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Twitch is where thousands of communities come together for our favorite streamers, for the games we love, for the lulz, for each other, for whatever. Download Twitch and join millions enjoying live games, music, sports, esports, podcasts, cooking shows, IRL streams, and whatever else crosses our community’s wonderfully absurd minds. We’ll see you in chat.

Here’s a convenient list of other awesome things about Twitch:

Everyone is “about” community. We actually are one: Whatever you nerd out about, you can find your people on Twitch.
Give support, get support: Find new streamers and subscribe to your favorites. Plus, unlock exclusive perks for your support.
Start your own channel: The Twitch app is one of the easiest ways to start streaming. Just create an account, go live directly from the app, and bring people together around whatever you’re passionate about.
You never know what you’ll find: Popular games are always live, but so are music festivals, rocket launches, street tours of Tokyo, and goat yoga. Yes, really.
Dark mode: Y’all love this one. Black and purple have never looked this good together.

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40 comentarios en "Twitch: Live Game Streaming MOD 2022"

  1. I use this app on a daily basis to watch my favorite streamers and moderate streams for others. It’s hit or miss most days. It takes way too long to generate a clip and by the time it finishes the stream has already moved on past the moment by several minutes. Here lately the app has been absolutely horrible. The minute I try to click to watch a stream or even past broadcasts it freezes and crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. Hope next update brings a major fix for it.

  2. Making Clips is an absolute nightmare on this app. It takes ages to load the clip editor (and most of the time, it never loads at all), and if you actually manage to get to the point where you can publish your clip, “something went wrong” and you can’t, so you just end up doing all that work and waiting for it to load for nothing.

  3. Casting to “smart” TV sucks, 9/10 casting is laggy, stream quality is constantly switching from source to auto. To change the quality setting each stream (casting only) you need to go to source (1080p, 720p, or whichever you prefer), tap which quality you want, close the app, then reopen and the quality you selected will be applied. I thought it was due to internet quality, I’ve narrowed it down to the twitch mobile app for android. Not sure how this app gets worse with every update…

  4. Even when on a high speed network livestreams will still commonly buffer and are played in reduced quality. When playing vods the video player oftentimes just decides to stop working and freezes while still playing the audio. Sometimes it may fix itself after a few seconds or sometimes it may fix itself never. In addition, the amount of ads that I get while watching vods makes me feel like I’m watching cable TV. The YouTube app is infinitely better compared to the Twitch app.

  5. Lizzy Lee dice:

    Hey, eversince the last update, sometimes when I go from horizontal view to vertical the the chat gets all wonky and all the text is squished onto the right side of the screen instead of using the full text box like normal. It makes it very hard to read and there isn’t a way to fix it without closing and reopening the app constantly. Please look into this

  6. I use this app on a daily basis and lately the app has become utter trash. I have been getting asked nonstop to turn notifications on. It reappears every time I open the app. If i open my keyboard at all, whether I’m casting or watching on my phone, the resolution drops, hard. Not to mention that the resolution choice menu rarely opens and when it does it doesn’t change the resolution. Ads should not be on first open, rather they should be intermittent in watching.

  7. Twitch mobile continues its reign as the worst app on my phone. The only thing that makes it better than alternatives is that I can clip from it. Except that clips fail 75% of the time, and if you manage to edit them it ignores your editing end point anyway. It’s just the worst. The desktop experience is 1000x better.

  8. After using the app for a while, it fails in comparison to the actual site on the computer. I mod and clip (hylights) for a lot of people and I have to apologize for the inability to do things as I would be able to on computer. I don’t understand why it is the way it is but Twitch is now as good as it was in early 2021. Edit: lags like crazy even when I am on 5G data. It is become apparent that twitch isn’t working on much, if anything to resolve these issues. Lost another star because of it.

