DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV MOD 2022

Play games** and enjoy the latest Disney TV episodes all in one place!
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– DISNEY JUNIOR MODE: Parents – Keep your preschooler entertained with Disney Junior shows, games & more by setting your profile to Disney Junior mode for a child-safe viewing experience.
– CURRENT SEASONS: Catch-up on the latest episodes of Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD shows including This Duckburg Life, Big City Greens, Puppy Dog Pals and Raven’s Home. Episodes without a key are available to start watching – no login required!
– ORIGINAL VIDEOS: Watch shorts, music videos and more from your favorite Disney shows. Check the app regularly to discover new videos – no login required!
– GAMES & ACTIVITIES: Choose from a collection of games from puzzles to racing featuring your favorite Disney characters!
– UNLOCK MORE: See keys throughout the app? Sign in with your TV provider** to unlock episodes, Disney Channel Original Movies and watch live tv.
– MOVIES: Watch new and classic Disney Channel Original Movies.
– WATCH LIVE: Don’t have access to a TV? Simply sign in with your TV provider to stream Disney Channel, Disney Junior & Disney XD live***
– MAKE IT YOURS: Personalize your experience with Disney Emojis, pick your faves & discover new Disney shows.
Download the DisneyNOW app and enjoy your favorite Disney shows including:

Big City Greens
Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures
Mira, Royal Detective
Puppy Dog Pals
Raven’s Home
Sydney to the Max
This Duckburg Life

U.S. based Internet connection required. Parents: Before downloading this app, please note that it contains advertising for The Walt Disney Company and some third parties.

This app may use the camera feature to allow sending and uploading photos for some game features.
This app may use the microphone to allow for recording messages for some game features.
This app may use storage to upload and save content from this app to the device.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

* Content may be available in U.S. only and subject to additional restrictions. Live, on demand, and advance viewing content requires current verified subscription for the applicable programming network(s) with participating TV provider. Go to the DisneyNOW website for details.

** Games are not available on Android TV.

*** Signing in with your TV provider is easy! Tap on MORE, select your provider, and log in with your TV provider username and password. For more information about signing in with your TV provider, visit https://disneynow.go.com/help#faq-2_1.

For more information visit: http://disneynow.com/help
Privacy Policy: https://disneynow.com/privacy
Children’s Privacy Policy: http://disneyprivacycenter.com/kids
Terms of Use: https://disneynow.com/terms
Your California Privacy Rights – http://disneynow.com/california-privacy
Do Not Sell My Information – https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi


40 comentarios en "DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV MOD 2022"

  1. It is an Amazing app! But I don’t really enjoy the keys (the TV provider sign in). On my tablet I had the keys, but I recently got a phone and I can’t sign into my provider, Witch is really annoying because I can’t watch all these new episodes in my favorite shows. I have to wait a while. But other than that, it is a really nice app and I could use it for a while.

  2. An absolute terrible app. My 10 year old daughter loves Disney, but the shows buffer and none of the games load. The app sometimes doesn’t load and it always has an error message and says its our wifi. But yet we have an extra boost on wifi. It get very annoying, I have had to delete and reload the app at least 15 times for the app to work. My daughter doesn’t even feel like using it because it don’t work. I hope you fix these bugs. We aren’t going to use it now.

  3. An extremely large selection of movies and tv shows that are both modern and classic are available to watch which is great. The audio is great but there are some issues with the visual. Video will black out for a second repeatedly throughout the show/movie. Also, the movie/show will cut out from time to time. Lastly, some shows and movies do not appear in the search results (An example would be Return to Halloweentown). If the developers fix these bugs, then DisneyNOW will be perfect.

  4. The first few weeks I had it, it was amazing! There were a lot of shows on it, and the quality was pretty good. Until a few days ago, when it kept stopping and my phone was giving me the notification it had stopped. The yesterday it wouldn’t even open. The black screen showed up before then my phone notifying me the app had stopped. Please fix this, it would mean a lot to me and I would change my rating to 5 stars. EDIT: it works now i uninstalled and re installed it

  5. It’s good, but in the Mal vs. Uma game it’s all black all I can see are a couple squares of the background and the spray paint. I couldn’t see Mal nor Uma. If you guys could also change the tv thing because I don’t use cable anymore. I want to watch some of the movies while just using my email and password. Besides those things it’s a really great app! 🙂

  6. The concept of it is good. I liked being able to watch things on Disney without turning on the channel. However, some series only have two of the episodes, because they are less popular I guess (???). Plus, I have errors when trying to operate it. The video is either super glitchy or doesn’t even work. What’s up with THAT? The instructions on how to fix it arent very clear, either. (Also please add Marvel Rising emojis PLS) Overall, the version on TV works a LOT better.

