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40 comentarios en "SHOWTIME MODDED 2022"

  1. Aspect ratio on phone is horribly small with chunky black bars on all 4 sides. Whenever there is an interruption of a video it resets the playback to the beginning. The homepage of the app is laid out in a very awkward and not very useful. Layout of the app on a TV seems much better but the mobile app is complete garbage.

  2. Mark dice:

    The app is so bad it doesn’t support basic functionality that others like Netflix have had for years. I won’t be keeping my Showtime subscription. I agree with others that the app looks like a high school or college kid designed the app. There is no “Continue watching” section, have to manually keep track of what you were watching, the show, season, episode, etc. Not seeing any option to skip intro or skip the recap in shows, no option to fast forward in increments in like 10 or 30 seconds.

  3. Frustrating is an understatement. They have decent movies but not great. The worst part is the app. It is not something that is user friendly but some how they also managed to make it buggy. It will constantly keep buffering then be fine for about 10 seconds and do it all over again. Plus it randomly kicks you out of the movie making you restart it again. I’m definitely regretting my subscription.

  4. Ricky G dice:

    Poorly designed app. It almost seems like a project that was made by a college kid for his final; kind of works, kind of doesn’t. Constantly crashing due to a “bug” that keeps popping up as a notification (particularly when you turn the screen off for a moment, then turn it back on only for the video to go away and have to find the episode again to play). Also no pop out player ability? How can you possibly be trying to compete with other platforms, and yet barely even work properly? Waste of $

  5. NEOK dice:

    We use the Showtime app and Paramount+ apps to download movies and series, not for streaming. Even though the content is downloaded to our phone the show frequently buffers all through the show when using Chromecast. This doesn’t happen when we download from Netflix, Prime video, etc. Our LAN is a mesh dual band network & phones are Android 12. The buffering problem happens if the Chromecast is wired or used wireless and it has a strong signal strength. Sorry but the App is almost unusable.

  6. Why no continue watching section or pop out player? I have to search every single thing I was watching then find the season and then the episode! BC you don’t have a pop out player, when I take a call/do something, it says “playback interrupted” and I have to find what I was watching thru 10 steps again. There’s no skip 10 sec, but a back 10… no skip intro, skip recap, resume, nothing. Lawd y’all are so 2012. 😩 Even 5.99/mon new app Zues has a more intuitive app. Showtime WAS top of the line.

  7. Just got showtime a couple days ago. The app is awful it doesn’t show anything that you saved to your list. The playback gets interrupted if you turn off your phone. You constantly have to search for what your watching to start it again. It’s like it was made by children to annoy you. I’m glad it has a 30 day free trial cause paying for this type of service really isn’t worth the price they are asking. I’ll be canceling after the deal is over.

  8. The is the worst app. I watch TV on my phone. Disney plus, paramount, Hulu, stars, Netflix. I added sho time last month and omg. I wanna pull my hair out, playback is awful. In a month I have not made it through an entire episode of generation q or any series without freezing. And to watch a movie is infuriating! It freezes every time and I have to restart my phone. NO IT’S NOT MY PHONE, all other apps work fine and I watch on my phone nightly. I am cancelling my subscription!🤬😡

  9. One of the worst streaming services I’ve ever come across. Primitive video player looks like it was made in Flash, no way to seek forward without dragging on the timeline, last four times I have used it it did not save the episode I was on or how far through, and there’s probably about three worthwhile shows on here. Thank God I’m only using the free trial because this would be an insult to pay for. Look at any other service.

  10. Out of all the streaming apps, showtime has the most bugs, terrible buffer system and kicks you off often. I do enjoy the shows but I tried it a year ago with a slower bandwidth and out of 10 streaming apps, only showtime didn’t work. Now I have better internet and the only app that doesn’t work for millisecond outages from starlink. Even peacock and other free services have a better app. Whoever created your app should be ashamed. Rebuild your app and I can garuntee better reviews. Goodluck.

  11. This app simply does not work. It was always terrible, but now it doesn’t work at all. Period. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Seriously, Showtime? It’s obvious that you’re aware of this issue because I’ve noticed you replying to the incredible amount of terrible reviews all letting you know the same thing (for YEARS now, honestly): the app is a POS and you need to redesign the damn thing so that it actually works, you know, like all of the other streaming services we have in 2022.

  12. I would absolutely NOT recommend this. It won’t load more than 1 minute at a time without BUFFERING, even on 987mbs download speed. It doesn’t keep track of where you are when you come back, & there is no way to watch when you are rewinding or fast forwarding!!! I have no idea why this is an app, THEY’VE MESSED UP THE BASICS!!! If you try to screen share the app to the TV it blocks the video but not the rest of the app! You are forced to use their joke of an app. I’m canceling my subscription!

  13. Doesn’t keep track of what you’re watching. Even when watching from a TV the “Continue watching” option always starts a completely different episode, never what you are actually watching. Don’t try to pause your show and go back to watch, because you’ll have to back out of the app and start over all together. A lot of issues you need to fix Showtime. Logging in from any other device is ridiculous as well.