  9. Thus app is bandwidth greedy. If it doesn’t have a perfect bandwidth with no issues it will lag and never come back. When this happens you have to restart the app. Bandwidth usage compared to YouTube for instance, is about double. Where YouTube comes out on top because even if you don’t have perfect bandwidth, it will at least keep trying and continue to play.

  10. It does what I need, so long as my wifi is solid. However, get a hiccup, or moving around, and it’ll buffer at anything. But more annoying than that, the app doesn’t even work if you have low bit rate. Say, for example, you are on a bus with wifi of 1 mbs, the app just errors. I can’t choose to lower video quality or turn off low latency mode because it can’t even show me a video player. There needs to be added troubleshooting options in the settings for low internet speeds, but there isn’t.

  11. Twitch itself is great. The mobile app, not so much. There’s a wide range of issues with it, including stream delay, the captions system, clips, and it’s missing a lot of settings that can be found on desktop. It’s also annoying that BetterTwitchTV and 7TV don’t work on mobile but that might be more related to the mobile platform itself.

  12. Shadonic dice:

    Scrolling through categories (and any menu), tapping one, then going back will bring you all the way back to the top of the menu. It’s almost 2023. How hard is it to keep track of where you were on the page instead of just resetting your position every time. That coupled with the fact that ads are more aggressive than ever before makes this app borderline unenjoyable.

  13. The app has been quite helpful throughout the years I have used it. I don’t think I have had too many issues, I mean maybe sometimes it won’t count how many viewers I have at certain times. Like maybe it will count 1 viewer, when I have like 2-4 viewers, and other times it counts all my viewers. Other then that and maybe a few minor bugs, but surprisingly still an awesome app!

  14. Bluetooth audio lag in the app. All of my streaming apps make adjustments to the video to fix the audio lag, including youtube, Hulu, Netflix. All of them. But twitch does not make these adjustments, and it results in a heavy lag between the video and the audio. In a world where all audio devices are pointing to Bluetooth, this won’t do. Please fix.

  15. The ads are out of control. When you load a stream and every time you change streams, you get ads. Then I get upwards of ten ads, each fifteen to sixty seconds long, every 30-60 minutes. On average it is around five minutes of ads per 30min. I get FAR fewer when watching via a browser. Some ads also have extremely high volume issues. Some functions just plain don’t work. I’ve watched on Twitch since it’s inception when it split from and the quality of service has gotten steadily worse.

  16. D J dice:

    It’s easier to earn drop/rewards for the games that offer them. Too much ads, but it’s whatever I dont pay attention until the reward notification appears. One star down because I wish there was a way to get a notification by the app or email when a certain game is offering a reward, because there has been times I missed rewards on some games I play because they either offer it for a day or a few hours. Instead I have to keep checking the reward menu to see if any new ones appear. It’s annoying.

  17. Imani N dice:

    For some reason the app randomly refuses to function. I’ve contacted support in the past about an inssue on Android where I’d open the app…and nothing. I’m met with a blank screen. No amount of reinstalling fixed the issue until an update. Now it’s happening again. This is a recent issue and I don’t recall this being a thing until a few months ago.

  18. Twitch has overall been an amazing streaming service app, whether that be for streaming my own gameplay or watching the gameplay of others. Recently however, I’ve had issues with ads stuttering and stopping completely, therefore making me not able to watch the stream as a result. I’ve cleared cache, as well as uninstall and reinstall, but to no avail.

  19. DingPot dice:

    Why are the ad volumes so inconsistent? Some ads are way to quiet you have to turn your volume all the way up just to hear anything. Then there’s other ads that are so loud my ears start to hurt. It definitely starts to get annoying when there’s ad breaks up to 7 ads. It just makes me want to mute the ads and walk away for 5 minutes which ruins the point of ads. Ads are made for getting the word out on something, not to annoy the viewer’s ears for a minute or more.

  20. I’m getting an “Something went wrong” error when I try to log in from the app. I verified from browser options on my phone that I’m using the right username and password because I can log in from there, but the app itself doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, I’ve rebooted my phone. Nothing works, fix this.