  7. I LOOOVE this app! It’s really good! I’ve had Disney Now since either 2016, or 2017. You can watch whatever shows or movies you want. The games are really good too! I recomend a racing game. I play it all. The. Time! The movies in the Dcom section in the app will changed every now and then. You can add your favorite shows too. I hope this was helpful! Oh, and one more thing, whenever I need to go to my TV provider, it will rarely not work. Now I hope this was helpful! 😂😊

  8. Very unhappy, I downloaded this app purely for the use of just one feature, Andi’s Texts, so naturally I was upset when it didn’t work. I decided to try to be rational first, and look at the tech support feature. I fill all the tech requirements, so I deleted and reinstalled the app, and it still didn’t work. I tested other games, and they all worked perfectly fine, but when I pull up Andi’s Texts, I see the loading screen for a split second, then it just goes black. Please fix this ASAP!

  9. I like this app, I really do! I like how there are only a few ads, where on the Nickelodeon app there is like 10! Also, I love all the shows! The only thing that bothers me is that I’m trying to watch every episode of Stuck In The Middle, but the thing is, it randomly just doesn’t work when I try to watch an episode. Everytime I press an episode, it just keeps loading and loading, and then 30 minutes later after all that waiting it just logs me out. Please help!

  10. Casting to your television does NOT work. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not. But I have an Android phone and a Google Chromecast hooked up to my television. When I start the movie on my phone and then try to cast the the Chromecast, the movie starts but then the app closes saying “this app has unfortunately stopped” and then restarts. Then you can’t fix it or cast anything else to the television. The movie still plays so not a huge deal and other than that love it! Reliving my childhood!

  11. I use the app mostly to cast shows onto our tv. Its hit or miss if it connects with the casting device. This is the only app that has issues casting. Also, each time you go away from the app, not even closing it, just switch to another app (ie reply to a message) it restarts the whole disney now app, you have to go thru the intro jingle and make your way thru the main screen and menus to get back to where you wanted to be. It definitely needs work. Not a bad app. But not great.

  12. Content is limited even though I pay full price through my cable company. When the app opens up it has a great graphics display then the screen sometimes does not open up to allow access to the video clips. I have to shut the whole thing down and try again. That needs to be fixed! Some of the clips are only part of the “short films” which stinks just as my child gets into watching it’s over and the story didn’t finish. That definitely needs to be fixed.

  13. Ok, this app is good and all but they should add an option where you can go back/fast forward. I think that would be something great to add. Another thing, they should fix the bug where, whenever you try to go back a little bit in the show, it almost sends you back completely to the beginning of the show. These are just a two things I found to be annoying and need to be fixed. I hope they fix these to problems soon, but until then this rating will stay the same.

  14. I love watching the shows/movies on the app & wish I could more but I can never get it to work right. It either will automatically close & not load the app at all when I click on it or close suddenly in the middle of a show or movie…its pretty frustrating. Would love it if you could fix that so I can watch it more!

  15. Trying to stream the videos to my google chromecast on the tv in the kids’ room but keep getting an error message that says I need to clear my cache and restart the app. Tried several times but I’m still getting the same message. Tried to play the videos directly on my phone but I get another error message saying that the video cannot be played. Also saved a bunch of my favorites but couldn’t find a link that would take me straight to them. Instead I have to go through the whole list of shows each time. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse worked for one episode and it was great…if this app would work as intended I would give it 5 stars. I already submitted a feedback form through the app.

  16. It’s a good concept but the app falls for the same trap as all the other network apps. Link your tv provider. We live in a time where entertainment is evolving, and yes this is the right direction, I honestly would rather pay for a streaming service then have to go through all of the steps of signing up with a service that will require some stranger to enter my home and install hardware that is unnecessary in this era. I give it a 2 out of 5. The 2 are for concept. – 3 for the hardware wall.