  14. Content is fine, but app is terrible. Can’t skip forward, randomly looses track of playback, things dissappear off the saved list, can’t skip intros, constantly get ‘a playback error has occurred’ even when on a stable connection, episodes occasionally appear in random order, search and log out are in the same location depending on screen you’re on, etc, etc. And no, I’m not interested in troubleshooting with support..maybe they should try using the app themselves.

  15. Juan V dice:

    Apps like Netflix allow you to choose your image size based off your phone screen size. This app has no ability to enlarge videos. This would be a useful feature, currently the show “yellowjacket” has a black border half an inch thick around the entire video. Making small details hard to see on my s21 ultra. I too am also frustrated with the full screen sized thumbnails of each show. After a while I give up on trying to find a new show to watch and Google them to see what I can watch.

  16. Kristie M dice:

    App crashes constantly. When i find something to what, i get a error message and show fails to stream. Periodically, the show will make it to the intro then kicks you out or says it cant load. I cant use my phone if ST app in use or I have to start all over again looking for show and trying to get it to load. I have been paying for this since Aug.2022 Why,I just like given ST $$ as a good deed apparently. Will Uninstall if bugs don’t get fixed.

  17. N M dice:

    Haven’t been able to download shows for over two months. Can’t watch anything on regular data except for the commercial. Fix the App. Also get rid of the way it scrolls through the shows that is annoying. Still not playing videos on mobile. It says playback error after the forced commercial. Can you fix it.

  18. The video and audio are so choppy. It’s like a record that constantly skips. New Android phone, great wifi. Never had any issue with any other streaming service. Also a pop-up for a pay-per-view account keeps coming up. Update: The video and audio have been working much better after the first couple of days. I do wish there was a jump ahead 10 second button, and the option to play at faster speeds. I changed my review from 1 star to 3.

  19. Picture-In-Picture feature isn’t available. This is something I depend on to listen to shows and movies while working or multitasking in some fashion. App also has ads…why? Increase your streaming price and eliminate the ads. It’s common sense. Poor business model. People don’t want ads when they’re subscribed to a streaming service. Period. Thank goodness I’m only in the free trial period of this excursion. I won’t be renewing – discovered too many potholes. I’ll be taking a different route.

  20. Awful Player I love Showtime’s content, but this player is truly awful. It skips. I can’t figure out how to resume I series from where I was watching. You can’t even find out the title while something is playing. No fast forward button. They don’t need to fix it. They need to rebuild the entire UI from scratch and ask users for input without, first, telling them how it works. Any UI should be intuitive.

  21. L. Poper dice:

    Poorly designed. Even free apps like Tubi have more functionality. No list of what you’re currently watching, you have to manually search for the show. It doesn’t always move to the next episode in a series, so you’re back to manually searching. No fast forward, no full screen option, no skip intro. It also randomly stops. For an entertainment service with so many award winning shows, I’m sure you can hire competent programmers.

  22. I am at my wit’s end with this app, it says there isn’t enough space on my phone to download episodes, despite having a ton of space left on my phone. The app will also randomly sign me out for no reason, and if I back out of the app to check a notification while I’m watching a show, 1 of 2 things happens:1. it actually plays with no errors, exactly where I left off in the show. 2. A playback error occurs and I have to restart the episode. Absolutely ridiculous.

  23. This app feels like it is from 2010. The interface is clunky, the app is counter intuitive, and there is no functionality. This is astounding in 2021. You can’t skip forward, and most button icons do the opposite of all other video apps. Hard to believe this app is owned by a supposedly premium subscription service. But they are actively helping destroy the sport of boxing, so what can you expect?

  24. It’s nice that it has all the shows but UI is terrible. You can’t save a show to a favorite list, so that you can easefully access it when you come back. You can save an episode but then there’s nothing you can do with that because you can’t even go to the next episode from there. It would be nice to have the show that you left halfway right there on the home page. Another things is not having the option to skip the intro. If you’re watching a few episodes in a row it will show you the review from the previous roosters plus the intro, it’s terrible. Basically, UI needs work.

  25. Lo_Que dice:

    Needs a total redesign. Take a look at what Amazon,HBO, Netflix, Disney, and Hulu are doing and try something like that. Open the app, I see a list of the latest episodes of your top shows. The latest episode (7) is available to watch from that screen. I click the see all button, and get a list of all episodes. What if I want to resume an episode where I left off? No option. Needs basic functionality. And things like my list dont show all episodes, and is very buggy. It’s a frustrating UI.

  26. The basic function of a media app, to play the media, does not work. It constantly displays an error message during playback. No amount of restarting fixes it. There is also no continue watching feature, an unbelievable oversight. The home page is simply a wall of shows. Just no excuse for such a poor design and unusable app in 2022 for a paid service.

