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The best mobile app to try any tattoo on in real time with augmented reality.
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Try on virtual tattoos with AUGMENTED REALITY before it’s inked forever. The app projects any tattoo design, on any part of your body to let you see how it will look.

– Try on your own tattoo design or choose one from the gallery.
– Check out your tattoo from different angles!
– It’s super easy to make it look real using the advanced photo editor.

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40 comentarios en "INKHUNTER – try tattoo designs MOD"

  1. This app is great! Super simple to add your own images. The app says to draw a design on your skin in the place you want to preview the tattoo, but I just put down a few strips of clear scotch tape and draw the design on them. That way you don’t have to mark up your skin, and you can reposition it if you need to. Just figured I’d share that tip.

  2. They implemented a few things well, but honestly, a complete novice could do a better job in photoshop, and it would probably be more useful. Can’t zoom out far enough to see more than a patch of skin, and it’s completely pointless for curved body parts (like upper arm), which are very common places for tattoos, because the 2D image just hovers over the body on a flat plane. The real-time component is nowhere near enough to make up for these fatal flaws.

  3. I just barely got into it, but I like it so far. There are so many tattoo designs to chose from and to unlock the image you only have to watch a video, add, with is so short. I could tell what the add was for, but it only lasts 2 seconds. This app does exactly what I expected, and is very simple, user friendly.

  4. Kelsey dice:

    Love being able to try on tattoo ideas! App works great for trying tattoos and saving them, but it crashes when I try to open my previously saved pictures. Not a huge deal, just have to remember to download it right when you create it. Would give 5 stars if this issue was fixed. Edit: the issue has been resolved so I have updated my review!

  5. YO GUYS, theres a minor glitch in the menu that shows you designs. when I scroll the images scroll like normal but sort of flicker switching from blank to their images momentarily. I know that it may look like ita loading but the image fully shows itself but then switches back and forth from blank to the image for a good 3 secs. I can still do things just fine just looks a little a little off just thought you should know

  6. oh my god, this is amazing. i would recommend this to anyone who frequently gets, or thinks about tattoos. its so remarkably useful. and its alot of fun! of course it isn’t perfect, it’s still augmented reality, so it cant accommodate for bends in the skin, or movement warps, but if it did i imagine it would become very buggy and much less fun. im so happy and excited to use this!

  7. I stumbled upon this app by chance, and it’s everything I always wanted. It’s great for browsing or finding new artists. And if you aren’t 100% certain about placement or actual tattoo, you can try it out. And you can even add your own personal drawing, to see how it’d look on you before tatted. It’s really great, and I look forward to planning several new tattoos with it!

  8. Love the idea of “previewing” the tattoo before making such permanent decision but it often glitches on the camera. The search bar is not the best and often requires very specific searches. There aren’t as many designs as I’d like but I’ve found a few that I got/or will be getting. The front camera is terribly laggy and unusable but the selfi camera works fine. I also hope to have a timer on the camera of some sort so I can take a picture without moving like my arm that I’m using on the preview.

  9. Fantastic app you can superimpose whatever image you want, wherever you want it on your body. Having so much fun testing new ideas. Great to show my clients the finished look before starting. Almost no ads either. Woo hoo

  10. K dice:

    This app is AMAZING!! It’s so much easier to plan and visualize multi session tattoos/concepts. Super easy to use, immediately becomes addicting. You can add your own art into the app and try those tattoos, or you can explore a decent collection of designs already on the app.. and try those on. I’m feeling inspired…. time to get a million more tattoos 😍😍

  11. really really really cool, works great, super easy to use. however when you take a photo, if it’s got someone else’s slightly different skin color already on it, it won’t distinguishes the skin color from the tattoo so you just kind of have someone else’s block of skin on yours… otherwise really great

  12. This is amazing exactly what I needed. I have no problem choosing my next tattoo but knowing where to place it is impossible I have to use my imagination. But this app is so simple and easy to use and let’s you visualise your next tattoo. I thought there was gonna be a catch like having to pay to access each design but you only have to watch a quick add. The only thing is you can’t just enter any tattoo design, they have a wide selection of designs from real tattooists. It’s amazing really!!

  13. Great app and highly recommended for anyone who like myself are very particular and original about the tattoos you get! Only recommendation is that the app adds a simple background remover for those who choose work that’s not offered in the app. Simply to conserve phone memory. WELL DONE THOUGH!!

  14. WORST APP EVER! No Stars. i downloaded the app and never even got to the home screen. it just got stuck on the screen that asks you to support the developer and freezes there no matter which option you select. i even tried restarting the app, and clearing all data. DO NOT RECOMEND THIS TO ANYONE. serious bug issues.

  15. Hardly ever picks it up, never does anything with front cam, and you have to be really close to get it to work. That close up it doesn’t help one bit, it’s just a bunch of skin with a drawing on it, no context of placement or anything.

  16. I love this app! It’s fully stocked with a vast collection of professional tattoos & artists! Not only can you use your camera to try out tattoos but you can also upload photos & add tattoos. The only complaint I have is that you can only try on 1 tattoo at a time. In order to have multiple tattoos on a single photo I have to add a tattoo then save, reupload the photo add again save again & repeat those steps until complete. For that reason alone I gave it a 4 instead of 5.

  17. Added my own tatoo images I saved from the internet and could easily place them on a picture of my body to see what it looks like. I didnt use the AR just took a simple picture then uploaded the images from my phone and played around to make it fit on the spots I wanted to get the tatoos!