  17. I’ve used this app for a long time and my 4 and 10 year really enjoy the shows, movies and games. BUT in the past 2 weeks it won’t allow me to open the app. I have Uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice on 3 different devices with no luck. I have tried to update it to the newest version possible and still no luck. I would have given 5 stars if the app actually worked again.

  18. This app constantly crashes😠 When it does “work”, all we can access is the home screen. Everything else is just a black screen… UPDATE(5/9/19): The app still sucks! My 2 and 4 year old daughters can’t watch anything on here, except ads. When they click an episode and the ad is done, they get an error message that you can’t do anything about. Don’t respond with another generic reply that won’t help. Just fix the app, or go back to 2 separate apps. FYI, there isn’t a “More” option.

  19. This app is a major pain to use. The interface is pretty bad. Why do I have to scroll down so far to find my favorites? It doesn’t work well with Google Cast. I have to restart the app (often more than once) after any episode I watch so that the app can reconnect with Google Cast. That wouldn’t bother me so much if there were an autoplay option, but of course there isn’t. Also, there are ads which I could overlook if it didn’t have all the other issues. No other TV or streaming app is this bad.

  20. After using the app for a couple more days I had to come back and leave a 1 star review. First, when casting a show from the app to the tv the audio will play but there will be no picture. Second, it doesn’t keep any of your recently watched shows on the home screen forcing you to search the show then going through all the seasons so you can find your next episode. Third, it doesn’t have a play next episode option. All of these are incredibly annoying and make this a terrible app.

  21. I would rate this app a 5 starrs except there are few major flaws in its functioning. the selection and layout are awesome. Both my 6 year old and myself enjoy the layout and shows. Here are the issues: 1. App disconnects and restarts after starting a show on Chromecast Device 2. When you got to provide feedback, the app freezes and restarts 3. It doesnt automatically roll into the next episode 4. It does not adequately keep track of what we watched and where we should pick up

  22. So far, it works great! Love how I can use the app with my Amazon Firestick and my phone. It’s convenient having all the new episodes right at your fingers and being able to watch them before they air on TV. I’m also glad that they added more providers because mine is a local cable company, and before it wasn’t included.

  23. e e dice:

    The app is awesome and the games and videos/movies are amazing, but I have one problem with the ads. When the ads come on and whenever the first ad is done it says “You are watching Disney Junior” and then whenever that is done, it freezes and it doesn’t let me play the games/ watch any videos, although it could be my tablet I’m not really sure but please fix.

  24. I love the show options, but it’s a pain to use! There isn’t an auto play option, & the episodes aren’t organized. I tried to start Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the beginning for my daughter & you have to scroll through every single episode in a list. If the episodes were organized into seasons that you could select, rather than just having them all listed out individually, that would be nice. It also doesn’t keep me logged in! I have to log in basically every other time I open the app.

  25. Exceptional when watching episodes of my daughters fave shows but downright terrible for their games; my 2 year old doesn’t care to watch commercial ads back to back just to load a game. And if the game crashes more Disney commercial ads run before a relaunch. Basically, she’s never played a game because of the commercials. Kids, unlike adults, can’t understand the need for $$, all they want to do is play. Too bad Disney couldn’t figure this out. I guess the billion dollar company needs more… 😕. YouTube Kids is ad free and never crashes!!! 👍🏼

  26. Well, I like that it has so many disney shows and you can get them all for free and whenever you want, but sometimes they take off some shows. Also, the app keeps stopping for me, I don’t know why but it keeps saying “Disney Now has stopped,” and it gives me the option to keep waiting or close the app.

  27. This app has many bugs that need fixing. Almost too much of a nuisance to use. 1) Logs you out of TV provider everytime you close app. 2) 50% chance Chromecast is detected, despite being connected to same WiFi. 3) If you pause video, it backs you out and you have to restart it, including watching ads and fast-forwarding to where you were. 4) If you want to rewind, there are only certain parts of the video it allows you to go to. Inflexible. Makes you rewatch previous ads. 5) Desktop low-quality.

  28. I love all of the shows you can watch on this app. The problem is the ads. I understand that you nees ads to make money, but at least make the ads a shorter time and not 45 seconds. The ads always stop for no reason and whenever I reset, I have to watch the same 3 ads again. Every ad is supposed to be like 30 seconds or less. If not, you should be able to skip it, but this app makes you sit through an ad that may take you 2 minutes from the ads freezing for no reason.