  27. Zane dice:

    This review is based on the Android tv app on shield tv. The app is very unintuitive to navigate. If you pause an episode it doesn’t always resume where you left off and will instead restart from the beginning. The playback doesn’t work with the remote play, pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons and instead makes you use the on screen navigation. This is the first app I’ve interacted with that has this issue. I’m currently on the free trial but probably won’t continue it if nothing changes.

  28. I just downloaded this app and I’m already very disappointed. The controls and setup are annoying. Definitely should’ve invested more in developers for this app. Each action seems to need extra steps. It started crashing immediately after putting it on my tv. Show selection isn’t an issue but I’d like to be able to watch them without all the headaches.

  29. Constantly buffering, rarely get to watch a entire episode or movie in 1 day. There’s been times where it’s taken a whole week just to complete an episode. To make things worse. I’m pretty sure all the time ive spent logging out, logging in, clearing cookies and updating the app, in addition to the time spent staring at the little circle on the screen go round & round & round , indicating buffer has used up a considerable amount of my high speed data. And then you can’t even cancel.

  30. This app continues to be the worst one on my phone! It constantly crashes, even while completely closed. It also needs to be restructured to catch up to other modern day apps–it doesn’t pick up where you left off. You have to go all the way into your list to find the show you were watching. I expect more from such a major platform. It deserves 0 stars. @Showtime Please do something about this over-priced, non-working disaster!!!

  31. Every time I have a show on it constantly tells me there was a problem with the reader and if I hit retry it buffers forever. So I choose the option to close then try to play the show again and it doesnt play so I have to close the app all together and when I go back to the show it starts the episode all over. Then there is no ‘recently played’ so I have to make sure on top of dealing with it not playing that I remember exactly which episode I’m on. It’s insanely frustrating.

  32. Horrible app. Don’t plan on doing anything BUT watching. If you exit the app to reply to a text message, or just go to a different app, half the time it will tell you a playback error occurred. If you’re lucky it’ll just let you hit play again but most of the time it then signs you back out. I also don’t like how I can’t easily see what episodes I’ve watched in a series. You can look under your recently watched but there is no indication when selecting an episode if you’ve seen it already.

  33. Difficult to navigate. I want the show I stopped in the middle of and all the ones I’m watching to be there when I open instead of searching and finding them every time. It also messes up on every other show and you have to restart. I also don’t know why everyone’s player has to be so different from the major ones, like YouTube. You should be able to pause with the screen not just the pause symbol. Can’t get used to this app, so I probably won’t use very long. Showtime on Roku is no better!

  34. The app was fine before the last update. However, immediately after the last update, the app closes down incessantly all day – whether I’m using the app or not. Every time I look at my phone there’s a message that Showtime has stopped. No matter what I am doing on my phone I’m over run with messages telling me Showtime has stopped. It’s a real nuisance.

  35. It’s just a very poorly designed app. Saving shows to watch is per episode, shows dont continue to play after finishing an episode, I have to click through multiple screens to play the initial episode and scroll through seasons. It’s just not very user friendly or convenient for watching multiple shows or episodes. It’s fine for watching one episode. Check out how Hulu, Netflix, Amazon do their apps and hopefully implement some of those features.

  36. This is the worst streaming app in the history of apps. Half the time the audio isn’t in sync. There’s no quick way to get to the series you’ve recently watched; just a list of individual episodes to sort through with no way to get to the episode page. I’d actually encourage you to download and install this just so you can see how bad a streaming app can be compared to Netflix or Hulu. There’s too much to list, and you’ll probable end up taking the mediocrity of this app personally. 🙂 Try it on your nVidia Shield tonight!

  37. Pretty bad. This is the only streaming app I have that constantly buffers. It stops very frequently and is just terrible. Internet is very stable and fast and it happens on Apple TV, Google TV, Roku and Xbox so it’s not the device either This seems like a common issue and it can be fixed. Showtime has great shows and we love them, but they are very hard to watch. Please fix this.

  38. Legitimately one of the WORST apps I’ve ever used. Even when I’m not running it, I get a message that it’s encountered an error and has to close. Multiple times in the course of a few minutes. I only downloaded it because I got a month free and wanted to watch the last season of “Shameless”, hence the 1 star. It’s clunky, hard to navigate, temperamental and crashes when it’s not even being run. It sucks. A LOT. Do not use this if you have a chance. Terrible.

  39. This is a horribly built app. The content is fine, but there’s no “continue watching” so I have to search for the shows I want to watch. But, the search option is hidden away under the three dots! There are so many unnecessary clicks that need to happen before I can actually watch the show. Plus, it flat out doesn’t work on my new Chromecast with Google TV. I wish Showtime would invest more time and effort into their app.

  40. Eric Wood dice:

    The UX is simply unintuitive and is missing some of the most basic functionality of it’s peers. 1) Make it easy to watch the next episode of a series. Every other service has a way to easily jump into the next episode of a series from the home page of the app. Showtime requires you to search for the show you’re watching. 2) Speaking and search, who hides search functionality behind a three dot menu? It’s a core user journey and should dead simple to find. Fire your UX team. All of them.

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