  21. Harry L dice:

    UI has been an absolute bug fest for the last couple of months. Just to name a few: video is sized incorrectly after rotating to landscape and back to portrait, chat window doesn’t auto-scroll, UI elements glitching leaving uninteractable empty spaces behind…etc. Recommend using Twitch on a web browser instead as it gives a much better user experience.

  22. Diopresso dice:

    It doesn’t work on my phone anymore. I’ve been trying to watch stuff for about a week but whenever I open the app, it’s either a black screen or nothing loads. I tried uninstalling the app to see if that would work but now it won’t even let me log in. First I’m met with a black screen that lasts for about a minute, then it would show me the usual log in stuff but when I put in my log in info it says something went wrong please try again later. No matter how long I wait, don’t work. Plz fix this

  23. Z1LTCH dice:

    Advertisement simulator. I’ve never seen so many ads at 1 time for anything in my entire life. Click channel, 1 to 4 ads. After ads seconds to a few mins later between 1 to 5 play again. I mean it’s not even good content or commercials. Uber eats commercial has a guy eating scotch tape. Sickening. EDIT 10-24-22 the ads have got worse and they are loud af. I mean deliberately so loud it’s distorted. Twitch is slowing becoming the worst streaming platform.

  24. The app doesnt even work for me now. The app refuses to load anything, and simply gives me network error messages. It worked fine on my old phone, but not on my new phone. I am quite certain that there is nothing wrong on my end, as i have tried to fix the issue a multitude of times in numerous ways, including redownloading the app. I am unable to watch any of my friends stream now, and that is a great disappointment to me. Not worth it using this app anymore if its gonna do this.

  25. Lavehl dice:

    The app has gone downhill after the latest update. It will play multiple ads with no problem but the moment the actual video starts, it won’t play. There is a ridiculous amount of ads that are way too long and that can’t be skipped that are also louder than the actual stream. The least amount of ads that you’ll get is two, with both of them being 30 seconds, and the max amount of ads I’ve gotten in one sitting is 12.

  26. I think this app works very good for what it does and I will continue using it. But I do recommend more user compatibility with Google browser & Google accounts and other technology, like a computer because when I hit the space bar to pause the video it does not pause it so I have to grab my mouse and click on it but wen I get back it works just fine and it pauses & unpauses like normal, Just stuff like that!?.

  27. This app is in serious need of maintenance. The clip feature has so many issues, and very often the streamers screen even goes black while the audio continues. Twitch is the only thing I actually put money into and it’s bad enough that they discontinued the desktop app. So with one thing out of the way, you’d expect them to pay more attention on what’s still running, but apparently, that’s not the case. This clip issue has been on for months while the black screen is fairly new.

  28. Theres a big where the app forces the audio to get turned down for some reason if the audio is max. It only happens with twitch and doesn’t do that with YouTube or any games I play. Only twitch. This has been an issue for several months. I had hoped this would have been fixed by now. But it hasn’t. So im asking… please fix this bug. Its super annoying.

  29. Please fix the app. I can’t stream anymore (but I can watch other streamers). It would say Lost Connection after about a minute of streaming even though I have gigabit internet speeds. The game I’m streaming still runs fine and smoothly without any lag. When I try to reconnect, it would either give me an error or my screen will be frozen on the first frame with the sound still working. After about a minute, the stream will lose connection again.

  30. I’ve unfortunately been using this app for years. It’s the only place that the creators I like stream their content. It’s almost like twitch is constantly trying to prove it’s the worst and most annoying app possible. Update 10/9/22 the app no longer saves where you are in a VOD if you’re not subscribed to the channel, it instead brings you back to the beginning of the VOD. Recently I haven’t been getting any notifications from the app about channels I follow, had to uninstall and reinstall.