  29. 0066: No account returned for UPDA ? I’ve tried updating the app, uninstalling and reinstalling. The app worked at first, for about 2 weeks, now I can’t watch any of the episodes. What’s the problem? It might be more helpful if the error codes were more explanatory. Update: Customer care was very quick to respond, and I easily resolved it by signing out of my TV provider account on the app, and signing back in. Worked immediately!

  30. Disappointing … I found both the IOS and Android version of this app to be very buggy and disappointing for a company such as Disney. We’re running the latest os versions on galaxy s8 and iPhone 8 plus. Both apps frequently hang without warning, complain of cache problems, and don’t properly buffer to deal with latency issues while traveling. Other streaming services like Netflix, and HBO run seamlessly unlike this app.

  31. Really like this app. I love the fact that you can easily cast from it. I love that it has the option to watch live whatever is currently airing on the Disney Junior channel. I was hoping that there would be more full length episodes available to choose from. I am also disappointed that the app doesn’t have a larger show library to choose from…I was really hoping I could use this app to put on episodes of “The Hive” for my daughter.☹️

  32. Its a good app for watching shows and movies, but while watching ads, I continue to get the same ads over and over again. During the ads i also experience a lot of buffering, so when the ad is supposed to take about 30 seconds, it ends up taking 2 – 3 minutes. Please help so i can continue to enjoy this app!

  33. Always having to dump the cache to make it work. Stop working for no reason all the time. Terrible running app. Edit: October 2018 the app has not been working for weeks now. I have unistalled / reinstalled and it still will close the app as soon as you try to use it. Went on their Facebook page and many others experienced the same thing. Fix your app

  34. Great shows but I have had issues on my TVs and tablet. The app gets stuck on the intro or on the homescreen and I cant select shows. I’ve uninstalled and force stop and cleared cache. This has been going on for the last 3 months. The only reason I have cable is to watch disney and use the app which has been buggy. Better than having to rent or buy I guess.

  35. This sucks!!!!! Rarely works, their always having a problem with something. Games don’t load, videos never play. Don’t waste your time! Update: I have already done this with you people several times from sending feedback in the app, and getting replies via email and you guys keep trying to pin it on something on my end. It is your app that is the problem.

  36. This app is terrible. If I could give it 0 stars, I would. I cant access anything that dates back past around the early 2000’s. There’s nowhere else to find this stuff so they should’ve had it on there. The selection of shows is minimal, and it only has current ones. Disney said they would have everything on here but they don’t. Even when everything is set up, I can’t find any of the shows im looking for. If you say you have all the shows, don’t exclude the older ones and only have the new ones.

  37. It literally hasn’t worked for months now! Don’t bother contacting the feedback department as suggested because although they’ll answer your email, they’ll never attempt to fix the problem. They’ll just keep telling you to try the same things over and over and that ” it should be working”! ☹ It’s not user error or device issues as it runs every other app to watch shows! (ie: Netflix, Hulu, Movies Anywhere, Discovery Go, Nickelodeon, and Amazon Prime and many more! OUT of years of app usage and hundreds if apps this is the only bad review I’ve ever written!! YES, it’s that bad!

  38. I used to watch the old shows that were on here. Now they are all gone! I sent feedback and all they said was that maybe they’ll be available on Disney+ which is bull because odds are I won’t have access to that at all. Please put them back on! Oh, and another thing! Please put on the entire series and not just certain seasons! For example, I would like to catch up on the ENTIRE Tangled series, and all that is there is season 3! Please fix this!!

  39. The movies and shows that they do have for my age group (10-14) are limited and not my favorites. I downloaded this to watch Camp Rock, High School Musical, and shows and movies like that. I uninstalled it because it was asking for my tv provider when I’m on a tablet and not planning on changing to a tv any time soon. Thanks! Keep up the hard work.

  40. Disney Now is a great app. It gives me so much content. I especially love how it still shows episodes of the discontinued shows. However, about 2 months ago I recieved an area code warning and I can’t do anything with the app now. I tried reinstalling it and signing into a new profile, but the same thing occured. When this app did work, I watched it 24/7!!

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