time, it just keeps loading and never starts. Now it will just make my phone crash and restart. I’ve cleared the cache and everything and it still doesn’t work. Sometimes the pause button isn’t there.

  35. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I’ve been using this app for months with minimal problems and now all of a sudden, over the last 2 or 3 days every time I try to open the app, it opens, acts like it’s loading for 2-4 seconds and then it shuts down. I’ve tried rebooting my android tablet. I’ve tried uninstalling and then re-downloading the app. Nothing seems to work. I don’t have this issue viewing it on my roku, only on my tablet. It’s very frustrating.

  36. There is no option for mini-play so I can multi-task on my phone. The playback quality is lacking. Even when I’m connected to the WIFI it still has issues where it closes the video. Sometimes the video lags. The app is updated. Y’all just need to catch up on your services. Until then, my opinion stands at 3 stars. I have already tried those options on the troubleshooting link.

  37. The app is clunky at best. One of the worst parts for me is the complete lack of physical keyboard control support when using tablets with detachable keyboards like the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. To add insult to injury, the only response to anything having to do with a physical keyboard is to crash back to the apps home screen anytime a keyboard is detached or attached to a tablet. Also, there are no video quality controls. So, you’ll burn through data if not on a truly unlimited data connection

  38. It’s very leggy, and when casting, it skips the end of and epsode like game of thrones way before the episode is done. Its not my connection. Netflix or Disney dont do that. Frustrating. Also it does not update its titles on the app screen very well. You just see grey squares. You have to scroll up and down a few times before it works. Very poor for a well known company

  39. I’ve had this out for a really long time and it seems as though the connection has gotten worse. My tablet was shut down before it’s even ready to open up and stream the show. That needs to change it shouldn’t take a good minute to 2 minutes for if I want to change movies for it to connect and disconnect the next movie it shouldn’t take forever when I rewind it to rewind and reconnect back up again. If you have any suggestions let me know cuz this is silly and stupid

  40. This app let’s you download shows and movies to watch offline, but you need a connection to start them. Then they turn off sometimes when you lose the connection. If Amazon prime and Netflix can allow you to play stuff when you have no connection, why can’t HBO? Get it together Update So I received a link to try and fix the problem and it did nothing. So I download videos so I can watch offline, start watching and then halfway through they turn off for connection issues lol. This app sucks. Help

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