  18. The idea is great but the AR doesn’t work very well, actually it doesn’t work well at all. I have a Moto One Vision with great camera and AR behaves very awful. I give you 2 stars because you focused on adding advertising for unlocking designs instead of focusing on offering a good AR experience. The idea is still great

  19. Almost uninstalled this app for wanting so much of my information just to use it. Then I noticed the “continue anonymously” option real small at the bottom. Lost stars for that but still kept 2 for supplying the option. Update: Actually chose to go ahead and uninstall this app. Tons of hipster inspired artwork not a lot of selection if you aren’t about hard lines and roses.

  20. love it?easy to use only thing i would have liked that i didnt see is editing the photo with filters and such like in photo editing apps it would be all in one perfect app in my opnion but i still really love it and use it a lot great job!………. I stand corrected about photo editing in my previous comment….. thanks for the help!

  21. S Lewis dice:

    great app but lately it’s been force closing when i go to my tattoos tab or when i click on one of my photos, it’s unusable now 🙁 update: i uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s working now but all of my tattoo references and photos of myself are gone, unfortunately. wish there was a way for all of them to be saved!

  22. I can’t add photos at all. It won’t even let me use the in app camera for new pictures. It just gives me the option to look at a previous photo, look at designs and upload tattoo designs. It worked perfectly before. So I don’t know what’s going on. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 if that matters.

  23. Great app with an easy search engine. Good manipulation of the images fit on to the body. I’ve had no problems using it and actually found a design I want to get done.

  24. This is THE MOST BADASS app EVER!!! You wanna know what your tatt is gonna look like, where you want it, with ANY image? This app will do it for you! AND, it also shows it to you in color OR B&W. The devs of this app are ingenious! Period. I’ve reviewed MAYBE 5-8 apps in the last 8yrs (and being in IT, I have high standards) and this has to be the best app I’ve come across for this concept. So I introduce all of my friends to it, 90% of which have tattoos, just by showing them how it works! 🙂

  25. It would be great if it can measure thw image while we try to expose on to the skin and then printing option, so it can be easy to transfer into the body. (Easily)

  26. Pretty cool, I really like the tattoo ideas and how they’re brought to us my Instagram artists. It makes it easy to see the tat on us. But be forewarned, if you have tattoos and want to see how one would look as a coverup, it may be really difficult to do. That’s why I downloaded this app to start with.

  27. One of the coolest apps Ive ever seen. I wish you could use your own designs, but the ability to see what a piece will look like on your skin is a massively useful tool for artists and enthusiasts alike.

  28. This might be the coolest idea for an app ever. I found a few tattoos that I liked put them where I wanted and they looked amazing. I plan on having them slightly tweaked to my liking and then getting them tattooed. There a few random freezes or crashes but it’s not often.

  29. Oof dice:

    Very helpful for someone that loves tattoos but also has anxiety!! I was worried I would get something placed wrong and end up not liking it. The technology could be better but it’s still great.

  30. Really cool app to see different tattoos on yourself. It would be a lot better with the addition of more editing options as custom pictures can turn out pretty wonky.

  31. Haley G dice:

    Was amazing, now it crashes. I am using Samsung Galaxy s8 and it was working flawlessly, but now when I open the app, I can look around but as soon as I click on anything , the app crashes. Sad 🙁 Edit 4/23/2020 Uninstalled and reinstalled a few months ago. It’s been a month or so since I’ve used this app and it’s back to crashing. Going to uninstall again. 5/2/2020 – the fix worked and now it works properly again

  32. Diossa dice:

    What happened to Inkhunter.. Is it just me w this issue? It keeps on crashing on me.. Cant even make a single try out. This used to be so reliable and efficient.. Il try it again from time to time.. Il wait for it to get back to its sturdy performance.

  33. I would rate this app a 5 but unfortunately I can’t save any of the flash pictures nor can I search for any. Something comes up saying “check your internet connection” even when I’m on my fully functional home WiFi.

  34. If you search for tattoos and you click on one, ‘back’ then takes you to the front page rather than your search results, this is a bit rubbish as having to re-search is not great.

  35. The app has a very nice concept but since the day I have been using it, it has massive lag with the camera feature, it doesn’t matter if AR is enabled or not, it works perfectly smooth on my old ipod touch though

  36. This app is great. worked really well to get a general idea of what I am looking for in new tattoo ideas. If you want a unique tattoo you need to be kind of an artist or decent with photoshop. Overall good app.

  37. 5 ⭐ so far anyway. It seems like a great tool for new artists and also is awesome for the person getting a tattoo to see what a design looks like on the skin so don’t waste time redoing stencils. So i recommend this app. Give it a try. You may like it.

  38. i would HIGHLY recommend this app for tattoo lovers and anyone planning to get some ink done it gives you the ability to upload your own images and crop them onto any part of your body and give you a real life preview of as to what it would look like not only can you use your own designs you can do the same with anyone of the designs that other people have uploaded and i definitely give this app 5 stars this gives people the opportunity to see what their tattoo will look like on them beforehand

  39. Excellent app for quickly testing placement of designs. Very easy to use. Perfect for what i wanted.

  40. It’s ok. I thought the tattoo was going to adapt to the skin shape. So it doesn’t bend naturally like if it was on the skin. You have to choose a straight pose to it to look a bit real. Otherwise it looks like a picture on top of your skin.

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