  31. I only started watching streams at the beginning of 2021, was around 2-3 seconds behind max., & everything worked flawlessly for months with little issues. Then out of nowhere around the beginning of 2022, glitchy. It buffers for just a quick second multiple times, & within 10 minutes I’m 10 second behind, & I have to refresh to stop falling further behind, it does this constantly. I have fantastic internet speeds, & it’s happening on multiple devices (including desktops), please fix it!

  32. Chris B dice:

    I just checked and the T Mobile network is throttling the heck out of twitch mobile. Throttling to 1.5mbit/s when I am pulling 300mbit/s. When I turn on a VPN, it is flawless. I have no idea how they can get away with this kind of throttling. Also the predictions only work sometimes last I checked on this app. Hit or miss, usually very specific channels. Also when moving between apps the Twitch feed gets stuck with only low bitrate options and you have to leave and come back to the stream.

  33. XHG dice:

    I have no idea how you can screw up an app this badly. It’s a roll of the dice on whether or not basic functions will work without restarting the app or logging out + logging in again. Whatever team designed this app and worked on it’s functionality obviously put in the bare minimum. What’s worse, I’m not seeing any effort put into any fixes. This app has the same experience-ruining bugs it’s had 2 years ago. Absolutely unacceptable, shameful, and a damning reflection of twitch’s priorities.

  34. Steph V dice:

    I don’t know what was done in the last update but the app is worse. I’ll go to a stream and even if it has 1k viewers, the chat won’t show up until I tap it. If I go to one stream, leave it, and then go to another stream the app will be unresponsive until I force close it. Also, viewing a person’s channel and then going back to their stream makes it unresponsive. Streams will also randomly go black but still have audio. These were not issues until I updated twitch yesterday.

  35. Love the app when it actually works. I really don’t think it’s just my internet that’s causing all of these problems since plenty of other apps work just fine most of the time. It takes absolutely FOREVER to stop that spinning loading wheel and actually play the damn thing. It happens a million times in each stream, whether I’m listening live or playing it back later. Network errors out the WAZOO. Can I please just get an app that actually works???? Come on guys, get it together 😤

  36. Love this app but one major suggestion: I adore this app and for the most part it functions fine but I have one but suggestion. Can Twitch please program the ability to pause videos if you hit the pause button on your headphones. Most video apps allow this but twitch doesn’t for some reason. It would be really handy to have as sometimes I pause to talk to someone but then I forget twitch doesn’t have the pause headphone button function. Not a requirement but just throwing that out there.

  37. Ria M dice:

    The loading on clips specifically is APPALLING. 50%, the app crashes instead of loading a clip. 25%, the app registers you’ve tapped but does nothing about it. UI is awful and has maybe half the functionality basic PC website has. I’m so fed up with this. I came back to the page because I gave it benefit of the doubt, maybe my version hadn’t updated. But nope. It just functions like a toilet.

  38. Adam Reed dice:

    I rarely am able to catch live events and mostly rely on VOD. Twitch’s website enabled speed control for playback like two plus years ago, where is this functionality on mobile? Until I can access the same viewing experience on my phone that I can on my desktop I can’t justify a higher score. Yes, my ADHD addled brain needs to consume VOD content at 1.75 speed or else it loses interest. Fix it, post an update. Thanks.

  39. On one mobile device app won’t open, just force closes every time. On another device the streams stutter and freeze and buffer no matter what connection I am using. Best part is the ads that appear in the middle of stream. Funny how those can load and play just fine. I’m glad more and more streamers are going back to YouTube because it seems Twitch is just getting worse.

  40. I don’t know what’s going on, but the app is completely unusable. I can view a list of channels, but the moment I select one, the app freezes, to the point that Android asks if I want to close it. If I follow an external link to a stream, the screen goes black, and then it freezes again. It worked with a Chromecast before, but I don’t have one, and haven’t tried it with one recently. Watch through a computer or your browser, if you must.

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